pavlushkaMorning guys!05:51
Private_Usernight Kilos 08:34
pavlushkaHello every one16:13
pavlushkao/ Kilos16:21
Kilosjust watched roadtest of the tesla P90D16:25
pavlushkaHi, inetpro16:56
magespawngood evening17:34
Kiloshi magespawn 17:34
magespawnhow are things Kilos ?17:37
Kilosok ty and you magespawn 17:39
magespawnall good, have you been wathcing the cricket?17:39
magespawnwatching too17:39
Kilosyes on and off17:40
magespawnhow are we doing?17:41
Kiloswe won against afganistan today17:41
Kilosbut lost to england last weekend i think it was17:41
* magespawn goes to check the interwebs17:42
Kilosstill in with a chance of going further tough17:42
Kilosjust our bowling attack is a bit weak in the first few wickets17:43
magespawnnot really a convincing win there17:47
Kilosgot whacked all over the park in the beginning17:48
magespawnnew zealand and west indies both seem to be doing well17:48
Kilosthe commentators were all saying our bowling attack needs to be more aggresive from the first ball17:49
Kilosi dont think we got a team that can go all the way this year17:49
Kiloshopefully our rugby does better17:50
magespawni do not really mind how we get to the final and win, as long as we do17:50
magespawnso i now have a apache server running at home17:54
Kilosyou going to do the quassel bit again17:55
magespawnso i can put up practice websites etc17:55
magespawnnot at this moment, it is all connected through mobile data17:55
Kilosthat can work out expensive17:56
magespawnor capped, either way17:57
Kilosserver and pcs all on mobile17:57
Kilosyes but its like doulbe the data isnt it17:57
magespawnyou mean if i use quassel?17:58
Kilosor are you using only one web connection and sharing 17:58
Kilosno for everything17:58
magespawnyes i have a mobile capable wifi router running the home network17:59
Kilosi still need to learn more abot them things18:00
Kilosthe wifi spead here is way slower than with modem direstly in lappy18:01
Kilosyes that d-link router of ians thats herre18:01
Kilosbut to read the whole manual is murder18:01
magespawnof course, the wifi has to communicate between the computer and the router which is affected by all sorts of things18:01
magespawnand presumably there is more than one computer connecting to the router18:02
Kilossomehwere in the router stuff it say 300mb/s so its not lekker then if its so slow here18:03
Kilosjust the old pc i have connected to it to set it up via eth and this lappy18:04
magespawni think that is maybe the wifi speed between you and the router18:04
magespawnbut you would need a new computer to take advantage of that18:04
magespawnwhat d-link is it?18:04
Kilosyes but that should be at least as fast as my isp speed shouldnt it18:05
Kiloslemme go see18:05
magespawnmaybe unless something is going on18:05
Kilosthere is so much in the router maybe some settings or something18:07
Kilostoo much to read though18:07
Kilosmodem works goo here in lappy18:07
magespawnis it the same modem and sim?18:08
Kilostook me 2 weeks just to get it to work on 3g18:09
Kilosi took so long to get this router working ian bought another one18:10
magespawni think to get the full speed you need to have a wireless adaptor with two antenna18:11
Kilosoh my i forgot18:12
magespawnso it might pay to get a wireless n usb adaptor for the laptop18:12
Kilosthe routers 2 antanna are still by ian18:12
magespawnare they not on the router18:12
Kilosoh is the lappy wireless internal not good enough18:13
Kilosno the screw on antenna are still by ian18:13
magespawnnot usually, depends what the speed rating for the laptop is18:13
magespawnthat will definately affect speed and range18:13
magespawnthe laptop might only be rated to 54Mbps18:14
Kilosrange is good though18:14
Kiloswhere does one find that info18:14
magespawnlook up the laptop make and model on the net18:15
Kilosi5 lenovo thinkpad18:15
magespawni forget how to find it in ubuntu18:15
Kilosi have the manual for it as well somewhere18:15
Kilosmost likely on its original drive18:15
magespawnsome extra reading18:15
Kilosssd much quicker so im too spoiled to go back18:16
magespawnthis one? https://support.lenovo.com/za/en/documents/pd01576118:18
Kilosno the T410-i18:20
Kilosbut dont et involved now18:20
Kiloslappy works kiff with modem here18:20
magespawnno just checking specs18:21
Kiloswould be a pain if its the lappy with slow wifi18:21
Kilosthen no good going to a wireless hotspot to download an iso18:22
magespawnit looks like the hardware should be able to handle it18:23
Kilosty for that info magespawn 18:29
Kilosnight ll. sleep tight18:53
Kilosall  as well18:53
magespawngood night all20:13

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