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infinitysuperm1: *poke*18:06
infinitysuperm1: +DEB_HOST_ARCH=$(dpkg-architecture -qDEB_HOST_ARCH)18:06
infinitysuperm1: No can do in your postrm.  dpkg-architecture is from dpkg-dev.  I think what you were looking for was ${DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH}18:07
superm1infinity: yeah?18:07
infinitysuperm1: Which is passed by dpkg to maintscripts based on the arch of the package.18:07
superm1Okay I'll fixxy up in an upload this afternoon18:07
infinitysuperm1: (Even discounting the dpkg-dev issue, your solution would have been wrong because I can install fwupdate-signed:amd64 on an i386 system, for instance)18:09
infinitysuperm1: So, yeah. DPKG_MAINTSCRIPT_ARCH gets you the _$ARCH.deb arch, which is what you're actually after.18:09
infinitysuperm1: Erm, similar issue with your postrm calling lsb_release.18:14
infinitysuperm1: Perhaps bake the vendor in there with dpkg-vendor at build time, or just accept that Debian and Ubuntu will be forked for a little bit and hardcode the distro, or search both paths (which seems harmless)18:16
infinitysuperm1: I'd probably go for the latter, and just 'rm -f /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/fwup$EFI_NAME.efi /boot/efi/EFI/debian/fwup$EFI_NAME.efi'18:17
infinitysuperm1: And it looks like the package also needs a dep on lsb-release for the install script... But you might want to avoid that too.18:18
apwinfinity, it sounds slightly frightening to be removing things from debian ... you might have a dual boot debian/ubuntu18:27
infinityOh, point.18:28
infinityThen it makes more sense to bake the distro into the maintainer scripts with dpkg-vendor at build time, IMO, so you *know* where the package came from and what it expects to install.18:28
infinityDitto with the install script, since it should match the postrm.18:28
infinitysuperm1: ^18:29
superm1infinity: OK baking it in won't be a problem, thanks apw18:30
superm1infinity: ^ that should handle your comments in both packages19:34
infinitysuperm1: You missed the updated build-dep on -signed. :)19:40
infinitysuperm1: Toss me a 1.11 with the correct build-dep, and I think we're good.19:43

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