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madigensAnybody here with the power to update the freetype package to 2.6.3 for xenial? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/freetype/+bug/152129910:20
ubot5Launchpad bug 1521299 in freetype (Ubuntu) "Update to 2.6.3" [Wishlist,Triaged]10:20
madigens2.6.1 may contain security issues.10:20
ksamakhi all11:19
ksamaki guess no-one's working today, but i'll ask anyway11:19
ksamakit's about compiz11:19
ksamaksay a plugin wanted to inquire about the value of... say the current zoom, in ezoom. would that be hard to impl?11:20
ksamakcause with the zoom changes i made, it break the centering of mouse in showmouse plugin11:21
ksamakTrevinho: btw, still haven't found that ;-)11:21
ksamakalso, we might wanna talk about the changes i'm proposing, when i upload the patch (soon)11:22
tusharhello friends , can anyone suggest me version which best support on thinkpad p50 ?14:24
tushari installed 14.04 which was not supporting wifi and lan card and sound drivers14:25
binary01 hi all, i am having trouble booting into my desktop. At first after i try to login it would just return to login screen. i read that i may be a problem with lightdm and to try gdm instead. i installed gdm and now i get a black screen on boot. does anyone know how to fix this?15:42
flocculantbinary01: this isn't a support channel - and is extremely quiet at the weekend - try #ubuntu :)15:45
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