a40ntistosHow I can update to the last beta version in 16.04 if i'm in the previous?00:14
TJ-a40ntistos: if you have a running 16.04 and keep the packages up-to-date you have the latest00:14
TJ-a40ntistos: 'beta' releases refer to ISO image for fresh installs; they contain all the up-to-date packages in the Ubuntu archive00:15
k1la40ntistos: just run the updates.00:15
a40ntistosfrom software updater?00:15
TJ-a40ntistos: correct00:15
a40ntistosor from terminal?00:15
TJ-a40ntistos: the same thing, one has a GUI :)00:15
a40ntistosMaybe I have to do it through terminal00:16
k1lsoftware updater is just another GUI for the dpkg and apt on cli00:16
a40ntistosbecause from updater i get the messager00:16
a40ntistosFailed to download repository information00:16
k1la40ntistos: in terminal run "sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade"00:16
TJ-a40ntistos: sounds like you have a bad repository added to the system, or it is not reachable right now00:17
a40ntistosI didn't add anything00:17
a40ntistosactually I found what was wrong00:20
a40ntistosIn the first tab of software updater it wasn't choosed the Main server00:21
Oderusanyone know the file location for the splash screen that appears after login in kubuntu xenial? looking to theme it myself, but need file location00:23
TJ-Oderus: possibly something from the package kde-base-artwork00:31
OderusTJ-:  Thank you i will look :)00:33
TJ-Oderus: try "dpkg -S splash"00:33
OderusTJ-: Trying00:33
sabgentonbeta 2 has signing issue when tring to apt-get update (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/1561472)00:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1561472 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Xenial Beta 2: Installation fails due to insufficiently signed repository" [Undecided,New]00:34
OderusTJ-: A lot of output! Hopefully i can locate it with this, thank you :)00:34
sabgentonhow do I get round this?00:34
sabgentonI'm about to try updating apt-get  anything else?00:35
a40ntistosi did the update from system updater but i'm not sure if i get the final beta changes that was released today?00:38
a40ntistosany idea how to check if i have it or not? uname -a will work for that?00:43
jtaylora40ntistos: you have it00:43
jtaylorbeta is just a date, there aren't any specific changes attached00:43
jtaylorexcept for somewhat better tested installers00:43
a40ntistosI was reading that article: http://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-kylin-16-04-lts-beta-2-ships-with-bottom-unity-launcher-by-default-502155.shtml?utm_content=buffere58ad&utm_medium=social&utm_source=plus.google.com&utm_campaign=buffer00:44
a40ntistosand i thought they are some changes as well00:44
jtaylorui configuration is typically not updated00:45
jtaylorlauncher at bottom oO weird why would you want that?00:46
ubottuIf you install a development version of Ubuntu Xenial and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 16.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.00:46
OderusTJ-: incase anyone happens to ask, the location is: /usr/share/plasma/look-and-feel/org.kde.breeze.desktop/contents/splash/images/00:50
OderusTJ-: and thanks for your help00:50
penguin42hmm I should try 16.04 kubuntu again - my KDE is very broken on this 16.04 laptop for the last 2 weeks01:48
SCHAAP137the sole reason for still being 15.10 here, is pipelight01:49
SCHAAP137i watch TV on my computer01:49
pfoomh, as anyone noticed that lxc* are installed by default with 16.04beta2 server iso ?01:50
SCHAAP137have not noticed that, no01:50
MneuroOn 16.04 when I open steam I get an error message that steam is out of date.  Is there a fix for this?05:10
lotuspsychjeMneuro: upgrade or fresh install?05:11
Mneurofresh install05:11
Mneurothe window says "Your steam package is out of date."05:11
lotuspsychjeMneuro: how did you install steam?05:12
Mneurodownloaded from the steampowered website05:12
lotuspsychje!steam | Mneuro try this way05:12
ubottuMneuro try this way: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.05:12
lotuspsychjeMneuro: there is also #gamingonlinux and #ubuntu-steam if you like, those guys know alot about it05:13
Mneurolotuspsychje, sorry I rebooted05:20
lotuspsychjeMneuro: been looking around and more users have this issue05:20
lotuspsychjeMneuro: i suggest you file a bug05:20
Mneuroit's not the end of the world, I think steam is working fine otherwise05:20
lotuspsychje!bug | Mneuro05:20
ubottuMneuro: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:20
jiohdiI have a bluetooth capable computer... it detects my bluetooth headset just fine, says connected... but it does not show up in the list of options when you bring up sound output... the only thing in the list is a prior bluetooth headset that never worked and refuses to leave... help?05:42
lotuspsychjejiohdi: did you try blueman?05:42
jiohdiis that already onboard or do I have to apt-get it?05:43
lotuspsychje!info blueman05:43
ubottublueman (source: blueman): Graphical bluetooth manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.3-1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 1635 kB, installed size 4830 kB05:43
lotuspsychjeapt-get please :p05:43
jiohdiactually it says already have it, how do I activate it?05:44
lotuspsychjejiohdi: start from terminal or icon05:44
jiohdinever mind, its what I have been using already, it shows the device and that its connected05:45
jiohdiit makes the connection noises in the headset but thats about it05:45
lotuspsychjejiohdi: 16.04 fresh install or upgrade?05:46
jiohdiI had a different headset an H600 and it never worked so I unpaired, untrusted and removed it... it still shows up in the list of sound options but the new headset does not05:47
jiohdifresh install of beta 1 with current updates05:47
jiohdihow do I permanently remove the other headset and get pulse audio or whatever is current to recognize the new one?05:49
lotuspsychjejiohdi: normally should detect by default05:50
lotuspsychjejiohdi: maybe try a tail -f /var/log/syslog and connect your headset, see what errors you might get05:50
=== alkisg_away is now known as alkisg
jiohdiI get this http://pastebin.com/Ptf795jL05:55
lotuspsychjelets c05:55
lotuspsychjehmm dont see any errors there05:56
lotuspsychjejiohdi: tried a reboot?05:56
jiohdieverything says its working05:57
jiohdibtw the bluetooth worked just fine under 15.1005:59
lotuspsychjejiohdi: try a reboot mate, if it doesnt work i would file a new bug05:59
lotuspsychje!bug | jiohdi05:59
ubottujiohdi: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:59
lotuspsychjejiohdi: attach all relevant logs with it and explain the full story06:00
jiohdiwill try rebooting... going dark06:00
duobixAnyone out there? :D06:06
lotuspsychjeduobix: yes06:06
lotuspsychjejiohdi: any luck?06:11
jiohdilotuspsychje, no change after reboot... there must be a file I can change to remove the old headset, no?06:11
duobixTJ- here?06:11
lotuspsychjejiohdi: i dont think so, ubuntu should recognize new hardware by default06:12
lotuspsychjeduobix: TJ- is sleeping06:12
jiohdiit does but its not removing the old one and adding the new one to its list which must be some sort of file06:12
duobixlotuspsychje, thx06:13
jiohdiwhen you pull up the sound gui, it must be gathering info from a list somewhere, no?06:13
lotuspsychjejiohdi: not sure it works that way06:14
jiohdiits not pulling the old name out of current available devices so its on some list06:15
lotuspsychjejiohdi: i think new devices would just add, or overwrite it06:15
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup06:16
jiohdithey should but apparently they aren't so something must be stuck06:16
lotuspsychjejiohdi: i would go for a bug mate06:16
jiohdipages' a bit ancient ubuntu 11.0406:18
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duobihi there!09:12
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
sprecogood morning09:27
lordievaderHey spreco09:28
=== zequence_ is now known as zequence
sprecohey stiflers_brother - it's worth an upgrade imho :)09:42
lotuspsychjespreco: not upgrade, clean install09:42
stiflers_brotherspreco: I'm reading reviews and not sure of the major benefits. I'll probably install in a VM first09:42
stiflers_brotherlotuspsychje: Is that 14.04 upgrade bug still present?09:42
ikoniawhat bug ?09:43
spreco14.04 upgrade bug is still there afaik, at least it's not recommended to go from 14.04 to 16.0409:43
ikoniawhat bug ?09:44
sprecoi did a clean install yesterday, i think it's fine to go, just my opinion09:44
stiflers_brotherikonia: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/155523709:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1555237 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Upgrade from 14.04.4→ 16.04 dies midway taking out the session." [Critical,In progress]09:44
flocculantstiflers_brother: yes it is09:44
stiflers_brotherflocculant: Clean install it is09:45
sprecoikonia - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-release-upgrader/+bug/154570909:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1545709 in ubuntu-release-upgrader (Ubuntu) "Failed to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04" [Critical,Confirmed]09:45
flocculantthat last should be a dupe - and is now :)09:46
* lordievader wonders if it would lock up if X was killed before the upgrade09:46
flocculantlordievader: not sure - but when it hangs - hard reboot and dpkg --configure -alloftheworld and it works :p09:47
lordievaderNot really a nice upgrade procedure...09:48
flocculantobviously broken :)09:48
flocculantyou can upgrade with the iso - at least in the few tests I've run09:49
lotuspsychjeuntil final, should not upgrade09:49
lotuspsychjeeven do-release-upgrade -d from 15.10 got me a messed up system09:50
flocculantlotuspsychje: right09:50
flocculantupdate-manager worked here from 15.1009:50
lotuspsychjeflocculant: you have the right kernels on 16.04 now?09:51
flocculant4.4.0-16-generic here09:51
lotuspsychje!info linux-image-generic xenial09:51
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 2 kB, installed size 11 kB09:51
flocculantI tend to grab the -proposed one when it's there09:52
lordievaderIs 4.4 an lts kernel?09:52
flocculantno idea09:52
sprecoi broke my system, tried with update manager, i guess it was the nvidia driver thing orsmthn ^^09:52
lordievaderAh it is "Linus Torvalds yesterday released the Linux 4.4 kernel. This is a long-term support (LTS) release"09:53
lotuspsychjelordievader: http://www.mobipicker.com/ubuntu-16-04-lts-final-beta-based-on-linux-kernel-4-4-6-lts-to-be-released/09:53
lordievaderYeah, much better than having a kernel which is only supported by Ubuntu.09:54
lotuspsychjehow you guys like my xenial desk: http://lotuspsychje.deviantart.com/art/Ubuntu-16-04-64bit-Development-branch-59836924209:56
duobi@lotuspsychje, nice desk, but I'd rather use terminology09:59
duobibut it's just my preference ;)09:59
lotuspsychjeduobi: whats terminalogy10:00
lotuspsychjeah enlightment10:00
HeadzupHi, how can I add my Windows Bootloader to my grub?10:03
alkisgHeadzup: normally you only need to run sudo update-grub10:28
Headzup@alkisg, ok thx I try it.10:29
alkisgIf you don't see it in the command output, there's something going wrong10:29
Headzupnice, in the ouput i saw my windows 10 loader. thx10:35
mallardWhat package do I need to play FLAC files through Rhythmbox? I have gstreamer1.0-plugins-{bad,ugly} installed.10:37
mallardWhoops, looks like I just needed FLAC.10:45
markithi, 16.04 beta2 has iso and ".img" files, what is the difference?10:45
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: all good on mate, or back to unity?12:01
MonkeyDusti'm happy with mate12:07
lotuspsychjeMonkeyDust: cool12:07
lotuspsychje!flavors | yeganer12:08
ubottuyeganer: !Ubuntu-GNOME, !Kubuntu, !Xubuntu and !Lubuntu are simply flavors of Ubuntu that come with GNOME, KDE, Xfce, and LXDE (respectively) installed as default, instead of Unity. Other specialized flavors of Ubuntu include !Edubuntu, Ubuntu !Studio, and !Mythbuntu.12:08
lotuspsychjeyeganer: lightweight are lubuntu and xubuntu12:08
MonkeyDustinstalled lxc/lxd, it's completely different from previous lxc12:08
lotuspsychjeoh really?12:09
MonkeyDuststill getting used to it... found a way to come here via a lxc container12:09
yeganerlotuspsychje: thanks, I know xubuntu and lubuntu are the two lightweight ones but I'm not sure which one would suite me better. I red that lubuntu is aimed more towards older models. I have a new T450s12:10
lotuspsychjeyeganer: depends on the machine really, most lightweight is lubuntu in most cases12:10
MonkeyDustyeganer  mate is also light and swift12:10
lotuspsychjeyeganer: but one time i had xubuntu working better then lubuntu on a machine12:11
yeganerhow much hassle would it be to set up a tiling window manager in both cases? I'm currently planning on using awesome-wm.12:12
lotuspsychjeyeganer: tiling managers of your choice: i3, awesome,...12:12
lotuspsychjeyeganer: that can fit perfectly lubuntu 16.04 + awesome example12:12
lotuspsychjei3 has also a large community/chat12:13
yeganerlotuspsychje: I'm currently using awesome but I haven't configured anything yet.12:14
lotuspsychjeyeganer: there's a small #awesome channel to help if you like12:14
yeganerI only red the tutorial on how to integrate awesome into gnome/unity but running awesome alone without gnome integration seems better to me.12:15
yeganerIf I understand it correctly, then it doesn't matter which frontend I'm using (Xfce vs LXDE), so where can I look at the other differences between lubuntu and xubuntu?12:16
lotuspsychjeyeganer: sure12:16
lotuspsychjeyeganer: visit their websites, and read the features12:17
lotuspsychjeyeganer: if you choose a base ubuntu flavor, you can go all sides you want, i3,awesome,enlightment,other flavor desktops,..options are endless12:20
lotuspsychjeyeganer: just keep in mind that 16.04 is still in development right12:20
yeganerlotuspsychje: I messed up my current ubuntu 15.10 so I'll stick with the beta for now :)12:24
lotuspsychjeyeganer: sure have fun12:24
yeganerI hope kernel 4.4 fixes most of my issues12:26
lotuspsychjeyeganer: if not, fill a bug :p12:27
yeganerwell, the bugs are all reported, but nobody know how to fix them. Some report they are fixed in 4.3 but I'll see after I install12:28
yeganerdidn't expect the torrents to be that active 1 day after beta release...12:31
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
BluesKajyeganer, if it's any consolation my 15.10 install totally mucked up after a kernel upgrade, so i dumped it, but I've been runnning 16.04 along side it for almost 4 mos12:34
yeganerBluesKaj: The same happened for me.12:35
yeganerupgraded to 4.2-30 and freeze @login screen. reverted to 4.2-27 everything was fine for ~4 weeks, then `apt-get upgrade` killed it.12:36
yeganerdebugging showed some default parameter for my graphic driver changed which crashed it12:37
BluesKajyeganer, yup graphics was the culprit here too, just an entry level nvidia 8400gs , but it works great on Xenial12:45
yeganerBluesKaj: I'm using my internal HD550012:52
BluesKajyeganer, intel onboards usually doen't have a problem with kernel modules. My laptop didn't have one , but it's a 400012:58
BluesKajbut Installed 16.04 on it as well to avoid any problems13:00
yeganerBluesKaj: well, some default parameter changed which caused i915 to crash. Don't ask my what happened there...13:01
madivadirc noob here... at boot getting a screen with /dev/sdb1: clean, 96xxx/765xxxx, 918xxx/305xxxxx blocks13:03
madivadI reinstalled several times before I realised that I could go to another tty13:04
lotuspsychjemadivad: harddisk dying?13:04
madivadbeing new to beta testing (16.04) didn't know what it was13:04
madivadI didn't think so13:04
lotuspsychjemadivad: can you pastebin this to us?13:04
madivadI think what got me more than anything was the fact the screen in that condition is unresponsive, is it the fact that I'm a noob and should realise I'm on (is it stderr or just) tty7?13:06
madivadWhat would you like pastebin'd?13:06
lotuspsychjemadivad: the errors where its stuck13:07
lotuspsychjemadivad: normal behaviour of ubuntu setup, would continue flawlessly13:08
madivadit's on boot, it's not really an error.13:08
madivad(also server version not desktop)13:08
madivadfirst boot13:08
lotuspsychjemadivad: ah, perhaps pastebin of /var/log/syslog then13:09
madivadI have a new SSD I can install it on, can go thru the process again (it's not like I haven't done it a few times already lol)13:09
lotuspsychjemadivad: also keep in mind that 16.04 is still in development, and not ready for server production right13:10
madivadyeah, it's really just me playing with different things on a home server setup (it'll be replacing an existing server down the track)13:10
lotuspsychjemadivad: so at wich point your install getting stuck exactly?13:11
madivadit's not getting stuck at all (I thought it was since during boot it jumps to tty7 and displays that message. no indication that it's there at all.). Install went ok. and this is first boot after install (every install) and every reboot13:13
madivadAFAICT all is good.. it's 16.04 server installed as maas13:13
lotuspsychjemadivad: could ask the #ubuntu-server guys if they know that clean blocks error13:14
madivadok, will do... How can I test the disk if it is failing? ie from command line?13:16
madivadit's a SAS drive it it makes any difference13:16
lotuspsychjemadivad: not sure on sas sorry, better talk to the server guys about that one13:17
madivadNP thanks anyways. cheers13:17
lotuspsychjemadivad: hdparm for regular drives13:17
madivadlotuspsychje: thanks. it's a second hand server I just bought (a few weeks ago). I'll do a reinstall with stable (and gui) and run tests on the drives.13:20
lotuspsychjemadivad: cheers mate13:20
madivadlotuspsychje: ie reinstall on the new SSD :)13:20
lotuspsychje!info bonnie++13:21
ubottubonnie++ (source: bonnie++): Hard drive benchmark suite. In component main, is optional. Version 1.97.1 (xenial), package size 64 kB, installed size 188 kB13:21
lotuspsychjemadivad: also handy ^^13:21
madivadlotuspsychje: (sorry still learning this irc thing lol): is it something I should have known to flick back to tty1 to log in and continue? I feel like a message at the top would have saved much angst last night :P13:23
lotuspsychjemadivad: what you mean?13:24
madivadlotuspsychje: well computer boots to a screen that has nothing on it but that "clean/files/blocks" message. and it appears frozen/locked. nothing before it, nothing after. no keyboard response. Hence I reinstalled. I didn't initiall;y think to try another tty13:26
madivada message saying it is not the main screen would have been helpful13:26
lotuspsychjemadivad: not sure mate, havent tested server for ages :p13:27
madivad(i reinstalled via different keys and even versions quite a few times before I realised---I thought it was a bad key lol)13:27
madivadlotuspsychje: bonnie++ installed, reading man page. looks good. thx. and thanks for your time :)13:27
lotuspsychjemadivad: np, i hope you fix your install13:28
madivadlotuspsychje: will do, but i'll run this overnight first... after midnight here and the mrs will get the poos if I start another install lol13:28
lotuspsychjemadivad: better go work on her server now :p13:30
touilHello. Is it possible to have in Xenial Xerus the same "old fashioned" scrollbar as were in unity 12.04 (when overlay scrollbar was disabled).13:49
touilI mean, I don't really like the new gnomish scrollbar and I would like to revert to old ones.13:50
MonkeyDusttouil  gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal13:57
touilDoes not work for me MonkeyDust.13:58
touilI still have tiny scrollbars that get a little larger when hoovering the mouse above them. I would like the really old ones.13:59
markithi, 16.04 beta2 has iso and ".img" files, what is the difference?13:59
MonkeyDustmarkit  i guess iso is the live installer and img is a ready-as-is14:01
MonkeyDustdoes that even make sense?14:01
madivadlotuspsychje: still here?14:09
lotuspsychjemadivad: yes14:09
madivadjust did a complete fresh install, on a brand new SSD14:09
madivad /dev/sda1: recovering journal14:10
madivad /dev/sda1 clean, xx/xxxx files, xxx/xxxxx blocks14:10
lotuspsychjemadivad: but it does boot to your installed server?14:11
madivadyeah... so in your opinion, anything to worry about?14:12
madivad(just looking thru dmesg now)14:12
lotuspsychjemadivad: well im not sure whats normal behaviour on server, you should ask the #ubuntu-server guys14:12
madivadyeah, ok, going over now... thanks :thumbs:14:13
delikthi guys im one of the unlucky ppl they use Ubuntu (16.04/4.5.0-040500-generic 64bit) with an Amd R9 380 with a Tonga Chip. Can anyone help me to get the option Powerplay on (Standard off for this Card). I found out what to do here: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDGPU-PP-4.5-Steps? but i dont know how to get to this options14:20
MonkeyDustdelikt  16.04 is not stable and already you're using a kernel that's not standard14:22
delikthmm ok... i try it out to get my card working :) im sad of waiting...14:23
MonkeyDustdelikt  did it work with 4.4?14:23
deliktdidnt try it cause of lack of knowledge... i dont know how i can enable it14:24
deliktwhere i can edit the kernel options? never get so deep14:25
MonkeyDustdelikt  16.04 comes with 4.414:27
deliktyeah i know... but this workaround i found was with the 4.5 ... so i updatedet it...14:27
deliktwhat is wrong with the 4.5?14:28
MonkeyDustdelikt  did you try the workaround with 4.4, first?14:29
deliktdude i anwered you already14:29
lotuspsychjedelikt: cool down14:29
MonkeyDustdelikt  what i'm saying is, you're using a non standard kernel on an unstable release14:30
deliktright... but that wasnt the question^^14:30
lotuspsychjedelikt: testing development branch is meant to help the community finding right bugs14:31
delikti have a bug.. my graficcard dont work :D14:32
lotuspsychjedelikt: why dont you file a bug against the default kernel?14:32
deliktguys why is the kernel a problem i dont get you :)14:33
lotuspsychjedelikt: you tell us why did you get a higher kernel in the first place?14:33
deliktcause this article: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDGPU-PP-4.5-Steps?14:34
deliktdidnt find something for 4.414:34
lotuspsychjedelikt: so if things arent working as expected on 4.4, file a new bug on amdgpu14:35
lotuspsychjedelikt: how else can the devs know otherwise whats going on?14:35
lotuspsychjedelikt: after you file a bug, experiment how you like14:35
delikti cant test it if it work..l. cause i dont know how to enable it14:36
lotuspsychjedelikt: then add this to the bug14:36
deliktand that was my question how can i enable the powerplay option... if it didnt work... i can report it14:36
deliktno it isnt a bug... its standard not enabled for this cards14:37
deliktdont know why14:37
lotuspsychje!bug | delikt14:38
ubottudelikt: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.14:38
lotuspsychjedelikt: explain you tested several kernels to the story14:39
deliktits ok i boot windows maybe the "bug" get fixed in some years14:41
lotuspsychjedelikt: bugs really matter to the community, and get solved you know14:41
MonkeyDustespecially if a release is still in development14:44
delikti already see no bug... i have a pre-version of ubuntu with an not standard kernel and the new (work-in-progress) amd Driver... cause the older Ubuntu versions and kernels with the fglrx driver didnt work aswell... and the new amdgpu should get it finaly.. i can test it... if it didnt work i can report something... but the community write around to neverlands before they tell me how i can enable this 3D boosting option14:46
lotuspsychjeits important users report bugs 'before' final release, so we all get cleaner Os in april14:47
MonkeyDustso it's a good thing you reported it here14:48
deliktyeah so how can enable this option?14:48
lotuspsychjedelikt: thats the whol point, if you cant enable by default: bug14:48
deliktyou mean my knowledge about the the system?14:49
lotuspsychjedelikt: no, i mean if on kernel 4.4 default you cant enable14:50
MonkeyDusti guess we're not talking about the same thing ... delikt wants to know *how* to enable, instead of *can* it be enabled at all14:51
lotuspsychjedelikt: hardware should automatic get recognized, automatic driver loaded, and all card functions work14:51
deliktin a wonderful world :)14:52
deliktnot with an amdcard with Tonga Chip14:52
lotuspsychjenot yet, bacuse not all users file a bug :p14:53
deliktin all articels i read about the driver and card... they say its standard not enabled but i can it enable... but they didnt say how step by step14:54
deliktthe reason why it isnt enabled i didnt know14:54
lotuspsychjedelikt: file a bug, see how devs will follow up14:54
lotuspsychjedelikt: next user with a powerplay card comes here, might get a big help out of this14:55
delikti will report it... and look what comes back... already i didnt report something since i use Linux... maybe i will be surprised14:57
lotuspsychjeim reading stuff about amdgpu.powerplay=114:57
MonkeyDustdelikt  that's exactly the idea of a community, open source etc14:58
MonkeyDustyou can contribute14:58
MonkeyDustnow back to my vacuum cleaner15:00
lotuspsychjei want to break freeeee15:00
Asad2005during installation i have a message regarding bios compatibility mode, if i continue with UEFI will i be able to boot windows 7 which is on another part?16:55
lotuspsychjeAsad2005: your on 16.04?16:56
MonkeyDustuefi with w7 ?16:59
Asad2005lotuspsychje: I am installing the latest beta16:59
Asad2005and i have win7 already but seems using bios comp mode as reported by installer17:00
lotuspsychjeAsad2005: what was the default Os that came by your pc?17:00
Asad2005its a laptop with ubuntu 12.04 and win 7 dual boot, i am installing 16.04 over 12.04 partition17:01
MoonBurstI went ahead and removed ubuntu, because it was stressing me out. I figure I'm better off waiting a few more days and trying 16.0419:27
duobixWhat will those few days give you?19:45
MoonBurstTime to destress and hopefully some new options that I can figure out a bit easier19:49
MoonBurstA decent part of the problem I was having is going to sound kind of dumb I think.19:55
MoonBurstI couldn't figure out how to make Ubuntu write to my slave drive19:55
MoonBurstAnd since I split my partition on my SSD, I only had like 50gigs or so to work with.19:55
MoonBurstPutting double my ram worth into a swap space ate up a good chunk pretty fast19:56
ChibaPetDouble your RAM for swap isn't a strict rule any more.19:59
MoonBurstI thought the rules said matching ram or double19:59
MoonBurstand... I don't exactly know what a swap space does... I just know that my VM demanded that I have it19:59
ChibaPetMatching is necessary if you hibernate.20:02
ChibaPetIf you don't hibernate, it really depends on the load you run.20:02
MoonBurstI really don't. It's a desktop20:15
ChibaPetHow much RAM have you got?20:17
ChibaPetIf I were you I'd be more than content with four gigs of swap.20:22
MoonBurstthat seems like not much from what I was told to use via youtube20:22
MoonBurstthen again, might have been outdated.20:22
ChibaPetI've got sixteen gigs of RAM on my desktop right now and eight gigs of swap which I haven't touched at all.20:22
MoonBurstI rarely ever if at all hit full useage of my ram.20:23
MoonBurstMost users never use more than 8 gigs for anything at all20:23
MoonBurstLike, unless you're opening  whole seasons of binge watching shows and preloading them or something20:24
ChibaPetOr running a Java app.20:31
MoonBurstI suppose you could be running an MMO with a memory leak20:33
ChibaPetWarcraft crashes under its own weight well before eight gigs.20:33
MoonBurstActually... my ram usage does look way too high right now...20:35
MoonBurstIt shows I'm at 90%, but that can't be right...20:35
ChibaPetProbably filesystem cache. Unused RAM is wasted RAM.20:36
jtaylorwhat shows that?20:36
ChibaPettop, for one20:36
MoonBursttask manager20:36
MoonBurstIt might be because my windows has the pagefile disabled20:37
MoonBurstYeah, I'm taking a break from ubuntu, because it was stressing me out20:38
ChibaPetPagefiles are not common or often recommended in Unix.20:38
ChibaPetDon't use prerelease software.20:38
ChibaPetGuaranteed broken.20:39
MoonBurstI was trying to work with 14.04, but because I couldn't get things to write onto my slave drive, I kept running out of memory.20:39
MoonBurstThat and I was being stupid and kept sudo installing things.20:39
MoonBurstSo I figured, screw it. Flip the table. I'll try this again once 16.04 comes out20:39
ChibaPetThis notion of a slave drive is curious.20:40
MoonBurstI have an SSD for my OS, and a 2tb for my not OS20:40
ChibaPetHow you divide them up is up to you.20:40
ChibaPetI'm guessing you wanted your spinning rust disk to be mounted on /home but didn't...?20:41
MoonBurstSSDs have higher read/write. So it makes sense to use that for the OS.20:41
MoonBurstBut I want programs to mostly run from my high compacity storage20:41
ChibaPetOnce programs are loaded you're mostly reading and writing data.20:42
ChibaPetI'd have the speed there20:42
MoonBurstmy SSD only really has 128 gigs of space. Split that in half for two partitions for different OSs20:43
MoonBurstAnd since I'm new to linux and want to play my games... I can't just drop Windows just yet20:46
ChibaPetWhat games can't you play on Linux?20:50
MoonBurstSome simply refuse to work on Linux.20:51
ChibaPet20G should be more than enough for a system partition for Ubuntu.20:51
ChibaPetMoonBurst: Examples?20:51
MoonBurstMaplestory. It won't run because of the anti hack methods20:52
MoonBurstHackShield and BlackCipher are essentially system level drivers20:52
MoonBurstLike, maybe I could run it in a VM, but then I kept running out of space trying to get it to install, because I couldn't figure out how to make it read/write to my slave drive20:55
ChibaPetPerhaps Windows is the best answer then.20:55
MoonBurstI figure for now I'll keep the windows side and see if I can work something out once 16.04 comes out20:55
ChibaPetPartitioning won't change between now and then,.20:56
MoonBurstPlus being new to unix based computing like Linux, I want to have a windows partition for if I break something and can't fix it20:56
MoonBurstBut I'd need to reinstall anyway, since I kept sudo installing because all the google searches were telling me those were the commands20:57
MoonBurstI basically messed things up20:57
ChibaPetThe forums are a cesspit. You really want to subscribe to mailing lists for questions.20:58
MoonBurstStill, I think that knowing I'm Linux stupid is the first step to becoming not Linux stupid.20:58
ChibaPetOr IRC, although you're as likely to get wildly incorrect answers here too, from self-described experts. It's an unfortunate big picture.20:59
ChibaPetadmin.com - the Unix Systems Administration Handbook - is an excellent resource20:59
MoonBurstthe massive amount of distros is likely part of the problem20:59
MoonBurstMy reasoning is that when you have 130 or so distros, there's bound to be a mixup between them, right?21:02
ChibaPetThey all use the same parts.21:12
ChibaPetAlthough, that said, there's an influx of tools from new folks who don't understand the value of tradition and simplicity, so there are some growing rifts I guess.21:14
ChibaPetThe buggy abomination known as systemd is the best example.21:15
MoonBurstI just did a search for systemd and found a graph that shows problems on the rise21:16
MonkeyDustMoonBurst  and it's 300 active distro's21:16
MoonBurstI figure since ubuntu is suppose to be beginner friendly and has huge backing, it's where I should start21:17
MonkeyDustMoonBurst  correct21:17
ChibaPetMoonBurst: I agree with that.21:17
MoonBursthaving a large userbase means it's likely to be good to have earned the base, and have decent support from the base21:18
MonkeyDustalso true21:18
ChibaPetWell. The first one anyway. :P21:18
MonkeyDustjust don't listen to ChibaPet21:18
MoonBurstand hopefully have decent support from the base*21:18
ChibaPetOn the plus side, there is a vigorous effort to improve the docs, so things might be improving pretty soon.21:19
ChibaPetAnd the software itself is definitely worth using.21:19
ChibaPetThere's also decent vendor support. The sheer headcount with Ubuntu makes it worth being your first target if you're going to ship something for Linux.21:20
MonkeyDustMoonBurst  there's also this  http://insights.ubuntu.com/category/case-studies?topic=desktop21:21
ChibaPetOh, that's neat.21:22
MoonBurstMake a software update to waterproof my system. Then I'll be impressed.21:22
MoonBurstwho was it that teased that? 4chan? or was it an apple april first thing?21:23
MonkeyDustand this   http://malaysiandigest.com/technology/482848-linux-is-everywhere-we-show-you-exactly-where.html21:24
MoPacHello -- I was looking at the package readout for an in-place upgrade to 16.04. A couple of the "removes" concerned me, and I wanted to check that it wasn't a problem.  xorg-xserver-input-mouse was one.21:25
MoonBurstand apparently, the penguin isn't very large in population in the snowy areas21:25
MonkeyDustaww, Putin is in that list too21:25
MonkeyDustMoPac  yes, some programs are no longer used in 16.0421:25
MoPaccool. Also, all of python3.4 seems to be going, and (I assume as a result?) qgis and python-qgis are removed21:26
MoPac...and kvirc (though I assume I can easily just compile that)21:27
MoPacI don't know if there's some easy way to check if I will be able to re-enable the repo / re-install a third-party program like qgis that's been uninstalled?21:28
MoPac(or do I need to actually try installing it in a live 16.04 session or something...?)21:29
MonkeyDustMoPac  in a terminal, paste this    ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported21:29
MoPacMonkeyDust: done21:30
MonkeyDustMoPac  it's misleading, i guess it's not what you need21:31
MoPacThere are of course a large number of packages -- including more or less the whole qgis set21:31
MoPacI think what I really have is more of a procedural question. I have the third-party repo for qgis working (qgis.org/debian), and there is a xenial version up. So would I be (relatively!) safe to assume that qgis is being removed by the upgrade because it's disabled the third-party source and therefore doesn't see that it can just upgrade to a qgis that's (presumably) built against python3.5?21:35
MoPacif that makes sense...21:35
ChibaPetMoPac: To be safe I'd remove the obsoleted package first, but maybe the upgrade tool will do the right thing. I'd still want to do it manually first.21:41
skjonesi'm sure i'm missing something simple, but the new software center in 16.04 (in live cd mode) seems to only show software already installed?  how does it show all software?22:02
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