phillwflexiondotorg: I know there are pi3 images, are they on http://phillw.net/isos/pi2/ and should I rename it ?00:52
phillwtsimonq2: ping16:32
* tsimonq2 playfully rings a bell in phillw's ear17:54
tsimonq2what's up?17:54
phillwtsimonq2: is probably okay, a padawan needed a bouncer, but has been advised of one :)17:55
tsimonq2phillw: not the place to ping for this, I'm on #linuxpadawan :)17:56
tsimonq2although I'm glad they found a bouncer :)17:56
phillwtsimonq2: no, student was on #phillw ....17:57
tsimonq2then PM :)17:57
phillwin that case, you see his issue :)17:57
phillwBut, I have faircam stuff to attend to.... mpmc is going to liase with a bouncer.17:58
mpmcphillw: I'm happy to help setup a bouncer, but it's pretty simple as I've already said (just need to join #bnc4free and follow instructions :p)18:01
phillwmpmc: look out for bipul :)18:03
phillwI'm on faircam details duties atm...18:03
phillwmpmc: and crying duties... diy-sos big build for a soldier.... Why the fcuk MP's take so much money and we cannot look after our services personel is exactly what Guy Fawkes was all about..... "What's in it for me"18:06
phillwbugga.. tears already...18:09

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