pavlushkawhy dont the first choice in grub "Ubuntu" has the echo lines??05:54
pavlushkadont >> not05:55
pavlushkaor may be dont05:56
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dkesselwhat a nice xerus in the slideshow =)11:38
dkesselis there a menu item for gnome software on a fresh xerus install?11:46
dkessel("do i need to boot up a vm to find the correct translation of the app for the slideshow"?)11:46
knomeshould be...11:47
dkesselon my upgraded normal system it still isn't - that's why i am asking11:47
dkesselok i'll fetch the iso and check11:48
dkesselalso: meow? lol12:04
flocculantgs should certainly be there on a live session12:10
dkesselright. done with german :p12:26
flocculantdon't doubt it - silly language :p12:26
flocculantwhat you going to use instead :D12:27
dkesseli'll wait for the guy who wanted to do the esperanto translation to finish12:28
flocculantgood luck - afaik they're waiting for loco of some sort - like the cosimo guy and Catalan12:30
bluesabremorning all12:31
flocculanthi bluesabre :)12:31
bluesabrelooks like I got a few bug reports yesterday12:31
flocculantyea sorry about that12:31
bluesabreflocculant must have promised folks some drinks in exchange for testing12:31
flocculanttesters - who'd have thought it ;)12:31
flocculanthopefully those showing up late for the party will hang around for a few cycles :)12:32
flocculantbluesabre: I've been thinking ... 12:32
flocculantwhich is rather dangerous ofc12:32
flocculantwe should include 'regressions' as part of future testcases12:33
bluesabreyes, makes sense to me12:33
flocculantif we don't do what we did between 14.04 and 16.04 and tail off package testing12:34
flocculantnot something we've done previously - but hey-ho12:34
flocculantfor instance we'd likely have seen the black when paused in parole before a couple of days ago 12:34
bluesabrethat's probably related to not using clutter anymore12:35
bluesabreand I think I have a fix12:35
bluesabrejust gotta dig through some really old commits12:36
flocculantok - I did assume that was probably the case12:36
flocculantnot that you might have a fix and was going to dig through old commits :p12:36
flocculantI did at least try the other xv to see if that was different - didn't expect so, and was right 12:37
bluesabrethe fix being in http://git.xfce.org/apps/parole/commit/?id=50a8a20a7bcdcc9656ecd9c51ea769938bba737812:37
bluesabreI removed gtk_widget_set_double_buffered (GTK_WIDGET (clutter), FALSE);12:38
bluesabresince it was deprecated12:38
bluesabrebut everything else is deprecated anyway, so might as well add it back to improve non-clutter support12:38
bluesabrethis line12:39
bluesabregtk_widget_set_double_buffered (GTK_WIDGET (gst), FALSE);12:39
bluesabreI'll go ahead and add that back in, and perhaps the parole daily package will be fixed12:41
flocculantokey doke - I'll wait for it and see 12:45
bluesabrebuild now pending in lp, so you'll probably see a new package version in ~30 minutes in https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/ppa12:49
bluesabreor the build will fail, which will be more fun ;)12:50
flocculantha ha ha 12:50
flocculantclutter keeps being a pain 12:52
flocculantseemingly :p12:52
bluesabreit gives us a lot of improvements when it works12:56
flocculantnot the first time we've set it to xv though ;)12:57
bluesabreflocculant: so, translation deadline is April 7... do you think we should still try to do translated Create Document templates at this point, or when do you think the realistic cutoff time for that would be?12:58
flocculantbluesabre: I'm pretty laid back about that - not going to take much to check that - so I would say others are the ones to ask - slickymaster etc12:59
flocculantit'd be nice - it'd be nice to get more than just txt in there if we can12:59
flocculantwe sort of stopped thinking about that it seems :)12:59
bluesabremost things come back to needing somebody to develop them :)13:00
bluesabreI'll see if I can get something realistic together for that this week13:00
flocculantyea ofc 13:00
flocculantI'm not complaining :)13:00
flocculantand not *important* in the scheme of things at all13:01
bluesabreputting together my "get crap done before release" calendar13:01
flocculantI know I can do both the templates and having Templates called something other than that locally13:01
bluesabrebasically, I need to look at ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs to figure out where to drop the templates13:03
bluesabrewhat templates are we interested in? ODT, ODS... something else?13:03
flocculantI think those 2 plus existing 13:04
flocculantbluesabre: yup - confirm that works :)13:15
bluesabreflocculant: parole?13:16
flocculantyea - sorry :)13:16
bluesabregreat, thanks!13:16
flocculantcommented on bug 155734913:17
bluesabrethe window should also resize nicely with playing video13:17
ubottubug 1557349 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole does not hold the media frame when paused in fullscreen mode" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155734913:17
bluesabreI'll package that up tonight13:17
bluesabrehave you had a chance to look at xfce4-power-manager and xfce4-panel with their ppa patches?13:18
flocculantbluesabre: yep - resizes fine - pauses properly in windowed and fullsized13:18
bluesabreI'm going to be out most of today, but going to try to do a bunch of packaging tonight13:18
flocculantokey doke13:18
flocculantI'll see what gives tomorrow morning then :)13:19
flocculantthank you :)13:21
knomebluesabre, maybe we should try to coordinate the docs stuff today then as well..13:34
bluesabreknome: ready to upload once I have a branch that's ready to go14:23
bluesabreknome: (unless you're talking about the split source package, in which case I'll still be out all day today)14:44

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