sneleyofel: discover updater is fixed! 08:36
sneleand thank you for backporting the fix :)08:36
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
lordievaderHey vip 09:32
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acheron88clivejo: muon. just done a quick build reverting https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=muon.git&a=commit&h=a437d39e43112a3e61ebafadd4e3a06b9bd9143709:39
acheron88seem to be much better09:39
acheron88had not the noticed that the other day. frazzled brain I think09:41
clivejoacheron88: does reverting that commit solve the crashing issue?11:20
acheron88clivejo: seems to. not sure if it adversely affects/breaks any other feature, but a brief test doesn't show anything too obvious11:25
acheron88can install, check for updates, install etc OK without crash when reverted11:27
acheron88may reintroduce the bug it was a fix for? although seems a more minor issue11:35
* sick_rimmit waves and smiles11:37
sick_rimmitHello friends11:37
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
sick_rimmitI have been very pleased with the Telegram integration, it has helped me stay more in touch with what is happening here11:38
soeehiho BluesKaj11:38
BluesKajhey soee, sick_rimmit11:38
sick_rimmitGoing to install Beta 2 on a spare partition shortly so I can do some testing11:39
clivejohi rick11:40
clivejodo you have commit access to muon?11:40
clivejoacheron88 thinks its this commit is causing it to crash - https://quickgit.kde.org/?p=muon.git&a=commitdiff&h=a437d39e43112a3e61ebafadd4e3a06b9bd9143711:40
sick_rimmitI don't believe so, I am supposed to doing maintenance on the Muon Package Manager11:41
sick_rimmitNot Software Centre11:41
clivejothe software centre is called plasma-discover now?11:41
sick_rimmitOK cool, there so many names for stuff, I just get them mixed up, it's a short term memory thing with me11:42
acheron88yes, reverting that commit fixes the crashes11:42
clivejoacheron88: Ill revert and package it :)11:43
sick_rimmitI might even do some work on it, once I can get it to actually build 11:43
acheron88obviously undoes the work to fix the bug it was to fix11:43
sick_rimmitlol I am a bit rubbish :-)11:43
acheron88clivejo: could be a minor change to that commit could fix both probs (original bug and new crash), but I'm not familiar enough with the backends there to do more than semi-random guessing11:45
mparillosick_rimmit: When you install, could you report if you took the Beta-2 image, or just grabbed the daily ISO, and about this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/156105111:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1561051 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity-DM dies on Kubuntu images" [Critical,Confirmed]11:46
clivejoyeah probably, im not even sure what that is trying to do11:53
clivejois there any way to contact the person who commited that?  might be just a mistake11:55
clivejoin logical or something11:55
clivejologic even11:58
clivejoacheron88: https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+build/940263411:59
clivejono crashes on package reload :)11:59
snelesick_rimmit: thank you for working on muon package manager. I really miss it in 16.0412:00
clivejoIm gonna try upgrading my system with it12:00
clivejosnele: wanna test it?12:01
sneleclivejo: sure but how to reproduce the crash? here discover is not crashing :)12:01
clivejodiscover is now a separate product12:02
clivejothis is muon package manager12:02
sneleclivejo: I cannot install muon on xenial12:02
clivejowell thanks to acheron88, it looks like the crash is caused by a commit made on the 3 march12:03
sneleclivejo: muon : Depends: libmuon (= 4:5.4.3-0ubuntu1) but it is not going to be installed12:03
clivejosnele: are you 386 or amd64?12:03
=== mamarley is now known as Guest27519
sneleclivejo: amd64, new clean install from 3 days ago, all 3 staging ppas added12:04
clivejotheres a package in my PPA12:04
=== mamarley_ is now known as mamarley
acheron88clivejo: quick google gives a gmail address for commiter12:06
clivejofancy getting in touch with him?12:06
acheron88^^^ not related to this bug12:08
clivejohe seems to have made contributions to it before12:08
sneleclivejo: thank you for the muon package. it installs and works :) bye bye synaptic 12:08
sneleclivejo: how to reproduce the crash? 12:09
acheron88yes, the commit was approved here: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/127107/12:09
clivejosnele: the crash seems to be fixed by reverting a commit to the source code12:09
clivejobut it probably reopened another bug somewhere else that the dev was trying to fix12:10
sneleclivejo: your package works fine12:10
clivejoon first use, maybe12:10
acheron88just about to try. got sidetracked finding that email12:10
clivejonot convinced yet!12:10
sneleclivejo: will it be available in main repo? muon that is. i really miss it and i hate synaptic12:11
clivejosnele: its non-maintained upstream12:11
clivejoso unless someone steps in to maintain it and keep it updated, it will probably die off :(12:12
clivejobut I think its worth getting in contact with Carlo Vanini12:12
clivejohe seems to have an indepth knowledge of its workings12:13
snelesick_rimmit: please maintain it :)12:13
acheron88clivejo: you should prob email him, as you can more easily action/build/put something in a ppa if he sorts it 12:14
clivejomaybe Rick should?12:15
clivejook, I sent a message to him12:28
clivejowell upgrade went fine :)12:34
sick_rimmitsnele: I will try :-)12:48
snelesick_rimmit: thank you :) it needs official maintainer to be included in 16.04 repo12:50
sick_rimmitOh, well I don't mind being the official maintainer, I might not actually be able to get it to build..12:50
sick_rimmitBut lets not let a small thing like that get in the way12:51
telegram<Clifford>: It builds fine :p13:35
BluesKajclivejo, just curious, why are you guys using telegram ?13:38
ricktimmisHi folks, here we go Kubuntu beta2 installed on the metal of my laptop13:44
telegram<Clifford>: Cause I'm not at my computer at the moment13:44
ricktimmisAll went smoothly accept for 2 things13:44
telegram<Clifford>: It allows me to see what's going on while I'm on the go13:45
ricktimmisThe Install icon on the desktop from the live boot, was very small, you could not see that it said Kubuntu Installer.13:45
telegram<athoneycutt>: Yea same here13:45
ricktimmisThis would not be good for new people.13:45
ricktimmisWhen I went to restart the machine just hung, Black screen with Mouse pointer..13:46
ricktimmisIt sat there forever, and would not let me Alt+F to jump to another tty13:46
ricktimmisIn the end I had to power cycle it..13:46
ricktimmisanyone else get that ?13:47
BluesKajthere are mobile irc clients 13:47
BluesKajAndchat for one., if you have an android phone13:48
sgclarkBluesKaj: using both allows us to traget a larger group of users. Not everyone likes irc13:48
telegram<Clifford>: They aren't very nice to use13:48
ricktimmisYes, I am really delighted with the Telegram integrations, lets me stay intouch here all the time13:49
telegram<Clifford>: Telegram is easy to use and works good on intermittent mobile networks13:49
BluesKajclivejo, yeah, but I thought your generation was skilled at typing on those dinky screens :-)13:49
telegram<Clifford>: Irc can't seem to keep a connection13:50
telegram<Clifford>: It also buffers/caches the conversation13:52
BluesKajI tried Andchat , it seemed to work ok, but that was with a wifi connection, I don't do data on my phone.13:53
telegram<Clifford>: I've used irc clients but no good13:53
sgclarktelegram all started one akademy when irc port was blocked, and it stuck13:54
sgclarkit is great for shoddy internet13:54
telegram<Clifford>: My connection jumps from cell to cell. Also use cell in two different countries13:54
sgclarkwe can use both, seems to me its is working13:55
BluesKajclivejo, i don't like typing on a phone, the virtual KB is waaay too small for these fingers13:55
telegram<Clifford>: I don't like typing on it either. Much prefer my keyboard. But its handy. I can join in the conversation13:56
telegram<Clifford>: Plus can share media with other people on telegram13:57
telegram<Clifford>: Screen shots etc13:57
sgclarkmost importantly .. stickers!!!13:58
telegram<Clifford>: And turkey heads!13:59
telegram<Clifford>: Telegram has a desktop client too13:59
clivejoacheron88: ping15:51
clivejogot a reply from the dev15:52
clivejohe added the signals in this commit15:53
clivejothe two are supposed to work together15:54
acheron88hmmm... I thought I looked at that the other day and saw no update15:54
acheron88you think of getting that into a ppa so people can have fixed muon then?15:56
clivejonot sure15:56
clivejodo you think people would want it?15:57
acheron88I'm ambivalent, as I use synaptic and command line to manage packages mostly15:59
clivejoI use command line 15:59
acheron88some people might though. some people on this channel have said they would like it, but that's not quite typical userbase16:00
clivejo!info libqapt xenial16:00
ubottuPackage libqapt does not exist in xenial16:00
acheron88ahhh. lookign at FF history, I checked debian upstream version of libQApt, as I assumed it was theirs to maintain rather than on the KDE git16:01
clivejo!info libqapt-dev xenial16:01
ubottulibqapt-dev (source: libqapt): Development headers for the QApt library. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.1-1build1 (xenial), package size 27 kB, installed size 182 kB16:01
acheron88didn't think it would be on kde git16:02
clivejoacheron88: do you still have the newer version?16:09
clivejowonder if lastest git snapshot of qapt would fix it16:12
acheron88nice one. was just about to build that!16:13
acheron88this is your ppa package before reverting, yes? https://launchpad.net/~clivejo/+archive/ubuntu/xenial/+build/939671316:17
soeea lot of people wanted muon in xenial :)16:17
clivejoyeah, I deleted the latest one from my PPA16:17
soeementioned here on #kubuntu channel or G+ community16:17
clivejofrom the dev "I'm working on Muon just since the split from Discover, and it's nice to see there is interest in it! I'm also trying to make up my mind whether I should take the effort of16:18
clivejoporting it to a declarative (i.e. QML) interface or not. Maybe you can give advice on that decision."16:18
soeei think Discover will be like SOftwere Center in Ubuntu - nobody uses it :)16:18
soeepeople prefere to use muon/synaptic16:19
clivejoId like to reply back and tell him the Kubuntu community would behind it.16:19
clivejowould be16:19
acheron88Discover is hideous. 16:21
telegram<Valoriez>: Amen Clive! /me goes off to vote16:22
acheron88clivejo: KCI qApt packages and your deb seems to not crash so far16:22
clivejoacheron88: yeah, but if I packaged qapt git and the latest git or Muon I think would be a better solution 16:23
clivejoand if I could get that into Xenial, might encourage the dev to keep working on Muon16:23
clivejovalorie: your thoughts?16:24
acheron88yes, don't disagree. was just lazily testing with the KCI packages to save building qapt myself16:24
clivejodoes using the KCI unstable branch of qapt crash Muon?16:25
acheron88have checked for updates twice and installed 2 packages, separately, and no crash so far at least16:26
clivejoI wonder if uninstallable libmuon is room enough to open a FFE?16:26
telegram<athoneycutt>: @Sick_Rimmit you around?16:37
sneleclivejo: I think you (kubuntu guys) shoud at least make muon available in ppa for xenial16:42
sneleif it wont be available in repo16:42
snelebtw thank you for muon package from your ppa. works great16:43
* sick_rimmit Woo Hoo17:08
telegram<athoneycutt>: ?17:09
sick_rimmitMuon package manager builds and rund from Kdevelop17:09
* sick_rimmit jumps up and down grinning17:09
telegram<athoneycutt>: check your email17:09
sick_rimmitThat's pulling from Master branch..17:09
sick_rimmitSo now I can start to do some maintenance on it17:09
ahoneybunsick_rimmit, you can move the widgets17:12
sick_rimmitahoneybun:  Hmm press and hold on the top of plasmoid widget ? is that new behaviour, I don't do that in 15.10 I just hover and the settings, and sizing panel pops out17:13
ahoneybunyea in Plasma 5.5 I think17:13
telegram<athoneycutt>: @Sick_Rimmit are you in front of the computer?17:20
sick_rimmitYes, trying to get myself sorted as maintainer of Muon Package Manager17:21
telegram<athoneycutt>: get on hangouts then17:22
telegram<athoneycutt>: @Sick_Rimmit 17:23
telegram<Sick_Rimmit>: What's happening on Hangouts17:23
telegram<athoneycutt>: show your desktop fuction?17:24
telegram<athoneycutt>: so I can show you the widget thing?17:24
sick_rimmitAh I'm working on 15.10 now17:24
telegram<athoneycutt>: but I have 16.0417:24
sick_rimmitI installed 16.04 on a different partition, just so I could do some QA testing17:24
telegram<athoneycutt>: right but I could show you my desktop17:25
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sick_rimmitahoneybun: probably skip HO right now, as we'll be having dinner shortly18:03
telegram<athoneycutt>: Oh k18:04
=== mamarley_ is now known as mamarley
mparilloI created a VM to try to duplicate https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1561051 But so far all is good (it is copying files). Is it a silent error?18:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1561051 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Ubiquity-DM dies on Kubuntu images" [Critical,Confirmed]18:57
mparilloThe Beta-2 image seemed to install just fine in a VM. I even did not experience the bug where it would not shut down cleanly. (I used to have to force power-off my VM).19:21
valorieclivejo: my thoughts -- I want muon, absolutely20:29
valoriesynaptic sucks by comparison (as does Discover, IMO)20:29
clivejodo you think we could get it into Xenial?20:29
snelediscover is great *applications* manager. But for me it has no use. i need "package" manager when i don't want/cannot use apt20:32
sneleclivejo: muon from your ppa works great. no crashes. thank you again for packaging it20:34
snelesynaptic just sucks compared to muon imho20:35
valorieclivejo: I would consult with yofel by email perhaps20:53
clivejohes offline for a few days20:53
clivejoprobably mid week20:54
valorieif we have an upstream maintainer and it builds, etc. then you could file an FFE or whatever it is20:54
valorieoh, not even email?20:54
valorielucky him!20:54
clivejoI dont want to disturb him20:54
soee_[22:33] <yofel> FYI: I'm on a trip until Wednesday and won't be online much20:54
valorieyou could as sgclark too20:54
clivejoI emailed Carlo Vanini who seems to be interested in maintaining it20:55
valoriecool, that would be awesome20:55
valorieI would love to see it back in the archive20:55
valorieeven if it doesn't make it onto the ISO20:55
valoriewe may need to do some pruning for the ISO20:56
clivejo"Anyway, thanks for your mail. I'm working on Muon just since the split from Discover, and it's nice to see there is interest in it! I'm also trying to make up my mind whether I should take the effort of porting it to a declarative (i.e. QML) interface or not. Maybe you can give advice on that decision."20:58
valorieare you going to work with him on it?20:58
valoriehow about @sick_rimmit ?20:58
clivejoI have no clue about programming20:58
clivejoI havent coded since uni!20:59
valorieme either, so perhaps share his email with kub-dev list?20:59
valorieI've debugged BASIC for my husband and sons, and typed in a program in Assembler that worked21:00
valoriethat sentence right above is my entire coding experience21:00
valorieexcept the sort of coding that is writing English sentences21:00
sneletranslations are broken21:05
sneleor at least setting them up21:06
snelei am trying to change from english to german without luck21:06
clivejoIve emailed him back to ask him if he minds me posting his details and previous emails on the devel list21:06
valoriethanks clivejo21:06
sneleplasma seems translated but not the apps21:06
valorieI'm running backups on this machine right now, then going to upgrade it to xenial21:07
clivejo!info kde-l10n-de xenial21:12
ubottukde-l10n-de (source: kde-l10n-de): de (de) localization for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:15.12.1-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 35620 kB, installed size 56287 kB21:12
clivejosnele have you kde-l10n-de installed?21:13
sneleclivejo: yes i have it installed21:15
sgclarkvalorie: I could what?21:15
sneleclivejo: but my locales conf was kinda broken right after clean install21:15
snelei am trying to reconfigure it atm...21:16
clivejosnele: would you mind testing something for me?21:16
valoriesgclark: clive and I were discussing Muon21:17
valorieimo it won't be on the ISO, but it should be in the archive21:17
valorieseems it will be maintained again ::fingers crossed::21:17
sneleclivejo: sure21:18
clivejosgclark: I been in contact with a dev who is working on Muon Package Manager.  He made a change in the KDE master which on currently Xenial systems crashes the program on package reload21:18
valoriesgclark: btw have been following #kde-sysadmin -- fantastic work! you rock21:18
clivejobasically, it needs an updated libqapt21:19
sgclarkthanks :) keeping me busy lol21:19
valoriesounds like you made the leap to lightspeed though21:19
sgclarkwe are like way past freeze no?21:19
valoriesure but it is a bugfix21:19
clivejobut muon is badly broken21:19
valorienot a whole new app21:20
clivejoits trying to pull in libmuon21:20
valorieclivejo: oh, I thought it was fixed?21:20
clivejovalorie: the currently muon is badly broken21:20
clivejoin xenial archive21:20
clivejobut it could be fixed21:20
valoriegot it21:20
clivejowe can either use an older git version which works, or update libqapt and muon21:21
clivejoI prefer the second solution21:21
sgclarkwhere are we on the bugfix releases, we alowd to upload? sounds like they are needed, with that mail rick sent21:22
clivejodo you guys know Carlo Vanini ?21:23
sgclarkand sorry I really don't know the muin answer, never used, have not touched those deps packages21:23
sgclarkclivejo: no idea, name is not ringing bells, but I meet many new faces at akademy each year.21:24
sgclarkspeaking of which we need to get clivejo to akademy21:24
valorieI've not met him in person or online, actually21:24
valoriesgclark: I know, right?21:24
valoriewe'll have to hire someone to take care of his farm and puppy21:25
clivejomore the pup!21:25
clivejohes been a nightmare today21:25
sgclarkaw bring the pup!21:25
valoriewe'll fly to Ireland and pick him up, make him go21:25
clivejono way!21:25
sgclarkI so want to go to Ireland, I have family there21:26
clivejohe cant sit still for 5 mins without finding something to chew and break21:26
valoriesgclark: me too, although my McBees left a long, long time ago21:26
valorieand I have no clue where they came from21:27
clivejosnele: can you install libqapt and muon from my xenial PPA21:27
valorieor how they got from Ireland to Kentucky21:27
clivejoprobably a boat :P21:28
clivejoits a long swim21:28
sneleclivejo: sure. and then test muon?21:28
clivejoyes please21:29
clivejothis version is how the dev intended21:29
valorieclivejo: smartass!21:30
clivejosgclark: Im thinking of opening a FFE for muon, what do you think?21:32
sgclarkif you want to track and deal with it sure, I am tied up with kde stuff :(21:36
clivejosnele: is it working for you?21:38
sneleclivejo: added your ppa, updated, everything seems to be fine21:40
snelewhat was the crash before?21:40
clivejoreloading/refreshing the package list21:40
sneleclivejo: works fine here21:40
sneleno crashes21:40
clivejosoee_: you mind testing too?21:56
soee_what ppa ?22:02
clivejosudo add-apt-repository ppa:clivejo/xenial22:03
acheron88clivejo: seems good using both muon/qapt from your ppa now22:09
clivejoacheron88: :)22:09
clivejoFancy adding your thoughts on Bug #156240622:09
ubottubug 1562406 in muon (Ubuntu) "[FFe] Update to latest upstream version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156240622:09
clivejoand anyone else for that matter22:10
clivejosgclark: can I upload these to misc-staging ?22:12
valorieI'll try in a bit, when my backup is done22:12
sgclarkclivejo: yeah22:13
clivejoIll need a debdiff for the FFE22:13
clivejoseems the best way to get one22:14
clivejowell easiest22:14
soee_uhm it died when i pressed to refresh list22:16
soee_*check for updates22:16
acheron88that's the same bug, or at least same output, as previously22:18
acheron88you have qapt versions? 3.0.1+git20160315-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa122:19
acheron88and muon? 4:5.5.0+git20160326-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa1)22:20
clivejosoee_: what version is libqapt3 at?22:24
clivejodpkg -s libqapt322:25
acheron88I have http://paste.ubuntu.com/15514878/22:27
clivejomuon deps on libqapt3-runtime22:28
clivejobut I think it might need something else22:28
clivejofor run time22:28
clivejothats weird22:36
clivejowhat is libqapt-runtime for if it doesnt pull in libqapt322:36
acheron88dbus and polkit integration by the looks of it from the file list?22:38
acheron88muon won't even start without libqapt3 here "/usr/bin/muon: error while loading shared libraries: libQApt.so.3"22:39
clivejoyeah it needs it22:39
acheron88so presume soee must have that22:39
clivejobut it didnt get upgraded on his system22:39
clivejoI added a dep on libqapt3-runtime (>= 3.0.1+git20160315) to muon22:40
clivejoI thought that would auto upgrade libqapt322:41
acheron88odd, if it wan't just missed off the bottom of soee's paste22:41
acheron88will try on laptop to add the ppa, as that is xenial as well22:43
acheron88all upgraded, and muon installed, and not crashing on laptop as well22:53
clivejowish could do some tests with soee22:56

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