pavlushkaGoodmorning everyone!05:46
pavlushkao/ all06:24
pavlushkao/ Ekushey 06:24
EkusheyHello Kilos :)09:46
Kiloshi Ekushey and others10:09
Kilossorry i took so long to answer, was outside checking on sheep10:10
EkusheyYou have a farm?10:11
Kilosmy sister has a small holding10:11
EkusheyHow many sheeps?10:11
Kiloswe only have a few but we let ours and the neighbours all walk together so total maybe 2010:12
Kilosand i look after them10:12
EkusheyNice :)10:13
Kilosyes good life10:14
Kilosi dont like city life much10:14
EkusheyGot you, Kilos :)10:49
EkusheyI'm not feeling too good for the last few days10:50
EkusheyFeeling feverish all the time10:50
EkusheyAnd feeling weak too10:51
Kiloshave you seen a doctor10:51
EkusheyNot yet...10:51
Kilosi ty avoid them but at times its wise10:51
EkusheyI don't like going to docs :(10:51
Kiloshehe who does10:51
EkusheyLet me try getting some sleep10:52
EkusheyWill talk later Kilos10:52
Kilosok rest well10:52
EkusheyTake care...10:52
Kilosdo you have aspirin Ekushey 10:52
EkusheyAlso Paracetamol10:54
Kilostake a couple and has hot tea or coffee then sleep under blankets10:54
Kilosand try sweat it out10:54
Kilosaspirin is good for breakinf fever10:54
EkusheyLet me try it out10:55
Kiloshope you get well soon10:55
pavlushkaHello every one!16:12
Kiloshi pavlushka 16:12
pavlushkaEkushey o/16:12
pavlushka100 km away from  home16:16
pavlushkaOn a phone16:18
pavlushkaSo, how are you?16:22
EkusheyHey Kilos16:36
EkusheyAre you on Twitter?16:37
Kilosyessir but i rarely go there16:37
EkusheySame here :P16:39
Kilosim an irc person16:39
Kiloshow you feeling now?16:40
EkusheyMuch better :)16:43
EkusheyWhere are you travelling to, pavlushka?16:44
KilosEkushey you can even take 4 asprin if necessary to break a fever16:45
Kiloshaha we use to give sheep a handful at times dpending on temp16:45
EkusheyI never took more than 2 at once... didn't knew that16:45
EkusheyIt works on sheeps too?16:46
EkusheyI though they need special vet medicines16:46
Kilosyes breaks fever in a few hours16:46
Kilosanimal meds are same as ours but with another name16:46
Kilos'ingredients are the same16:46
EkusheyI use Aspirin for headaches, and Paracetamol for fever16:47
EkusheyAh, didn't knew that16:47
Kiloswb pavlushka 16:47
Kiloswhen you have to look after 2500 merino sheep or 700 bonsmara and limousine cattle you learn lots about meds16:48
Kilosoh and 80 jersey milk cows16:49
pavlushkaEkushey,  Dinajpur16:51
Kilosat least we beat afganistan16:51
pavlushkaEkushey,  i was a bit away even from the phone,  lol16:54
pavlushkaAnd Kilos,  that's a lot about sheep.16:58
Kilosi used to be a farm manager for rich people16:58
Kilosnow here we have 316:58
pavlushkaWhat,  sheep?16:59
pavlushkaOr us?16:59
Kilosi used to have 54 of my own sheep and 6 milk cows and 7 horses16:59
Kiloswhen i damaged head i sld everything17:00
Kiloswas almost a cabage for a year17:00
Kiloscouldnt walk on my own or remember very mich17:01
Kilosnow im good again17:01
EkusheyOops, accident?17:02
pavlushkaThat's a relief  to hear17:02
Kilosyes ssplit my head from above left eye to behind left ear and then across to right ear17:02
Kilosvisited the happy hunting grounds and was sent back to come learn ubuntu17:03
pavlushkaSorry Kilos17:04
Kilosim good now and have lots of new friends17:04
Kilosall over the world17:04
pavlushkaAnd I thank lord that I know you17:05
EkusheyHow long ago did this happen?17:06
Kilosi used to be very independant and self sufficient17:06
Kilosnow i know its more important to make friends and help others where i can17:07
Kiloseven when i installed 8.04 i was still very forgetful17:08
Kilosshort term memory was non existant17:08
Kilosevery year it gets better17:08
Kilosi go eat17:09
pavlushkaGood to hear that, see ya17:10
pavlushkaNight Ekushey,  Night Kilos17:18
EkusheyDone with eating Kilos?18:01
KilosEkushey are you documenting the work you guys do on facebook  to use when you apply for reverification?18:36
Kilosand records of the events and release parties you have18:37
Kilosespecially 16.04 i think18:38
Kilosyou guys going all out hey18:38
Kilosnight ll. sleep tight18:53

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