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xubuntu77whey all01:20
xubuntu77wim running 16.04. where do i report a bug?01:20
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu77w: Launchpad~!01:20
SonikkuAmericawithout the tilde01:20
SonikkuAmericaxubuntu77w: if you know the package name that you want to report against, run [ ubuntu-bug $PACKAGE ] in the terminal01:21
xubuntu77wSonikkuAmerica: thank you01:22
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Archbuntuwhat are my *buntu boys up too :v03:32
MSpongeGlorious Sunday weather today ... mornin' all !08:29
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sjoshiHello, my mouse pointer is moving towards bottom left of the screen sometimes, Xubuntu 15.1017:54
pilsnerhey all - is there a logfile that I can see when I last logged in and out?20:55
flocculantpilsner: try last in a terminal20:57
pilsnerlast works, thanks20:59
xubuntu68whi guys! I get so many times a "internal error" message when I turn on the computer22:06
xubuntu68wI think what could be related with xfce422:06
xubuntu68wsometimes is when I resume from suspend status22:07
xubuntu68wbut the PC works apparently perfect22:07
xubuntu68wwhere could I see the logs of that errors?22:08
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czeslawIs there a solutions that cd drive would be always on dekstop?23:23
czeslawnot only when I put cd23:23
czeslawi want an option to eject cd23:24
genius3000czeslaw: Not sure about that, but you could create a Launcher on the desktop to run 'eject -T cdrom', that'll toggle open or close.23:43
czeslawnothing happens23:47
czeslawokay in termianl23:48
czeslaweject works :)23:48
czeslawgenius3000 I made Launcher with eject command, works perfectly - thanks!23:49
genius3000Awesome! :D  yw23:50
ARandomScientistI was using pwmconfig to try and set up fan speed options and now my fans are funning at full speed all the time. Is can someone help me fix this or is there nothing to worry about?23:56

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