justCarakasHello, I've got a question07:35
justCarakasI got a freshly installed ubuntu 14.04 and I'm trying to create a html5 app07:36
justCarakasI created one in the sdk targetting 15.04 (couldn't see 15.10) but when I try to start it I get errors07:36
justCarakasStarting /usr/bin/ubuntu-html5-app-launcher...07:37
justCarakasThis application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin "xcb".07:37
justCarakasReinstalling the application may fix this problem.07:37
justCarakasThe program has unexpectedly finished.07:37
justCarakas/usr/bin/ubuntu-html5-app-launcher crashed07:37
justCarakasthat is for the desktop one07:37
justCarakaswhen I target one of my kits I get the following errors07:38
justCarakas:-1: warning: desktop:Exec:MobileVikings: found unexpected Exec with architecture 'all': ./qtc_device_debughelper.py07:38
justCarakas:-1: warning: security:policy_groups_safe:MobileVikings:debug: (REJECT) reserved policy group 'debug': not for production use07:39
justCarakasThe debug policy group is automatically injected and should only be used for development.07:39
justCarakasPlease use the publish mode to create a package for the store!07:39
justCarakas:-1: warning: security:policy_groups_webapp:MobileVikings.apparmor: found unusual policy groups: debug07:39
justCarakasDoes anyone got an idea how to get past these ?07:39
justCarakasI looked on google but couldn't find a solution07:39
justCarakasanyone ?08:16
maxedHi again! I managed to get my chroots sorted, and build by project for Ubuntu Touch. However, now I can't run it on device. The error is "Selected architecture arm is not compatible with reported target architecture i386:x86-64". I don't quite understand what is "target" arch, and what is "selected" arch here, but anyway, I'm buidling app using armhf Kit and running on real device, not...09:17
maxed...emulator (it is selected for kit). Why doesn't it work?09:17
maxedAlso, I'm a bit nervous about "WARNING:root:Ignoring missing framework "ubuntu-sdk-15.04"" during install step. I wonder if any of appdevs could help me?09:26
nik90maxed, don't worry about the WARNING..I get it as well for some reason, but the app still works fine.09:27
nik90maxed, I will inform the SDK devs on Tuesday (hols due to Easter)09:27
maxednik90, OK. Heh, we have Easter of 1st of May this year in Russia, so I didn't know of holidays :)09:28
nik90maxed, Can you take a screenshot of Qtcreator and paste here? That would help me check if your run configuration is good.09:28
maxednik90, which pages?09:29
nik90maxed, just the overall qtc would do...in the bottom left corner there should be a indication of which device you're targetting and if everything is good09:29
nik90there should be a green circle.09:29
nik90if it isn't green, either you're using the wrong kit or the phone isn't detectd09:30
maxednik90, it is green, and reporting the right kit and that it will deploy to device09:32
nik90hmmm strange..and you still get the arch issue.09:33
nik90target arch is the arch of the device you're deploying to09:33
nik90while selected arch is the arch of the chroot you're using09:34
maxedA-ha. So the chroot is correct, but it is trying to run on desktop instead of device.09:34
maxedIs there any way to make Creatro cough up command lines it uses during deployment?09:35
maxedAll I get in Compile Output is "12:13:52: Uploading file "/home/maxed/lextre/drdestructo2-build/org.zxstudio.drdestructo2_0.9_armhf.click"..."09:35
maxedAnd "All files successfully deployed"09:36
nik90maxed, Check in Tools->Options->Build&Run->Kit09:37
nik90it should show which device a specific set is configured to use09:37
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maxednik90, it shows my devices's ID, but its status is "Disconnected". Usually, when I got that before, during deployment Creator asked me to connect my device, but currently it does not do that and proceeds to run on desktop. If I unlock device, it changes to "Ready to use", but app still runs on desktop.09:38
maxedMaybe I just should try re-creating project. Also, does it make any difference that I use CMake?09:39
nik90well both qmake .pro and CMake are supported. Infact the official core apps use CMake09:40
nik90check in the Projects tab if the right kit&device are selected then09:40
nik90it shouldn't just revert like that to the desktop09:40
nik90I always run on the phone (since I run 14.04), and if the phone is not available, it just shows an error/ dialog asking me to reconnect phone09:41
maxedYes, in Projects tab UbuntuSDK for armhf (GCC ubuntu-sdk-15.04-vivid) is selected09:41
nik90I'm out of ideas09:47
maxedOK, thank you anyway, I'll continue my struggle :) I tried stracing ubundt-sdk to find out wht is it doing exactly, but it fails to run commands in chroot when running under strace.09:49
nik90maxed, Until tuesday, I suppose you could install the click package on your phone manually and test stuff out.10:08
nik90QtC creates the armhf click package in the build directory10:09
maxednik90, I've tried it already, and it kind of works, but I'd like to have convenience of a working IDE at my disposal10:09
nik90maxed, indeed..I understand.10:09
maxedI'm porting a big project that depends on a big library, debugging that stuff with command-line gdb... Is not how I'd like to spend a weekend :)10:10
maxedI feel I have something wrong with some configuration. A freshly created test project (either with cmake or qmake) works just right on device.10:11
nik90Hmm ok..any chance you could then migrate your code to the sample template project and continue from there on10:12
maxedMaybe. I'm not sure. My CMake script is complex because of multi-platform support, but I can trim it down just for Ubuntu Touch for testing maybe... I'll think about it.10:17
maxedHm! How does Ubuntu knows which executable file to start when running a package?10:19
maxedI deleted Exec field from my .desktop file, and it still finds something to run.10:19
maxedFound debugger logs. I now have confirmation that QtCreator tries to run my app on desktop (not that I didn't know it before)10:23
maxedActually, "Run" page for my app and a test app are subtly different. My app has "Command line arguments" field and "Working directory", while test app has "Override if already installed" checkbox and another one.11:01
maxedSo, QtCreatory certainly THINKS that my app is for Desktop - even though it uses armhf Kit11:01
maxedBut I can't find what brings on this differenct :(11:02
maxedappdevelopers, is there a guide to porting CMake-based C++ project to Ubuntu Touch? However I try, I simply can't import my project so Ubuntu IDE would agree to run it on device. It always try to run it on desktop, and on Run tab options are all wrong.18:31
maxedWhen creating a new project, for pure C++ there is only option to create a qmake project (QtQuick App with QML)18:32
maxedQML apps are not a good template for porting, because they don't event have add_executable, but instead use custom target to run qmlscene.18:32
maxedSo, I can't see what am I doing wrong.18:33
maxed(Or maybe it is impossible to have CMake-based project with C++ only?)18:33
maxedHm, actually I HAVE created a working C++-only CMake project befroe.18:36
maxedOr not. No, I create a qmake project then.18:36
maxedqmake-based project definitely work. I now build my app as a library with CMake-based project, then link it and build click package via qmake project.21:23
maxedThis unholy combination actually resulted in my game running on device!21:23
maxedBut it's not very convenient, I have troubles with debugging21:23
maxedOh, how I wish Ubuntu Touch had more documentation... Time to go to sleep now.21:25

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