pavlushkaGood Morning Every one!!!03:19
pavlushkaসবাইকে স্বাধীনতা দিবসের শুভেচ্ছা!05:57
pavlushkao/ Kilos 08:27
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:27
Kilosmorning everyone else too08:28
pavlushkaKilos, you see the google today??08:33
Kilosno i have been watching rugby and dooing chores08:34
pavlushkatry it, the search engine.08:34
Kilosi dont like google 08:35
Kilosi use duck duck go08:35
pavlushkayou'll see something, that's why I am asking.08:35
Kiloswhat must i google08:35
pavlushkajust load the search engine.08:36
Kilosi dunno how to do that08:36
Kilosi use opera-browser08:36
Kilosok sec08:36
pavlushkayou can type it in anyway.08:36
Kiloswhat must i see there08:37
pavlushkathe logo.08:37
Kilosmine went straight to google.co.za08:38
Kilosnot google.com08:38
KilosGoogle.co.za offered in: Afrikaans Sesotho isiZulu IsiXhosa Setswana Northern Sotho08:39
pavlushkathen load "www.google.com.bd"08:45
Kilosoh the bridge08:46
Kilosour google still looks the same08:47
pavlushkano, click on the logo08:47
Kilosoh i see08:49
Kilosours does nothing08:49
pavlushkaya, I've loaded www.google.co.za, I can see.08:50
Kiloswell  i miss nothing because i dont use it anyway08:50
Kilosonly the bot does08:51
KilosbdBot hi08:51
KilosQA hi08:52
pavlushkaQA got his favorite!08:52
QApavlushka: Excuse me?08:52
Kilosthe guys made a nice bot in ibid08:52
Kilosjust takes getting used to all the things it can do and what words mean what08:53
pavlushkasorry "her"08:53
pavlushkaHi toshazed !09:47
Kiloshi toshazed 09:47
Kiloshows things there09:47
toshazedhello pavel and kilos09:51
toshazedtoday is the independence day in here in Bangladesh. In 1971 we declared our independence in this day.09:53
toshazedand it is a national holiday09:54
Kilosuse it well 09:54
Kilosrest and build up for the coming week09:54
toshazedtrying hard to make some time for foruming but no luck09:55
Kiloseveryone worldwide is getting busier every year09:55
toshazedthough gave end user support to 15 people last week, translated a few strings for upcoming Xenial Xerox09:56
Kilosthats good09:56
Kilospavlushka is trying it in xfce i think09:56
Kilosill stick with 14.04 kde till 16.04 is stable09:57
toshazedhmm. each day I plan to do some foruming, so blog post, at least 5 end user support and 10string to be translated each day. but cannot manage my time. :(09:58
toshazedI am also a kde fan. and sticking with the 14.04 kde till the next stable release. :)09:59
toshazedso, in the near past we are on a discussion about activating ubuntu bangladesh to live again from its cold/too much calm state 10:04
toshazedkilos and belkinsa was also in the common loco-council mail10:05
Kilosthey are very active but all in facebook10:05
toshazedany more update or good news on that?10:05
Kilos340 of them10:05
Kiloswe are trying to get some of them to come here10:06
toshazedI don't think I must be on facebook as to be and Ubuntu-Bangladesh member. It is not in the community guideline10:06
Kilosand pavlushka is also trying to grow this channel10:06
Kilosno, i dont like facebook much either10:07
Kilosbut Ekushey has been active here again10:07
toshazedI think we should get into the mailling list and more online community page like G+ and LinkedIn.10:07
toshazedEkushey is our Russel John, Ubuntu-BD leader till 2006.10:08
toshazedmailing list could be a public record10:08
Kiloshe joins us here often now10:08
toshazedand fine for the next generation10:08
toshazedas history log10:09
toshazedI love to communicate over there as It can be more reachable for any online users. It is not domain specific.10:09
Kilosi of course love irc10:10
Kilosmost ubuntu work gets done on irc10:10
Kilosand thats how i got involved10:11
toshazedI love irc for chatting. but for community support as that will applicable for the end user technically mailing list is great.10:11
Kilosthe nice thing with irc is you can get instant answers10:11
pavlushkaHi I am back, was on a lunch break.10:11
toshazedthat true10:11
Ekusheytoshazed: Ubuntu-BD is an active team, you don't have to worry about it. Mind your business.10:12
pavlushkaand history logs too.10:12
KilosEkushey no fighting10:12
Kiloswe must all work together to grow linux worldwide10:12
pavlushkaসবাইকে স্বাধীনতা দিবসের শুভেচ্ছা! Happy Independence day!10:13
Kilosas long as we are all separate microsoft scores10:13
EkusheyKilos: I'm off, will talk later.10:13
Kilosgo well10:14
toshazedkilos do you find the words by ekushey now?10:14
Kiloswe all need to work together in unity10:14
toshazedI found this one offensive and that was my complain 10:14
Kilosyou guys need to shake hands and work together10:15
Kiloslet the past be the past10:16
Kilosmove forward in peace10:16
toshazedDear Ekushey I know what to do and what not. This community should be alive as per community guideline, in a common place where anyone can say, comment and talk. It should not be a forum for bunch of selected by someone.10:17
toshazedthus it will be a live community.10:17
toshazedIf you think I am not suitable for you or your community then it is true. But Ubuntu-BD was never a personal/private forum or community and nor it will be and I will continue my work for the community as long as I live.10:19
pavlushkathats very inspiring I think.10:21
Kiloswe must just sit back and think that it is always better to work together10:21
Kilosunited we stand, divided we fall10:22
toshazedkilos I was not getting anything personal and never be in future. I just want to do work for a better community towards digital freedom.10:22
Kilospersonal opinions should not be involved in ubuntu work10:22
Kilosthat should be all of our main goal toshazed 10:23
Kilosworking as a team10:23
toshazedif someone come into the path of that freedom I will try my best to break through. I will talk, I will chat and I will ask more people to stand and break down the dictatorship. No one can dictate an open community.10:24
Kiloswe need to all get together and find solutions not make more problems10:25
EkusheyOMG so much drama going on here!10:26
EkusheyCarry on, I'll read the logs later :)10:26
KilosEkushey join us10:26
toshazedyes. It is. But first of all we need to accept our wrong doings and problem facts. After that we can resolve the problem.10:26
Kiloslets all make friends10:27
EkusheyKilos: I'm at work, will be busy for another 5-6 hours10:27
Kilosok we can chat anytime10:27
EkusheyLater! :)10:27
pavlushkaLaters, Ekushey !!!!10:28
Kilosi just want all locos to be happy like my home loco10:28
toshazedDear Kilos for this kind of interaction I think the group mail is a better option. We all have our time to answer them.10:29
toshazedMoreover I will be offline for next two weeks as I will be out of Bangladeh.10:30
Kilosi dont mind, where we sort things out as long as we sort them out10:30
Kilosi have many locos world wide to thry get going again10:31
Kilosindia is next10:31
Kiloswe can even get together after the two weeks toshazed 10:32
toshazedok then.10:32
Kilosand pop in anytime10:32
pavlushkanice to have you you here!10:32
Kiloswe can use the mailing list as well10:32
toshazedplease knock-knock at my gmail anytime you need. I will be there if it is anyhow possible. :)10:33
Kilosi just want ubuntu to be happy everywhere10:33
Kilosi will do thank you10:33
toshazedThank you everyone. Be an Ubuntero. Happy Hacking.10:35
Kilosyou too thanks toshazed 10:35
pavlushkathank you toshazed !10:35

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