exedore6ikona - It is if other people have physical access to your computer.00:00
Sec_GuyIt is a step in a plan I am considering00:00
mnemonic_It's not actually "more difficult" if you encrypt your home folder (so long as you store your paraphrase in a safe place).00:00
Sec_Guyright exedore600:00
k1lSec_Guy: encryption helps against physical access if the machine is not booted. so its just one part of a bigger picture00:00
ikoniamnemonic_: it is when it fails and you try to recover it00:00
exedore6ikonia: So, if you have a roommate, or a spouse, or whatever.00:00
ikoniayou must see the volume of people in here saying "I can't at my data"00:00
wafflejockyeah it happens pretty often00:00
wafflejockbecause they hit a checkbox and didn't understand the implications00:01
ikoniaexedore6: I'd just protect the few files00:01
wafflejockthey just wanted "privacy"00:01
Sec_Guythat's my point Kil        data at rest in a powered down machine is safer...   if it is  booted to CD, it could be compromised.00:01
exedore6That’s it. Privacy ain’t easy.00:01
k1lSec_Guy: but be aware that encryption is a big layer that can cause technical difficulties (and delete all your data if the key gets lost etc).00:01
ikoniathere are needs for it - but for the average person, it's not00:01
Sec_GuyI am thinking that if the passphrase is necessry to bring up the machine, my data may be safer00:01
ikoniaSec_Guy: not really00:01
exedore6ikonia: How do you figure?00:02
k1lSec_Guy: so most users are fine with putting their data into an encrypted container.00:02
ikoniaSec_Guy: what are you trying to protect - what actual data ?00:02
ikoniaexedore6: figure what ?00:02
exedore6ikonia: Data being less safe encrypted?00:02
Sec_Guyikonia:    I want any and everything I ever put on my linux to be encrypted.00:02
ikoniai didn't say that00:02
ikoniaSec_Guy: why?00:02
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Sec_Guyhow does tha tmatter ikonia ?00:03
ikoniabecause most people who do this - are not protecting anything but think encyption = safe00:03
ikoniaand most people don't actually need it - as they are protecting nothing of value, or stuff that is accessed in other ways anyway00:03
ikonianot everyone - but pretty much (I'd guess %70 of the people asking for it)00:03
Sec_GuyI'll risk that ikonia     I am just looking around to see if anyone has ideas to fill in the holes in my thinking00:03
exedore6Sec_Guy: One reason to do it (encrypt the whole drive) is so you don’t have to deal with wiping the drive later. Encrypt with a key on boot, burn the key when you get rid of the drive.00:04
ikoniawhat holes ?00:04
ikoniause full disk encryption - your disk is encypted as you ask, job done00:04
Sec_Guyright ikonia     So the only hole you see in that plan is entering pass @ reboot, machine is down utnil I come home.  That' what I concluded too00:04
ikoniaSec_Guy: there is no hole00:05
ikoniathe disk is encypted as you ask00:05
exedore6Sec_Guy: What about your backup?00:05
Sec_Guyso... let's say I do this. . Someone takes the box..    What is first step they try to get my data? Boot to livecd and find encrypted data, right?00:06
ikoniathey can't get the data00:06
ikoniait's locked00:06
Sec_GuyRight exedore6    b/u has to be stored offsite and/or in a safe00:06
SchrodingersScatafaik it would protect from your original situation of theft, as soon as the box powers down they would need the passphrase to get into it.00:06
Sec_Guygood nick SchrodingersScat ..  and I agree with your assessment.00:06
exedore6They could brute force the passphrase.00:07
Sec_Guywondering how someone would then find the pass to try a brute force00:07
exedore6They could brute force the key.00:07
ikoniathey wouldn't00:07
ikoniayou use a safe password00:07
Sec_Guyhow would they get to the key?00:07
ikoniaif you're taking this much effort to protect "data" you'd use a safe password00:07
ikoniathey would need to get the key from you00:07
ikoniait's up to you how you store it00:07
ikoniaand how you secure it00:07
exedore6They could brute force the data (‘guess’ the encryption key) (very difficult to impossible)00:07
exedore6Or they could brute force the password, which encrypts the key.00:08
Sec_GuyI've devised a pass that I can repeat and type ad nauseum...00:08
exedore6Truth of the matter, they’ll punch you in the neck till you tell them.00:08
Sec_GuyI want to learn John well enough to see how long it takes to brute force it.00:08
ikoniaJohn ?00:08
ikoniaplease don't say John the ripper00:08
Sec_Guyyah, I've see that comic exedore600:08
Sec_Guywhy not ikonia ?00:09
ikoniabecause it's comical00:09
ikoniayou're saying you're taking securiy serious - yet you want to brute force your own password with a toy00:09
exedore6Sec_Guy: From the 90s00:09
Sec_GuyI'm happy to listen if you have a better tool00:09
mekhamican this be in offtopic now00:09
ikoniaI suggest you don't try to brute force your own password00:09
Sec_Guyand more like the 70s, tyvm00:09
ikoniamekhami: yes, it is00:09
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ikoniaa good point00:10
Steve1111when is mate 16.04 out of beta? is it still april 2400:11
SchrodingersScat!16.04 | Steve111100:12
ubottuSteve1111: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+100:12
k1lSteve1111: all ubuntus are released then.00:12
twitchytoesHaving issues with ubuntu that I can't diagnose ever since I got my new board.  Boot time takes forever, systemd-analyze spits out that I'm spending 1 minute 30-43 seconds in kernel.00:26
twitchytoesOutput of systemd-analyze: Startup finished in 7.712s (firmware) + 21.491s (loader) + 1min 31.439s (kernel) + 822ms (userspace) = 2min 1.465s00:27
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twitchytoesReturned with a fresh boot, http://pastebin.com/DpAsmxBT Dmesg output00:41
twitchytoesJust noticed it jumps from 2 seconds to 91 seconds00:42
k1ltwitchytoes: well, what kernel is that? thats not the regular ubuntu kernel00:43
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twitchytoes4.4 and 4.2 does it too00:43
twitchytoesAny ubuntu-based distro has this issue on this board for some reason00:43
twitchytoesPulled from the ubuntu mainline repo00:43
twitchytoesjournalctl -xb skips from 19:37:55 to 19:38:11 to 19:40:4400:44
k1lis this a chromebook?00:45
twitchytoesIntel DZ77GA-70K Desktop board00:45
twitchytoesi7 3770 with AMD R9 38000:45
k1ltry a reboot with manual adding "tpm_tis.force=1" as kernel bootparameter00:47
twitchytoesWould it be safe to add that via default/grub?  I have issues getting into grub's menu consistently.00:47
uruk7hello i want cp a file but fail cp *"5x13"* "/run/user/1000/gvfs/mtp:host=%5Busb%3A005%2C004%5D/Card/vid/series/gri/gri5x13.mp4"00:48
dogarrheaThe following packages have unmet dependencies: linux-generic-lts-wily00:48
dogarrheawhat the hell is libsexy00:48
k1li would prefer the manual edit. if the system doesnt boot at all afterwards. its more work to undo the default setting00:48
dogarrheasounds like a horny nerd linux programmer00:48
twitchytoesLet me see if I can pull out the hide timer00:49
twitchytoesI'm on 16.04 because 15.10 and 14.04 won't boot =\00:49
twitchytoesAnyways, brb.00:49
k1ltwitchytoes: left shift pressing several times00:49
wafflejockdogarrhea: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libsexy00:49
twitchytoesk1l, EFI boots too quick to catch it.  Just pulled the hide timer out.00:50
dogarrheao well. guess i won't be installing xchat00:50
wafflejockuruk7: looks like persmission denied reading the mp4 ?00:50
twitchytoesAlright, brb00:50
dogarrheaerror does not make sense: inux-generic-lts-wily: Depends: linux-image-generic-lts-wily (= but is installed                         Depends: linux-headers-generic-lts-wily (= but is installed00:51
k1ldogarrhea: run "sudo apt update"00:51
dogarrheaW: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)  E: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.00:52
wafflejockuruk7: or rather writing it to the USB device not sure about file permissions when using gvfs and mtp on a device though00:52
k1l!chrome-repo | dogarrhea00:52
ubottudogarrhea: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome00:52
twitchytoesTried tpm.tis.force=1, no go.00:53
twitchytoesStartup finished in 6.364s (firmware) + 16.565s (loader) + 1min 31.502s (kernel) + 827ms (userspace) = 1min 55.259s00:53
uruk7<wafflejock> i can't change chmod in the microsdcard00:56
twitchytoesIs there any reason why 14.04 wouldn't boot on this board?00:56
twitchytoesHangs on BGRT something, can't remember the whole thing00:56
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wafflejocktwitchytoes: lots of details on diagnosing various parts of startup with systemd here may be helpful http://linoxide.com/linux-how-to/systemd-boot-process/ haven't used systemd myself yet much hands on so dunno details but the article seems to cover a lot of diagnostics00:56
dogarrheastill getting linux-generic-lts-wily: Depends: linux-image-generic-lts-wily (= but is installed                         Depends: linux-headers-generic-lts-wily (= but is installed00:56
twitchytoeswafflejock, Yeah, it's happened in 15.10 and now 16.04.  I know this chat isn't for 16.04 but the issue persists and 14.04 doesn't boot at all00:57
wafflejockuruk7: yeah depends in part I think on the filesystem on the device since the permissions are handled at the filesystem level I'm pretty sure, typically when mounting some location there's usually a way to specify what user to treat the files as if the filesystem doesn't supply that or to enable writing to the mounted location00:57
k1ltwitchytoes: that mainboard seems to have issues since 2012 with efi etc.00:58
twitchytoesk1l, So what do I do about it?00:59
k1l!bug | twitchytoes00:59
ubottutwitchytoes: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:59
twitchytoesNot sure what to report00:59
uruk7<wafflejock> i can copy files from nautilus but not work in console00:59
dogarrheawhat is this stupid lts wily error01:00
k1lfile it against the linux-generic when booting the original kernel.01:00
wafflejockuruk7: http://askubuntu.com/questions/87667/getting-mtp-enabled-devices-to-work-with-ubuntu/308366#308366 hmm that's strange01:00
k1ldogarrhea: can you put all the output into paste.ubuntu.com and link it here?01:00
twitchytoesk1l, And what about Ubuntu 14.04 not booting?01:00
k1ltwitchytoes: dont know? what error do you see if you remove quiet and splash?01:00
JTechSupporthaving trouble with mom's computer. Flash failing. crap. I can't even put quotes on the web search for the error because the keyboard is set as Canadian.01:00
twitchytoesk1l, Haven't tried that.  Can't even boot the live, it hangs on something with BGRT in it01:01
twitchytoesk1l, I can try real quick01:01
JTechSupportI get ReferenceError: HasFlashVersion is not definedundefinedundefined01:01
twitchytoesk1l, I'll go double check so I can be more helpful01:02
k1ldogarrhea: please show a "cat /etc/apt/sources.list"01:02
JTechSupportwhen I go to the firefox addon section, it has Flash blocked. When I go to the page for it, it says it's also blocked.01:02
JTechSupportFlash Player Plugin on Linux to (click-to-play) has been blocked for your protection.01:02
JTechSupportI uninstalled flash and reinstalled it. Why is it not up to date?01:02
live-usb-issuesHey, I'm trying to install Ubuntu MATE on my Macbook Air (early 2015), and for some reason the live USB can't see the hard drive of the laptop, even if I partition it in advance. This isn't the only distro I've tried, either. This is also true in Fedora 23. Does anyone know a way to fix this?01:05
JTechSupporthow do I update Flash?01:05
wafflejockJTechSupport: better off using Chrome if you really *need* flash player they keep it updated for you01:05
JTechSupportthanks. I guess I'll have to do that then.01:05
k1ldogarrhea: "apt-cache policy linux-headers-generic-lts-wily" in a pastebin please01:05
wafflejockJTechSupport: no prob, know it's not a super awesome answer to tell someone to switch browsers but keeping flash updated is a pain typically for end users and Adobe isn't putting much effort into continued support on Linux so your best best is to just use Chrome for now01:07
k1ldogarrhea: sudo apt install linux-headers-generic-lts-wily01:08
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: What did you use to partition it?01:09
twitchytoesk1l, I return with more useful information.  14.04.4 hangs on AMDGPU modesetting.01:09
dogarrheasame error as before: You might want to run 'apt-get -f install' to correct these: The following packages have unmet dependencies:  linux-headers-generic-lts-wily : Depends: linux-headers-4.2.0-34-generic but it is not going to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).01:09
dogarrhea-f option does the same thing01:09
k1ltwitchytoes: try "nomodeset" as booting parameter01:09
k1ldogarrhea: you ran "sudo apt-get install -f"?01:10
live-usb-issuesSonikkuAmerica: I used the OS X Disk Utility, but that was only because I thought it might make installation easier. I really want to just nuke OS X entirely and install Ubuntu01:10
twitchytoesk1l, Say I get it booted and installed, what do I do to make AMDGPU work safely?01:10
k1ltwitchytoes: install fglrx01:10
twitchytoesk1l, What about AMD's new hybrid driver?  Think it'd work?01:11
dogarrhea" Depends: linux-headers-4.2.0-34-generic but it is not going to be installed"01:11
twitchytoesk1l, http://support.amd.com/en-us/kb-articles/Pages/AMDGPU-PRO-Beta-Driver-for-Vulkan-Release-Notes.aspx01:11
k1ltwitchytoes: dont know. if you want the greatest and latest you might need to do more research01:11
twitchytoesI guess we'll see what happens.01:12
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: Can you run [ sudo parted -l ] and pastebin the output?01:12
k1ldogarrhea: "grep ^ /etc/apt/sources.list.d/*" in a pastebin if that has an output01:13
live-usb-issuesSonikkuAmerica: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15431278/01:14
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: ew.01:14
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: This is perplexing01:15
k1ldogarrhea: hmm. still trying to find what is the issue here. please run "sudo apt install linux-headers-4.2.0-34-generic01:15
live-usb-issuesSonikkuAmerica: The only way I can get the MacBook's drive to show up is by running "sudo lshw -C storage", which gets me this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15431272/01:16
dogarrheasame error01:16
dogarrheaThe following packages have unmet dependencies:  linux-generic-lts-wily : Depends: linux-headers-generic-lts-wily (= but is to be installed E: Unmet dependencies. Try 'apt-get -f install' with no packages (or specify a solution).01:16
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: Can you go back to OS X Disk Utility and drop a FAT32 partition on your disk, then come back to the Live image?01:17
k1ldogarrhea: sudo apt-get install --fix-broken01:18
live-usb-issuesSonikkuAmerica: I already did, there's a FAT32 partition on it now01:18
SonikkuAmericalive-usb-issues: Well, *I* don't really know what to tell you; maybe someone else does01:19
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live-usb-issuesSonikkuAmerica: yeah, that seems to be where I end up with everyone. Thanks for trying!01:20
dogarrheait's still processing at "Unpacking linux-headers-4.2.0-34" for a while. i'll come back later01:20
k1ldogarrhea: ok, so its installing that stuff now01:21
tonytif i just install nvidia-current will that be fine or do i have to install nvidias driver from their website too?01:26
k1ltonyt: nvidia-current is fine in most cases01:27
tonytok thanks01:27
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twitchytoesk1l, Got it up and running, AMD's hybrid driver works without nomodeset and got OpenGL 4.5 now :D01:50
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twitchytoesk1l, Thanks for your help01:51
k1lgood to hear01:51
twitchytoesVGA: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Tonga PRO [Radeon R9 285/380] @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v2/3rd Gen Core processor DRAM Controller **01:52
twitchytoesWorking properly01:52
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gebbionehi folks, i m planning to upgrade my system. I added a post here. Could you please let me know your thoughts on the CPU, mobo and memory? http://forums.tweaktown.com/what-should-i-buy-/62699-upgrade-compatibility-need-new-gpu.html#post50420302:04
cfhowlettgebbione, ask #hardware02:04
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gebbionecfhowlett, i will though linux compatibility with GPU is one of the things i am also interested in too02:05
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n1ckyHey, I use ubuntu in an lxc container02:31
monster_good morning/evening #ubuntu I just had someone accidently delete tty50 tty56 tty57 tty58 on an ubuntu 14.04 machine?02:31
n1ckydoes the ubuntu kernel have user namespaces?02:31
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monster_anyone know if its possible to rebuild those?02:32
n1ckyif you have lxc installed, type `lxc-checkconfig | grep "User namespaces"`02:32
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twitchytoesAnyone here use i3wm with a compositor?02:48
mekhamitwitchytoes: i know a great many people use compton with i302:53
twitchytoesI used it myself but it seems to have issues with AMDGPU, so I was looking for an alternative.02:53
nickchensome people?03:05
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Archbuntuwhats *buntu doing today?03:24
tifoledHello Friends!03:26
tifoledHow use FREENET over TOR?03:26
Archbuntuwhat do you guys use, weechat or irsi :)?03:26
Bashing-omtifoled: TOR is no longer permitted on freenode .03:28
Archbuntuwhy is that?03:28
tifoled I set up a system to operate through Tor .03:28
tifoledAnd Freenet not work for me, but Firefox work03:29
tifoledI use polipo. Help please03:30
tifoledРщц ше,03:33
tifoledHow it?03:33
tifoledбля палево03:33
Bashing-omtifoled: For discussion of TOR join #freenode and inquire there .03:37
daxfor a start, freenet doesn't run over Tor :\03:38
tifoledAnd freenet?03:40
tifoledTor chats banned Tor03:40
daxdo you mean freenet (the anonymity system unrelated to Tor) or freenode (the IRC network you're on)?03:41
tifoledOS work by Tor net03:42
tifoledI enter everywhere bt Tor03:42
Archbuntu*buntu, irssi or weechat? vote below03:42
daxArchbuntu: we don't do polls in here, try both and see which you prefer03:43
tifoledFIREFOX => TOR => FREENET03:43
tifoledI want it03:43
tifoledHow make?03:44
daxtifoled: 1) freenet and Tor are unrelated, and one does not run off another, 2) this is not Ubuntu-related, ask another support channel like #freenode or ##linux, 3) mind the language, thanks.03:44
dreadkop_hey guys. any way to get FINTEK F71889A to work? i'd like to run a script that emergency shuts down the system if a fan (aka my water pump) fails. Poorly all i get from sensors is Coretemperature. i ran sensors_detect. It detects some fintek chip but no readout :(03:44
tonytThe following packages have unmet dependencies:03:45
tonyt wine1.7 : Depends: wine1.7-i386 (= 1:1.7.55-0ubuntu1)03:45
tonytE: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.03:45
tonytkeep getting a borken package error. how can i fix it?03:45
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:46
Bashing-om!info wine wily03:46
ubottuwine (source: wine1.6): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.6.2-0ubuntu10 (wily), package size 1 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)03:46
Archbuntucan someone remind me what does playonlinux do that wine doesn't?03:46
dax(wine1.7 is from the ~ubuntu-wine PPA)03:46
Bashing-omdax: :) thanks03:47
IndianMonsterwhat is Unknown media type in type 'all/allfiles'03:49
Bashing-omtonyt: ^^ seems to me you have 2 options, 1) ppa-purge wine to what is in our repo, 2) talk to the PPA authors to get a fix .03:50
daxIndianMonster: https://askubuntu.com/questions/39852/how-to-remove-warnings-like-unknown-media-type03:50
Bashing-omArchbuntu: PlayOnLinux is a front-end for wine. It permits you to easily install Windows Games and software on Linux.03:52
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tonytno its the broekn package error. not wine03:53
tonytthats the second time i got that error. doesnt happen with just wine03:53
Bashing-omtonyt: "  wine1.7-i386 (= 1:1.7.55-0ubuntu1) " Not an ubuntu package .03:55
tonytguess ill have to look it up on google03:55
tonyti get the same error with wine1.603:55
tonytbroejn package error03:55
dreadkop_is there any other tool besides lm-sensors to read out fan speeds?03:56
Bashing-omtonyt: Revert the PPA to wine1.6 and the dependency will be resolved . wine1.6 is in our repo and is supported .03:57
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bray90820Kinda off topic so how would I switch to line 13 if pwd on line 10 was /media/data04:06
nick_of_thymeHow do I disable sudo completely and switch to su and pkexec root passwords, system wide?04:07
dreadkop_apt-get purge sudo ?04:08
binkhi, does anyone here know how to change their superuser account name?04:09
binkfrom the command line?04:09
dreadkop_root will be root ;)04:12
fuzzlesim a newer user was wondering where i can get some concise tutorials on basic language and must know commands in the terminal04:14
Bashing-om!terminal ! fuzzles04:17
ubottuBashing-om: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:17
Bashing-omfuzzles: http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/r10735/unixcomm.html .04:20
=== sun is now known as Guest15934
Bashing-omfuzzles: And http://linuxcommand.org/ .04:20
Guest15934hello linux04:21
Guest15934i need help04:21
fuzzlesthe unixcomm url has some kind of error04:22
Bashing-omfuzzles: checking .04:22
=== OpenSorce is now known as opensores
fuzzlesty though, since moving over ive been having a blast and wanna up my fun04:24
rypervenchefuzzles: I used the linuxcommand site for starting out myself.04:24
rypervenchefuzzles: Welcome to the world of Linux :)04:24
fuzzlesty and im on linuxcommand now04:24
fuzzleshaving no fun and still loving this over any version of windows i ever used04:25
fuzzlesno fu*04:25
Archbuntui feel like im missing something after fresh installing buntu on my ssd04:26
Archbuntucan you guys tell me the things you install after a fresh intall04:26
Bashing-omfuzzles: http://www.er.uqam.ca/nobel/ I guess has been removed .04:27
Bashing-omfuzzles: Have you explored http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Trusty ?04:29
fuzzlesi am now ty04:30
fuzzlesi orignially came from windows to zorin after someone suggested it but all the crap laid over the ubuntu base was giving me issues altering config files so i was ok i need to check up and went to the linux foundation site which wanted monies04:32
nick_of_thymeso removing sudo will not make things like synaptic inaccessible? it's automagically switched to root password?04:32
fuzzlesi didnt want to pay so after i moved to the lastest lts ubuntu i was like lemme see the community04:32
fuzzlesyour already helping so much04:33
nick_of_thymeapt-get purge sudo wants to install kdesudo and sudo-ldap04:33
nick_of_thymeand it removes some other stuff04:34
Bashing-omfuzzles: Ubuntu is open source at it's best . Just my opinion .04:34
fuzzlesmine too already and im only about a month in after having got a raspi and played with it as a media center04:35
fuzzlesany good suggestions for high contrast terminals04:36
chickenBullionHas anyone experience with LVM's? Im trying to create a 40gb logical volume in my 1 volume group here https://www.pastery.net/pmcxwa/ . Thats how it would be done wouldnt it? Although i imagine theres a few steps afterwards to format it...04:37
binkhi can anyone here tell me how to change the superuser name on my system?04:50
rypervenchebink: You want to change the name of "root"?04:53
chickenBullionWhere do people mount partitions in Ubuntu to use on a daily basis?04:56
lotuspsychje!mount | chickenBullion04:56
ubottuchickenBullion: mount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount04:56
ShirakawasunachickenBullion: it depends on what the partition is for04:59
chickenBullionShirakawasuna: What are types?05:00
chickenBullionShirakawasuna: this one is in my local LVM for access across dual-boots.05:01
lotuspsychje!lvm | chickenBullion start here05:02
ubottuchickenBullion start here: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto05:02
chickenBullioni didnt have time to immediately read that suggestion if that at helps, i just decided to put it into my home directory to avoid any permission problems that could arise in the future until the data transfer finishes.05:03
TrustInAllahI will post a video of a series of lectures on the Hereafter on what happens to us after this life, I know you're all busy with your works and this might be irrelevant to your interests but this is  extremely important as death is a reality which none of us can escape, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6POzsLaKP4&list=PLyIDfFGMrsvtUiDND0bzdKagGyejGWYJU05:10
lotuspsychjeTrustInAllah: not here please05:12
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significanceIs there an up to date guide on dual booting with OSX?05:13
lotuspsychje!dualboot | significance05:14
ubottusignificance: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:14
significanceBesides Ubuntu support, is there any other benefit to LTS? Is it intrinsically more stable?05:18
lotuspsychjesignificance: longer support05:18
lotuspsychje!lts | significance05:18
ubottusignificance: LTS means Long Term Support. Until 12.04 LTS versions of Ubuntu were supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; since 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS versions will be supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Trusty (Trusty Tahr 14.04)05:18
lotuspsychjesignificance: in most cases lts is a great choice05:19
significancelotuspsychje: awesome - thanks!05:19
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate05:21
Stamper__hey guys05:25
Abhijitdo i need to change any UEFI setting while only doing live mode testing ?05:39
lotuspsychjeAbhijit: uefi usb as first boot05:41
Abhijityes. thats for changing boot order.05:41
bleuIs there a straight forward way of fixing the mouse focus issue on a new 14.04 install05:42
Abhijiti want to know if i need to disable uefi or something else with uefi other than that?05:42
lotuspsychjeAbhijit: if usb loads into ubuntu, you dont have to change other things05:42
codepython777In unity, I've a terminal icon - which when i click, it goes back to the terminal that was opened before. I want it to open a new terminal in a new workspace, how do i do this?05:47
xanguacodepython777: tried the middle button?05:48
codepython777xangua: Thanks. If I click the right button, it gives me an option for a new terminal - I want that to be the default behavior05:49
superguestIs xfs supported out of the box in 15.10?05:59
superguestI tried mounting an xfs and I get: " exited with non-zero exit status 32: mount: mount /dev/mapper/isw_cjaiafedbc_RAID5_s1v1p1 on /media/klf/DigitalTrove failed: Function not implemented"05:59
lotuspsychje!raid | superguest can this help?06:00
ubottusuperguest can this help?: Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto06:00
jushurxangua: ctrl+shift+t = new tab, ctrl+alt+t = new terminal window06:00
hilxcodepython777, u might edit gnome-terminal.desktop in /usr/share/applications and add -A to the command06:02
codepython777hilx: no such file there06:03
superguestlotuspsychje, can you be a lil more specific?06:03
codepython777hilx: oh, found the file06:04
codepython777hilx: Change this by appending " -A" ? TryExec=gnome-terminal Exec=gnome-terminal06:05
lotuspsychjesuperguest: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XFS06:08
jkhlhaving trouble installing Ubuntu, seems to work ok but then I get ERROR: No boot disk has been detected or the disk has failed.06:09
lotuspsychjesuperguest: didnt test myself, but you get all those dependecies?06:09
lotuspsychjejkhl: singleboot or dualboot?06:09
jkhlnot sure if this computer is compatible or not06:09
lotuspsychjejkhl: disbaled secureboot and fastboot?06:10
jkhlpretty sure I did, I'll double check06:10
lotuspsychjejkhl: they both must be disabled (if its un uefi machine)06:10
jkhlAcer Aspire XC600 btw06:10
codepython777hilx: my terminal is gone!06:11
jkhlsecure boot disabled, yes06:11
jkhlfast boot disabled, yes06:11
hilxcodepython777, that's odd. Well, undo the change then06:12
lotuspsychjejkhl: then ubuntu setup should detect your hd06:12
jkhlalthough it still says the first boot device is 'UEFI: WDC WD20EZRX-22D8PB0'06:12
jkhllotuspsychje: it does, and the install seems to complete okay, but then when it reboots I get that error06:12
lotuspsychjejkhl: then secureboot or fastboot arent set correctly off06:13
jkhlin the bios setup they are set to disabled06:13
jkhlanything else I can do?06:13
lotuspsychjejkhl: must be some other option named differently perhaps uefi/legacy06:13
jkhlok checking06:14
lotuspsychjejkhl: ive seen some boxe with a weird intel bios option too to block install of a new Os06:14
jkhlACPI Suspend Mode is set to S3(STR), I can change it to S1(POS), no idea what it is06:14
lotuspsychjejkhl: you can ask assistance at ##hardware also if your unsure06:15
jkhlRestore on AC Power Loss set to Last State06:15
lotuspsychjejkhl: no dont touch options you dont know :p06:15
jkhlok :p06:15
personal0checking for libmysqlclient... configure: error: Unable to find mySQL06:15
lotuspsychjejkhl: pretty sure its uefi/legacy related06:15
lotuspsychje!lamp | personal006:16
ubottupersonal0: LAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process.06:16
hilxcodepython777, gnomer-terminal --window   might work06:17
personal0checking for libmysqlclient... configure: error: Unable to find mySQL06:21
personal0apt-get install libmysqlclient1806:22
personal0Lettura elenco dei pacchetti... Fatto06:22
personal0Generazione albero delle dipendenze06:22
personal0Lettura informazioni sullo stato... Fatto06:22
personal0libmysqlclient18 è già alla versione più recente.06:22
personal00 aggiornati, 0 installati, 0 da rimuovere e 29 non aggiornati.06:22
jkhloh man, using the bios just brings back happy memories of installing DOS games06:22
jkhlbios setup*06:22
jkhlsoundblaster test06:23
jkhlZ demo disk and duke nukem06:24
jkhlbios version P11-A1 btw06:27
rkhow do i remove maximize/minimize buttons from gnome shell? i tried using tweak tool, but it doesn't work.06:33
jkhlno joy06:34
easyOnMewhat could be the reason why I am getting this message: failed to download repo information06:35
rkeasyOnMe: no network?06:36
easyOnMesince yesterday I got this red triangle with an exclamation mark at the center of it appearing on the top right of my desktop06:36
easyOnMerk: meaning?06:36
easyOnMeI am not able to connect to the server I am trying to connect to06:37
chickenBullionSo ISIS recruits on here? cool.06:37
rkeasyOnMe: your computer might not be connected to the internet.06:37
easyOnMerk: how is that even be possible we are able to talk now06:38
rkeasyOnMe: if you're not on your computer :)06:39
easyOnMerk: seriously06:39
easyOnMehow can I correct this06:39
easyOnMeI am not able to update06:39
easyOnMeby ubuntu06:39
rkeasyOnMe: removing newly added repos might help.06:40
easyOnMerk: like how any online resources06:40
easyOnMenever mind I will google it06:40
easyOnMeok I found the error06:51
easyOnMeits the repo for google chrome06:51
easyOnMehow do I delete it06:51
easyOnMeW: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)06:51
easyOnMeI also what to uninstall google chrome06:51
baizoneasyOnMe: https://askubuntu.com/questions/43345/how-to-remove-a-repository06:52
easyOnMebaizon: thanks06:52
easyOnMewhat about uninstall Google Chrome06:52
xanguaeasyOnMe: are you using a 32 bit OS?06:53
easyOnMetried uninstalling it using the06:53
easyOnMexangua: yup06:53
easyOnMe32 bit06:53
ubottuGoogle recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome06:53
easyOnMeubuntu 14.0406:53
daxoh, you're 32-bit06:53
daxno more 32-bit chrome06:53
easyOnMedax: yup06:53
easyOnMeI wanted to uninstall it how shall I go about doing it06:53
xanguaCargando… (http://m.webupd8.org/2016/03/fix-failed-to-fetch-google-chrome_3.html?m=1) easyOnMe06:53
daxeasyOnMe: remove the google-chrome package in your usual package manager?06:54
easyOnMexangua: no I want to uninstall google chrome and only use chromium06:54
xanguaThen do it?06:54
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html06:54
daxprobably useful too afterwards ^06:54
easyOnMedax: I tried to look for it in the ubuntu software center but it does not show up there06:54
daxalthough hrm, i wonder if it works on non-PPAs06:54
xanguaBe aware that you won't be able to watch Netflix with chromium and other proprietary things06:55
V7Hello :) !07:09
Wekfijava -jar name.jar  no work07:26
baizonWekfi: install openjdk jre then?07:27
Wekfii have iced tea07:27
baizonWekfi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IcedTea07:28
baizonWekfi: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_virtual_machine#Execution_environment07:28
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MSpongegood morns.07:40
MSpongeMaybe I'm out of Ram ?07:56
bunkeri have a problem08:04
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:04
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth_: Was it the Ubuntu 14.04 minimal image you wanted to have a UEFI bootable image of?08:05
MSpongeWhat tests can I do on an AMD laptop (just booting off the 12.04 dvd), that accurately test the graphic card and/or CPU ?08:06
bunkermy wifi doesnt work, its says its disabled by hardware switch and my laptop doesn't have any. I have even changed the  distro and problem still exists. BTW my wifi works pretty good in windows08:07
MSpongebunker, whhat is your laptop, spec ?08:08
Jordan_Ubunker: Does your keyboard have a key that (possibly when pressed along with FN) enables/disables wifi?08:08
bunkerASUS X200CA08:09
bunkeri m using linux since past two years and never came across this problem08:09
bunker@Jordan_U already tried08:09
Jordan_Ubunker: Is that a yes?08:10
bunkereven my external wifi adapter doesn't  works08:11
* MSponge notes that @bunker's laptop is a celeron :(08:15
bunkerits intel i308:16
MSpongeoh right, I see I see .08:16
jkhlgot it booting!08:30
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth_: Should be able to be dd'd to a USB drive or burned to a CD and bootable via either BIOS or UEFI.08:30
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth_: It's so easy to do (if you have a recent enough grub installed) that it's silly. "sudo mount -o loop mini.iso /mnt/ && grub-mkrescue -o ubuntu_14.04_minimal_uefi_bios_hybrid.iso /mnt/" .08:32
sskniranjanhello kindly help me in private chat regarding the ubuntu software centre08:38
ubik123Helo, I've got a question: Is it possible to run ubuntu-sdk on Debian Jessie?08:38
ubik123I don't want to install Ubuntu on my private computer08:38
cfhowlettubik123, pretty sure debian has its own sdk.  use that08:39
ubik123Well, there is qt creator08:39
cfhowlettubik123,  or use a virtual machine08:39
ubik123Is that enough for developing Ubuntu Phone apps?08:40
ubik123I want to program a seafile client08:40
ubik123there is no ubuntu-sdk for debian :-(08:43
sskniranjankindly hanyone help me regarding the updating cache quering software source in software centre08:44
ikoniaupdating cache queries ?08:48
sskniranjanikonia: yup08:50
sskniranjanits showing updating cache08:51
sskniranjanquering software sources08:51
ikoniawhat's showing updating cache ?08:51
ikoniaI'm not understanding what you're actually asking08:51
sskniranjanikonia: i'll pm you08:51
ikoniayou don't need to08:51
ikoniajust say in the channel, and use a pastebin if it's a big paste08:51
sskniranjanin the progress tab of softwarecentre thereis this process going on endlessly08:52
johnnny22-afkwhen running mpv, should compiz be used ? is compiz necessary ?08:52
ikoniasskniranjan: what version of ubuntu08:53
ikoniasskniranjan: I've just asked you not to pm me - please talk in the channel08:54
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu is this08:54
sskniranjanikonia: LTS 14.0408:54
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ikoniaso it's still supported, so the repos should still be there08:54
ikoniasskniranjan: what happens if you close and re-open software center08:54
sskniranjanikonia: then it normalises then again if i want to install some software it again comes back08:55
ikoniasskniranjan: if you open a terminal and do "sudo apt-get update" what happens ?08:55
sskniranjanikonia: i haven't tried that...lemme check08:55
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »08:56
sskniranjanikonia: also for any other software also if i wish to install there is only use this source option instead of install option08:56
ikoniasskniranjan: please run the command I asked for08:57
sskniranjanokay tell me the command to install unity twek tool08:57
ikoniarun the command I told you to do08:57
ikoniaand feedback what it says08:57
sskniranjani'll jus paste it in the terminal08:58
ikoniapaste what ?08:58
ikoniasskniranjan: if you are pasting a big paste - use a pastebin, not the chat client08:58
sskniranjanikonia: its updating something and some long list is going on08:59
ikoniaas it should08:59
sskniranjanikonia: i was about to ask you whats a pastebin08:59
ikoniause it to share long pastes08:59
sskniranjanokay i'll try to send whats going on09:00
sskniranjanikonia: btw whats problem with pm...i wont be able to recover the method later for my references09:01
ikoniait's better to help in channel so nothing is hidden and others can see and offer advice09:01
sskniranjanif i chat in the channel09:01
sskniranjanoh..okay thanks09:02
cfhowlettsskniranjan, all channel convo's are publicly logged and you should be able to enable logging to your local computer as well09:02
sskniranjancfhowlett: how to do that09:02
cfhowlettsskniranjan, what irc client are you on?09:02
sskniranjancfhowlett: am in thunderbird09:05
sskniranjanikonia: i've pated it in pastebin just have a look09:05
ikoniawhere ?09:05
ikoniashare the link09:05
sskniranjanis that enough09:06
ikoniaso that looks good apart from the ppa time out09:06
ikonianow open software center09:06
sskniranjanikonia: should i close the terminal09:07
ikoniadoesn't matter09:07
DavidFromBEhello, i'm running ubuntu 15.10 on a 32gb usb 3 stick, but it is painfully slo. is there anything to check to make sure it is running at usb 3 speed or any optimization i could do ?09:09
ikoniait will be slow running from usb09:09
lotuspsychjeDavidFromBE: usb will be always the bottleneck09:10
DavidFromBElotuspsychje: i know, but is there anything i could configure to limit io to the stick ?09:11
ikoniawhy would you limit the io09:11
ikoniait would make it slower09:11
ikoniarunning off a usb stick is just slow/bad, thats the reality09:11
DavidFromBEi read about enabling ext2 instead of ext4 for example09:11
ikoniait won't matter09:11
DavidFromBEdisabling swap09:11
ikoniait won't matter09:11
sskniranjanikonia: iam trying to install the screenlet software...am still seeing the 'use this source' button instead of install button09:12
igor__Hello, I am trying to configure ceph cluster for the first time. I've configured everything: hosts, network, ntp, passwordless ssh login. Installed ceph on one main host, than from that host, used ceph-deploy to install it on other hosts. Then installed mons on each and zapped and allocated osds, but ceph status shows health_warning, even after reboots and several days passed. Also, cluster shows 0 bytes total and none of the osds got up.09:12
ikoniasskniranjan: has the updating cache problem gone09:12
lotuspsychjeigor__: maybe the #ceph guys know?09:13
sskniranjanikonia: yes it has gone...thank you but there is this enabling component of the distribution waiting and updating cache waitin are lined up together09:14
igor__lotuspsychje, sorry, I clicked on ubuntu by accident and didn't notice it, It's just the ceph channel is right next to it in my favorites.09:14
ikoniasskniranjan: I'm not sure what you are saying, you may want to consider taking and sharing a screenshot09:15
sskniranjanyes can share a screen shot via the same site?09:15
pwcaapparently you can override bitrates which I did and it now looks much better09:15
ikoniayou'd need an image bin09:15
pwcano thanks to you, ikonia.09:15
sskniranjanikonia: imagebin?09:16
sskniranjanits link please09:16
ikoniapwca: ?09:16
ikoniapwca: no idea what you are talking about, I've not spoken to you09:16
ikonia!imagebin | sskniranjan09:16
ubottusskniranjan: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imgur.com/ and link the created page here.09:16
pwcaikonia: I am painfully aware you have not.09:17
ikoniaI've no idea why you are trying to engage me for something I've not spoken to you about09:17
drsooshello, how do i customize gnome-flashback?09:32
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Guest79926Is this the right channel to ask about bash scripting?10:38
ikoniathats #bash10:39
Guest79926Thanks ikonia10:39
daslichthow to fix this error please: http://pastebin.com/cFPQA7YF10:42
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ikoniadaslicht: set LC_AL10:43
netpheakHi, guys!10:43
daslicht@ikonia that doesnt solve the issue10:44
daslichtstill get that error10:44
ikoniaset language too then10:44
daslichtstill get perl: warning: Falling back to the standard locale ("C").10:45
ikoniait's falling back as you don't have the locale you have it set to installed10:45
daslichtalready tried like this10:45
daslichtwhat else is missing please?10:45
ikonianot missing - wrong10:45
ikoniait's falling back as it's trying to use a locale that your machine doesn't support10:45
daslichtso what do I need to fix this plesae?10:45
ikoniaset it to a supported locale that you have installed10:46
daslichtetc/default/locale contains -> LANG=de_DE.UTF-810:46
netpheakAnyone know of an eta of Ubuntu Snappy support of Raspberry Pi 3?10:46
ikonianetpheak: should support it10:47
ikoniadaslicht: do you have a perl pack that can support that ?10:47
daslichti dont know10:47
daslichtok fixed !10:51
daslichtI aaded lcall to /etc/default/locale10:51
daslichti am trying to install this here : http://savonet.sourceforge.net/download.html10:52
ikoniait's already packaged for you10:53
ikoniaits in the universe repo10:53
daslichti want the latest version10:53
ikoniajust enable the universe repo and install it10:53
daslichtis it up to date ?10:54
ikoniayou've not even looked10:54
ikonialook - don't ask me to look for you10:54
daslichtI am sure that the dev version is more uptodate10:54
ikoniathats because it's "development"10:54
ikoniause an official release10:54
ikoniause the packages ubuntu provide for you10:54
ikoniadon't chase version numbers10:55
daslichtofficial dont mean that they are free of bugs10:55
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daslichtlast time the cue sheet support was buggy10:55
ikoniaok - no point discussing this any more then10:55
popeythe last release of liquidsoap was 3 years ago10:55
daslichtso its not updated ?10:55
popeyso hardly our fault if we are behind10:55
daslichti last checked it 2014 and it was broklen10:55
popeygiven upstream dont release often10:55
daslichtthe last release of liquidsoap was 3 years ago , the last change in the dev brange is 2 month ago10:56
popeyso ask the developers to make a release10:56
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daslichti dont care about an release :) I just want to install the latest dev10:56
daslichtas mentioned above10:56
daslichtikonia wanted me to install the ubuntu pack10:56
popeyswitch to arch if you don't care then10:56
daslichtwhat is that ?10:57
popeyyou can get bleeding edge untested crack over there I hear10:57
daslichtwhy not just install it from git10:57
ikoniaor ask the developers how to install their development builds10:57
ikoniathe developers can support their install process and dev builds10:58
daslichtdo you have a clue why i get that error ? https://github.com/savonet/liquidsoap-full/issues/19 ?10:58
daslichtltes wait then untill i get a response10:58
daslichtthank you10:58
suh_dude_Why isn't Popcorntime in your repos?10:59
popeysuh_dude_: it's tricky given it gets taken down and re-relesased by different devs each year10:59
ubottuambraemiele: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».10:59
ikoniapopey: is it really still that much of a moving target, how frustrating11:00
popeythere were two versions last I looked11:00
suh_dude_Has it ever been in your repos?11:01
suh_dude_But I think you should allow it. It is Free Software right?11:01
suh_dude_Even if it's illegal, it still meets the criteria.11:01
ikoniagood god11:01
ikonia"even if it's illega"11:02
ikoniaplease - think about what you are saying11:02
popeysuh_dude_: as i said, it's amoving target11:03
popeysuh_dude_: they need to do a stable release, and ideally push that into debian then we get it and other flavours / derivatives benefit too11:03
thinhlxps03690client quit11:03
thinhlxps03690has quit11:03
Vohvelimy system just told me for the first time that I can upgrade (from 13.10 to 15.10) but everything hanged somewhere around 70% of the progress bar11:09
Vohvelinow when I boot, it says "Ubuntu 15.10", but I only get a text login screen instead of the usual screen where I can choose the desktop environment11:09
Vohvelihow should I proceed? can I somehow finish/fix the upgrade or should I do a clean install?11:10
EriC^^Vohveli: clean install would be best11:10
Vohveliokay, can I do this from within the current installation or do I need a live device?11:10
EriC^^do you have your stuff backed up?11:11
Vohvelieverything's backed up, yes11:11
EriC^^Vohveli: well unless you have a partition that you can spare and put the iso on to boot from grub you'd have to use a live usb11:12
Vohveliokay, I'll try a live usb then11:13
EriC^^you can save the list of installed programs easily and have them reinstalled11:13
benzel__How do I destroy an application when it's completely frozen? I trid "pkill Intellij" but it does nothing.11:14
EriC^^benzel__: try xkill and click on it11:14
popeybenzel__: alt+f2, xkill11:14
popeyleft click kills, right click cancels11:14
benzel__muy bien! Thanks11:15
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r00terdo i need any rootkit detector for ubuntu ?11:28
Vohveliwell, I have a 14.04 LTS live USB now but it doesn't seem to boot11:49
Vohveliwhen I do a boot override from BIOS, the screen just goes black for a couple of seconds and then returns to BIOS11:50
Vohveliwhich seems strange since I had no trouble booting 13.10 live USB11:50
ikonianot strange if the media is bad11:50
ikoniafact that it's going back to the bios suggests there is nothing to boot11:50
Vohvelibad as in the device is broken or I did the live USB incorrectly?11:51
Vohvelithe exact way I used was: dd if=ubuntu-14.04.4-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdb111:52
ikoniaso thats putting it onto a partition, rather than the device11:53
bekksrendering the device unbootable.11:53
Vohvelioh, okay11:53
VohveliI just followed some instructions I found11:54
=== MobGod is now known as Mob
cfhowlett!usb | Vohveli11:56
ubottuVohveli: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent11:56
Vohvelithanks, I'll try that instead11:58
sersesi can't get my Atheros Wireless card to work :(12:21
FoddAlright lads, just a quick one. I've downloaded PHP Storm and it requires Java 1.8.. I'm very very new to ubuntu, how would i upgrade from 1.712:27
FoddUnsupported Java Version: Cannot start under Java 1.7.0_80-b15: Java 1.8 or later is required. <-- thats the error code.12:27
ikoniaubuntu ships supported versions of java12:28
ikoniaif it's not in the repos for the version you're using, you'd have to pull it from an external place12:28
Foddi've just ran "sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk"12:28
Foddjust downloading atm.12:29
k1l_so wait until its installed.12:29
Foddjust waiting :)12:29
FoddNope, still erroring out.12:30
ikoniahow are you launching it ?12:31
Foddopening up terminal, navigating to the bin directory12:31
Foddtyping in ./phpstorm.sh12:31
ikoniaFodd: ok - look what that script is doing to actually launch it12:31
ikoniathen look at the error12:32
Foddokay, 1 second12:32
FoddSorry, that goes over my head. :(12:34
ImJuneHas anyone here taken the LCSE exam from the linuxfoundation yet12:35
ikoniaImJune: not really anything to do with this channel, sorry12:35
k1l_ImJune: better ask in #ubuntu-offtopic about that.12:35
ImJunewhich channel would be a good 1 to ask about that?12:35
peroAnyone is experience with recovery?12:36
ikoniarecovery of what ?12:36
bekksrecovery of covered things? :)12:36
_arktos_recovery of what ?12:37
FoddPero: recovery of uncovered things?12:37
ikonia.......the jokes been done now12:38
peroMistake of using 'clean' in windows and then did a partition of GPT.12:38
ikonialet him ask the question properly, clearly12:38
peroWhat can help me to reover it?12:38
bekkspero: what does "clean" in windows do?12:39
bekkspero: Can you state a clear issue please?12:39
k1l_!photorec | pero12:39
peroRemoves any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk with focus. On master boot record (MBR) disks, only the MBR partitioning information and hidden sector information are overwritten. On GUID partition table (GPT) disks, the GPT partitioning information, including the Protective MBR, is overwritten; there is no hidden sector information.12:40
ikoniaI suspect that data is gone12:40
peroMistake of using 'clean' in windows and then did a partition of GPT. Now I want to recover it but it's "UnAllocated" and windows program can't see that12:41
peroBut how canyou clean hdd so fast?12:41
k1l_pero: try photorec. but i think most data will be deleted and only some partial files might be still there.12:41
perok1l_: photrec does not find my media12:41
peromy media disc*12:41
perobekks: Mistake of using 'clean' in windows and then did a partition of GPT. Now I want to recover it but it's "UnAllocated" and windows program can't see that12:43
perobekks: Removes any and all partition or volume formatting from the disk with focus. On master boot record (MBR) disks, only the MBR partitioning information and hidden sector information are overwritten. On GUID partition table (GPT) disks, the GPT partitioning information, including the Protective MBR, is overwritten; there is no hidden sector information.12:43
ikoniaI suspect that data is gone12:43
soeehow can i move all and only folders form dir X to dir U using cli ?12:44
bekksDeleting a filesys/partition in windeos overwrites the partition header only.12:44
perosoee: mv f/* g/*12:44
ikoniause find -type and -exec mv12:44
ikoniathat won't work pero12:44
perobekks: and you claim that my data is ?12:44
soeepero: this will move whole content12:44
ikoniathat will move everything - he wants JUST directories12:44
peroikonia: what did it wrote? what are the directories?12:45
bekkspero: I dont claim anything about your data.12:45
ikoniasoee: use find -type and -exec12:45
perosoee: sorry12:45
perosoee: http://superuser.com/questions/487090/how-to-move-multiple-directories-but-exclude-files-in-current-path-with-similar12:45
k1l_pero: stop using that disk. get an image with ddrescue. use all programs on that image.  look for partitions with testdisk. look for data with photorec12:46
lhrhow can i get ubuntu 10.04's program12:46
perok1l_: it's an external hard disk12:46
MonkeyDustlhr  10.04 is dead12:46
k1l_pero: if that doesnt work. call a commercial recovery company. or say good bye to the data12:46
perocan you assit me k1l_ ?12:47
k1l_pero: start here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery12:47
lhri think 10.04 is very beautyful12:48
bekkslhr: And it is dead, already.12:48
k1l_lhr: windows 3.1 was beautifull too. but its dead, too12:48
perok1l_: what if the drive is unallocated?12:48
k1l_pero: that has nothing to do with testdisk or photorec12:49
stevendoes anyone have a tl;dr resource on deb packages and their differences for versions? I'd just like to know how and why u1404 packages differ from 160412:49
perok1l_: testdisk can't find the media disk in windows12:49
ikoniasteven: packages.ubuntu.com12:49
k1l_pero: the ask in ##windows12:49
perono no windows12:49
bekkssteven: They are built for a different release, linked against different versions of packages.12:49
stevensince I setup a xenial server and a few apps dont have xenial packages yet, so wonderinfg if i should just install a packager for an older version or wait12:49
k1l_pero: this is ubuntu support. we cant handle windows stuff in ehre12:49
perok1l_: i amsaying it's ok12:49
stevenbekks: so basically dependency versions?12:50
bekkssteven: Yes.12:50
k1l_!guidelines | pero , its not ok with windows support in here.12:50
ubottupero , its not ok with windows support in here.: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:50
perok1l_: ????????12:50
stevenbekks are we talking < versions or <>?12:50
peroI am saying it's ok.12:50
peroWe won't talk about windows.12:50
bekkssteven: We are talking !=12:50
perok1l_: !guidelines12:51
pero!guidelines | k1l_12:51
ubottuk1l_: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines12:51
* pero wonder12:51
k1l_pero: stop that! you said you use windows. we dont support windows in here. use ##windows as support channel for your issues with windows.12:52
perok1l_: stop repeat it12:52
stevenso would it be ok to just install 1510 packages and later swap out the sources and update it or should I simply wait (server is supposed to run long term, dont wanna fuck it up already cos I am unpatient ;) )12:52
hetiiCould someone provide me a valid/tested configuration of PXE live booting system, I spend second day without success to boot up live system regarding ubuntu 12/14/1512:52
k1l_steven: dont mix packages from different releases.12:52
k1l_steven: what package are we talking baout exactly?12:52
bekkssteven: Mixing packages WILL break your systems.12:52
stevenyay :D12:52
stevenand k1l_ atm just wanna setup gitlab and owncloud on the server but neither provides xenial packages just yet12:53
ikoniasteven: tone down the language too12:53
ikoniathere is no need for it and it's not welcome12:53
ikoniabecause it's not out yet12:53
bekkssteven: Then dont use xenial, cause it isnt release yet.12:53
ikoniaapply logic - why would people be using  offering packages for an unreleased version12:53
k1l_steven: that is the issue with development releases. its release is in end of april. you have might to wait until that for 3rd party packages12:53
stevenbut it will be next month and it really is smarter to just install the RC / beta and update it to "stable" instead of installing 1404 and run a dist upgrade12:54
ikoniasteven: it's really not smarter12:54
peroplease ubuntu torrent link12:54
bekkssteven: Using 14.04 is smarter.12:54
stevenwhy is that?12:54
ikoniait's smarter to wait for the release and then do you work when the repos your need are released12:54
bekkssteven: Because 16.04 isnt released yet.12:54
k1l_steven: you just proven why its not smart to run a development release as a user.12:55
steventhats really not a good enough reason, its stable12:55
ikoniait is a good enough reason12:55
bekkssteven: Then why do you ask?12:55
ikoniaas you're blocked currently12:55
stevenand the lack of two packages are not a reason to install a 2yr old version and run a dist upgrade, usually ubuntus dist upgrades dont run smoothly12:55
stevennot at all12:55
ikoniano - it's a reason to wait12:55
stevenand because I dont really know how the packaging process works 0o12:55
k1l_steven: please stop12:55
bekkssteven: 14.04 isnt two years old, ir constantly receives updates until 2019.12:55
bekkssteven: So 14.04 is the current LTS release.12:56
k1l_steven: 16.04 is not released yet. any more 16.04 issue in #ubuntu+1 please12:56
stevenand xenial will be the next tls, you guys relax. its not like its the first server I run and use. I am well aware of it not being released and I am well aware of the release process, and withint the next four weeks there wont be a major change or some breaking upgrade (well 99% it wont happen)12:57
ikoniawe are relaxed12:57
ikoniaand you don't appear to understand, hence why you are asking,12:57
ikoniathats why you are being given advice12:57
bekkssteven: 16.04 isnt supported in here, as you have been told.12:57
peroubuntu 14.04 is downloading slow12:58
stevenI simply asked about the packaging process, not about how I should've not installed the beta cos its 4 weeks before the release, cos no dist upgrade ever worked smootly for me12:58
stevenneither on server nor desktop12:58
bekkspero: then use a different mirror.12:58
peroi did12:58
peroI tried.12:58
ikoniasteven: thats your problem then - it works for other people,12:58
bekkspero: there are even more mirrors.12:58
stevenok awesome, next time say you dont support xenial instead of acting like this ;) you shouldnt treat every user like a guy who has no experience what so ever12:59
stevenI can deal with "no support" instead of "well dont use it then"12:59
ikoniasteven: don't behave like a guy with no experience and then complain about the solid advice you're given12:59
k1l_steven: i said 16.04 support is only in #ubuntu+1 so i muted you here now. no need for your offences just because you dont get the answers you like.13:00
MSpongeOow tetchy times on #ubuntu :-)13:00
pero56 kb /s13:01
bekkspero: So use another, faster mirror13:01
TJ-pero: possibly your local ISP connection, country network, or international links may have problems.13:04
peronow i have problem in internet, yesterday i broke my hdd13:04
kjkjkjkjkjkhi, I came in here yesterday because apparently my laptop has bad superblock13:06
kjkjkjkjkjkthe live usb I use is tails, but there is apparently a default sudo password and I dont know it13:07
k1l_kjkjkjkjkjk: ask the tails guys what the setup on their isos is.13:07
gogetakjkjkjkjkjk, its ubuntu13:08
MonkeyDusttails is based on debian, is what i read here13:09
k1l_gogeta: its not. its build on debian. so he is on the very wrong channel in here13:09
gogetai see13:10
MonkeyDustkjkjkjkjkjk  you're in the wrong channel, it's not supported here13:10
gogetakjkjkjkjkjk, 99% of your distros defult will be the distro name or just root as a pass13:13
kjkjkjkjkjkgogeta: so "root" is a password?13:13
gogetakjkjkjkjkjk, it probly will be one of the 2 yes13:14
ikoniathi sis not a discussion point for this channel please13:14
EriC^^sometimes it's "toor" as a password13:14
kjkjkjkjkjkis this the channel to ask what command do I need for a portuguese keyboard?13:15
kjkjkjkjkjkloadkeys -pt?13:15
ikoniathis channel is only for ubuntu13:15
k1l_kjkjkjkjkjk: ask in ##linux for general linux support13:16
kjkjkjkjkjkkicked out13:17
k1l_kjkjkjkjkjk: that is no reason to make offtopic in here13:17
=== vervet_ is now known as vervet
MonkeyDustkjkjkjkjkjk  you're in the wrong channel13:18
freshminthey, anybody familiar with deja-dup amazon s3 backups?13:22
ikoniain what respect ?13:23
freshminti always get backend connectoin errors and i cant understand why atm13:23
freshminti followed this explenation: http://blog.domenech.org/2013/01/backing-up-ubuntu-using-deja-dup-backup-and-aws-s3.html13:24
ikoniawhat version of ubuntu, what client version, how are you authing13:24
freshmintubuntu 14.04, the client is a plugin for deja-dup which is related to python-boto and python-cloudfiles packages13:24
ikoniahow are you authing to aws13:25
ikoniaare your security groups in aws configured correctly ?13:25
freshmintim authing with a key and secret key and created and IAM user for that. but to be honest i am pretty new to this13:26
ikoniais S3 covered by security groups ?13:26
freshminti have no idea13:27
ikoniaso you need to look into that13:27
freshmintokay ehm on the aws console?13:27
ikoniaalso need to look at the iam role and how the key is being passed in13:27
freshminton my side or on aws s ide?13:28
ikoniaboth, the key is a handshake13:28
Cool_Hi experts13:28
ikoniaand the iam roles are set in aws13:28
Cool_How can i upgrade ubuntu server from 14.04.1 to 14.04.3 LTS trusty without upgrade kernal. what is the command to  do it?13:29
ikoniayou'd need to pin the kernel package13:29
ikoniabut I'd not advise this unless you have a very specific reason and understand that reason13:29
Cool_ikonia: can you specify command exactly to upgrade with ubuntu server 14.04.313:30
kjkjkjkjkjkim not trolling: if I cannot join into linux, where can I ask things about superblocks?13:30
k1l_Cool_: in general that is not a good idea since there are a lot of kernel issues.13:30
ikoniakjkjkjkjkjk: you are already in ##linux13:30
mehedihello friends13:30
mehediI am in a big trouble13:30
mehediMy desktop is merged with the home folder!!13:30
k1l_Cool_: what gives you "uname -a"?13:30
bekksmehedi: What does that mean?13:30
Cool_reason for maintaining stable  version in all ubuntu servers13:30
mehediAnd I cannot find my home folder in My computer option13:31
BrowserHello. I have cloned a HD with Ubuntu and I have put the cloned HD into a new machine with different specs. Everything is working well except the screen, which has poor graphics. I have used a Live CD to check if the screen works well with Ubuntu and I can see everything perfect. Is there an easy way to fix the problem? I think it is loading the configuration for the display where the HD was cloned. Thanks.13:31
ikoniathe lts kernel upgrades are the stable versions13:31
mehedican anyone help me?13:31
Cool_kernal version is : Linux test-VM 3.13.0-24-generic #47-Ubuntu SMP13:31
ikoniaCool_: ok - so why do you not want to update that from the LTS repos13:31
mehediis there any way to restore desktop and my computer to default settings??13:32
ikoniamehedi: what's the actual real issue ?13:32
mehedithe issue is desktop is merged with the home folder13:32
Cool_it is requirement13:32
ikoniawhat do you mean ?13:32
ikoniaCool_: requirement of what/who and why13:33
mehediI want to separate these two like it was as default13:33
k1l_Cool_: ok, updating to 14.04.5 will not increase the kernel version when you are just running the updates. you will stay on the 3.13 kernel stack.13:33
k1l_Cool_: but you need to update to the latest 3.13 kernel build. since there are some serious kernel security issues.13:33
Cool_K1l_ : whats the command13:33
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest69578
ikoniaCool_: step back - you're going to create a problem13:33
ikoniaCool_: why do you not want to update the kernel package ?13:34
Cool_temporaily i put hold kernel..But, just want to upgrade 14.04.3 not 14.04.513:34
ikoniaCool_: thats going to be quiet tricky13:34
ikoniayou'd have to pin packages at a very specific version13:34
=== kevin is now known as Guest38055
k1l_Cool_: 14.04.3 and 14.04.5 are just like "servicepacks" from windows. they are just the state of all updates to that point. just the .isos have a new kernel on new install13:35
k1l_Cool_: but if you have a 14.04 installed and update it, it will stay on the 3.13 kernel13:35
Cool_Thanks k1l_: i am already with 140.04.1, just want to upgrade with 14.04.3 as it is requirement to maintain same version13:36
Cool_it is urgent13:36
ikoniamaintain the same version ?13:36
gogetaCool_, you aruldy have it13:36
Cool_can u please tell command to upgrade it[from 14.04.1 to 14.04.3]13:36
ikoniaCool_: you'll need to give more specific info13:36
ikoniaCool_: you can't do it like that13:36
k1l_Cool_: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade".13:36
ikoniathat will take it to the current 14.04.X release13:36
k1l_ikonia: he has a wrong idea of point releases13:37
ikoniak1l_: it would appear so, thats why I'd like to see more info13:37
Cool_i did that command in test vm, it upgraded to 14.04.4 not 14.04.313:37
Cool_how can i do it for 14.04.313:37
ikoniaCool_: lets step back13:37
k1l_Cool_: you have a wrong idea what 14.04.3 is.13:37
ikoniaCool_: WHY do you not want the kenrel from 14.04.413:37
gogetaCool_, you have a newer build13:37
k1l_Cool_: its just a timemark to show you got all updates to that date.13:38
k1l_Cool_: compare it to the "servicepacks" on windows.13:38
Cool_compare it to the "servicepacks" on windows? means...how?13:39
ikoniaCool_: why do you not want the kernel from 14.0.413:40
Cool_i said, iam running currently 14.04.113:40
ikoniawhy do you not want the kernel from
Cool_want to upgrade with 14.04.3.got it?13:40
gogetaCool_, point relese is only the same installer iso with upgrades13:40
ikoniawhy do you not want 14.04.413:40
Cool_not 14.04.413:40
gogetaCool_, if you run any updates your no longer running 14.94.113:41
Cool_gogeta_what you suggest..?13:41
k1l_Cool_: listen: the pointrelease (the .3 or .4 or .5) started as only new isos so that if someone installs a 14.04 he doesnt need to download 5GB of extra updates from back when 14.04 was released13:41
gogetaCool_, Cool_ sudo apt-get dist-upgrade13:41
k1l_Cool_: so the "release" of 14.04.3 is only "i am a 14.04 and i have installed all updates since the 14.04 release"13:42
* Scunizi thinks there's a sneeky troll in the house.13:43
gogetaColti, or using the updates from the gui13:43
Cool_thanks k1l_what you suggest now?13:43
ikoniathis is a pointless13:43
k1l_Cool_: stop!13:43
k1l_Cool_: so you want to stay on the 3.13 kernel and not use kernel 4.2 or others?13:44
gogetaCool_, you aruldy had 14.03 if you ran updates13:44
gogetaCool_, ok13:44
k1l_Cool_: then run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"13:44
gogetaCool_, now where making sense13:44
k1l_Cool_: that will keep the 3.13 kernel but istall all updates.13:44
gogetahe whants a older kernel13:44
chrismli'm trying to change hostname in /etc/hosts, currently it has hostname hostname, i want to use sub.domain.com so do i replace both hostnames with that?13:44
k1l_Cool_: dont think about the 14.04.3 or 14.04.5. its not what you think it is.13:45
Cool_Ok k1l_: just to explain them..can you elobrate detail13:45
Cool_i m running your command now in test machine13:45
k1l_Cool_: i already have 3 times now13:46
vervetchrisml: you can just add it as an entry into that file, yes13:46
vervetif you want to completely change it, you can replace13:46
k1l_Cool_: i dont know how to explain it differently.13:46
gogetaCool_, any reasion you whant the old kernel the 4x serise is better13:46
ikoniagogeta: no it's not13:46
chrismlvervet thanks, i mean do i do sub.domain.com domain.com or both with sub.?13:46
k1l_gogeta: let him please. its ok to run the 3.13 kernel on 14.0413:46
Cool_k1l_can i have any URL for these details13:46
ogra_Cool_, the archive moves forward with updates and fixes ... constantly ... at times there are snapshots taken from it that are then called $release.1 ... $release.2 and so on, these are released as isos... if you upgrade you get whats in the archive, so are always on the latest13:47
vervetchrisml: np, you'll want the complete entry - sub.domain.com13:48
chrismlvervet ty13:48
gogetaCool_, all you need to do to get your old kernel back13:48
gogetaCool_, sudo apt-get install linux-headers-3.13.0-* linux-image-3.13.0-*13:49
k1l_Cool_: 14.04 was released in 2014. so if you install 14.04 in 2016 you need to load all updates since that time after the install. to make that easier ubuntu make the .X (pointreleases) that have all updates included already. so if you install a 14.04.3 you have all updates to the date when 14.04.3 was marked.13:49
k1l_gogeta: stop13:49
k1l_gogeta: you are just making it worse13:49
Cool_thanks all for your patience.....special thanks to k1l..sorry for trouble..just to make understand13:50
k1l_Cool_: so if you update any 14.04 today. every 14.04 will become a 14.04.513:50
Cool_good thanks k1l_. i repeating how to pin kernel and do update..thats command13:51
k1l_Cool_: no stop.13:51
k1l_Cool_: dont pin the kernel. the kernel will stay on the 3.13 version. but you need the latest 3.13 kernel builds since they fix security issues.13:52
k1l_Cool_: run my command and you will NOT be updated to the 4.2 kernel. it still will be 3.13 kernel.13:52
Cool_command please k1l_13:54
ogra_<k1l_> Cool_: then run "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"13:54
k1l_Cool_: "sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade"13:54
gogetaCool_, or just lsb_release -a command13:54
ogra_(it was above ;) )13:54
gogetaCool_, you will see you have a newer version13:54
Cool_ok k1l_thanks, hope this wont upgrade kernel 3.13 to 3.16 or any latest.right?13:55
k1l_gogeta: Cool_ but as i explained every 14.04 will become a 14.04.5 because that is just the state of "i have all updates"13:55
k1l_Cool_: yes. it will stay on 3.1313:55
ogra_Cool_, if you dont actively tell your system to install a new kernel you will always stay on the major version you had at install tme and get only (security) fixes for it13:56
Cool_thanks a lot for clearing my confusion13:56
ogra_(there are ways to use newer kernels in LTS releases if you actually want to, but you need to install a certain metapackage for this... manually)13:57
MarqinWill 16.04 have GCC6 ( going to be realesed in april, already seen it in toolchain ppa ) or again LTS will have old packages on release?13:57
gogetaogra_, 4.4 time hehe13:57
gogetaMarqin, 16.04 will be runnning 4.4 witch is a lts kernel as well13:58
k1l_Marqin: look at the freezes. april is way to late13:58
ogra_new GCC usually means a full archive rebuild that introduces new bugs and failures ... you definitely dont want to do that in the month you release :)14:00
Marqingogeta: what does kernel have to do with gcc?14:00
ogra_the compiler for a release is usually introduced at the beginning of a development cycle ... not at the end ;)14:00
ogra_so you can catch all the compiler/compilation related bugs14:00
gogetaMarqin, oh the compiler yea probably the same14:00
Marqinand I will have to give people instructions on how to get gcc6 from ppas instead of "just use ubuntu LTS" :(14:01
k1l_Marqin: tell gcc to release their stuff prior to the freezes from ubuntu then :)14:02
gogetaMarqin, lol14:02
bekksPeople using LTS wont use gcc from a PPA :P14:02
Marqinbekks: many people use LTS for their build farms14:02
ikoniamore so when it needs specific build options of binutils14:03
bekksMarqin: Yeah, and official packages, no PPA.14:03
gogetaMarqin, yess but they use whats suported14:03
mintuxi setup ssh certificate key but it want password again http://codepad.org/9YNjE0qw14:03
ikoniaand they don't use gcc PPA14:03
Marqini use llvm ppa :p14:03
ikoniaso ?14:03
gogetaMarqin, and i run arch but kinds not the point14:04
ikoniamintux: not setup correctly, and I advise you not to run ispconfig14:04
Marqinpoint is that you cannot use gcc6 because many people won't use it because "it's not in LTS"14:04
ikoniaMarqin: so ?14:04
ogra_Marqin, it will likely be in universe by release ... but not be default14:05
Marqinhm, is there some chance that there will be official gcc-6 package? not as default gcc, but you can always use update-alternatives14:05
mintux ikonia:  but i did same thing i have did and worked but now it doesn't work. and for ispconfig it's on local vm and it's ok14:05
Bookman900Guys, I've got a serious problem with 4.4.0-14-generic and radeon r600 graphics (on 16.04),and when my laptop uses AC power, it's okay. When i unplug, I hit a freeze, and video seems to be broken down14:05
ikoniadue to the binutils and a few other changes needed14:05
ikoniaMarqin: it's not just gcc that needs updating to use gcc 614:05
bekksMarqin: I guess you have to wait for 18.04 then.14:05
ikoniaso it's doubtful the other updates needed will get to an LTS14:05
mintuxikonia: first ssh ispconfig@ mkdir -p .ssh14:05
ikoniamintux: nothing to do with what I said14:05
Marqinikonia: only 1364 packages - http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20160226-gcc6-xenial.html14:05
ikoniaMarqin: what ?14:06
Marqin"Package failed to build" - 1364 :D14:06
ikoniait's more than the packages it builds14:06
mintuxikonia: i don't get what are u trying to say . not setup correctly?14:06
llutzmintux: you don#t use the .pub key14:06
ikoniamintux: it's not setup correctly, and I advise you not to use ispconfig14:07
k1l_Bookman900: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 issues14:07
Marqinogra_: seem your are right - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/xenial/+package/gcc-6-base14:07
Marqinthat's enough for me14:07
Bookman900k1l_: thx14:08
gogetaMarqin, so it will be in :)14:08
mintuxllutz: you mean here? ssh -i .ssh/myserver -v -l ispconfig  shouldn't use .pub ?14:08
llutzmintux: man ssh (about -i "identity file")14:09
mintuxllutz: and i read so i put .pub key on server inside .ssh/authorized_keys with this command: cat .ssh/myserver.pub | ssh ispconfig@ 'cat >> .ssh/authorized_keys'     and i use ssh -i .ssh/myserver -v -l ispconfig   private key but it prompt password again and which section that i did is not correct ?14:11
llutzmintux: in your paste, you used -i myserver.punb14:12
llutzmintux: in your paste, you used -i myserver.pub14:12
mintuxnow i try new14:12
mintuxi found something in log14:13
mintuxAuthentication refused: bad ownership or modes for file /usr/local/ispconfig/.ssh/authorized_keys14:13
ikoniayou should not be doing this14:13
ikoniaand you should not be using ispconfig - you are going to be compromised with this approach14:13
llutzmintux: and to spread ssh-keys, use ssh-copy-id14:14
mintux ikonia: i would like to develop something on ispconfig then i do this on my local virtualbox and mount it as partition on my ssystem14:15
ikoniamintux: very bad idea14:15
mintuxikonia: what is your idea?14:15
ikonianot to use ispconfig14:16
mintuxikonia: and what happened if i did?14:16
ikoniapossibility of compromise and a broken system14:16
ikoniaas I said a few lines up14:16
bekksmintux: you cant mount your vm as a partition.14:16
mintuxbekks: i don't want to mount my vm i mount a directory of ispconfig in my vm to my system and then works on codes14:17
ikoniaeven worse idea14:17
bekksmintux: doesnt sound more sane.14:17
mintuxikonia: i don't think so . now i can do it. just only should enter password and if i did then i can work on it and i don't get why its worse idea . it works14:18
gogetabekks, acully there is a way to use a real system in a vm14:18
ikoniamintux: carry on then - sounds like a terrible idea and risk to me14:19
bekksgogeta: I know, but thats totally not what he asked ;)14:19
mintuxikonia: maybe. but i can worked on developing on virtual system i can make backup and restore without involved my real system to ispconfig software14:21
ikoniamintux: it will still expose your real system14:21
akikmintux: you need to change the permissions on the server end "chmod 600 /usr/local/ispconfig/.ssh/authorized_keys" and maybe "chmod 700 /usr/local/ispconfig/.ssh"14:22
mintuxakik: thanks . it worked14:25
lernerevery time I turn my machine on "lsb" doesnt load. there is always a red line showing me that. How do I fix it?14:29
MonkeyDustlerner  what's the outcome of    lsb_release -r14:31
MonkeyDustlerner  what's the outcome of    lsb_release -d14:32
lernerMonkeyDust, both or just the second one?14:33
MonkeyDustlerner  -d14:33
lernerDescription:Ubuntu 15.1014:33
MonkeyDustlerner  i guess you can simply ignore the red line, here too it says "No LSB modules are available."14:35
EriC^^lerner: what red line?14:36
lernerMonkeyDust, often I have problems with the network manager. Once I have fully logged in, how do I get a copy of all messages that my machine printed while loading?14:37
lernerEriC^^, as soon as I know where to look for a log of all actions my machine did from boot, ill let you know14:37
jpmhwhen I look at the auth.log file I see a number of errors: systemd-logind[379]: Failed to create cgroup name=systemd:/user/0.user: No such file or directory - how do I fix this?14:37
EriC^^lerner: you mean while booting it says no lsb found with a red line?14:38
EriC^^lerner: cat /var/log/boot.log shows a little i think14:39
EriC^^others in /var/log/dmesg and syslog14:39
wyrehi guys! I'm having issues with ssh in ubuntu machine14:40
wyrealways aske me for password14:40
wyrewhen I've disabled password in sshd_config14:40
ogra_jpmh, do you use a non-ubuntu kernel ?14:40
EriC^^wyre: did you restart ssh?14:40
wyreEriC^^, several times xD14:40
EriC^^wyre: k just checking :P14:40
bekkswyre: So how did you set it up?14:41
wyrewell ... I've added the user in AllowUsers14:41
wyreand disabled passwordAuth14:41
lernerEriC^^, while logging in I see everything my machine loads: each line starts with "ok" in green or "not ok" in red14:41
wyreI've generated a keypar14:41
jpmhogra: this is on a cpontainered virtual server, where I installed ubuntu 14.4 which is working VERY well - this error seems to indicate no real issue, I just don't like errors in logs14:41
wyreand copy into authorized_keys14:41
bekkswyre: you copied what exactly into authorized_keys?14:41
wyrebut then always is asking me to a password what I don't know xD14:41
wyreid_rsa.pub content14:42
ogra_jpmh, well, seems like your host machin runs a kernel that is missing some cgroup features that ubuntu uses by default14:42
wyreI did a cat to this file14:42
jpmhogra, that makes complete sense.  Since they do not seem to be needed how do I disable the calls to them?14:42
ogra_(i dont think it actually is an issue unless you start using something like lxc *inside* ubuntu )14:43
wyrebekks, but the point is ... Why is asking me a password what I don't know?¿ xD14:43
wyreand I didn't setup¿14:43
wyreit doesn't ask me for passphrase xD14:43
ogra_jpmh, probably by removing some cgroup userspace package (i wouldnt know which though)14:43
=== S|ipKorN- is now known as CripperZ
ogra_i'd actuaLLy google for th error message (and "ubuntu" or so)14:44
jpmhogra, thank you so much - so what is cgroup?14:44
ogra_it makes sure that only certain resources (ram/cpu) are assigned to a process14:44
bekkswyre: Either it is the user password, or the password you specified when creating the keypair.14:44
jpmhogra, ty so much - I'll go an reseacrh now14:45
ogra_good luck ...14:46
wyrebekks, isn't xD14:46
wyrebekks, any both14:46
wyrebekks, I mean ... I've tried with multiples keys what could be but anyone works xD14:46
ogra_wyre, did you add the public key of the user to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys ?14:48
ogra_else it will always ask for a password14:48
ogra_(there is no need to add it to "AllowUsers" )14:48
wyreogra_, yes, I did cat from the id_rsa file to authorized_keys14:48
wyreid_rsa.pub concretely14:48
ogra_yeah, better :)14:48
wyreogra_, but ... what password?¿14:49
ogra_anything in auth.log ?14:49
bekkswyre: the one you setup.14:49
wyrebekks, when I generated key par?14:49
bekkswyre: For example, yes.14:49
wyrebekks, but that's passphrase isn't called "password" itself14:50
wyreit is asking me for a password14:50
wyrenot passphrase14:50
wyrebut equally, passphrase what I setup doesn't work either14:50
bekkswyre: and how does that matter, how it is called?14:50
ogra_well, what does your auth.log say when you log in ?14:50
wyrebekks, well... maybe not matter but passphrase isn't the password asked14:51
wyrebecause doesn't work xD14:51
wyrein client? or in server?14:51
ogra_it should tell you why it asks for a password14:51
ogra_on the server indeed14:51
bekkswyre: On the system you want to log on to.14:51
ogra_tail -f /var/log/auth.log ... then attempt a login from another terminal and see what it prints in the first one14:51
wyreogra_, http://pastebin.com/xDHupV7814:54
ogra_i dont see any login attempt for a user there14:55
=== mkv is now known as m4v
wyreogra_, I'm using that command14:56
wyressh -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 marisol@
ogra_(only root stuff ... which wont work)14:56
wyrebecause I'm a machine with a newest version of ssh14:57
ogra_did you just try plain "ssh marisol@" ?14:57
ogra_it doesnt even look like you get through to the server14:58
wyreogra_, I get "Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching key exchange method found. Their offer: diffie-hellman-group1-sha1"14:58
wyre but however I've got added the known host in the file14:58
wyreogra_, nothing, there is no way :(15:02
ogra_well, looks to me like it already blocks at the host negotiation15:02
ogra_are you using xenial on your client machine ?15:02
wyreogra_, no xD15:02
ogra_openssh dropped quite a few insecure algorithms15:02
wyreI'm using Arch15:02
ogra_well, is your arch using openssh 7.x ?15:03
wyreogra_, but ... It's necessary to use the same system on client machine?15:03
ogra_it isnt15:03
wyreogra_, yes :D15:03
wyreis using 7.x15:03
wyrebut even from my mobile with juicessh i can't connect :(15:03
ogra_wel, that might be the issue ... 7.x dropped all sha1 variants iirc15:03
ogra_(because they are considered insecure)15:04
wyreogra_, then ... should I generate the key par with that?15:04
wyrewith 7.x?15:04
wyreand add into authorized_keys in xenial server?15:04
ogra_that page tells you to use the same option you have ... but i guess if the cypher is gone completely the option wont really help15:05
wyreogra_, then?15:05
wyrewhat's the more secure solution?15:06
ogra_dunno, i'm out of ideas here ..15:06
ogra_your server is xenial ?15:06
wyreogra_, yes15:06
ogra_and offers diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 ???15:06
ogra_that cant really be15:06
SchrodingersScat!xenial | wyre15:06
ubottuwyre: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+115:06
wyreogra_, oh, no!15:06
wyreit's Trusty15:07
wyresorry ... :S15:07
wyrebut then Trusty has no a secure ssh?15:07
ogra_well, it still has some sha1 cyphers15:08
ogra_(since it ships with some 6.x version)15:08
wyreogra_, and I cannot update only ssh?15:08
wyreshould I install form zero Xenial?15:08
julian-delphikiSHA-1 isn't inherently insecure.15:09
julian-delphikiwell, hasn't been cracked, yet.15:10
wyrejulian-delphiki, but what means that?15:10
wyreI should format my PC?15:10
=== thyrm is now known as thyrth
wyrebecause Xenial has not been released yet even, right?15:10
julian-delphikiwyre, no? wait, so you are on Xenial?15:10
thyrthhow do I share folders between two Ubuntu Boxes ?15:11
ogra_julian-delphiki, nope, he is on trusty15:11
wyreWill be the next month15:11
julian-delphikiwyre, then what are you attempting to secure here, SSH?15:11
ogra_(well, the server is ... the clientis on arch with ssh 7.x )15:11
wyrejulian-delphiki, what ogra_ says xD15:11
wyrethen what are my alternatives?15:12
julian-delphikiwyre, so you're attempting to make the server not use sha1?15:12
ogra_julian-delphiki, he tries to ssh from the 7.x arch client to a 6.x trusty server ... auth.log doesnt even show a connect attepnt though15:12
thyrthI need to sync to folders on two Ubuntu Machines15:12
ogra_so it looks like it already fails at the host negotiation15:12
jpmhthyrth then rsync or unison are great15:13
julian-delphikiogra_, OH, wyre, we'll need an `ssh -vvvv host` from the client machine.15:13
wyrejulian-delphiki, pastebin.com/11F61H3t15:14
julian-delphikiwyre, alright, that's what i expected. http://www.openssh.com/legacy.html explains how to connect to 'legacy' connections.   The older style (diffie-hellman-group1-sha1) still exists in the new code, it's just disabled by default.15:15
ogra_debug1: identity file /home/wyre/.ssh/id_rsa type 115:15
ogra_debug1: key_load_public: No such file or directory15:15
ogra_that doesnt look right15:16
julian-delphikiogra_, that's fine, that's just the client checking if their ssh key exists15:16
jlemsCan anyone help me with the following issue I have? I've posted it on the ubuntu forms here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2317590&p=13458064#post1345806415:17
wyrejulian-delphiki, I've used -oKexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 already15:17
wyrebut it asks me for a password what i don't know15:18
julian-delphikiwyre, oh, then ogra_ is correct, you don't have your SSH key set up correctly.  The password is to the user account you're connecting to15:18
ogra_what is bothering is that there is no trace of the login attempt in auth.log at all15:19
ogra_i dont get how you can even get a password prompt since auth.log dosnt show any connection15:19
julian-delphikiogra_, yeah, that's odd. It should at least be showing a connection.15:19
ogra_wyre, the auth log you showed was from the target server, right ?15:20
ogra_not from your arch client machine15:20
julian-delphikion the server you could check to see if you can enable some other KEX15:20
akikjlems: did you create a bridge configuration?15:20
jlemsakia: I was trying to setup networking on a virtual machine using KVM, that's where that bridge is coming from.15:21
akikjlems: if you remove the bridge, does it work then?15:22
jlemsakik: I'm not sure, I haven't tried that. Do you know how I would remove the bridge?15:23
wyreogra_, right15:23
wyrejulian-delphiki, the password of that user either works15:24
wyre(obviously I've tried also)15:24
wyrethat's the 2 unique password that could be15:25
wyreor user password or passphrase key but anyone works15:25
julian-delphikiwyre, it's impossible that any password allows you access. unless you've got some really weird config or it's a honeypot.15:25
jlemsakik: ok I brought the bridge down but I'm waiting for an update to complete on my windows VM and can't switch to wifi yet since i'm on ethernet.15:26
=== vervet is now known as pendleton
wyrejulian-delphiki, http://ix.io/u8M15:27
wyrethat's server (trusty) sshd config15:27
julian-delphikiwyre, that looks like an ssh config, not sshd config.15:28
=== pendleton is now known as vervet
wyrejulian-delphiki, I've asked thought the client15:29
wyrewith -G parameter15:29
julian-delphikiwyre, who is providing this server.15:29
=== hiwhiteboy is now known as King
wyreis a PC in my home xD15:30
cerryI'm in need of an AMD-wizard as I consecutively fail to install this driver. I follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD (and have tried severall other suggestions at AU) but somehow end up with the same problem. I am aware there a bug with 14.04 but as I see this card (6750M) is not affected. Right now I've installed "linux-headers-generic" and then "fglrx xvba-va-driver libva-glx1 libva-egl1 vainfo". I ran amdconfig and re15:30
julian-delphikiwyre, so you set up both the client and the server? The correct file for the sshd config is /etc/ssh/sshd_config on the server.15:30
wyrejulian-delphiki, really is not a server is a laptop where I need do maintenance sometimes15:30
wyrejulian-delphiki, yes, I know :)15:31
julian-delphikiwyre, also, is there a language you understand better? just wondering.15:31
wyrejulian-delphiki, personally?15:31
wyrejulian-delphiki, spanish xD15:31
wyrebut english is not inconvenience15:32
julian-delphikiwyre, there are spanish ubuntu channels, lol :) just letting you know.15:32
wyrejulian-delphiki, but I get better help here :)15:32
julian-delphikiwyre, the problem is that I don't even understand what your current problem is15:32
wyreand there are many people, in fact I've asked already in Ubuntu-es15:32
julian-delphikiwyre, so what is the current problem?15:34
wyrejulian-delphiki, well... the sha1 issue is solved with -o KexAlgorithms=+diffie-hellman-group1-sha1 parameter15:34
wyrebut is keep asking me a password what I don't know15:34
julian-delphikiwyre, it's the login password of whatever user you're connecting as.15:35
wyreis not the passphrase of my generated key par and is not the user password in the server15:35
julian-delphikiwyre, maybe you're connecting as the wrong user, are the usernames the same?15:35
wyreof course xD15:35
wyreI've both PCs here .)15:35
wyrewith me15:35
wyrethose are things what I'm sure xD15:36
voozeIs it possible in unity (ubuntu 14.04) to change the animation of the minimize etc. so that it minimizes DOWN instead of left (where the launcher is) ? I'm using plank and have semi disabled the launcher, this is all that is remaining, I'm looking in CCSM but can't find an option for it under animations.15:36
julian-delphikiwyre, k, then it literally has to be the same password as long as you're connecting as the same username. That's how password auth works.15:36
wyrejulian-delphiki, yes, the user pass are 4 numbers, xD15:36
wyreis not so difficult15:36
wyreand I've regenerated the keys with same passphrase 3 times at least15:36
wyrethe passphrase is right xD15:37
wyrebut doesn't work15:37
wyreto connect with the server15:37
wyrenot connect from here (arch) and not connect from my mobile (juicessh)15:37
julian-delphikiwyre, it wont be the Key password unless you have the key on the machines you're connecting from. I don't think you understand how key auth works15:38
wyrejulian-delphiki, maybe should I generate the keys here in mi Arch client?15:38
TJ-wyre: the issue is you get an SSH password prompt even though you've configured keys and added to the known hosts file?15:39
wyrejulian-delphiki, yes, the id_rsa and id_rsa.pub are here in .ssh folder xD15:39
ogra_s/known hosts/authorized_keys/15:39
julian-delphikiTJ-, the issue is that he thinks he can just login with the keypassword15:39
wyreTJ-, the same :D15:39
kwesidevAm running ubuntu 14.04 and am planning upgrading to 16.04 will it be possible to dist-upgrade ?? since 16.04 supports systemd?15:39
wyreogra_, I've been added the key there also xD15:39
TJ-julian-delphiki: urghh15:40
wyrejulian-delphiki, not, that's not my issue15:40
ogra_wyre, you indeed neew to generte your id_rsa on the client machine15:40
voozekwesidev: yes, but with big changes you might consider reinstall.15:40
julian-delphikiwyre, you have to generate the SSH keys on the client, and add the public portion to .ssh/authorized_keys on the server15:40
wyreI've generated the key par and I've added to authorized keys and then I've pasted that key par generated into my .ssh folder of my client15:40
ogra_and then add a line with the content of the id_rsa.pub content on the servers authorized_keys file15:40
TJ-wyre: for what it is worth, I was going to ask you if the on the target PC the users' home directory is encrypted?15:40
wyreand so ... only with the passphrase of the key par should I can log15:40
wyrebut doesn't work15:40
ogra_wyre, thats the wrong way round15:40
wyreis asking me for a password what is not the passphrase and is not the user password (in the server)15:41
ogra_you generate the key on your arch box15:41
ogra_then grab the line from id_rsa.pub and put that on the server into the authorized_keys file15:41
wyreogra_, ok, I'll try then15:41
TJ-wyre: generate id_rsa and id_rsa.pub on the *local* machine. Use "ssh-copy-id <target-host>" to copy the id_rsa.pub across to the target, then "ssh <target-host>"15:42
julian-delphikiand then the password it asks you for when copying is the USER PASSWORD on the server.15:42
wyrejulian-delphiki, TJ- I've got both PCs here15:43
wyreI can paste it with a pendrive15:43
wyreis not necessary use ssh-copy or scp15:43
julian-delphikiwyre, we're aware, please dont do it like that, you'll mess up the file permissions potentially15:43
ogra_yeah, the tools have checks and stuff ... use them ;)15:43
=== al_ is now known as Guest24658
Guest24658is there a way for me to add applications to a specific panel with a command line?15:49
wyrejulian-delphiki, ogra_ http://pastebin.com/JrZ8sLZp15:49
wyredoesn't work either15:49
ogra_wyre, ./id_rsa_m.pub ??15:49
ogra_thats not the right location15:50
julian-delphikiwyggler2, you're literally not doing it right if it doesn't work15:50
wyreogra_, that's my key generated location15:50
wyrein my client15:50
wyreI'm in .ssh15:50
davido"doesn't work" isn't a useful error message.15:50
ogra_missed that15:50
julian-delphikiwyre, which password are you using when you log in there.15:50
wyrebut anyone works15:51
wyrefirst the marisol user password15:51
daslichtwhy is the service not working ?15:51
julian-delphikiwyre, i think you mean none of them work.15:51
wyrebut password of key doesn't work either15:51
wyreoh, right15:51
jlemsakik: removing the bridge did not work. Any other suggestions?15:51
wyresorry my poor english xD15:51
julian-delphikiwyre, it is 100% the password on the marisol user on  That's also a public IP address... if they're both in the same LAN don't you want the internal IP15:52
wyreexcuse *15:52
froder1khi there, I broke my system and cant boot at the moment, I bootet into a live system want to upgrade all the packages - So I mounted all the drives and bound the folders. But when I use chroot to execute the apt-get command its hangs on update-initramfs - any suggestions?15:52
froder1kIt creates the image with the suffix .new in /boot but its size does not increase15:52
wyrejulian-delphiki, nothing http://pastebin.com/WM1kTuE815:53
ikoniasounds like you've made a mess by breaking your system then doing a silly upgrade on a broken system via an odd method15:53
froder1kikonia: if I would know another method I would make use of it15:54
julian-delphikiwyre, okay, that is different than what you got when you connected on the external IP. The external is not what you want.  What you do want is to change the sshd config to allow passwords copy-id the key over, then remove password auth again15:54
froder1kthere is no chance to boot the old one15:54
ikoniafroder1k: why did you try to upgrade a broken system ?15:54
ikoniafroder1k: just re-install15:54
froder1khm, cuz a lot of configurations will be lost15:55
ikoniafroder1k: then back up the config15:55
ikoniafroder1k: then re-install15:55
TJ-froder1k: execute "update-initramfs -vu ..." to get VERBOSE logging, that'll show where it is getting stuck15:55
ikoniayou've tried to upgrade a broken system - and used a chroot, it's just not a good idea15:56
wyrejulian-delphiki, how change that in config?15:56
ikoniabackup your data and re-install15:56
ikoniasave time messing around15:56
wyrejulian-delphiki, apparently there is no such parameter :S15:56
froder1kikonia: going to try it :-/15:56
froder1kikonia: are you recommending installing over the existing system?15:59
froder1kikonia: or wipe everything?16:00
wyrejulian-delphiki, well... it's done16:02
wyrejulian-delphiki, but only ask me for passphrase how sould it be when I use internal IP16:02
wyrewith external IP asks me for a password again16:02
wyre(or still)16:02
julian-delphikiwyre, your server isn't asking for passwords, you need to change it to ask for passwords.16:09
wyrejulian-delphiki, it was the port16:09
affyHey guys, I need some help with a new Ubuntu 14.04 (x64) installation. I just installed and successfully fixed a boot issue. But now, when I attempt to log in, I get thrown instantly back into the login screen. I also have missing text all over the place.16:09
wyrejulian-delphiki, I've changed it and now works as should16:09
wyrejulian-delphiki, I don't know why, maybe my ISP has that port controlled16:09
julian-delphikiwyre, they likely do16:10
wyrelikely to do remote management over gateway ;)16:10
wyrebecause the gateway configuration should be widely via web :)16:11
ROPAgood day all, is there a way to add a shortcut to an existing panel via the command line?16:11
wyrethe ISP has a portal specifically to do that :)16:11
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john__Hi. I have a problem with Ubuntu. Where can I ask for help?16:20
aq2john__: Here.16:22
=== lambda is now known as Guest57764
aq2!pm | john__16:23
ubottujohn__: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.16:23
lernerwhere do I find the home dir. of 0ad? its a game for ubuntu16:26
john__Hi. For the last week I get different errors when booting and all end up in "grub rescue" I followed serveral solutions on internet but nothing working. Only boot repairs works but after a few reboots it goes back to grub rescye. The boot repair log is http://paste.ubuntu.com/15437920/16:26
exnihiloHi guys I'm playing around with CCSM. Is there anyone who can tell me which plug-in I have to activate to enable Desktop Wall? Thanks16:27
llutzlerner: dpkg -L 0ad16:27
aq2john__: Have you done anything that might have broken it?16:27
aq2exnihilo: Isn't desktop wall a compiz thing?16:28
john__aq2: Maybe some minor updates. I have no dual boot whatsoever16:28
exnihiloBut it's deactivated16:28
aq2exnihilo: I don't think its a plugin, just a setting there16:28
aq2john__: Boot from the installation DVD, i'll help you in a moment16:28
aq2john__: or usb stick16:29
aq2exnihilo: Screenshot?16:29
exnihiloYes but if you go in preferences you'll find a list of plugin you have to activate for specific things16:29
aq2exnihilo: Let me have a look.16:29
firippuI forgot my password to my ubuntu server on windows azure, let's call it "ubuntu1". apparently resetting the password on the azure portal is an upcoming feature and cannot be done right now.16:30
firippuI tried following microsoft's docs on resetting the password using powershell or azure command line utilities but it failed. maybe because the azure agent on the VM isn't running or something. i'm still looking into options on the azure side of fixing this problem.16:30
firippuAnywho, I've got access to a windows 10 desktop and of course, spinning up more ubuntu servers.16:30
firippuAnyone have a recommendation about how I might go about brute forcing the sshd on "ubuntu1" from another ubuntu box or windows 10? I know a number of strings that might be a part of the password, so that would narrow it down. and no - i'm not trying to break into someone's ubuntu server, it's mine16:30
exnihiloOk thank you16:30
lernerllutz, any idea of how to delete all saved games? I cannot find them anywhere16:30
aq2firippu: I can help you to restore the password16:30
aq2firippu: Is the server using grub?16:30
k1l_lerner: in your users home?16:30
aq2exnihilo: In compizconfig?16:30
firippuaq2 let me check the boot diagnostic16:31
llutzlerner: no idea, i don't play pc-games. look inside ~/.local or ~/.config  for related stuff16:31
aq2firippu: If its not a powerpc or something its grub16:31
john__aq2: Ok I have a boot USB ready16:31
lernerno k1l_ not there, neither under .0ad16:31
aq2firippu: Boot it and hold down left shift, the menu should appear.16:31
k1l_lerner: its in .config or .cache in your users home16:31
aq2john__: Boot.16:31
firippuah, that's the problem16:31
firippui have no console access16:31
aq2firippu: So remote only?16:31
k1l_lerner: or .local./share/16:31
exnihiloYes compizconfig settings manager CCSM16:32
aq2firippu: Well, to become root without the password you need to have physical access to the computer16:32
exnihiloI can send you a screenshot let me take it16:32
lernerthx k1l_ !!16:32
firippui may have albeight slow physical access to the hard disk16:32
john__aq2: I will lose access to IRC. I am in Ubuntu at the moment16:33
firippuI really don't want to do it, but i could download the VHD...16:33
aq2john__: Ok, come back here again when booted16:33
|avalon|_if_ booted... ;>16:33
aq2firippu: I would have booted it directly to bash instead of systemd16:33
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firippuso it sounds like downloading the VHD is necessary other than attacking the sshd16:35
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=== shuduo-afk is now known as shuduo
aq2exnihilo: I just enabled the desktop wall and it works great16:38
TJ-firippu: the workaround solution is to create a new VM (keeping the old 'attached disks'), attach the 'old' disk image to the new VM (it'll be just a data disk) and boot. Then you can mount it in the 'new' VM, use chroot and change the password to something you know, then reverse the process using the disk image as the boot disk for yet another new VM16:43
TJ-firippu: there's a good overview here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23000516/web-console-access-for-azure-virtual-machine16:44
andreipathhi everyone16:46
andreipathanyone cangive me a hand ?16:46
avalon_nice idea, he could just make things easier booting existing VM from iso, right?16:46
grapsandreipath: Hi16:46
andreipathi have a weird weird thing happening16:46
grapsandreipath: Ask your specific question16:46
andreipathim using kali linux16:46
firippuTJ- thank you :D16:47
aq2andreipath: And you're on ubuntu support channel?16:47
andreipathand i installed https everywhere16:47
andreipathi know :(16:47
John__aq: I am in the Live USB now16:47
andreipathbut there are no ppl in kali rook16:47
andreipathanyway, i think you guys might findit interesting16:47
John__aq2: I am in the Live USB now16:48
aq2390 people on #kali-linux16:48
aq2Oh John__16:48
andreipathso i installed tor, privoxy, proxychains16:48
aq2John__: Run lsblk on a terminal and post the results to dpaste, link here16:48
andreipathi can see clear net sites16:48
andreipathbut cand visit any tor links16:48
exnihiloaq2: Sorry I had some issues Can i send you the screenshot?16:48
andreipatheverytime i try togo to a onion link16:49
aq2Yes, use http://pasteboard.co/ or some other site like that16:49
andreipathi get a redirect to search3.com16:49
John__aq2: http://dpaste.com/0BT15A616:49
andreipathanyone any ideas ?16:49
grapsandreipath: Did you check your hosts file ?16:50
aq2andreipath: That's on Ubuntu or kali?16:50
andreipathyes, changed it16:50
andreipathstill happening16:50
aq2John__: Is sda1 your Ubuntu partition?16:50
andreipathi got my host to and
John__aq2: Yes. and sda5 the swap16:51
andreipathi think its some kind of browser hijacking piece of crap16:51
Guest89161Do business use Ubuntu?16:51
aq2John__: Just a moment, let me find a tutorial i used previously16:52
John__aq2: No probs. Thanks16:52
grapsandreipath: Checking search3.com link, please hold16:53
exnihiloaq2: Here you have http://pasteboard.co/2pwcM3KC.png16:53
firippui stopped the server, deleted it, waiting on provisioning for another16:54
exnihiloAs you can see desktop wall is deactivated and I need the name of the plug in that activates it16:54
firipputhe old page blob is 29.3 gb and i will connect it to the new machine16:55
firippuand use keepass this time, heh16:55
grapsandreipath: Have you tried to reinstall the Tor browser ? It might not do anything, but I'm not getting search3.com as an active URL16:55
grapsOh well16:56
grapsshmoopie: Hi16:56
aq2John__: Run these on the terminal, if you get any error messages stop http://dpaste.com/1BPCA2P16:56
grapsMonkeyDust: Hi16:57
aq2John__: Oops16:57
aq2John__: Let me correct the commands16:57
John__aq2: /proc do not exist16:59
aq2John__: Corrected commands: http://dpaste.com/1KJZKY716:59
aq2John__: Oh sorry!17:00
aq2let me correct them more.17:00
aq2John__: Or actually, try this tutorial: http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd17:00
aq2That seems to be what we need17:00
aq2John__: so instead of the blue /dev/sdXY use /dev/sda1 because that's your ubuntu partition17:01
John__aq2: I did your dpaste17:01
aq2John__: And it actually worked?17:01
John__aq2: Don't know. Nothing happened17:01
aq2John__: Ok, type exit, does the terminal close?17:02
shmoopiewhen 1604?17:02
John__aq2: http://dpaste.com/1WR149B17:03
SchrodingersScat!16.04 | shmoopie17:03
ubottushmoopie: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+117:03
aq2John__: Exit again, what happens?17:04
John__aq2: it says logout and the same17:04
aq2John__: Exiting multiple times the terminal should close17:04
John__aq2: now17:05
aq2sorry about turning this into a mess by trying to follow multiple tutorials!17:06
John__aq2: No problem. Should I try the tutorial you shared?17:06
aq2Yes, but....17:07
aq2one more paste!17:07
aq2ignore any errors17:07
John__aq2: done. no erros17:07
aq2then go with the tutorial, instead of /dev/sdXY use /dev/sda1 and instead of /dev/sdX /dev/sda.17:08
aq2I'll be back in about 30 minutes :)17:08
John__aq2: Ok excellent. see you!17:08
Braybauthello krys17:17
kryssalut Braybaut17:20
Braybautkrys, how are you ??17:20
krysQui parle français?17:21
rappscallionhi there. could somebody give me a little help setting up an bluetooth-keyboard? i am quite unfamiliar with bluetooth-stuff. i bought a mouse and a keyboard, the mouse worked perfektly from the beginning, the keyboard did not. i cant open gnome-bluetooth, and blueman-manager won't let me do anything. Id be happy with any solution that lets me use my keyboard.17:21
k1l_!fr | krys17:21
ubottukrys: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:21
firippuTJ- : i'm almost done, thank for the idea ;)17:21
krysYes sorry17:21
alnrsince upgrading to xenial, supervisor app does not start automatically, any known issues?17:29
k1l_alnr: ask in #ubuntu+1 for xenial issues17:30
John__aq2: it didnt work :(17:32
DavidFromBEubuntu 15.10, why does "sudo amdconfig --odgt" gives me "ERROR - X needs to be running to perform AMD Overdrive(TM) commands" ? X is running of course !17:33
llutzDavidFromBE: don't use sudo17:36
DavidFromBEllutz: same without17:37
DavidFromBEi have another machien, same config, no issue17:37
jonascjHi all. I have booted the Ubuntu 16 daily live disk and I am trying to setup LVM. "ls -l /dev/sda*" shows me I have /dev/sda1 (efi system partition) and /dev/sda2 (for lvm), but "pvcreate /dev/sda2" tells me "Can not open /dev/sda2 exclusively. Mounted filesystem?"17:39
geirha!xenial | jonascj17:39
ubottujonascj: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. Announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1479 - Discussion in #ubuntu+117:39
jonascjgeirha: you think it has to do with ubuntu 16 instead ofjust a standard linux / ubuntu issue?17:39
Chelsea_Jurgenswhat's up17:45
aq2John__: What was the error message?17:47
John__aq2: first I got "reloc offset is out of the segment" but after rebooting again I go to the normal grub but when I click ENTER it gets stuck in the purple screen17:48
aq2John__: so ubuntu is broken too?17:49
John__aq2: Don't think so because when I use boot repair I enter my ubuntu 1 or 2 times before it starts crushing again17:50
aq2John__: Ok, so you can boot to ubuntu?17:50
aq2Sounds like your hard drive is broken :(17:50
aq2back up your files17:50
John__aq2: yes but only 1 or 2 times before the same thing happens again17:50
aq2yes, probably a hard drive failure17:51
aq2i think you need a new hard drive, i could be wrong though17:51
John__aq2: oh no17:51
John__aq2: thats bad news17:52
Bashing-omJohn__: Have you checked the hard drive health with ' smartctl ' utility ?17:52
aq2I don't think he has17:52
John__Basing-om: no17:53
John__Bashing-om: no17:53
twitnitHey all! I'm having an issue with GRUB after installing UbuntuGNOME 15.10 alongside Windows 8.1 (which it didn't detect when I installed Ubuntu). I get a brown box when I boot, then it goes straight to Ubuntu. I can't seem to get into the BIOS as well. Any idea what's happening?17:53
aq2twitnit: Yes, you forgot to disable fast boot from windows before installing.17:54
twitnitAny way to get into Windows?17:54
Bashing-omJohn__: Not familiar with your situation, as I just jouned .. but if ya want we can look at the data from ' sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda | pastebinit ' Where you may have to install the tool, and as well install ' pastebinit ' .17:55
aq2twitnit: I think it's possible, in the past I've recommended going to ##windows17:55
aq2People have said that people know how to help there17:55
twitnitaq2: Alright, thanks!17:55
akikaq2: it doesn't help much as it's grub which boots ubuntu17:55
akiktwitnit: if you boot ubuntu and run "sudo update-grub" do you see it adding windows?17:57
John__Bashing-om: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15439324/17:58
Bashing-omJohn__: look'n .17:58
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Bashing-omJohn__: This a SSD ? " Program_Fail_Cnt_Total  0x0022   100   100   000    Old_age   Always       -       8736014402793 " does not look good to me ! Others comments, please .18:00
John__Bashing-om: Yes its a SSD18:02
Bashing-omJohn__: Let's await those who have experience with SSDs to comment .. does no look good to me . In addition is " UDMA_CRC_Error_Count    0x0036   100   100   000    Old_age   Always       -       2419 " .18:03
John__Bashing-om: Ok let's see what they say18:04
frostschutzJohn__, Device is: Not in smartctl database, try to update your smartctl database, otherwise smartctl won't be able to make sense of most of the attributes18:05
=== Tahr-user is now known as Fran242
Bashing-omfrostschutz: :) . Appreciate that assist .. good job !18:06
John__Bashing-om: what was the command to update it sorry?18:08
Bashing-omJohn__: Sorry, do not know .. maybe the docs will help ? see: https://www.smartmontools.org/wiki/TocDoc .18:10
John__Bashing-om: 'sudo /usr/sbin/update-smart-drivedb' does not work :(18:16
xdevnullHow do i track proccesser in ubuntu?18:17
xdevnullThe top once?18:17
Bashing-omJohn__: Does the file exist ' ls -al /usr/sbin/update-smart-drivedb " ?18:18
John__Bashing-om: Yes18:19
Bashing-omJohn__: Then, what is the error when you attempt to update ? in a pastebin .18:19
John__Bashing-om: the error was '/var/lib/smartmontools/drivedb/drivedb.h.error: rejected by /usr/sbin/smartctl, probably no longer compatible'18:19
Bashing-omJohn__: Ouch ... Maybe smartmontools does not have support for your particular SSD ??18:21
xdevnullcan strace a service?18:21
MonkeyDustxdevnull  there's no verb in your question18:22
_Kevin_has anyone tried the 4.5 kernel? I installed it and all the headers required for it, but when I rebooted, my wifi didn't work, so I had to rollback to 4.2.35 kernel. anyone else have this issue?18:22
xdevnullMonkeyDust, I'm facing some performance issue with mysql. I saw some posts talking about "strace" commands to debug it.18:22
xdevnullSo how do i strace mysql?18:23
_Kevin_this is my system http://hastebin.com/fuvexegida.sm18:23
TJ-_Kevin_: I've been running v4.5 fine with iwlwifi - does your system require additional firmware for the wifi device, or build a 3rd party kernel driver?18:23
_Kevin_i never had to install additional firmware from github or anything, it just worked out of the box, on any distro i've used, but updating to v4.5 it didn't work18:24
_Kevin_you can see my wireless card in the hastebin link18:25
John__Bashing-om: this is the summary I get from boot repair http://paste.ubuntu.com/15439600/18:25
dagedhello, I have a problem with X18:27
_Kevin_here's the ubuntu pastebin link of my system hardware including my wireless card. https://paste.ubuntu.com/15439642/18:27
aq2daged: What does startx do?18:28
asadfWhen using testdisk is it writing sectors?18:29
dagedaq2, i reinstall nvidia driver on my ubuntu 14.04 and after that dissapears tray, start menu and window decoration in unity18:29
aq2daged: So lightdm works?18:30
dagedaq2, when I do the service lightdm start i get an long error message18:31
aq2daged: ok, so it doesn't work.18:32
dagedstart: reject sebd message, 1 matched rules....18:32
dagedi think so18:32
dagedbut when I choose CTRL+ALT+7 i can see logon screen18:32
dagedbut after login i cant see nothing18:32
aq2On my system I'd probably remove xorg and lightdm and install them again18:32
aq2But i know my system better than the default unity ubuntu so i have no idea about what packages should be removed on ubuntu18:33
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asadfDoes using software like testdisk is it count as writing sectors?18:33
=== Guest65503 is now known as arun--
Bashing-omJohn__: K, called away .. will be back in a bit . Will take this back up with you .18:35
dagedaq2, I'll try it18:36
John__Bashing-om: Ok. Thanks I will be here18:36
VillageHello Guys, how i can make iperf test in rescue mode?18:40
MonkeyDust!info iperf18:40
ubottuiperf (source: iperf): Internet Protocol bandwidth measuring tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.5+dfsg1-2 (wily), package size 49 kB, installed size 175 kB18:40
aq2daged: The way to install them is sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop18:40
aq2daged: but removing i have no idea, removing ubuntu-desktop is probably not enough18:41
mat083there are some dependencies with desktop18:41
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dagedaq2, yes i know thank you... I'll be back)18:43
mat083maybe you can try to docker your app and gui system, like that you'll not need to uninstall the ubuntu-desktop18:45
=== lambda is now known as Guest1333
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dagedmat083, I use docky allready is pretty simple and good18:50
=== scott_ is now known as Guest90869
Guest90869who dat ?18:51
dagedhow you think must I install Ubuntu 16 LTS now? or maybe be better to wait a release?18:51
bekksdaged: You cannot install 16.04 LTS now, since it isnt even released yet.18:52
MonkeyDustdaged  wait a few more weeks18:52
bekksdaged: Stick with 14.04 LTS and upgrade to 16.04.1 in abou 4 mounths, when 16.04.1 is released.18:52
dagedthanks for advice18:53
dagedhmm i try tu X -configure18:54
dagedbut threr is no /etc/X11 dir18:54
invapid2is there any easy way to update from 14 LTS to the 16 LTS (that's not yet stable?)18:54
bekksinvapid2: No.18:54
dagedand there is no nvidia-xconfig18:55
dagedhow can I generate X11 dir?18:55
bekksdaged: then install a nvidia driver, from the ubuntu repos.18:55
dagedagi nvidia-352 nvidia-settings? right?18:56
dagedbekks, I allready has nvidia-driver in my ssytem18:58
Bashing-omJohn__: Back, I see no problem reported in boot-repair . Looks good to me .. However, encryption is a factor,; what level of encryption is at play here ?18:58
dagedbut there is no X11 dir after all manipulations with it18:58
bekksdaged: then you would have nvidia-xconfig18:58
bekksdaged: Which nvidia driver do you have, and which nvidia hardware do you have?18:58
dagedhardware: GF 95019:00
dageddriver: nvidia-35219:00
dagedo!! gnome session is started normal! after i add xorg.conf and set lightgdm manager for xorg19:02
dagedbut Unity don't working yet19:02
John__Bashing-om: only the encryption that runs when you first install Ubuntu19:03
dagedhmm... not all... only gnome (metacity)19:04
dagedother variations is only blank desktop screen with bg and mouse pointer19:04
dagedany ideas?19:04
Bashing-omJohn__: Yuk . Not much help here either as I have no experience with encryption . No idea of the process to boot with that level of complexity .19:06
dagedaq2 no changes(19:07
=== isaacrob is now known as liquiddeer
John__Bashing-om: Just to put you into context. When I run boot repair from the live USB I can access Ubuntu 1 or 2 times after grub rescue shows again after reboot. Maybe its one of the latest updates?19:07
Bashing-omJohn__: Very possible . any problems in booting from older kernels ?19:08
John__Bashing-om: Not sure how to do that19:09
Bashing-omJohn__: Reboot, and as soon as the bios screen clears depress a shift key -> grub boot menu . advanced options and select an older kernel from the menu .19:12
John__Bashing-om: ok Will try that but I think I tried before19:14
aDrzdud, dud19:15
MalgorathWhat is the recommended version to install if your going to use it as a desktop and run VMs for application development? I"m sick of windows19:15
Bashing-omMalgorath: If you have the ram. install ubuntu 14.04 IF you are comfortable with unity as the DE .19:16
Malgorath8G on 8core amd19:16
aDrzway enough :)19:17
Bashing-omMalgorath: Yepp ^^ run whatever you please on that rig .19:18
jiffeso I am seeing 'fglrx: module verification failed: signature and/or required key missing - tainting kernel' ub dmesg after reboot, I've tried reinstalling the amd deb packages but I get the same thing19:21
=== john is now known as Guest47022
Guest47022Im John19:24
Guest47022Bashing-om: I can enter lastest Kernel but I get several errors19:25
veritashello every day :D19:27
Bashing-omGuest47022: The question, however, is what results with older kernels ? Are we looking at a regression in this latest kernel ?19:28
Guest47022Bashing-om: I didnt get any errors with the old kernel19:28
jiffeI also noticed that when I reboot /etc/X11/xorg.conf seems to get removed19:29
Guest47022Bashing-om: I reboot to try what happened with the latest and I could enter but with errors19:29
aDrzdoes anyone tried the 16.xx with amd gpu?19:29
fate_Guest47022: which type of "error" ?19:29
aDrzref: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/ubuntu-drops-amd-catalyst-fglrx-driver-16-0419:29
Guest47022Bashing-om: before entering it said "error: environment block too small" press any key to continue19:30
Bashing-omGuest47022: Then, the problem is in the latest kernel. What I do suggest is sit on this and await the release of the next kernel and see if your issue is fixed in the next release . I have seen it happen numerious times .19:30
Guest47022Bashing-om: Once in Ubuntu it said it could not install the following package: ttf-mscorefonts-installer19:30
Bashing-omaDrz: In 16.04 there is no FGLRX support .19:31
=== Marco` is now known as Marco
Bashing-omGuest47022: " sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras " ?? The UULA might be hidden that you must accept .19:33
Guest47022Bashing-om: Done http://paste.ubuntu.com/15440587/19:35
=== King is now known as hiwhiteboy
Bashing-omGuest47022: Looks OK to me .. reboot to see the effect .19:36
=== silviaP is now known as Reginleif
john__Bashing-om: I rebooted and the same error. I tried this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1783434 and it seemed to work I didnt get the error this time19:50
Bashing-omjohn__: look'n .19:51
Bashing-omjohn__: " sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc " ??19:52
john__Bashing-om: Yes. After deleting grubenv19:52
Bashing-omjohn__: :), put that in our tool box .19:53
WeiqiHello guys, Is there someone know about `dpkg-reconfigure locale`. I ran it get nothing but output as if i run `locale-gen`.19:53
john__Bashing-om: How do I do that? :)19:53
Bashing-omjohn__: That was in reference to remembering a fix for a given situation .19:54
john__Bashing-om: ah! haha I hope it does not happen again! Sometimes after a few reboots it goes back to grub rescue :/19:55
WeiqiI remember `dpkg-reconfigure locales` will show up an ui that lets me chose which chatset i want . shomething likes that.19:56
Bashing-omjohn__: Uh Huh .. With encryption as a factor, will be real tough to troubleshoot .19:57
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest72295
john__Bashing-om: Let's hope for the best. I can always reinstall Ubuntu without encryption19:57
nicomachusjohn__: what's the issue you're having?19:58
jonascjgrub-mkconfig with EFI, what should I ask it to update "-o /boot/efi/grub.cfg"?19:58
john__nicomachus: I started to go to grub rescue after rebooting. When I enter with a live USB and use boot repair. All is fine but after 2 or 3 reboots it goes back to grub rescue. We think it may be some update or the new kernel20:00
MSpongeThe Samsung S2 drive won't mount, but it does in gparted .. How do I mount an external drive ?20:01
nicomachusjohn__: anything in kern.log stick out?20:02
Bashing-omMSponge: You do not see the drive in the file manager or an icon on the desktop ?20:02
Bashing-omMSponge: Anything in the log " dmesg" in respect to this new device when plugging it in ?20:03
john__nicomachus: not sure how I check this20:04
MSpongenothing that i can see20:07
nicomachusjohn__: tail /var/log/kern.log20:09
nicomachusjohn__: or sub 'tail' for whatever text editor you prefer. but it'll be long.20:10
john__nicomachus: I got this http://paste.ubuntu.com/15441033/20:11
MSpongeAny clues to how to mount an S2 external drive ?20:15
ioriaMSponge, it's a phone ?20:15
MSpongeno. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Samsung-S2-USB-Powered-Portable-Drive-Midnight-Black/dp/B003UT2QTQ20:16
bekksIts a plain USB drive.20:16
ioriaMSponge, unplug, replug   and dmesg | tail20:17
MSpongeit wont read on windows so im trying it on a live DVD.20:17
bekksMSponge: Does it have a Windows readable filesystem?20:18
MSpongei type " dmesg | tail "20:18
MSpongenot that we can tell ... i think the drivers have gone on it.20:19
MSpongetyping dmesg | tail20:19
bekksWhich drivers?20:19
mat083use xboot to make you usb key bootable! better way than cd or dvd20:19
MSpongeor the software on the S2 drive to connect it.20:19
MSpongei dunno.20:19
ioriaMSponge, if you paste the output , maybe we can help20:20
=== john is now known as Guest7391
bekksMSponge: the software shipped on it isnt needed at all.20:20
bekksMSponge: So just check which filesystems are on it, after proceeding with the instructions above.20:20
hetiiok I start from scratch and based on this howto: https://www.maketecheasier.com/configure-pxe-server-ubuntu/ I setup new enviroment regarding PXE server, what I notice the different from this howto is that name of vmlinuz is now vmlinuz.efi20:20
bekkshetii: vmlinuz.efi is used on EFI systems.20:21
hetiiso at the end still I got kernel panic.20:21
MSpongei think its ntfs20:21
ioriaMSponge, seems sdb120:21
hetiibekks: ok but what about PXE functionality ?20:21
MSpongeright-oh .. what now brains ?20:22
hetiiI don`t see old vmlinuz in iso image20:22
bekkshetii: PXE functionality isnt affected.20:22
ioriaMSponge, you can format it, or mount it20:22
MSpongemount it please.20:22
bekksMSponge: you think it is? Check it :)20:22
MSpongehow ?20:22
MSpongeon the file expolrer ?20:23
bekksMSponge: By looking at sudo fdisk -l20:23
MSpongeoh ok. cheers.20:23
hetiibekks  I play with it second day and it seams it is. I try different configuration/dhcp servers/tftpd server, etc...but still i`m not able to boot up ubuntu over network20:23
ioriaMSponge,  if it's new ... maybe a you need to create a fs ...20:23
hetiimost of the time I got kernel panic or drop into initramfs shell20:23
MSpongeDoes this help out ?     http://paste.ubuntu.com/15441188/20:24
bekkshetii: try these links instead https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PXEInstallServer20:24
ioriaMSponge,  seems ntfs ... create a mount point ... mkdir ~/mountpoint and try to mount it20:25
ioriaMSponge,  sorry, it's big.... maybe better to make some partitions...20:27
bekksioria: Sounds like nonsense :)20:27
ioriayeah, sorry20:27
bekksioria: a 1TB filesystem is perfectly OK.20:27
hetiibekks: but in first link they use kernel 2.6 and as I said there is no vmlinuz in iso images that I grab last time (test with 14.04/15.04 linuxmint)20:27
bekksAnd creating partitions on it will remove the ability of automouting it when plugin it in.20:27
hetiiI see there just vmlinuz.efi20:27
bekkshetii: And whats the issue at that point?20:28
bekksioria: the fstab will not help you at that point.20:28
MSpongeSo what is next? Did I mount it ? 'cos it's not in 'folders'20:29
hetiiend Kernel panic - not syncing VFS unable to mount root fs on unknow block(2,0)20:29
bekksMSponge: We dont know wether you mounted it - did you? Did you use the mount command?20:29
bekkshetii: When doing what exactly?20:29
MSpongeyes, but nothing happened.20:29
bekksMSponge: Which command did you use?20:30
MSpongenote im using a Live DVD 12.04 BTW.20:30
MSpongei used this : mkdir ~/mountpoint20:30
bekksMSponge: and?20:30
bekksMSponge: thats not "mount", but "mkdir".20:31
bekksMSponge: mkdir creates a directory.20:31
ioriaMSponge,  try   sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /home/<user>/mounpoint20:31
hetiibekks: I use this pxe configuration: http://pastebin.ca/3406994 and then I start my second virtualbox instance and it end with that message.20:32
ioriaMSponge,  oh... on live cd ?20:32
hetiibekks:  belive me that I try many things already with the same result20:32
bekkshetii: Did you install the extension pack for virtualbox?20:32
ioriaMSponge,  mount on /media20:32
hetiino, but the same issue have when configure real box as a server and boot up second real box as a client20:33
bekksioria: weong again. /media is for the automounter. For manual mounts, use /mnt/20:33
MSpongetrying more stuff like you said too.20:33
bekkshetii: Without the extension pack, you cannot use PXE in a vm.20:33
MSpongewhat the full command please ?20:34
ioriaMSponge,     sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/sdb1 /mnt20:34
hetiibekks: ok will install it now.20:34
hetiibekks:  just tell me what it change ?20:34
=== Ladon is now known as Guest21474
bekkshetii: It adds support for PXE booting.20:34
MSpongestill not in folders though.20:35
bekksMSponge: Whichh folders?20:35
bekksMSponge: Whats the output of "mount"?20:36
gvoI lost a drive, so I'm installing a couple of new 2TB drives and plan on installing them as a raid 1 mirror.  Is it better to configure the mirror first and then install or install to one and clone to the other?20:37
MSpongemount does this : http://paste.ubuntu.com/15441358/20:37
bekksgvo: you cant configure a mirror having just one drive.20:38
gvoI know,20:38
bekksgvo: Then your question is answered.20:38
ioriaMSponge,    seems mounted20:38
bekksMSponge: you mounted it to /mnt20:38
gvoThat's not what I asked.  No it isn't20:38
gvoI can either create a mirror before installing or add the second drive afterwards.  Which is better?  Or possible?20:39
MSpongeWhen dio i get it in the file explorer or whatever it's called ?20:39
bekksgvo: you need two drives for a mirror. not having them means you cannot create a mirror.20:39
gvoIn other words do a conventional install to one drive then create the mirror.20:39
bekksMSponge: ls -lha /mnt/20:39
gvoI have two drives.20:40
bekksgvo: Then use both upon installation.20:40
gvoCreate the mirror at install time, then?20:40
bekksgvo: Yes.20:40
gvoOK I've never seen that option, but I'll look.20:41
bekksgvo: It is on the server install only.20:41
MSpongeits mounted but not in file expolrer .. http://paste.ubuntu.com/15441394/20:41
bekksMSponge: Just navigate to /mnt/ in your file explorer20:41
hetiibekks: still the same issue20:43
MSpongeok cheers got it now .20:43
MSpongethanks everyone !!20:44
ioriaMSponge,   you mounted as sudo, so you need sudo command i terminal or gksu to edit the files20:44
MSpongeanyone need a flatter ?20:44
ikoniaflatter ?20:44
bekksioria: No. He needs to mount properly.20:44
MSpongefor helping me out.20:45
ikoniano-one wants paying if thats what you're asking20:46
MSpongeNevermind then . bye.20:46
MSpongewell that was a bit weird, but cheers.20:46
ioriaMSponge,    may i ask you why are you on Live cd ... you don't have Ubuntu installed ?20:46
MSpongeI dont havwe a computer and I commandeered a winblows laptop and put a dvd on it to boot into.20:47
hetiibekks: BTW i was able to boot up in the same enviroment for eg archlinux, without any issue20:47
ioriaMSponge,    i see20:47
hetiiso really seams that something is wrong with ubuntu image20:48
MSpongebut i cant mess with the winblows thingy - its not mine, ya see.20:48
bekkshetii: So did you check hashes of the the iso file you are using?20:48
MSpongenah, winblows.20:48
bekksMSponge: In here, it is called Windows.20:48
hetiiyes, I use 3 different iso for testing20:48
ikoniaMSponge: if you can't even call things the proper name - please don't speak any more20:48
MSpongek bye20:48
ioriaMSponge,    bye20:48
bekkshetii: Did you check the checksums of the iso files?20:49
hetiibekks: yes20:50
hetiimaybe some of you can test live boot over pxe for eg with ubuntu 14.0420:51
hetiito be sure that images are not broken20:51
nrb2223I'm installing ubuntu 15.10 and I'm stuck on the install screen that just has all the tips for ubuntu you can flip through. There's no progress bar or exit button, and if I try to force quit it asks do I really want to quit installation. Is this normal?20:53
=== mathisen is now known as Mathisen
scythefwdgood evenin folks20:56
Ratty_Hi. I'm getting "bash: fork: retry: Resource temporarily unavailable" whenever I try to do anything. What would cause that?20:56
scythefwdsharing a printer via cups a relatively easy manner?20:56
scythefwdevenin tux20:58
tux_scythefwd: hello20:59
Malgorathscythefwd, if you using the share function in the printer part of settings its pretty easy20:59
scythefwdmy mac then should see it and be able to use it? (they both use cups...)21:00
scythefwdand thx malgor21:00
Ratty_oh, a "small" bug in my homemade toolbar caused endless processes to get spawned, filling it up.21:00
Anthony-LI'm trying to make a ubuntu usb live os. I'm trying to use persistence and it doesn't seem to be working.21:00
scythefwdI'm in the prosess of setting up a unofficial fork for ppc.. so we can hope they compiled things right lol21:01
nadwhat method are you using for live usb21:01
nadI used unetbootin, persistance worked fine but it was very slow running off the usb21:01
rachitany real human here ?21:02
Anthony-Lnad, i was using netbooting too.21:02
scythefwdseveral rachit21:02
kerbrosehello people21:02
rachitaah good to hear21:02
kerbroseI have an issue with ubuntu.com21:02
Anthony-Lnad, do you have a UEFI system?21:02
scythefwdor at least they pass the touring test :D21:02
rachiti recently dumped windows and using only ubuntu21:03
hetiiBTW I just set slitaz and he boot without any issue21:03
kerbroseubuntu.com is almost inaccessible from the Egyptian netowrks21:03
scythefwdI've done that a few times.. I keep going back as I'm a windows admin at work.. so I try to keep up21:03
kerbrosecould someone help me21:03
nadno uefi21:04
scythefwdkerbrose.. tor?21:04
jonascjI need some modules loaded at startup. Is placing the modules in /etc/modules the same as placing them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and running mkinitramfs ?21:04
kerbroseyeah through tor is ok21:04
kerbrosethrough vpn is also ok21:04
scythefwdany reason just dont use those?21:04
Anthony-Lnad, that's why persistence works for you.21:05
Anthony-Lnad, thanks for you help. i'm going to research.21:06
kerbroseI don't know but I tried to update my box it's very slow. then I figured out that ubuntu.com is very slow. I tried different devices and different networks I get the same issue21:07
scythefwdcould it be infrastructure issues, throttling, etc at the isp?would explain why vpn and tor works.. the data is anonymized21:07
kerbroseI tried different ISPs ..21:08
scythefwdbut the second you access outside the country.. you're good?>21:09
scythefwdyou guys have a buddying firewall of china there?21:09
loveheartjoylovewhere is off topic?21:09
jushurloveheartjoylove: #ubuntu-offtopic21:10
kerbroseno ,, I don't think they would throttle ubuntu.com here. only politics websites21:10
kerbroseI think that there is a problem but I'm not sure21:10
loveheartjoyloveI was reflected to unregulated21:11
scythefwdI'd rock the vpn for the time being.. if thats bypassing your issue.. assuming any connection over ssl would be pretty good?21:11
jushurkerbrose: they are doing MITM/throttling on anything that can bypass their monitoring tools. move to another country if you want to actually use a free internet.21:12
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest28943
=== zippy is now known as Guest41304
kerbrosethere is major isp vendor sold to a different company "orange" could that be the problem. @jushur yes they do but ubuntu.com will not push them to throttle it21:14
Ratty_My remote desktop doesn't start up until I login, but I can only login via ssh. Is there a way to force lightdm to login via an ssh session?21:15
mat083you could do a ssh tube thanks to putty21:18
=== Ladon_ is now known as Ladon
Ratty_Sure, but how does that help me login?21:20
Ratty_there's nothing to tunnel21:20
mat083tunel your rdp with ssh can protect the connexion21:22
ikoniaRatty_: "no"21:22
ikoniayou need to question why you can't login via a desktop session and fix that21:22
Ratty_I can't because the machine is phsyically miles away21:22
ikoniaso ?21:22
zacktuI have an error message for apt-get update.  I think that ubottu has an answer. How do I ask the question?  W: Failed to fetch http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb/dists/stable/Release  Unable to find expected entry 'main/binary-i386/Packages' in Release file (Wrong sources.list entry or malformed file)21:23
Ratty_So it's currently showing a lightdm login screen.21:23
ikoniathat doesn't explain why a remote desktop won't accept a login21:23
daxzacktu: are you using 32-bit or 64-bit ubuntu21:23
Ratty_vino doesn't start until after login21:23
Ratty_Can I start vino before login?21:24
ikoniano, it's a desktop app21:24
Ratty_Then how can I possibly login?21:24
ikoniainstall a remote desktop service, tell lightdm to accept remote connections21:25
Ratty_isn't vino the remote desktop service?21:25
ikoniafor when you are logged in21:25
Ratty_so I need 2 remote desktop services?21:26
ksftI'm having problems with my graphics card21:26
ikoniayou need one21:26
Ratty_one that isn't the default ubuntu one?21:26
daxyou need a remote desktop service that actually fits the requirements you have, which include "work at login screen"21:26
ksftI just installed pycuda (not sure if that's related), and now I can't start a game that was working before21:26
ikoniaRatty_: apply some logic here21:26
ikoniaRatty_: if one is launched from within the desktop - you can't use that21:26
ikoniaRatty_: so you need one that is not inside the desktop21:26
ksftit says it can't create an OpenGL context and that it needs OpenGL 3.121:26
ikoniaor you need to connect to the window manager remote21:26
daxand i've literally never used vino, but i gather that vino does not fit those requirements21:27
Bashing-om!google-repo | zacktu21:27
Ratty_ubuntu defaults to vino though, maybe they should change that default21:27
daxubuntu doesn't have a remote desktop connection service enabled by default21:27
Ratty_yeah, but it has a settings panel, and when you enable 'remote desktop' you get vino21:28
ikoniabecause it's what people want normally21:28
Ratty_I'm surprised people normally physically go to the machine to login, then go back and continue remotely21:29
Blakes5Anyone know anything abotu bluetooth in Ubuntu?21:29
ikoniayour surprie doensn't help you with your problem21:29
daxpeople usually just leave their machines logged in, which is why half of my coworkers successfully use Chrome Remote Desktop on Windows21:29
craptalkhow to remote access between ubuntu and windows, vice verse21:29
zacktudax: I'm using 64-bit ubuntu21:29
dax!chrome-repo | zacktu21:29
ubottuzacktu: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome21:29
Ratty_dax: you can login to windows remotely from a fresh boot21:29
daxRatty_: RDP isn't enabled on those machines. but this is neither here nor there. vino doesn't do what you want, find another21:30
Blakes5craptalk look at reminna21:30
Ratty_what would do what I want?21:30
Blakes5craptalk I mean remmina21:30
dax!google-repo is <alias> chrome-repo21:30
ubottuI'll remember that, dax21:30
Blakes5I don't seem to have the functionality to pair devices in ubuntu....all I have is a settings icon and that allows me to either turn my bluetooth dongle on or off.  Help?21:31
Blakes5Craptalk also look at xrdp21:31
Ratty_Man, this is why it'll never be the year of the linux desktop. Takes so much hacking just to enable the most basic of features.21:33
ikonia...or not21:33
Blakes5I'm with Ratty on that.21:34
Blakes5Unless you believe that On/Off is all the functionality I need to make bluetooth work in Ubuntu.21:34
Ratty_you sure your bluetooth adapter works in Ubuntu?21:35
Blakes5Ratty, Ubuntu recognizes it.21:36
Ratty_hmm should be cool then21:36
k1l_click on the BT symbol. there is a "bluetooth settings" in the menu21:36
Blakes5k1l_, there is, Settings allows me to turn it on/off....that's it.21:37
k1l_which will open the same window as: systemsettings -> bluetooth des21:37
k1l_then pair your device.21:37
Blakes5Phone can't see computer. Computer can't see phone.21:38
k1l_works for smartphones, soundbars and keyboards here21:38
Blakes5It works in my Windows installation.21:38
k1l_so you dont know if that is working at all=21:38
k1l_what ubuntu and what desktop is that?21:38
Blakes5Gnome Ununtu 15.10. I've looked at a number of sites and videos and I have none of the features listed therein.21:39
k1l_ah gnome.21:40
k1l_well might just be the gnome devs thinking you dont need any more settings than on and off21:40
Blakes5Somehow I doubt that.21:40
k1l_on unity there is a setting for visibility21:41
boernhey i have a problem with video playback in chrome/firefox (html5&flash).. i have little stutter from time to time when i watch a video.. do you know how to fix this? i am running on ubuntu 16.04, but i had this issue on linux mint 17.3 as wel21:42
k1l_boern: #ubuntu+1 for 16.04 as long as its not released21:44
k1l_Blakes5: http://i.stack.imgur.com/2r4Ch.png  that is how it looks on unity21:44
Blakes5k1l_, take everything under Bluetooth On/Off and throw it away. That's what I have.21:45
k1l_Blakes5: i call gnome21:45
Blakes5k1l_, #?21:45
boernk1l_: but i had this problem on other versions of ubuntu / linux mint as well.. so i thought its a common issue21:46
k1l_boern: but you cant provide logs or test it on the other versions now.21:47
boernk1l_: true.. sorry im a noob21:48
=== kramer is now known as Guest51609
jushurboern: you have what gfx driver installed?21:59
Ratty_Well I got x11vnc up, it's not as fast as vino, but I guess it'll do.22:00
ksftcan anyone help me22:01
Ratty_what's up22:01
ksftI'm on 14.04, and I'm having problems with my graphics card22:01
ksftI just installed pycuda (not sure if that's related)22:01
ksftI have a game that worked yesterday22:01
ksftnow, it says that it can't create an OpenGL context22:02
mushmouthis anybody on realtek having issue with22:02
mushmouthwifi dropping even tho router is like so close to you?22:02
mushmouthi manged to fix this with the ppa22:02
Ratty_ksft: does glxgears work?22:02
ksftit says it has to support OpenGL v3.122:02
ksft"X Error of failed request:  BadValue (integer parameter out of range for operation)"22:03
bekksksft: And which nvidia driver did you install?22:03
ksftI don't remeber22:03
bekksThen look it up please.22:03
ksftI did a bunch of stuff to try to get it to work when I installed Ubuntu22:03
ksfthow do I do that?22:03
bekksksft: take a look at "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"22:04
ksfta lot of things22:04
Ratty_I used the "official" nvidia driver from the ubuntu software thing and it didn't work at all. So you should make sure to use the one from the nvidia website directly.22:04
ksftnvidia-340 and nvidia-35222:04
bekksRatty_: Dont do that.22:04
bekksRatty_: That will break things upon EVERY SINGLE kernel update.22:05
Ratty_It was already broken though22:05
bekksksft: two installed drivers will not work.22:05
bekksRatty_: Works fine here, since ages.22:05
Ratty_Never worked for me. Unity would crash right away and kick me back to login. But installing the proper ones from nvidia worked perfectly.22:05
k1l_Ratty_: that depends on what video card and what ubuntu version you have there exactly. but its a pain due to kernel updates.22:07
ksftbekks: which should I uninstall?22:07
ksft340 because I assume it's older?22:07
k1l_ksft: what video card you got?22:07
jushurRatty_: dont advice ppl to use things that are not a part of ubuntu, nvidia binary blob from their site is not.. a proper one..22:07
Ratty_I imagine so. I'm on Ubuntu 15.10 with a GTX 980ti22:07
ksftk1l_: GeForce GTX 960M22:07
Ratty_jushur: sometimes it's the only way to make things work22:10
Ratty_maybe 16.04 will work better.22:10
=== cloud is now known as Guest22249
k1l_ksft: use at least the 352 one22:11
davidoI was disappointed to discover that if I use the AMD video drivers my DisplayLink device stops working. So on that particular laptop I'm stuck with stock video drivers paired up with displaylink if I want to use the usb 3.0 monitor.22:12
Ratty_It's hard to find a good vnc viewer these days22:14
reisioas far as you know22:14
ksftk1l_: so I should just apt-get purge nvidia-340?22:14
Ratty_RealVNC and Chicken of VNC both have the same dumb bugs. I guess they're using the same codebase.22:16
ksftk1l_: I still get the same error when I run glxgears22:16
k1l_ksft: "sudo apt purge nvidia*" then do a "sudo apt update" and then " sudo apt install nvidia-352"22:16
bekksRatty_: they are using the same protocol, full of bugs, VNC.22:17
Ratty_nah, it's UI bugs22:17
Ratty_fullscreen mode is some weird custom mode which prevents me switching desktops.22:17
Ratty_the official OSX screensharing thing works but causes x11vnc to crash after a few seconds22:19
bekksRatty_: So use a more sane, faster, more secure implementation like nxclient/nxserver.22:21
reisioRatty_: I'd suspect Mac OS's software first, tbh22:21
Ratty_bekks: does that work before login?22:22
bekksRatty_: Yes.22:22
Ratty_I'll take a butchers22:23
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=== ubuntu is now known as Guest94345
Guest94345hello, very strange things, I can't install ubuntu 14.04.4 from liveUSB to the system... the installator just stucks up... and freeze22:27
=== Guest94345 is now known as daged
dagedI allready install before ubuntu from thi sUSB and all was ok, but now... very strange22:27
dagedcan anybody help me with this issue?22:29
ikoniawe can't help a problem where the description is "vvery strange"22:30
=== Monthrect is now known as Piper-Off
dagedikonia, i have Ubuntu Live USB 14.04.4 created with Ubuntu Disk Creator and oficial iso from ubuntu official site22:32
dagedWhen I boot teh Live from usb i try to install ubuntu to my ssd, I set install params language partitions etc and start. But installation freeze at first step with creation of ext4 /22:33
dagedand nothing happens22:33
dagedjust freeze22:33
Ratty_Maybe a bad disk?22:35
dagedI don't think so. The disk is good and all tests is good to22:35
punkoivantry to use live mode.22:36
punkoivanis it ok?22:36
dagedpunkoivan,  Live mode from USB?22:36
dagedLiveUSB is booted properly22:36
dagedNow I'm from LiveUSB22:36
ksftk1l_: doing that...22:37
ksfthow do I get cuda to work after I do tht?22:37
punkoivandaged, so, I don't realy know but try to use Alt+F4 during installation - it's switch you to console output, may be helpfull.22:39
punkoivanBack to graphic mode Alt+F1 9 (or may be F2)22:39
dagedbefore the start installation process the setup program alerts that: Can't mount filesystem type vfat at device SCSI1(0,0,0), partition #1 (sda) at point /boot/efi.22:40
dagedif I dont set the flag on the root partitoon to format... setup is freezed at first step: Feleting conflict files of operation system...22:42
bekksdaged: you cannot install Ubuntu on VFAT.22:44
k1l_daged: use ext4 as filesystem for ubuntu partitions22:45
dagedi use ext422:45
dagedand ext2 for /boot, but when i choose the mount point i choose Boot EFI22:46
mushmouthbekks: what if i want hammer from dragonfly?22:46
dagedbut error appears about vfat, and I don't use vfat22:46
EriC^^daged: efi is vfat22:48
dagedThis is log from Ubuntu setup process22:48
EriC^^daged: switch to a gpt partition table22:50
bekksmushmouth: I did not understand your post.22:50
mushmouthbekks: i want hammer filesystem22:50
bekksmushmouth: Try formatting instead.22:50
EriC^^daged: you're using msdos partition table with uefi, it might be the problem22:50
dagedEriC^^, wich pt I must youse?22:52
EriC^^daged: gpt22:52
EriC^^sudo gdisk , then "o" to create a fresh one, or use gparted22:52
EriC^^it'll erase everything that's on the disk22:52
dagedI'll try it22:52
dagedEriC^^, and wich partition table I must choose for LiveUSB?22:55
dagedmsdos and fat32?22:55
EriC^^daged: gpt and fat3222:56
EriC^^msdos and fat32 might work too22:56
EriC^^daged: just dd the iso, easiest thing to do22:57
craptalki tried to isntall live boot through my usb, but when i tried to convert it into ext4, it cancelled out. i checked it was fat32 as its default filesystem, and only format it fat32 then i have no error. why? does my usb doesnt support another filesystem?23:07
ahoneybunhey does anyone have issues connecting to a TKIP/AES network?23:07
craptalkahoneybun: what kind of issues?23:07
ahoneybuncraptalk, it doesn't reconqnize the password23:08
auvajshi, I did a system upgrade but now when I restart my vps I'm in BasyBox and no idea how to start the system.. lol.. anyone to help? :)23:08
ahoneybunthe network card is: 02:00.0 Network controller: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565 / AR9565 Wireless Network Adapter (rev 01)23:08
dagedcraptalk, usb is supports any filesystem but loader with usb must be universal for each loader like under win or nix systems23:08
craptalkahoneybun: you sure you typed it right?23:09
craptalkauvajs: sudo reboot, you mean?23:09
ahoneybuncraptalk, I have no issue with the same password on Windows (dualboot) or tablet, phone23:09
ahoneybuneverything else works23:09
craptalkdaged: trust me, other than fat32, i failed to do it, it got me error, i was trying it with my windows and ubuntu23:10
=== step21_ is now known as step21
auvajscraptalk: http://i.imgur.com/CZRkXNU.png this is all I have.. lol23:10
craptalkdaged: then i changed to my another usb, it worked23:10
craptalkauvajs: try to google initramfs error23:12
dagedcraptalk, maybe old or broken usb?23:12
dagedhey, guys, wich filesystem better to use at ssd? ext4 or something else?23:12
dagedI think it's better withous journals... right?23:13
craptalkdaged: no, i can use it with other activities except for formatting to that file system23:13
craptalkdaged: i got toshiba brand, and the one which is working is kingston, i read that some of usb drive dont support particular formatting feature23:14
craptalkdaged: tried it this morning too, and i had to use my kingston23:15
dagedvery interesting...23:15
dagedi use only kingston23:15
craptalkdaged: weird tho23:15
dagedand all ok23:15
craptalkdaged: i can use it with all of the purposes, copying, deleting etc, but no formatting23:15
craptalkdaged: well, thats the problem, you should try another, cause i got 2 toshiba with similar issues23:16
craptalkdaged: you can try to google it if you hestitate what i said23:16
dagedi hear you23:17
craptalkdaged: oops sorry, the one is samsung brand, but with the same issue23:17
craptalkdaged: only kingston have been made my day23:18
dagedmaybe it depends on memory manufacturer?23:18
dagedinside the usb stick?23:18
ahoneybuncraptalk, very weird that it has no issues seeing the network but it connects to other networks just fine23:18
ahoneybunso I think the driver can't handle that security type23:18
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craptalkdaged: the question is that, is there any feature only to formatting one to another kind of file system? maybe it is manufacturer stuff, but i wonder why23:19
craptalkahoneybun: well, you typed the right password?23:19
ahoneybunyes I'm sure23:20
craptalkahoneybun: TKIP, is older tech than WPA2 SK?23:20
dagedcraptalk, i have no ideam that's very misunderstood23:21
ahoneybunnot sure tbh craptalk I was about to do a google search on supported types by NetworkManager23:21
craptalkahoneybun: it could be23:21
craptalkahoneybun: google is better to ask23:21
craptalkdaged: alright, i hope i can get technical answer soon23:22
craptalkanyone working on github?23:23
SecGuyHey all. I'm looking for an ubuntu channel for security discussions.  This one or another?23:23
k1l_SecGuy: discussions in #ubuntu-offtopic or #ubuntu-discussion23:24
craptalkSecGuy: ##security23:24
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SecGuyThanks ...23:24
gallo_mobilehi all, i'm trying to run two GUI instances of deluge and transmission23:25
k1l_if its about a security issue on ubuntu file a bug on launchpad and mark it as security bug23:25
MoziMHello, I'm trying to use remote desktop to control my ubuntu machine and i find that i can't send the windows key to the ubuntu machine23:27
MoziMi even changed the remote desktop settings so the windows keys are sent to the remote computer as long as it is the selected window23:28
dagedwhen I setup the ubuntu with GPT which fs I must use for /boot? ext2 or efi23:29
Ratty_I would guess efi23:29
EriC^^daged: ext2 or ext423:30
Ratty_:( I guess wrong23:30
Ratty_I suppose grub handles mounting it?23:30
gallo_mobileMoziM: what app are you using to remote in?23:30
felitrupicomerme el troncho23:31
k1l_felitrupi: play somewhere else, please23:31
dagedok, hope it will be done...23:31
MoziMgallo_mobile, remote desktop on windows23:33
SCHAAP137are there any good graphical LVM management tools besides system-config-lvm ?23:36
usr13I have a 12.04 to 14.04 upgrade and seem to be stuck with console mode.23:39
usr13Any help with this would be much appreciated.23:39
reisioconsole mode?23:40
usr13reisio: Yep, that's what the man said.23:40
reisiousr13: man said?23:41
usr13reisio: Yea, man23:44
dagedit's very very strange!23:44
reisiowhat is?23:44
dagedI get new Ubuntu Live USB (msdos fat32), run it, and try to install ubuntu to SSD with GPT23:45
borisetoHi, on Ubuntu 14.04, after installing and correctly configuring the fingerprint reader (works great), all the apps that I've configured to run as admin via dash (including installed like unetbootin) won't run (it won't even give me the window to type in the password). It's possible that some window appeared but clicked accidentally on some action before I've read what happened. Can anyone propose a solution to this problem with keeping the fingerprint r23:45
borisetoeader option?23:45
dagedAnd got the same error23:45
dagedthe installation of ubuntu is freezed23:45
usr13Let me give you guys a blow blow....23:46
dagedEriC^^, i doing all you say) set the SSD with GPT and choose the ext2 for /boot, but got the same alert about vfat...23:47
dagedThere is a log of installation: http://pastebin.com/a8vJxmdU23:48
dagedplease check it23:48
usr13When it gets to login screen, we enter password, and it says:  "System problem error, cancel or report problem." It goes to black screen, with cursor, but cursor goes away.23:49
rexwin_I followed this article to install wordpress https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-wordpress-on-ubuntu-14-0423:50
k1l_usr13: does the guest account work?23:50
rexwin_but all I get is apache default page after following all the steps23:50
dagedusr13 I have the same erorr23:50
usr13k1l_: We will try guest account.23:51
dagedusr13 my unity runs without any tray or window decoration23:51
dagedand the same alert window with CANCEL or REPORT choise23:51
MoziMhas anyone here used windows remote desktop to access their ubuntu machine? i have a problem where my windows key is being sent as right arrow key for some reason...23:51
dagedusr13, i spend a lot of time to recover my ubuntu with unity but... loose.23:52
dagedAnd now try to reinstall ubuntu23:52
dagedBut can't because have another error with installation :)23:53
dagedthis's karma23:53
usr13 daged ?23:53
usr13Trying Guest account....23:53
dagedi don't tried the nomodeset23:54
dagedin boot params(23:54
dagedbut I tried all i think... and reinstall compiz gnome xorg nvidia etc...23:55
dagedubuntu-desktop too... and reset the config of compiz and unity23:55
dagedno chances23:55
mushmouthdaged: mir the future23:56
dagedi hope so23:56
usr13Guest account does not work either.23:56
mushmouthdaged: unity8 looks so good23:56
dagedusr13, i tried to create the new user accoutn and run into but fails too23:56
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dagedmushmouth, but unity8 is beta is'nt it?23:57
mushmouthdaged: yeah but it already looking promising23:57
mushmouthlike the side bar can now be moved to bottom23:57
mushmouthim sure other places too23:57
dagedmushmouth, i hope so... because unity7 is cropped( and KDE or Gnome is not my way23:57
punkoivanou yeah! :)23:57
punkoivanFinaly! at 8 version!23:57
mushmouthdaged: yeah i dislike kde and gnome23:57
mushmouthcan i link to a quidsup video?23:58
mushmouthdaged: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Un6GpHbf7Cg23:58
dagedKDE is really sux, gnome a little bit better, but unity more better))23:58
mushmouthdaged:  i run ubuntu on my server and laptop23:59
punkoivanyeah, I using Unity with touchscreen - it's realy beautiful.23:59
mushmouththat the only os i use23:59
punkoivanBut when I need _work_ I switch to Awesome.23:59
mushmouthawesome for work?23:59

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