mapppsanyone like nba? warriors spurs now;]00:50
mapppsraining here03:14
mapppsrecommend some comedies to me someone03:28
MSpongeGud day ! .. I have just been handed a AMD laptop and ben told to test it .. it works but I'm booting from a 12.04 Ubuntu DVD. What next ?07:00
MSpongejust starting up Software center .07:01
MSpongecan I get empathy working on 12.04 for Internet Chat just off the DVD ?07:06
MSpongelook like I can't.07:13
MSpongeno-one up yet, then.07:24
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MSpongeoly, Olah .08:59
MSpongeMornin' awilkins09:51
MSpongeAnything news worthy yet ?09:52
foobarryanother factory reset that doesn't reinstall apps.10:01
foobarryits never worked for me ever :(10:01
MSpongeI wonder how you add a PPA (private) after you do a default install /10:04
MSponge^         ?10:04
MSpongeI mean, how do you set it up on launchpad ?10:04
foobarryMSponge: what do you want to do?10:58
popeythere is a page in launchpad where you can see all your private ppa subscriptions11:01
popeyhttps://launchpad.net/~popey/+archivesubscriptions (for me)11:02
popeyclick "view" on the right and it will show you the relavent lines for sources.list11:02
MSpongeright-oh. I just wanted to install all the prog.s at once after install. N00b question really.11:05
MSpongeMorning popey.11:05
MSpongeDid anyone see that Jono's got a gnew podcast for github going.11:06
foobarrysudo apt-add-repository11:06
MSpongeDon't like the name of it , but hey I can't complain.11:06
foobarrythere's a command to add a repo to your machine11:06
MSpongeyes i know that easy enough.11:07
MSpongeI just wanted to install 50 apps at once in my own single PPA.11:07
MSpongei think popey answered it well.11:08
popeyyeah, i dont think there's an easy way to do what you want, sorry11:09
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.11:12
MSpongeOwh, are we going to get some story-time, brobostigon ?11:19
MSpongeMorning boys and girls is what you say when you read nursery rhyms, No /11:20
MSponge*sans / ?11:20
MSpongeThe was a young girl from Ballahatchet ...11:21
MSpongeOh that doesn't end well :)11:21
* MSponge wanders off.11:24
MSpongeWhats everyone think of the Fat/Sugar tax in the UK ?12:43
zmoylan-pithere'll be wandering bands of fatties mugging people leaving supermarkets for snickers and mars bars...13:12
MSpongeI'd fight over a toblerone aswell.13:18
* zmoylan-pi has a few black toblerone in press that were on special...13:20
MooDoohowdy all15:16
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MooDooeveryone ok ?15:19
penguin42Yeh ok15:33
* penguin42 wonders what city name starts with 'mapp'15:38
diddledanI'm just watching eddy snow's keynote for the libreplanet conference (recording) and the thought occurred that governments don't need to backdoor the OS itself necessarily but could embed their snooping stuffs into drivers that we willingly load into kernel space - e.g. nvidia or fglrx. people don't normally consider those as being risky at all16:46
penguin42people may not, I certainly do16:47
MSpongeAny chance of a link ?16:49
diddledanMSponge: https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/libreplanet-2016-the-last-lighthouse/16:49
MSpongecheers, matey.16:49
MSpongeThe last lighthouse .. Alot of L's there .. Lets hope he's not *lost* the plot, again.16:51
MSpongepopey, ping (if not busy - it's le weekend afterall).18:59
MSpongepopey, Wats the possibility of getting the Fossil Q Display Watches to interface with Ubuntu, ya think ?19:01
MSpongethere Androids clobber.19:01
popeyno idea, never heard of them19:07
* popey googles19:07
zmoylan-pinever heard of fossil... didn't they make the palm os watch yonks back>19:07
popeyif they have an API, more likely than if they don't19:08
popeywe have support for pebble because they have a decent API19:08
popeyand one of their employees hangs out in our telegram group and provides (unofficial, but huge amounts of) help19:08
MSpongefair enough .. just Mumzie got clobbered at the airport by a sales person & she asked if it could be used on Ubuntu (?). And they were abit flumixed by the question.19:13
zmoylan-pikudos for them not straight out lying...19:13
MSpongeNice bit this one I found ... https://media.libreplanet.org/u/libreplanet/m/free-software-song-a4de/19:13
MSpongegoes on abit , but good effort all'round.19:14
diddledanmy mum doesn't know one end of a computer from the other. she stays far far away from anything computerised. so she's unlikely to be asking "does it work with ubuntu" any time soon :-p19:16
MSpongeMum keeps asking me have I written a linux version of her 5000Euro's blackboards software for her Open University teaching courses.19:17
diddledanlet me guess, you suggested such a thing in jest and now she expects you to build it? :-p19:18
MSpongeI keep telling her, We need to get a decent camera for the kickstarter, and she just says ..19:18
* diddledan expects the lumberjack song next19:19
zmoylan-piwriting code looks so easy on those nice american csi shows...19:19
diddledanzmoylan-pi, you can get two people coding simultaneaously on the same keyboard, dun'tchaknow19:19
MSpongeOowh, I'm gonna be on the internet, that'll be Rimmel special edition lipstick then. Then changes her mind Elizabeth Arden lipstick  for the video.19:20
MSpongeI think she using Max Factor (or at least she won't shut up about it) so she says.19:21
MSpongeI think she gives it too much promise about becoming famous for 15 minutes or something.19:22
* MSponge think she should stick to her bridge club, and make me some Pie and custard (possibly Elmlea as a chilled alternative).19:24
MSpongeOff to bed. Have a look at this website if ya bored 25,000 yoyos for an Apartment (in english also) , www.funda.nl21:01
macoMyrtti: am i remembering right that you're in london?21:32
daftykinsnow there's a nick i haven't seen in a while, 'lo maco21:40
macodaftykins: hello :) i popped in because i'm planning a visit across the pond in august21:41
daftykinsah har, neat. you're west coast iirc?21:41
macono, east. washington, dc area21:42
daftykinsah, remembered washington but the wrong one21:42
macogot married a bit over a year ago, and we're finally going to have our honeymoon21:42
daftykinsand you chose wintery England? bold :)21:42
maco(turns out popey and some other folks here were in dc the weekend of my wedding, but i didn't find out until pendulum mentioned it at the reception!)21:43
penguin42daftykins: In August it might hit 10c!21:43
macoi've visited in august twice before, i know it's warmer'n that! was about 30 even21:43
daftykinsoops :>21:43
maco(actually earlier today i was having to explain celcius to the husband. he was doing laundry and it said wash at 30c and he didn't know if that was cold, warm, or hot)21:44
daftykinsah yes, foreignheit causes us to come a cropper plenty too21:44
Myrttimaco: north of Cambridge actually21:45
Myrtti(but London is an hour train ride away, we did that yesterday just for some Finnish food21:46
popeyo/ maco21:46
macoMyrtti: so... if i was to go to Kentwell, would you want to join in?21:46
macoMyrtti: Long Melford looks not too far from Cambridge21:47
MyrttiAugust might be a bit tight, but possibly21:47
macopopey: hiya21:47
macoIs there anywhere y'all'd say we should go, given we're into medieval/tudor history, archery, and (in my case) textiles? Kentwell, the Mary Rose, and the V&A are on the list, but locals will know better'n me what neat things there are to see & do22:04
maco(and, of course, folks I know from UDSes, it'd be nice to see you again)22:06
popeyapparently Winchester (our olde capital city) is the best place to live in the UK :) http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-3585578322:07
daftykinsooh the cathedral looks fancy22:08
zmoylan-piwell when you spend a chunk of a century building them... :-)22:09
popeymaco: seen http://www.nerdydaytrips.com/ ?22:10
macopopey: no!22:10
macopopey: thank you!22:10
penguin42popey: Nice!22:11
popeymaco: also http://www.english-heritage.org.uk/visit/places/1066-battle-of-hastings-abbey-and-battlefield/22:11
daftykinsooh there's one on the island here :P22:12
popeyit's crowd sourced data22:13
popeyso people can add new stuff22:13
zmoylan-pilast time i looked at it a lot of junk had been added to it... but still a very good source..22:13
daftykinsah i never went anywhere during my Uni time really, should have done far more with the time22:14
zmoylan-piwell you were supposed to be busy in uni... getting drunk and so on... :-)22:14
daftykinsnah, didn't much go in for that, as i went later ;)22:15
macowhen a friend visited Ireland, she visited both the Donegal Tweed Centre and the corrolary for Harris Tweed. Given the history of English woollens and Scottish mills as well, anything similarly interesting?22:17
macoalso the search on that nerdy day trips site seems to not filter anything at all >_>22:18
popeyhehe, just found photos of my old arcade cabinet on the london hackspace wiki https://wiki.london.hackspace.org.uk/view/Equipment/The_Beast23:20
zmoylan-pione of my dm's has a gauntlet cabinet that he can't bear to part with even if it takes up a tonne of room23:29
popeyis it a 4 player one?23:29
popeyI can imagine it does, even the two player versions23:29
popeyI use a picade now instead of using my jamma games themselves.23:29
zmoylan-pi4 player version...23:29
zmoylan-pibut you know... a real gauntlet game :-)23:30
zmoylan-piwhat we want is a fold up control panel for gauntlet and plug it into any large screen to save space... :-)23:34
diddledanwe want this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l0e8ZMVqVCc23:46
diddledan(yes I know it was a beta version of Wipeout for the PSX)23:46
zmoylan-piaround 2000 i installed a zx spectrum emulator on my brothers pc.  he had to delete it a few months later as his kids abandoned their xbox and playstation to play bombjack and jetpac... :-)23:50
zmoylan-piit was the only way he could get his pc back to do invoices...23:51
daftykinsdiddledan: it... it was?23:51
daftykinssure looks the part, but the weird ball thing, heh23:52

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