infinityLogan: Bootstrapping.01:36
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slangasekpitti: hi, so we're seeing some test failures on the amd64 and i386 autopkgtest runners for glibc revdeps where gtk is failing consistently; it's not a problem on other archs, I can't reproduce it locally, and the error points to a problem related to selecting a mir backend instead of an X backend.  Have there been any testbed config changes recently that could be to blame?04:54
stgrabercould be a side effect of the pocket pinning logic in adt05:02
stgraberwhich would explain why a plain adt-run using the whole proposed pocket would succeed but the autopkgtest.ubuntu.com wouldn't as it's only pulling some packages from proposed05:03
slangasekstgraber: I didn't do an adt-run using the whole proposed pocket.05:36
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infinityLogan: Well, sbcl bootstrap attempted, anyway.  It failed.07:33
* infinity tries it on a newer kernel.07:36
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Unit193infinity: bitlbee had a new release, not entirely bugfix (https://www.bitlbee.org/main.php/changelog.html) but mainly.  It's had a good amount of testing I'm told, I take it an FFe is still needed?18:26
infinityUnit193: Assuming the release is somewhat featureful, yeah.18:27
Unit193Bummer.  Thanks.18:27
infinityUnit193: Oh, but it's not seeded anywhere, so meh.18:31
infinityUnit193: JFDI, IMO.18:31
infinityUnit193: Here's your verbal FFe.18:31
Unit193Woohoo!  If you feel specifically like uploading: https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/staging/+files/bitlbee_3.4.2-0ubuntu1.dsc, otherwise I'll go find someone.18:32
infinityUnit193: It is just a straight uupdate with a new orig, basically?18:33
* infinity looks.18:33
Unit193It needs more updating, but on Debian's side.18:34
infinityLooks like a uupdate job to me.  No changes in debian/ except for the changelog.18:35
infinityKay.  Source tarball looks sane, etc.18:36
infinityWant a slightly more verbose changelog? :P18:36
* infinity shrugs and uploads.18:37
Unit193Oh dear, I'm too concise again. :318:37
infinityUnit193: Too late, it's uploaded.18:37
Unit193Yey!  Thank you very much, infinity!18:38
Unit193I'll pass it along to who poked me.18:38
slangasekdoko: why did libnih need a rebuild for the new libc?  the versioned dep seems to have been resolved some time ago20:20
cjwatsonpitti: Could we generate a stronger key for ddebs.u.c?20:31
infinityslangasek: It doesn't, I assume he was just working from an old list.20:32
cjwatsonpitti: Also needs --digest-algo SHA384 or similar, but probably not much point until we have something better than 1024-bit DSA20:33
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slangasekdoko: do you know anything about valgrind compatibility with glibc 2.23? http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/c/colord/xenial/amd64/ (or is this a toolchain regression somehow?)21:42
mwhudsoninfinity: did i ask you to look at https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/golang/+bug/1555856 at all yet?21:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1555856 in golang (Ubuntu) "move to per-Go-major version coinstallable packages" [Undecided,New]21:44
mwhudson(i asked stgraber to look at it and he asked if you'd seen it...)21:44
dokoslangasek, just looked at the debian transition issue. the armhf build issue is not caused by the libc update. also seen in the test rebuilds22:52
naccslangasek: will update my automated file, as i was using apt-cache redepends, which includes breaks and others, while reverse-depends does not. will provide an updated list first thing tmrw23:25

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