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lyrinI'm having a problem with kubuntu05:56
lyrinit doesn't recognize volume things on my computer05:57
lyrinpressing mute doesn't mute, volume up and down do nothing, but it shows the volume bar going up and down05:57
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irczhi guys09:18
irczhas kubuntu 16.04 released?09:18
soeehi ircz09:18
irczI can't find a download link on the website v09:18
soeeno, Beta 2 has been released this week, final version will be released next month09:18
soeeircz: check https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseSchedule09:19
irczsoee: thx for the reply! I ran a dist-upgrade on kubuntu 15.10 it shows  Xenial Xerus available. Is it unsafe to upgrade right now?09:21
soeeircz: well i tried the upgrade last week and there were problems, fixable but always :)09:22
soeebut i'm running 16.06 on my home laptop and work machine for a long time already :)09:22
irczsoee: oh, great!09:24
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
irczI am a bit to kubuntu. What is the ideal update procedure? Should we upgrade the kde and kubuntu separately?09:25
ircz*a bit new09:25
soeeircz: no, when 16.04 will be released, you should be informed about it through muon-updater09:27
soeeand just update :)09:27
soeehiho lordievader o/09:27
lordievaderircz: Or you use the console: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade09:27
lordievaderHey soee, how are you?09:27
soeelordievader: greate, rainy here in Poland but that's not a problem. You? :)09:28
lordievaderDoing okay, making coffe :)09:28
soeei hope it will be tasty :D i never drinked coffee :)09:30
lordievaderHow are you still alive?09:31
soeelordievader: good sleep can make wonders :)09:34
irczsoee: lordievader thx!09:38
markcare there any PPAs with plasma 5.6 available?10:10
acheron88no. not yet10:12
markcacheron88: tah, that is a pity... looks like I might have to move back to archlinux10:16
acheron88it should be backported for xenial at least in due course once that is released10:18
acheron88just as 5.6 was too late to beat the freeze on that, I think they are concentrating on getting 5.5.5 working nicely10:19
markcacheron88: like I say, a pity, too many nice features in 5.6 to ignore10:25
acheron88bye then10:48
markcacheron88: I'll be back to kubuntu soon enough around 16.04.1, I don't have much time for the archlinux attitude :)11:07
acheron88good :)11:08
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
* sick_rimmit Hi ya11:40
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Aster2112Hi all13:05
Aster2112Trying to run 15.10.  Installs fine. I do the first series of updates and upon reboot I get past grub but then nothing but a blank screen.  If I CTRL-ALT-DELETE, computer shuts down.  Any suggestions for repair?  Is my only option to reinstall and not do updates?13:08
BluesKajAster2112, which gpu do have?13:09
lordievaderDoes it boot when you add the kernel parameter 'nomodeset'?13:09
BluesKaj15.10 has a graphics problem on some pc/laptops with the latest kernel module13:10
Aster2112laptop with an Intel 4600 and an NVIDIA 740M.13:11
BluesKajoh a hybrid13:11
Aster2112I haven't tried, lord... where do I run that? At grub?13:11
Aster2112Yeah :(13:11
lordievaderAster2112: Yes, instead of 'quiet splash' make it read 'nomodeset'.13:11
Aster2112Thanks, I'll give that a go!13:12
Aster2112Now I'm on my phone. Don't think I typed nomodeset at the right place.13:18
lordievaderWhere did you type it?13:19
Aster2112Hit e at Grub, added it after "serparms 'Ubuntu'"13:20
Aster2112Assuming that was incorrect :(13:20
Aster2112Looked for quiet splash, didn't see it.13:21
Aster2112Oh, wait, I do.  Sorry.13:21
Aster2112I can change to another tty with c-a-f6, so it's definitely display driver.  I'll reinstall, no biggy.  Thanks for the help!13:23
lordievaderBe sure to install that bumblebee or nvidia prime (or what ever it is called these days) thing.13:27
Aster2112Thanks, I'll look that up.13:33
ricktimmisjoin #kubuntu-devel13:44
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AssociateXHello. I'm trying to get my mic working. After an hour of googling I'm now here.16:37
AssociateXHow can I test my mic?16:38
telegram<Sick_Rimmit>: You can test this from System > Settings > Multimedia16:58
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telegram<Sick_Rimmit>: Sorry on 15.10 its Settings > System Settings > Multimedia > Audio and Video17:01
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grobda24Is it recommended to install plasma 5.6 like this - http://neon.kde.org/download - or is it still beta/unstable ?17:10
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soeegrobda24: Plasma 5.6 is stable but Neon project is for developers atm. and not recommended for daily use by users17:22
grobda24soee: k, thanks17:25
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DrdrxHi all. I have unfortunatel20:50
DrdrxNot found plasma 5.6 yet for 15.10 any Info?20:51
soee_hi Drdrx, there is no 5.6 for 15.10 yet.20:52
soee_if maybe will be backported after 16.04 release, so not sooner than after the month or more20:52
gregor3000hello, need some quick help. Muon updater seems to be stuck at waiting for configuration file. what file is that ?how do i proceed?20:53
DrdrxThx soee_ so I have to wait for 16.4 . Doyou think backport to 15.10 realistic or rather only for 16.04?20:55
soee_Drdrx: i dont know, but 16.04 is LTS so you should update anyway20:57
soee_it is pretty stable even now in Beta :)20:57
soee_and it will get Plasma 5.6 in the first place20:58
Felintotudo bem22:22
Felinto^_ ^22:22
bprompt!br | Felinto22:24
ubottuFelinto: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br " sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.22:24
leumasHello, can anyone help with updating Kde connect to 0.9g on my laptop. I need thisto tally with the version on my Nexus 5. Kubuntu 15.10, Plasma 5.4.3, 64bit23:19
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valorieleumas: there is a PPA from one of the devels23:42
valorienot sure what it's called though23:42
valorieperhaps search launchpad for `kde-connect`23:42
valorie!info kde-connect23:42
ubottuPackage kde-connect does not exist in wily23:42
valorieubottu: ?23:42
valorieit works for me23:43
valorie$ apt-cache policy kdeconnect23:44
valorie  Installed: 0.8-0ubuntu523:44
valorie  Candidate: 0.8-0ubuntu523:44
valorie!info kdeconnect23:44
ubottukdeconnect (source: kdeconnect): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu5 (wily), package size 50 kB, installed size 202 kB23:44
valorieyep, there it is23:44
valorie!info kdeconnect xenial23:44
ubottukdeconnect (source: kdeconnect): connect smartphones to your KDE Plasma Workspace. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8-0ubuntu5 (xenial), package size 50 kB, installed size 202 kB23:44
telegram<athoneycutt>: !info kdeconnect23:59
telegram<athoneycutt>: I guess the bot has text in front that backs it23:59

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