frederickhello, how could i modify the default alt+right click behavior?05:14
fredericki use blender but the shortcut does not work05:15
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anttohow do i install kde?09:55
OvenWerk1antto: I would think sudo apt-get install kde-standard14:38
OvenWerk1That installs the desktop plus standard kde apps14:38
OvenWerk1just the desktop might be plasma-desktop14:39
OvenWerk1hmm, there is also kde-plasma-desktop which installs the desktop plus a "minimal set of apps"14:40
OvenWerk1there is kde-plasma-netbook for something that works well with a small screen.14:40
OvenWerk1antto: you would probably get better info from #kubuntu though.14:41
OvenWerk1kde-full probably gets more stuff yet14:44
OvenWerk1antto: you could go by steps: install plasma-desktop, try it... is it enough? if not try kde-minimal (might be a better place to start) then you could add kde-standard if minimal is not enough and then kde-full if standard is not enough.14:46
anttoi did installed kde-plasma-desktop, and now kde-standard, but things still look the same15:31
anttoubuntustudio uses gnome, right?15:32
anttoah, it's selectable from the login screen.. from the arrow button15:40

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