kwmonroec0s: i need to EOW, but i'm interested in this auto-juju smoke train you're thinking about.  let's explore that monday.00:02
kwmonroeA-Kaser: if you have any more questions about deploying/charming with juju2, feel free to drop them here or shoot me an email.00:03
c0ssure, have a good weekend, I will put some comments on the doc for us to pick up next week00:03
kwmonroetake care folks!00:03
c0scheers kwmonroe!00:03
A-Kaserkwmonroe: yes I'm trying some commands :)00:05
A-KaserI would to force ec2 instance type, so I'm using --constraints instance-type=m3.large00:06
A-Kaserbut I have make an error and type mx.larte00:06
A-Kaserjuju status give me error message but now I'm trying to destroy the service without success00:07
stormmoreis any able to help me with a multi-vlan routing type question? setting a maas, juju, openstack cluster, got it to deploy juju-gui and it looks like it is getting the write IP but the routing on the deployed machine seems off since it is on a different vlan than the management one.01:06
stormmoreI know I am missing something super simple in my configuration, just not sure where and what is the best way to setup the correct routing01:06
* magicaltrout wonders if the charm store build tool takes saturday and sunday off like everyone else.....23:36
rick_h_magicaltrout: no, shouldn't23:42
rick_h_magicaltrout: but check out the latest office hiurs and new charm command to work around any issues there23:43

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