martink3apw: finally got around to file #1559609 regarding arcmsr timeouts with ARC1882 RAID controllers... hope the bug report is useful enough to get things going01:08
alkisgI'm continuing trying to troubleshoot https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/125986106:09
ubot5Launchpad bug 1259861 in linux (Ubuntu) "5-10 second delay in kernel boot" [Medium,Confirmed]06:09
alkisgMy plan is to do a small bisection by using the kernels from the mainline ppa, and see when it broke06:09
alkisgIt was after 3.2 and before 3.8, I'll pinpoint it better in a while06:10
alkisgThen I'm planning to compare the configs of those two kernels, because I'm thinking it might be a config issue and not a source code (ipconfig.c) issue that caused it06:10
alkisgIf you guys have some better suggestion, please ping me :)06:10
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alkisgErm, do the mainline ppa kernels use a different config from the ones shipped in the ubuntu archives + live CDs?06:13
alkisgTrying with Ubuntu 12.04 and the stock kernels,06:23
alkisg3.5 does not have the issue, while 3.8 does06:23
alkisgSo the problem was somewhere after Ubuntu 12.10 and before 13.0406:23
alkisgI'll compare the configs now06:23
alkisg3.5: # CONFIG_IP_PNP is not set06:26
alkisg3.8: CONFIG_IP_PNP=y06:26
alkisgIs it reasonable to ask that to be reverted?06:27
alkisgAlso, can I find the Ubuntu config commit for that, so that I can read the reasoning behind it?06:32
alkisgE.g. maybe it's needed for some ARM devices, if so it could be conditionally enabled only on those arches...06:32
alkisgI think this is the relevant upstream commit: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/c1b362e3b4d331a63915b268a33207311a439d60#diff-364c3610ebc6899c22148ba10636c71c07:10
alkisgSo, Ubuntu and openSUSE have CONFIG_IP_PNP=y and experience the issue08:13
alkisgDebian and Fedora don't have it08:13
apwalkisg: put that info in the bug, needs thinking about indeed10:14
alkisgapw, I did put it10:19
alkisgThank you :)10:19
apwok so the real issue is that the initramfs and kernel option overlap10:20
alkisgWell, it's the same option, it can be handled in 2 places10:20
alkisgSo if the kernel was smart enough to avoid the delay if it can't initialize the NIC, all would be fine10:20
alkisgOr if the Ubuntu kernel didn't include CONFIG_IP_PNP/ipconfig.c when it doesn't need it10:21
alkisg(does anyone need it? or was it put there by just copying the new upstream kernel defaults?)10:21
alkisgI think it would be best to unset CONFIG_IP_PNP in Ubuntu, like Debian and Fedora do, and also report the ipconfig.c issue upstream to the kernel, to be fixed by whoever maintains it, without any hurry...10:23
apwit would likely sound useful and get enabled10:23
alkisgI imagine that it's only useful when the modules are built-in, so if someone is building their own kernel, they may as well set CONFIG_IP_PNP themselves...10:26
alkisgNow it would only be useful in virtio environments, right? (and I'm not sure if all the NFS support is configured...)10:26
alkisgogra_: have you ever needed to netboot any boards without using an initramfs? I.e. has CONFIG_IP_PNP=y ever been useful to you?10:27
alkisg(it's causing 10 sec delay to ltsp clients)10:28
ogra_no, never10:50
alkisgTy :)10:51
ogra_which doesnt mean there are no people using it like that indeed10:54
alkisgSure, but if we can't find anyone, maybe it'd be better to disable it like other distros do10:56
alkisgOur initramfs now is close to 40 MB, it doesn't help to include all options...10:57
ogra_iirc (apw might remember better) there was once a task "make ubuntu bootable without initrd" ... not sure if that has ever been mandatory or was just a nice-to-have thing 10:57
alkisgAnd I'm not sure it even works; I put ip=dhcp under kvm, with virtio drivers built-in, and it does nothing10:57
ogra_well, i'm pretty sure our cloud setup uses it that way10:58
alkisgWithout an initramfs?10:58
ogra_kvm based netboot10:58
alkisgThe clould setup doesn't use an initramfs?!10:59
ogra_(with initrd, but it surely does more than nothing ;) )10:59
alkisgWhen an initrd is present, the ip=xxx and other netbooting options are handled there...11:00
alkisgSo the cloud people don't need CONFIG_IP_PNP either11:00
ogra_oh, you meant you used kvm without initrd and virtio builtin 11:00
alkisgI'm just trying to see if CONFIG_IP_PNP actually works or if anyone's using it, because if it doesn't, the easiest solution would be to disable it11:01
alkisg(it is disabled in other distros and it was disabled up to 12.04.1)11:03
ogra_if you are lucky there is some papertrail about why it was enabled11:04
alkisgogra_: https://github.com/torvalds/linux/commit/c1b362e3b4d331a63915b268a33207311a439d60#diff-364c3610ebc6899c22148ba10636c71c11:04
alkisgI think we just followed hpa's upstream commit11:04
ogra_thats more like 8.10 though11:05
ogra_quite old11:05
tjaaltonxenial server image doesn't support usb keyboards? that's a surprise :)11:06
ogra_if we had it disabled til 12.04 it sounds like some decision on your side11:06
ogra_tjaalton, yeah, convergence ... its all touchscreen or nothing now :P11:06
apwogra_, we did a full review and enable a lot of stuff, so it may not have been a specific decision on that option as much as part of a general cleanup11:07
apwbut if the initramfs does this and does it better, we may well be wrong in having it enabled11:07
ogra_apw, well, thats the decision i mean5t then ;)11:07
ogra_if we know it just came in with housekeeping it is easy to decide to disable it again 11:08
alkisgNote that we still have CONFIG_IP_PNP_BOOTP and CONFIG_IP_PNP_RARP unset, which is different from upstream, so yup some thought went into that11:08
alkisgIs there a bazaar branch for the kernel config, where we could pinpoint that commit and read the commit message?11:11
ogra_has always been kernel.ubuntu.com i think 11:11
alkisgapw, comparing upstream with our config, I see e.g. CONFIG_E1000=y in upstream while CONFIG_E1000=m in ours. Same for realteks and other common NICs.11:12
tjaaltontrying to install a gen8 hp microserver, 1404/1510 images just have syslinux output "boot error", and xenial has no usb.. oh well11:12
alkisgapw, so I don't think CONFIG_IP_PNP helps us if we don't also include those...11:13
apwalkisg, yep, and if one is not building those in, it is likely IP_PNP is an error, especially as initramfs will sort them out11:13
alkisgapw, cool, who do you ping to remove it? could you do it? I can do whatever tests are needed... :)11:14
alkisg*do we11:14
apwalkisg, oh i have the power, i need to think about it and check feature parity11:19
apwremind me of the bug #11:19
alkisgapw, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/125986111:21
ubot5Launchpad bug 1259861 in linux (Ubuntu) "5-10 second delay in kernel boot" [Medium,Confirmed]11:21
apwthat is confirmed as "with kernel command line ip= option11:21
apwright ?11:21
apwand i think it is also confirmed as a 12s delay 11:22
* apw fixes the title11:22
alkisgIt's from 2 to 1211:22
alkisgSo maybe it's 1011:22
alkisgI don't know if it's started at 2 or at 0 though (in which case it would be 12)11:23
alkisgMaybe it's this one:   #define CONF_CARRIER_TIMEOUT120000/* Wait for carrier timeout */11:23
apwanyhow, its all about feature parity, if initramfs-tools does more than the kernel we are good we can just wack the option11:24
apwif not we may have to get more creative11:24
alkisginitramfs-tools certainly does more than the kernel11:25
alkisgIt also supports other protocols that the kernel doesn't, e.g. NBD11:25
ogra_only if you have the module 11:27
apwalkisg, yeah its if it does less in any way that someone could be using11:28
ogra_(i dont think it is there by default)11:28
apwthat is really the only thing that matters11:28
alkisgAFAIK the initramfs ip= handling is in all cases superior to the in-kernel ip= handling11:31
alkisgThe only case that I imagine someone would prefer the in-kernel one, is if he didn't use an initramfs at all11:32
alkisgapw, thank you for working on this11:33
* alkisg waves, later...11:33
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TJ-for reference, that change to the common config was introduced by 3166c8772 in March 201011:34
TJ-(for Quantal)11:35
TJ-before that it was only used for armhf highbank arch11:36
TJ-correction, 301b4bb in 13.10 (Saucy)11:41
tjaalton14.04 desktop works on ths microserver, so there must be some usb diff with server/desktop kernels that cause non-working usb with server image.. and I'm not the only one it seems12:24
tjaaltonis usbhid included in base kernel?12:26
tjaaltondoesn't look like it12:26
tjaaltonso that's why 14.04.1 works and newer ones don't12:27
tjaaltonfiled a bug12:33
apwtjaalton, whats the number ...13:15
apwtjaalton, that blog post says that a server won't work without linux-image-extra which is correct13:17
apwtjaalton, -extra is for hardware support essentially, beyond what is in a virt image13:17
apwalkisg_away, ok ... i think i can see no reason to not turn this off for sure in xenial, so i have done that for the first upload after beta13:41
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apwalkisg_away, if that does not throw regressions then we can consider it for sru, do remind me in a week or so13:41
alkisgapw, thanks a lot, I'll do so13:41
apwthat means it will be off in linux-lts-x in trusty as well when that propogates back, so not the next one but the one after13:42
alkisgWill it reach even precise-lts-trusty in the long run?13:42
tjaaltonapw: so server image has -extra too? then my bug description is all wrong :)13:43
apwtjaalton, yes, we only have linux-generic and linux-virtual, servers use linux-generic13:43
apwthe only way to install akernle without linux-image-extra and get updates is to use linux-virtual13:44
* alkisg managed to get down the 16.04 ltsp client boot process from 45 seconds to 12 seconds, same as in 12.04... there were 4 unrelated timeouts involved :)13:44
apwlinux-server points to linux-generic13:44
apwalkisg, nice13:44
tjaaltonbug 155969213:44
ubot5bug 1559692 in linux (Ubuntu) "usbhid missing from main kernel package" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155969213:44
tjaaltoncan't update it right now13:45
tjaaltonif there's something to try on cmdline i'll give that a go later13:47
apwtjaalton, are you saying the live desktop images work ok for xenial images but d-i ones do not ?13:58
tjaaltonapw: i didn't try xenial live, had only trusty available13:59
apwit is more likely that there is something missing from a udeb if live works and server images not14:00
apwbut we'd want to compare liek with like14:00
apwxenial live with xenial server14:00
tjaaltonsure, that's what i'll test next14:00
tjaaltonin about six hours from now :)14:01
martink3bug 155960916:00
ubot5bug 1559609 in linux (Ubuntu) "arcmsr times out with ARC1882 RAID card" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155960916:00
martink3apw, this is the bug I filed upon your suggestion16:03
apwmartink3, is that the one where there is a couple of small 4.5 ocmmits which might make it work ?16:28
martink3yes, exactly. it should be sufficient to take the 4.5 commits regarding arcmsr.h and arcmsr_hba.c, and then it should work.16:32
martink3I was about to try to see if the current xenial kernel compiles with just these two changes, but then I had some dependencies issues for the build chain. I am trying it again using a recent xenial to build a -test1 with those changes16:33
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apwmartink3, i should be able to make you a test kernel if you can test it16:48
martink3apw, happy to do so!16:54
apwmartink3, that (btw) is not two changes, that is the diff from v4.4 to v4.5 for those two files, which is 6-8 changes17:40
apwmartink3, kernels will be here in a few mins, they are pushing now -- http://people.canonical.com/~apw/lp1559609-xenial/17:41
martink3apw, you are right. I didn't see it this way, but you are right, it's a couple of driver versions higher in areca's version numbering scheme, and they (areca) had some trouble getting anything accepted in mainline for some time17:42
apwupstream always resists, it is their job17:42
martink3I agree, and the driver became more readable, too17:44
martink3apw, I think all files arrived now, I will get them now...17:48
apwmartink3, still pushing -extra, don't be fooled17:48
apwmartink3, and you only need the arch you are, i386 or amd6417:49
apwlikely just linux-image and linux-image-extra for that arch17:49
apwugg my uplink sucks today17:55
martink3but for downlink, traffic is no consideration, right? If so, then I will just wget your whole lp1559609-xenial/ folder ...17:55
apwmartink3, you can hammer my fileserver all you want17:57
apwthe amd64 bits look complete, i386 -extra is still pusin17:57
martink3amd64 is what I need. will try it in a virtual machine first, and then I hope I can get my hands on one of the real fileservers soon for this test17:58
apwmartink3, push complete18:00
apwmartink3, please report your testing in the bug, and let me know here you did so18:02
martink3apw, got the files, will do, thanks so far!18:07
lamontjsalisbury: updated 1543863 for our sadness18:32
apwlp: #154386318:33
ubot5Launchpad bug 1543863 in phpmyadmin (Ubuntu) "package phpmyadmin 4:4.0.10-1 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 2" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154386318:33
lamontapw: also, I fail at typing bug numbers18:42
lamontlp: #154368318:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 1543683 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Fails to detect (second) display" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154368318:42
lamontyeah that one18:42
lamontjsalisbury: 1543683 that is18:43
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tjaaltonapw: confirmed, xenial desktop image has working input devices and server doesn't21:02
apwtjaalton: ack could you update the bug to that effwct pls21:30
tjaaltoni checked the obvious udebs and they look fine21:31

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