sergio-br2is it safe to publish packages for xenial right now?01:37
sergio-br2*on PPAs01:37
sergio-br2I'm afraid to publish it right now, then I'll get dependencies problem next month01:37
sergio-br2it's everything froze right?01:38
sergio-br2"Final Beta Freeze" March 24th01:42
ChibaPetRelatively frozen. PPAs are doing it. There's been Wine for Xenial for a while.01:47
sergio-br2my PPSSPP ppa broke 3 or 4 times01:48
sergio-br2for xenial01:48
ChibaPetWell. It'll be released soon and then it'll be utterly stable for five years.01:49
ChibaPetWait five days and you're in final beta.01:49
ChibaPetAh, you saw that already.01:49
sergio-br2so I can release it march 24th, then it'll work for sure in the final release right?01:52
ChibaPetDeath and taxes are guaranteed. Everything else is subject to change without notice.01:52
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MSpongeGlorious Sunday weather today ... mornin' all !08:30
lordievaderGood morning.09:05
MSpongelordievader: Good morning here .. how's it with you ?09:06
lordievaderGot coffee, can't complain ;)09:06
lotuspsychjenow its official, xenial gonna get launcher to bottom option09:06
MSpongeYeah, a good cigar would be nice but a rollie is fitting for this time o'mornin.09:07
MSpongelotuspsychje: yes, I heard that - what about r.h.side thou ?09:07
lotuspsychjei dont think so09:08
MSpongewhy not ?09:08
lotuspsychjeMSponge: http://news.softpedia.com/news/it-s-official-ubuntu-16-04-lts-now-lets-you-move-the-unity-launcher-to-bottom-501932.shtml09:08
lotuspsychjeunless dconf values will be able to be tweaked right, but i dont think that will work09:09
MSponge already reddit.09:09
MSpongeI'm working on a program for 16.1009:09
lotuspsychjeoh really? what about09:10
MSpongeshould be in standard install if all goes well with the defaulting.09:10
MSpongeIt's basically unetbootin, but for dvd's too.09:10
MSpongethe one they have is pants at moment.09:11
MSpongedo ya like the name ?09:11
MSpongejust on the phone to me sis.09:12
lotuspsychjeMSponge: does it actually mean something09:12
MSpongeyes .. because the old dos users 'll be queue up to use it ;-)09:13
MSpongeQueing users since 16.1009:14
MSpongelotuspsychje:   Wat are you up to then ?09:17
lotuspsychjeMSponge: im just a happy ubuntu user, nothing spec09:17
lotuspsychjeMSponge: also helping bug xenial09:17
* MSponge needs to test xubuntu lubuntu 16.04 and many vm derivative flavours today :) &report back.09:18
MSpongeme too !09:18
MSpongeI'm at dads places this morning.09:18
MSpongeFound an old book with a copy of 12.04 in the back , So I booted into DVD .. and I've arrived :)09:19
MSpongeStill couldn't get empathy to play ball with IRC .. so I used freenode webchat.09:21
MSpongeThey must have been a_lot of pissed off ubuntu users in 2012 ... is all I can say.09:22
MSpongeWhat time did you wake up ?09:22
lotuspsychje5h30, sunday, european time09:23
MSpongei got up sometime after four GMT time09:25
MSpongeIts the winter equinox today - know that ?09:25
lotuspsychjetomorrow 21 march09:26
flocculanttoday here09:26
MSpongeits today here too .. all day !09:27
flocculantha ha09:27
flocculantpersonally I'd rather it was today all week09:28
MSpongeflocculant: i was talking to you yesterday on xubuntu .. I went to racketball in the morning :)09:34
flocculantyep I remember :)09:34
flocculantrather I remember someone sponge talking about that :p09:35
MSpongeyes, I hurt me left foot, but better now.09:36
cartmani'm on last 16.04 ubuntu09:49
cartmanbut my autologin doesn't work09:49
cartmanhow to fix it ?09:50
lotuspsychjewhat does it do09:50
lotuspsychjecartman: upgrade or clean install?09:51
cartmanwhen i check the button autologin and i restart I have to put my password again. And if i see parameters, it returns to false/uncheck09:52
cartmanit's a clear install with full iso09:52
lotuspsychjecartman: ok sounds like a bug09:52
cartmanbut do i have to report it ? and to... ??09:53
lotuspsychje!bug | cartman09:53
ubottucartman: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.09:53
MSpongecartman: whats your laptop spec ?09:53
cartmandell PP39L09:53
cartmandual core, hd4570...09:54
MSpongedon't know that one .. sounds common enough thou ;)09:55
lotuspsychjecartman: could try create new user and test autologin from there09:58
cartmanyes i can try09:58
MSpongeJust listening to wilco .. nice.10:03
* MSponge wonders if cartman filled bugs ?10:06
lotuspsychjemaybe he testing it with reboot10:06
cartmanthe 'test' user don't work too10:07
cartmanthe autologin doesn't work10:07
lotuspsychjebug to the rescue then cartman10:07
lotuspsychjeand describe your steps taking, details, logs etc10:08
cartmanthis is only for stable realease10:08
cartmanReporting an application crash in the stable release10:08
MSpongeHow do you add a list of software in a bigger PPA that you've got privately on launchpad, so you can auto-install all stuff after install, like you want it ?10:08
cartmanthere is no 'problem_types': ['Bug', 'Package'], in crashdb.conf10:11
cartmanon 16.0410:11
cartmanhelp ?10:13
* MSponge gives carman a bouyancey aid.10:15
MSpongecartman, How heavy are you ? I am 21 stone :)10:16
MSpongejust keep kicking those little feet ;-)10:17
MSpongehow nice to meet someone like me :)10:17
cartmanyou are a sponge remember that10:18
MSpongemagic sponge .. i get used with the oranges at half time :)10:18
ren0v0Hey, still no standard unity flavour release in beta?10:32
ren0v0Why are there MATE/GNOME versions etc but not the actually standard ubuntu?10:33
flocculantren0v0: because Ubuntu don't join in till Final Beta10:37
ren0v0why? if its the one being released why wouldn't it participate in testing, thats silly no?10:37
flocculantno idea - not that bothered - don't use Ubuntu ;)10:41
cartmanI have little problem about language of my ubuntu 16.0412:47
cartmanhow to choose my language12:47
stevenk1l_: I get it, seriously tho I was not offensive in any way. I had a simple question and instead of saying not supported you guys start to lecture me like I have no clue what I am doing and when I say I am well aware of what I am doing you tell I am wrong and you mute me?13:01
steventhis is your "support"?13:01
k1l_steven: no13:01
stevenyes thats literally what happened, a simple "we dont support unreleased versions yet, please asked in #ubuntu+1 would be appropriate13:02
k1l_steven: you were argumenting all users should use 16.04 already because its "smart". while coming to the support because 16.04 isnt working like expected.13:02
steventelling me I should use something else because "its beta" instead is not "support"13:02
k1l_its not released yet. and so its not in the focus of 3rd party package makers, since its still possible that stuff changes and such 3rd party packages need to be redone. so they just wait to the release to not have to redo all the work over and over again13:03
stevenI did not, I said I am running it cos its 4 weeks ish before a release and running it now is stable enough and easier to maintain than a dist upgrade from 1404, I did not tell "all users" to run it13:03
stevenyou just putting words in my mouth13:03
stevenbut tl;dr I am not gonna ask in #ubuntu again cos I figured its not where one should ask ;)13:03
k1l_i know that answers are not what you wanted to here. but that are the facts. so stop blaming others now for the situation you put yourself in.13:04
stevenwhat? dude I simply asked what the difference between the versions is and if one could just install a 1510 package and upgrade it when 1604 is released without breaking it13:04
stevensorry, my desktops run arch, I dont have to deal with those versioning problems, I get it, one said it wouldnt be a smart idea so I accept it and just wait a couple more weeks13:05
penguin42hmm, KDE doesn't want to start today13:11
k1l_penguin42: its sunday, give it a day off ;p13:13
penguin42k1l_: I gave it the morning off!13:13
MSpongepenguin42: Just not sure wat to-do w/ the afternoons :)13:15
* penguin42 reports it as https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kinit/+bug/155970013:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1559700 in kinit (Ubuntu) "segfaults in most KDE apps; KDE5 wont start (regression)" [Undecided,New]13:19
hadeswatch3rSo you can now move the launcher in 16.04...13:39
hadeswatch3rhow does one do that ... ?13:39
k1l_gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Launcher launcher-position Bottom13:40
hadeswatch3rThanks k1l_13:40
hadeswatch3rand to put it back ?13:42
hadeswatch3rif you wanted.. ?13:42
k1l_left instead of bottom?13:42
hadeswatch3rI tried the obvious...13:43
hadeswatch3rsays that the value is outside of the valid range.13:43
hadeswatch3rTried, right, top, left, and default.... all with the value is outside ..13:44
k1l_did it move to the bottom?13:45
hadeswatch3rYes it did go to the bottom...13:45
hadeswatch3rI want to put it back now.. the sticky edge does not work... hud still goes top ..13:46
hadeswatch3rAny idea how to put it back?13:53
k1l_wait i will look what the setting is on my box13:57
k1l_case sensitive it seems13:57
Bookman900Hi guys14:08
Bookman900Guys, I've got a serious problem with 4.4.0-14-generic and radeon r600 graphics (on 16.04),and when my laptop uses AC power, it's okay. When i unplug, I hit a freeze, and video seems to be broken down14:08
hadeswatch3rk1l_ ... right you are... thanks.14:08
Bookman900This is something like in http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=165131214:09
Bookman900But my boot is okay in battery and AC powers14:09
Bookman900how to fix that?14:11
Bookman900Downgrading the kernel?14:11
k1l_does it work with an older kernel build in grub?14:12
Bookman900Am...I haven't check that yet...14:13
Bookman900How to check? I mean, how to boot with grub menu?14:13
k1l_reboot and press left shift14:14
Bookman900Because ok thx...I'll check then14:15
Bookman900Well, win 4.4.0-13-generic the same problem...looking at 12-th version14:21
Bookman900No, the same14:22
Bookman900My CPU is AMD ZM-82 and Radion HD365014:23
Bookman900As soon as I un-plug from AC power, it seems that GPU cannot pick up energy, and as a result I get an infernity freeze14:24
Bookman900Any suggestion?14:29
Bookman900Or just to go to the current LTS release?14:29
k1l_seems like apt on cli cant update, but the update-manager still can. i really thought it was just a warning, and not an error that the sha1 is dropped15:27
flocculantk1l_: I still seem to be seeing only a warning - had a xubuntu I installed yesterday - just added one of our dev ppa's - updated, got the warning, then upgraded some of our dev versions15:40
alnrsince upgrading, supervisor package doesnt seem to start automatically on bootup. any known issue there?17:31
ChibaPetSo, I have to say, Unity is nice. I've got it installed on my stepsons' machines and they're quite fond of it. Putting it on the wife's and brother-in-law's computers now.17:34
ikoniasupervisor ? why is supervisor installed, systemd will deal with that17:34
ChibaPetStuff "just works" where it was nearly impossible to achieve with Gnome.17:34
ChibaPetikonia: Legacy packages I'd guess.17:35
ikoniatry starting supervisor manually see if you get any error, look in the syslog / journal and see what is says17:35
alnrhad supervisor for some years to start my own processes17:35
alnrit seems to start fine with /etc/init.d/supervisor start. just not on boot17:36
ChibaPetalnr: Now is the glad time when you can dive into systemd unit files. :P17:36
alnrhah. i guess so :|17:36
alnrthat or be lazy and let #supervisor tell me17:37
ChibaPetThat's the better option.17:37
ChibaPetI still need to figure out where a mysterious 90-second timemout is defined. I'm guessing it's baked into a nameless binary somewhere.17:37
ChibaPetOh. I think I might actually have found it. =cough=17:38
ChibaPetIt is baked into a binary, but can be overridden.17:39
ChibaPetin /etc/systemd/system.conf17:39
ChibaPetI guess I'll try it.17:39
jonascjHi all. I have booted the Ubuntu 16 daily live disk and I am trying to setup LVM. "ls -l /dev/sda*" shows me I have /dev/sda1 (efi system partition) and /dev/sda2 (for lvm), but "pvcreate /dev/sda2" tells me "Can not open /dev/sda2 exclusively. Mounted filesystem?"17:40
ChibaPetjonascj: Can you put the output of "mount" in bpaste.net?17:40
jonascj/dev/sda2 should not be mounted, "mount" list no /dev/sda2 mount points, but I'll post it :)17:41
ChibaPetIt thinks it's mounted, though. Curious.17:41
ChibaPetjonascj: It's not part of a RAID, is it? sda2?17:45
ChibaPetIf it's not actually mounted, maybe MD has it...?17:45
ChibaPetAnd if it's not that, it's Even More Mysterious.17:45
ChibaPet(cat /proc/mdstat for clues there, just to be thorough)17:46
jonascjnope, I've just freshly made a new GPT with gdisk, made new partitions etc.: https://bpaste.net/show/20633987b71917:47
jonascjI've read people saying "do 'mdsetup remove_all'" but 'mdsetup status' say no devices17:48
ChibaPetmdadm --stop works too, FWIW, but if there's nothing listed in mdstat, definitely nothing is running that would get in the way.17:48
jonascj/proc/mdstat says "Unused devices: <none>"17:49
ChibaPetCan you pastebin the pvcreate interaction too, please? Just to see it?17:49
penguin42perhaps lsof /dev/sda2   - although it wouldn't show a mount17:49
ChibaPetjonascj: Just for kicks, run "partprobe" in there too before trying pvcreate agaain...?17:50
jonascjI'm just trying gdisk again, but upon pressing "O" -> "Y" it says "This option deletes all ... and Creates a new protective MBR". Why would gdisk, with O-option being "Create new empty GPT table" say "MBR" in a message to me?17:52
ChibaPetYou have an MBR in each scheme.17:52
jonascjeven in the GPT scheme?17:53
jonascjhttps://bpaste.net/show/3cb9af5b26e9 for pvcreate17:54
ChibaPetCan you run the partprobe, for kicks? And then try it again?17:55
ChibaPetBRB, going to try to address this systemd timeout fusterclück. If I'm not right back I'm busy with rescue media. (This stuff is crazily fragile.)17:56
jonascjpartprobe gives no output17:57
jonascjah, partprobe refreshes the partition tables used17:58
jonascjokay, i redid gdisk for the 4th time, rebooted for the 4th time before trying pvcreate and now it succeeded18:05
jonascjso somehow I remembered something this time around compared to the other times, very fustrating. Thanks for the debug help18:05
ChibaPetjonascj: partprobe ought to have roughly the same effect as rebooting - or was it something else?18:08
jonascjI think I have done the same 4 times over now, "boot live disk -> gdisk create new table and new partitions -> reboot -> try pvcreate + debug"18:09
jonascjOne of the debug sessions involved tryin partprobe but pvcreate didn't work afterwards. Then I tried the whole thing a 4th time (no part probe after rebooting) and it worked, I don't know what was wrong :S18:09
ChibaPetThe thing that bites me is re-using disks that previously had MD-RAID on them, where i have to go in and stop the RAIDs manually for the installer to come out from under its bed.18:10
ChibaPetSo, FWIW, this feels like a 200-level CIS homework exercise made flesh, but evidently you can create /etc/systemd/system.conf.d and have snippets in there. They must declare the [Manager] block, though. It's high ceremony.18:11
ChibaPetThere's no other possible block that I can see, thus making any declaration of a block pretty questionable, but there it is. I've removed the thorn of failed service stops now. =cheers=18:11
MSpongeWhat option do we have for loading inside windows ?18:56
mat083you can use a virtual machine19:12
mat083or a live cd or dvd19:13
MSpongeCan the welcome screen with all the shortcuts be improved in any way ? I think it can, ya know.19:26
jonascjIf I need to load additional vfio modules "at boot" can I get away with just adding them to /etc/modules ? Or do I need to add the to appropriate config files and remake initramfs?21:11
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penguin42jonascj: It depends, if you need them to be available for the initrd - like if you're root is on the vfio device  then you'll need to get it into the initramfs21:38
penguin42jonascj: I think you can just add those to /etc/initramfs-tools/modules  and rebuild the initramfs - but I'm not sure what magic you need to do to configure those devices21:39
boernhey i have a problem with video playback in chrome/firefox (html5&flash).. i have little stutter from time to time when i watch a video.. do you know how to fix this? i am running on ubuntu 16.04, but i had this issue on linux mint 17.3 as well21:45
jushurboern: what dgx driver do you use?22:00
vertago1anyone having trouble with sddm crashing at startup if you use nvidia optimus?22:23

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