sterfieldhey there08:27
sterfieldI have a question, hope it’s not a stupid one08:28
sterfieldI can see that cloud-init is grabing metadata and userdata from different sources, (EC2, nocloud, etc..)08:28
sterfieldbut is it possible to use those metadata / userdata in scripts ? I mean, they are pulled by cloud-init at boot time, so are they available ?08:29
sterfieldor is it only for cloud-init internal configuration, like default hostname etc…08:30
walditake a look into /var/lib/cloud/instance08:30
sterfieldoh ok08:31
sterfield_sorry about that08:33
sterfield_I guess I was D/C at the wrong moment :x08:33
sterfield_so you were telling me to look in /var/lib/cloud/instance08:33
sterfield_which is a link to the instance/ID folder, which contains all the information pulled by cloud-init, right ?08:34
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waldismoser: any news on https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1536961 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/cloud-init/+bug/1536964 ?08:37
sterfieldOut of the 4 steps of cloud-init (init —local, init, config and final), I understood the last three and can see the modules called by each phase. However, I’m not fully understand the —local phase. This is a phase called at very early stage in the boot process, where network for example is not available. However, I don’t understand what’s done during this phase, and also how it is configured.08:41
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