trammwhom should i contact if i want to gain access to loco team resources in case where previous administrator of team maling list as well as launchpad page is dead (literally)?00:30
* tramm is trying to revive https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EstonianTeam00:31
nhainestramm: email the Local Community Council and we'll work to verify activity and effect a handover if appropriate.  loco-council@lists.ubuntu.com04:05
Flannelbelkinsa: Go ahead.  Never have to ask and all that jazz.06:25
Kiloshi flannel10:36
Kilosgfreetings everyone else10:36
Kilosgreetings as well10:36
belkinsaFlannel and Kilos, are you free at this moment and for the next 30 to 60 minutes?14:19
Kilosim here belkinsa 14:26
Kiloswhy so much time? you want to fight with me again?14:27
* Kilos ducks14:27
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=== Guest17344 is now known as MooDoo
MooDoohowdy all15:21
KilosMooDoo 15:26
MooDoohowdy Kilos :)15:27
Kiloshows things there15:27
MooDooyeah ok thanks, just preparting for work tomorrow, just installed a lts server with a dhcp server and samba, upgraded my laptop to 16.04lts so quite a productive weekend :D15:29
Kilosbelkinsa maybe Flannel is in a different timezone15:30
belkinsaMaybe or it's Sunday.15:31
MooDooyeah sunday, and woohoo 4 day week next week :D15:36

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