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karstensragewhats involved in getting backport bugs addressed00:25
lamontI don't like it when apt-get dist-upgrade says this:00:31
lamontFetched 7,012 kB in 25s (275 kB/s)00:31
lamontSegmentation fault00:31
karstensrageis that 16.04?00:33
GunnarHjkarstensrage: Ping someone in https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-backporters00:36
karstensrageanyone? there are only 10?00:42
karstensragethe pending members have been pending for quite some time O.O00:43
karstensragebroder, maybe you might be interested?00:45
karstensragewhats the criteria for backporting new00:59
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fastercatIs there any additonal debug output I can turn on for a video driver?14:19
fastercatIt is crashing with cryptic messages like NVRM: os_schedule: Attempted to yield the CPU while in atomic or interrupt context14:20
fastercatand a lot of NVRM: Xid (PCI:0000:07:00): 3, C 00000002 SC 00000003 M 00000104 Data 0000000014:20
fastercatIt is:07:00.0 VGA compatible controller: NVIDIA Corporation G98 [GeForce 8400 GS Rev. 2] (rev a1)14:21
Unit193zigo: LP 1562358 finally filed, along with LP 1562356.  Just FYI.17:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1562358 in python-googleapi (Ubuntu) "python-googleapi is incompatible with oauth2client >= 2.x" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156235817:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1562356 in gcalcli (Ubuntu) "gcalcli incompatible with oauth2client >= 2.x" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156235617:15
julianklamont: If the crash was in xenial, apt 1.2.8 fixes a known segfault. It just needs to be synced. It would still make sense to have a full backtrace, if possible.19:19
juliankOh wait, no, 1.2.8 fixes an update segfault.19:20
juliankSo a full bt would be *really* useful19:20
juliankIf it's APT that's crashing, otherwise I don't care :)19:22
infinitySkuggen: usr/include/mysql/mysql/client_plugin.h:103:38: fatal error: mysql/plugin_auth_common.h: No such file or directory21:00
infinitycompilation terminated.21:00
infinitySkuggen: MySQL's fault, or mythtv's?21:00
infinitysuperm1: mythtv seems to hate you.21:13
Skuggeninfinity: mysql.h includes mysql/client_plugin.h in 5.7, and didn't in 5.621:15
SkuggenIt needs include/mysql on the include path to work21:15
infinitySkuggen: Is that not provided by pkg-config or similar (or is mythtv not using it?)21:16
SkuggenThe header structure is a bit of a mess. Devs are working on cleaning it up, but wasn't ready for the 5.7 release :|21:16
SkuggenYeah, I haven't seen that issue outside mythtv so far21:16
SkuggenSo it's part that the directory structure is weird and part that mythtv does something a bit differently, I think21:16
infinityYeah.  Looking now.21:17
superm1I explicitly patched to fix that21:18
* superm1 shrugs21:18
infinitysuperm1: You may have patched the wrong bit.  The g++ command sure doesn't have the include.21:18
* infinity grabs the source.21:19
superm1I patched the header check and the .pro to add the includes. It did all work correctly in my local test build21:23
superm1I'm afk atm I'll look when I get to computer21:23
lamontjuliank: gdb apt-get; r dist-upgrade.... and it's working :(21:30
lamontoh, right .. let's do this on the correct machine21:30
lamontapt-get dist-upgrade ==> segv.  apt-get install gdb ==>runs to completion fine.21:31
lamontbug inbound against apt with the trqace21:32
infinityYou're lucky the latter didn't fix the former.21:32
lamontI KNOW21:32
* lamont was quite concerned actually21:32
infinityI'd have unpacked a dpkg deb without dpkg or apt's databases being involved, probably. :P21:33
lamontI see that 1.2.8 is there, I'll try that after I file the bug.21:33
infinitys/dpkg deb/gdb deb/21:33
lamontyou know it's a red letter day, when you get to type Yes, do as I say!, twice.21:33
infinityI don't think I've had to type that in years.21:34
infinityI get the prompt all the time, but that's my own stupid fault, and it's saving me from myself.21:34
lamontoh yes, that prompt is the machine going, no seriously, think about this one before you say yes, multiple times.21:35
lamontif you ever determine that you should really type it, it's time to file a bug.21:35
infinityIt's triggered by removing an Essential package, IIRC.  Not a whole lot of logic behind it.21:35
infinityAnd yes, absolutely a distro bug if it happens without you explicitly removing something you shouldn't.21:35
lamontyep.  removing essential is the whole and sole cause of that21:37
* infinity upgrades his IBM PowerStation from 14.04 to 16.04 for the lolz.21:39
* lamont attaches the trace from 1.2.821:40
lamontjuliank: over to you sir, lp #156240221:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1562402 in apt (Ubuntu) "segv in apt 1.2.7 with dist-upgrade" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156240221:40
infinityMan, this disk (and the SAS controller it's attached to) were wildly overspecced for this machine.21:41
juliankOh no21:41
juliankTwo different backtraces :/21:42
infinityI do believe this is the only 15k RPM disk in my house.21:42
lamontinfinity: is it time for me to start shifting the home infra to xenial?21:42
infinityBut I guess this is what happens when you ask IBM to make an "affordable workstation".21:42
julianklamont: Can you generate a bt with dbgsyms?21:42
infinitylamont: That's what I'm doing right now.  I think we still have one or two upgrade bugs you might want to wait on, though.21:42
* lamont hasn't bothered with dbgsyms in ages... process?21:43
infinitylamont: Definitely have one that fubars upgrades in GUIs.21:43
infinitylamont: I'm seeing now how serverish upgrades go.21:43
lamontinfinity: I see21:43
* lamont will let infinity embrace the suck on his behalf21:43
infinityRight now, all I can report is that server upgrades are fast.  If you have a disk that can actually keep up with your CPU.21:44
infinityOr, in this case, a disk that might be faster than my CPU. :P21:44
julianklamont: and/or run it in valgrind21:44
juliank(preferably and)21:45
infinitylamont: dbgsyms == install libc6-dbg and install the matching lib and apt ddebs from http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/pool/main/a/apt/21:45
lamontsigh.  installed valgrind (and the most recent maas, because of huh), and then ran apt-get dist-upgrade... and it's running21:45
infinitylamont: Yes, you can add ddebs.u.c to sources.list and 'apt-get install apt-dbgsym' too, if apt is working.21:46
infinityOh.  Or valgrind broke you.  \o/21:46
lamontyeah  it could have been that the maas ppa install tickled it into happiness, too21:46
infinityYay for perturbing databases until it works. :(21:46
lamontbut valgrind and I are about to have some fun21:46
lamontinfinity: no yay21:46
* lamont loves hard failurs21:46
infinitySaving /var/lib/dpkg, /var/cache/apt, and /var/lib/apt might have been nice.21:46
infinityIf you have a time machine.21:47
lamont"dammit, I wish I'd created that lvmsnapshot that I didn;t think to do this time"21:47
lamontah, but I do have a backup of yesterday that includes /var/lib/dpkg21:47
infinityIndeed you would.21:47
infinityIf you know what you've installed since, it's pretty safe to restore the old dpkg bits.  Well, safe-ish.21:48
infinityAnd just reinstall overtop again.21:48
infinityAfter debugging. :P21:48
lamontbackup excludes for /var: lib/dpkg/21:48
infinitylamont: /var/backups21:49
lamontI'll rewind the maas bits, maybe21:49
julianklamont: Do you perhaps have /var/backups/dpkg.status.0{,1.gz,2.gz}21:50
infinityIt's not the entirety of /var/lib/dpkg, IIRC, but it's the databases apt cares about.21:50
* juliank has that on Debian21:50
juliankbut not sure why21:50
lamontdo I care about more than dpkg.status?21:50
infinityPossibly apt.extended_states.0 too, depending on where the crash was.21:50
juliankThat should be it. You can just pass -o Dir::State::Status=/var/backups/dpkg.status.0  to APT I'd think21:51
lamontSegmentation fault21:52
juliankYay! Let's go valgrinding that bastard.21:52
* lamont installs dbg syms21:53
lamontW: Failed to fetch http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-proposed/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found21:53
lamontW: Failed to fetch http://ddebs.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial-proposed/main/binary-amd64/Packages  404  Not Found21:53
lamontinfinity: sigh.. what does that ddebs line look like?21:53
infinitylamont: No ubuntu.21:54
infinityJust ddebs.u.c/ $series $comp $comp21:54
infinityWe really should put an ubuntu symlink in there to /21:54
juliankinfinity: oh, thanks for the 1.2.8 sync.21:54
infinityMaybe I'll do that right now.21:54
infinityjuliank: I caught you talking about it in backscroll, changelog looked sane, so you're welcome.21:55
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514548/ <-- with dbgsyms21:55
stgraberinfinity: yes we should! it's been bugging me SO many times21:55
infinitystgraber: Done.21:55
* infinity tests.21:56
juliankI don't think it's mentioned in the changelog, but I made the flaky tests retry, so I hope it passes CI on all architectures now, even the always-failed armhf21:56
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514567/ <-- juliank21:56
lamontlooking forward to 1.2.9 :D21:56
infinityLooks like that did the trick.21:56
infinitylamont: Works with ubuntu now too. :P21:56
* lamont hugs infinity21:57
juliankhmm, seems like those dbgsym do not match your installed version :(21:57
infinityExcept for apt yelling at me about it.21:57
lamontoh, yeha21:57
infinityOh, but that's true regardless of the path.21:57
infinityIt just needs fixing still.21:57
juliankAnyway, that's fairly weird stuff21:58
infinityOr I need to ship the key in the distro.  Derp.21:58
Unit193ddebs could likely be useful to add commented out in the default sources.list these days.21:58
lamontjuliank: that's 1.2.7 syms with 1.2.8 apt. :(21:58
* juliank thought so21:58
infinitySo get 1.2.8 syms?21:58
juliankseems the new ones are not available yet21:58
infinityThey're available in LP.21:59
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514599/ <-- full valgrind21:59
lamontinfinity: reinstalled 1.2.721:59
infinityThat works too.  But I suspect he wants both if they're different.21:59
lamontjuliank: ^^ 1.2.7 bt22:00
julianklamont: reinstall libapt-pkg5.0=1.2.722:00
infinitylamont: Also, dude, learn to autoremove.22:00
juliankYou only pulled in the apt binaries, not the library22:00
lamontinfinity: I do.. this is me not perturbing the db22:00
juliankinfinity: Now both are the same...22:00
juliankOh well, sorry, library is not downgraded yet.22:00
lamontii  libapt-pkg5.0:amd64                 1.2.7                               amd64        package management runtime library22:01
lamontdpkg -l | grep 1.2.8 yields only zlib1g22:01
lamontinfinity: lp #1543683 has me being generous in my keeping of kernels22:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1543683 in linux (Ubuntu Xenial) "Fails to detect (second) display" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/154368322:02
juliankTo be fair, I have no idea what's going on. It seems that we are iterating to a broken dependency22:03
juliank(in both cases)22:03
lamontand sometime between now and mondya, I need to boot a kernel so that I can definitively say that the "fix released" there is an outright lie22:03
lamontjuliank: there is one small lie in the status file, that I don't think should matter... Package: perl5 Depends: perl, because I haven't rebuilt a binary yet to depend on perl instead of perl522:04
lamontmentioned in the interests of full disclosure22:04
* lamont tries one other thing22:05
lamontinteresting... if I drop the maas ppas, then all is happy and right in the world again22:08
* lamont bisects22:08
* infinity still resents that he needs to do this after do-release-upgrade:22:08
infinitydpkg -l | awk '/^rc/ {print $2}' | xargs dpkg -P22:08
lamontamusingly, /var/backups is in my backup22:08
infinitylamont: Could the maas PPA have a broken control file somewhere that dpkg somehow missed?22:09
lamontI have been doing rm /var/lib/apt/lists/*; apt-get update each pass22:09
juliankinfinity: Would you rather do apt purge ?config-files22:09
infinityjuliank: I didn't know that was a thing.22:10
lamontFile descriptor 3 (pipe:[5854305]) leaked on vgs invocation. Parent PID 3149: /usr/sbin/grub-probe22:10
juliankinfinity: It isn't22:10
lamontstupid grub-probe22:10
infinityjuliank: But it's not the shell pipe that I resent, it's that I can't upgrade-with-purge via the release-upgrader.  ie: it's our bug. :P22:10
juliankinfinity: It's an aptitude thing right now...22:10
juliankBut I definitely want patterns in APT soon-ish22:10
infinitylamont: As to the parallel topic, a serverish do-release-upgrade -d seemed to DTRT.  Packages all installed, postinsts all succeeded, the only unexpected removal was aptitude (which I almost consider a feature, but I suppose I should look into).22:12
infinityRebooting now to be sure it actually worked...22:12
lamontyeah, they'll squawk about that22:12
infinityAnd it boots!22:13
infinityAll systemdish and kernel 4.4ish.22:13
julianklamont: YOu might want to run with Debug::pkgPackageManager=yes and see which package causes that (it should be the last printed in a line starting with SmartUnPack)22:14
juliankthen you can see if there's anything odd about that22:14
juliankWe need to retry the APT test on armhf22:16
lamontdist-upgrade with everything but http://ppa.launchpad.net/maas-maintainers/experimental3/ubuntu enabled, ran fine.  uncommented that one, and *splat*22:17
infinityErm.  Reboot worked okay except that my / is read-only now.  WTF, systemd.22:17
lamont    SmartUnPack maas-region-controller-min:amd64 (replace version 2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1 with Segmentation fault22:17
lamonthow appropriate22:17
infinityReplace it with a SEGV indeed.22:18
infinityjuliank: Retried.22:18
juliankinfinity: thx22:18
julianklamont: What's the apt-cache policy output for that?22:19
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514824/ <-- almost pasted before you asked22:19
julianklamont: apt-cache showpkg would be good to have too22:21
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514844/ <-- showpkg juliank22:22
infinityThat's show, not showpkg.22:22
lamont-kohlrabi(root) 381 : apt-cache showpkg maas-region-controller-min > zz22:22
lamontmight be, but iz showpkg.22:22
juliankinfinity: BTW: The failed test tries to detect that progress reporting works (start at 0, pulses somewhere in the middle, and stops at 100). It tests a 800k file download, at speed 1600/i where i is in [1..10]22:22
juliankSo it actually loads the 800 KB file at 160 KB/s22:23
infinitylamont: showpkg looks more like http://paste.ubuntu.com/15514856/22:23
lamontoh haha22:24
lamonthttp://paste.ubuntu.com/15514869/ <-- actually different and correct this time22:25
juliankBut if it crashes after the "replaces ... with" part, it's actually worse than I though22:26
juliankWell, it makes sense, though22:27
juliankmaybe it's a regression from bug #155074122:28
ubottubug 1550741 in kmod (Ubuntu) "Upgrade failed - unauthenticated package (module-init-tools)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/155074122:28
juliankhmm, typo22:28
juliankThat is: The problem now appears to be that the cache has an invalid version selected for installation.22:30
juliankWhich might be a regression from http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/apt/apt.git/commit/?id=0390edd5452b081f8efcf412f96d535a1d95945722:30
lamontjuliank: and reproduced on another machine!22:31
lamontjuliank: point me at an ssh key for you?22:31
juliankSecond or third one of https://launchpad.net/~juliank/+sshkeys22:32
lamont| fa1b75a1-152b-4479-a80e-9b8edaea6caa | ubuntu-released/ubuntu-xenial-16.04-beta1-amd64-server-20160223.1-disk1.img  | ACTIVE |                                      |22:36
juliankhmm, where do I get that nova tool?22:38
lamontjuliank: see also /query22:38
lamonts python-novaclient22:38
infinityOh, you can't be serious.22:43
infinitylamont: Okay, one glaring effin' regression from upstart/mountall->systemd that I can't believe I'm the first to run into.22:44
lamontdo I even want to know?22:44
infinitylamont: It fails to remount / rw if there's no (OTHERWISE COMPLETELY POINTLESS) entry for / in fstab.22:44
lamonthow's that readnoly thing going?22:44
infinityWell, fine now that I added an fstab entry. :P22:45
infinityStupid bug is stupid.22:45
infinityAnd completely counter to the "empty /etc" goal, so I have no idea WTF.22:46
lamontinfinity: you know what's hilarious?  "Myspace for dummies", published 200822:46
karstensrageinfinity, do you pull from unstable or just testing? for xenial?22:47
lamontjuliank: amuslingly? apt-get install maas fix0rs everything22:47
infinitykarstensrage: Unstable.22:47
karstensrageits up there22:47
infinitykarstensrage: Does "it" have a name?22:47
lamontnote also that the automatic pulling from unstable stopped for xenial a while ago22:48
karstensrageone sec22:48
infinitylamont: Yeah, he's trying to get something NEW in.22:48
infinitylamont: Which would be easier with a package name.22:48
infinity*hint, hint*22:48
lamontinfinity: what, can't you just do a for loop checking for new packages? :p22:48
* lamont has lost faith22:49
infinitylamont: We effectively do just that when autosyncing, but not past DIF.22:49
infinitykarstensrage: FWIW, source packages are the real interest, so https://packages.qa.debian.org/libpam-ufpidentity would be the more relevant URL for such requests (happens that binary and source match this time, though).22:50
infinitykarstensrage: And synced.22:50
karstensragethank you so much22:51
infinitykarstensrage: And https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libpam-ufpidentity to follow along at home.22:52
* lamont wanders off for a bit22:52
infinity"Bash script for wrapping cron jobs to prevent excess email sendin" ... Because that extra 'g' would have been too much.22:58
Unit193Hah. :D22:59
Unit193Thanks for reviewing cronic!22:59
infinityUnit193: "Review" is a strong word for what I do with direct Debian syncs.22:59
Unit193Still, thanks.23:00
infinityBut now all I can think of is some redneck worryin' about too much email sendin' on his dialup.23:00
Unit193Ahaha. :D23:01
* Unit193 is from Ohio, but city parts!23:01
julianklamont: infinity: Issue caused by the commit I linked.23:03
juliankSo: Yay, it's mvo's fault!23:03
infinityjuliank: Man, that mvo guy sure is a jerk.23:04
infinityOh, wait, no.  The other thing.23:04
lamontohio has  city parts?23:04
infinitylamont: Cleveland?23:04
lamontI guess so23:05
infinitylamont: Population of 400k.  Doesn't qualify as a "city" to me, but it does to most people. :P23:05
lamontinfinity: for you, it's not a city until it's big enough to have an underbelly?23:05
Unit193Welp, I don't know what I live in then, it certainly isn't a 'city' though if CLE isn't. >_>23:05
infinityOn, and Columbus is 800k.23:06
infinityThat's approaching a real city.23:06
lamontUnit193: tbf, the post office serving my house is for a town that might be 4500 now, and the next closest town has about a 150k population23:07
juliankmaas-region-controller-min:amd64 Depends on maas-common [ amd64 ] < 2.0.0~alpha3+bzr4810-0ubuntu1 -> 2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4843-0ubuntu1~xenial2 > ( net ) (= 2.0.0~alpha4+bzr4837-0ubuntu1~xenial1) can't be satisfied!23:08
infinitylamont: But you no longer get your Internet via Pringles can, so you're moving up in the world.23:08
Unit193lamont: ...The metro area has 124,475. >_>23:08
lamontinfinity: but I hate paying for my T123:09
lamontwhich, tbf, is about 1/7 the bandwidth of the radio that's still on the tower, just not used by me23:10
infinitylamont: I thought you finally got cheap residential cable out there?23:10
lamontcable comes to about 2 miles away23:10
infinityOh. :P23:10
infinity2 miles is pretty close!23:10
lamontthe DSLAM is 17000 feet -- tariff is 15000... and "T1" is a total misnomer for a pair of bonded hdsl lines23:10
lamontand that is why I have an office in town23:11
infinityOh, it's not actual ISDN/T1 old skool tech?  Just DSL sold at T1 speeds?23:11
lamontI could have DSL if the firestation were 1/2 mile closer23:11
lamontnot entirely sure... "4-wire T1"23:12
lamontbut I'm given to understand that it's hdsl pretending to be a T1... 2-pair to the house, and then magically 1-pair to get to the terminus in the computer room23:12
lamonthttp://goo.gl/BTcjCE <-- infinity23:14
lamontthat's the box in the comp room23:14
lamontthe next step down was 128kbps ISDN for about 2/3 the price of the T123:15
lamontamusingly, it's not uncommon for me to see 180KB/s from the T123:15
infinityThat sounds like real old skool analog tdm T1.23:15
lamontyeah - it's more the 2-pair from the ped to the demark that leads me to believe it's playing games23:16
infinityBut maybe their magic ... Yeah.23:16
juliankAlmost fixed23:16
infinitylamont: It must be weird living in the past.23:16
infinitylamont: Did you have to brush up on WTF Frame Relay is? :P23:17
lamontalso, screw you. :p23:17
lamontI don't think they're actually using frame relay, either.23:17
infinityWell, Frame or ATM would seem like the protocols of choice.23:18
infinityPerhaps with a PPPo in front of it if they hate their customers.23:18
lamontthe funniest part?  they deliver me 3 voice circuits from that adtran, which then go into a telephony card23:18
lamontoh, the actual service for me:  their adtran is configured on a 1918 network talking to my router and passing me a /29 (and sometimes, even their tier 2 is most confused how that even works)23:19
lamontso from my perspective, it's just "ip route default via 192.168...."23:20
lamontand, of course, they advertise my /24 from the swamp for me, at no additional charge23:20
lamontanyrate, afk23:22
infinityjuliank: Are you going to tag a 1.2.9 with this fix "soonish", or should I just yoink the commit for an ubuntu1?23:22
juliankinfinity: I'll do some more testing and upload this tomorrow I think23:23
infinityjuliank: WFM.23:23
infinityjuliank: I'm in no rush, lamont got unstuck, and I'm guessing it's a bit of a corner case.  Just want it in xenial sometime soonish.23:23
juliankThat should fix it23:26
juliankI should also come up with a test case, though23:28
juliankinfinity: I'm not sure if removing maas-region-controller-min and installing maas-region-controller is the right choice, though, but it's what APT < 1.2.7 did and does not crash23:31
juliankI see, maas-region-controller-min is not up to date enough23:32
juliank(4837 and the rest 4843)23:32
juliankNow I need to build a test case where one package needs to be removed to allow another package to be installed.23:33
juliankLet's see if I can do that23:33
lamontjuliank: maas-region-controller-min got renamed to maas-region-api23:46
lamontjuliank: ^^23:48
juliankYeah, saw that.23:48
lamontso before was maas-region-controller{,-min} and now is maas-region-{api,controller}23:48
juliankIt unfortunately works in a minimized example test case23:49
lamontof course it does. :(23:49
infinity● nosferatu23:56
infinity    State: running23:56
infinity     Jobs: 0 queued23:56
infinity   Failed: 0 units23:56
infinity● leviathan23:56
infinity    State: running23:56
infinity     Jobs: 1783695312 queued23:56
infinity   Failed: 1783695312 units23:56
infinityOoo, even better on s390x.23:57
infinity● z13-02823:57
infinity    State: running23:57
infinity     Jobs: 3804834690 queued23:57
infinity   Failed: 3804834690 units23:57
infinitySO MANY JOBS!23:57
infinityxnox: ^-- Some lolz for you.  nosferatu = amd64, leviathan = powerpc, z13-028 = s390x.23:58
infinitysystemd, you never cease to amaze.23:59

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