lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:05
lotuspsychjemorning baizon06:08
baizonhi lotuspsychje06:11
EriC^^morning lotuspsychje08:00
lotuspsychjehey EriC^^ how are you :p08:00
lotuspsychjegreenbug: welcome :p08:01
EriC^^good thanks, you?08:01
lotuspsychjeEriC^^: great tnx08:01
lotuspsychjegreenbug: whats going on with x mate?08:01
greenbughello lotuspsychje, thanks for inviting me!08:01
lotuspsychjeno prob, you do alot of support also08:01
greenbugThis has most of the details: http://askubuntu.com/questions/750316/issues-using-x11vnc-when-xfces-lock-screen-is-active08:01
lotuspsychjegreenbug: hmm sorry i dont play with vnc for security reasons08:02
greenbugI've never been able to wrap my head around X displays and sessions, I haven't been able to find any articles to learn how they work08:02
lotuspsychjegreenbug: maybe try ssh -X or so?08:03
lotuspsychjegreenbug: the #openssh guys know howto exactly08:03
greenbugI haven't had any issues with security or ssh forwarding, just with VNC and X displays08:04
lotuspsychjegreenbug: well just be carefull with vnc server, youl get hammered 24/708:04
greenbuglotuspsychje: don't worry, its only open on my LAN ;)08:05
lotuspsychjeok :p08:05
lotuspsychjei use teamviewer for single use things08:06
greenbugso you think #openssh would be able to help with X display/vnc issues?08:06
lotuspsychje!vnc | greenbug anything usefull here?08:06
ubot5greenbug anything usefull here?: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX08:06
ubot5FreeNX is advanced remote desktop technology. For more information and install instructions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeNX08:06
greenbugI'll do some reading, thanks lotuspsychje!08:07
lotuspsychjegreenbug: perhaps not vnc, but im sure they can offer alternative08:07
greenbugI was really hoping to stick with vnc, since it has a good client for my phone08:10
lotuspsychjegreenbug: maybe some usefull info here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/229989/how-to-setup-x11vnc-to-access-with-graphical-login-screen08:11
greenbuglotuspsychje: I saw that one, but without understanding how X sessions and displays work, I don't know what's wrong08:15
lotuspsychjegreenbug: not sure either sorry, i dont mess with vnc08:16
EriC^^a whiner08:41
lotuspsychjeim glad 15.04 is eol and 15.10 almost vanished08:43
lotuspsychjemost black screens ever08:43
lotuspsychjexenial will do alot of goodies :p08:43
EriC^^yeah :D08:44
baizon15.04 was ok, 15.10 a little bit worse08:47
baizonbut 16.04 is awesome :D08:47
ubot5No, it's not out yet!08:48
baizonusing it for 2 weeks now :P08:49
baizononly 1 bug that i got... gufw isnt starting08:49
lotuspsychjewith systemd its rocknroll fast08:49
lotuspsychje3sec sudo halt -p08:49
lotuspsychje!info gufw xenial08:50
ubot5gufw (source: gui-ufw): graphical user interface for ufw. In component universe, is optional. Version 16.04.1-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 777 kB, installed size 3175 kB08:50
lotuspsychjehmm only 1 bug :p08:51
lotuspsychjebaizon: maybe add yours too?08:52
baizongot it fixed :P08:54
baizonTurns out I was missing a package called python-gobject; installed it and gufw works flawlessly.08:54
baizonbut should i report it ?08:55
lotuspsychje!info python-gobject08:55
ubot5python-gobject (source: pygobject): Python 2.x bindings for GObject - transitional package. In component main, is optional. Version 3.16.2-1build1 (wily), package size 2 kB, installed size 41 kB08:55
lotuspsychjehmm not sure whats it for08:55
lotuspsychjebaizon: install gufw should install all needed dependecies right08:56
baizonwhen i start gufw i get this error08:56
baizoni mean before fixing it08:57
lotuspsychjebaizon: http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/gufw08:59
baizoni think it has something to do with switching to python3?08:59
lotuspsychjeyes could be09:00
lotuspsychjedid you install something manually?09:00
lotuspsychjeor ppa09:00
baizonno no09:00
baizonfrom the official repos, no ppas for me09:00
baizonwell its working :D09:01
baizonand if nobody reported it its solved :D09:01
lotuspsychjedont mentions either grrr09:02
lotuspsychjebaizon: maybe you should add the bug, and solve it09:02
lotuspsychjeand lets see what the devs will do09:03
baizonto lazy for that :D09:19
baizonsorry :D09:24
lotuspsychjei dont have benefit in this dont worry :p09:24
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
lotuspsychjehi lordievader09:25
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje, how are you?09:27
lotuspsychjelordievader: find tnx, lazy saturday on irc + coffee09:27
lordievaderSounds good.09:28
lotuspsychjekonichiwa cfhowlett09:55
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: ohayo gozaimashita :p09:58
cfhowlettand all that :)09:58
EriC^^morning to you too lotuspsychje09:59
lotuspsychjeok guys, going to shop10:03
cfhowlettsmoke me a kipper10:03
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
BluesKajhi lotuspsychje11:57
lotuspsychjehey BluesKaj11:57
lotuspsychjewhats new?11:57
BluesKajnot much.... morning coffee here :-)....and you?12:01
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: chill saturday here aswell12:02
lotuspsychjebit cold to go outside12:02
BluesKajI've been trying to capture video from some old vhs tape recordings of family weddings and gatherings, but it's been really difficult, even on W7 since the software for the capture card doesn't have a MS signed certificate> Linux seemed to work at first using ffmpeg, but quit working after try to add audio to the mix.12:05
BluesKajtrying to add12:06
BluesKajit's frustrating12:07
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: you got a converting kit to make it digital?12:07
BluesKajyes it's a n old analog to usb Sabrent capture card12:08
BluesKajI may have to buy a more recent card in order to capture the audio as well. The video is easily captured tho12:15
lotuspsychjeyeah think so12:15
BluesKajaudio is such a problem on linux , it's really unfortunate'12:15
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: how about playing the vhs on the computer and record it wiht a screenrecorder or something12:16
lotuspsychjelike kazam12:16
BluesKajI have no webcam to play it back directtly to the screen only the capture card connected to a vhs vcr12:21
BluesKajvideo camera rather12:22
BluesKajthese tapesd are strictly analog VHS recordings made in the 80s and early 90s12:23
BluesKajno digital video back then'12:24
BluesKajit's definitely a challenge, and I'm not finished yet :-)12:25
BluesKajamazing that the old vcr still works12:26
lotuspsychjehahaha yeah12:26
* lotuspsychje_ hates hexchat lags grrr12:28
* lotuspsychje_ kicks lotuspsychje into a ping timeout12:30
BluesKaj50ms here on konversation, quassel is about the same, but I seldom use quassel. I don't care for the layout12:31
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
EriC^^Ping reply from lotuspsychje: ? second(s)12:34
EriC^^irc clients these days :P12:34
ubot5pong is an old atari game. It's fun!12:39
lotuspsychjeso far for quality ubuntu discussions12:39
EriC^^dcc uses IP right?12:40
lotuspsychjethink so12:40
EriC^^mine is shared by the isp12:40
lotuspsychjefirewalls and routers dont like dcc sends :p12:40
BluesKajunless you have the ports configured on your router the same as the ports you choose on the client12:50
lotuspsychjehi greenbug15:35
greenbugHey lotuspsychje, hows it going?15:36
lotuspsychjefine tnx15:36
greenbugThat's good.15:39
greenbuglooks like the issue I'm having with xfce and x11vnc is a bug from 2014: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/light-locker/+bug/128717115:39
ubot5Launchpad bug 1287171 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "light-locker breaks x11vnc as service" [High,Confirmed]15:39
lotuspsychjegreenbug: so you got it solved now?15:41
lotuspsychjeor just marked 'im affected'15:42
greenbughaha I wouldn't say its "solved", affected is a better term15:42
greenbuglooks like a work around is to uninstall light-locker and install xscreensaver; that won't break anything, will it?16:03
EriC^^workaround for what?16:06
ubot5Launchpad bug 1287171 in light-locker (Ubuntu) "light-locker breaks x11vnc as service" [High,Confirmed]16:06
greenbugI can't use x11vnc on 14.04 because it doesn't work with light-locker, a lock screen16:07
EriC^^shouldn't break anything16:09
EriC^^xscreensaver is kind of ugly though16:10
lotuspsychjei like xscreensave with glmatrix :p16:10
EriC^^it might break your eye balls i guess, haha :p16:10
greenbug*sigh* just ran into another issue: the grub timeout only works sporadically.16:10
EriC^^yeah it has some cool stuff16:10
greenbug50% of the time I `sudo reboot now` from ssh, I have to walk over to my machine and tap the enter key...16:11
greenbugnope, its the only drive in the system, but grub sometimes just sits there waits for me to press enter16:13
EriC^^maybe it's using the recordfail16:19
EriC^^in /etc/default/grub and update-grub16:20
daftykinsrecordfail was the most annoying feature for HTPCs :P19:23
EriC^^heya daftykins19:33
daftykinshi there o/ how's you?19:37
EriC^^good thanks you?19:38
Bashing-omGonna go attack the verdure in the back yard with  a landscaping prunner . I will return .19:52
EriC^^hell yeah19:52
EriC^^have a good one19:52
Bashing-omMission complete... back to the keyboard .20:58
daftykinsEriC^^: yep all well here thanks :D21:17
daftykinshey Bashing-om \o any luck with the data recovery you mentioned?21:18
Bashing-omdaftykins: Yeah .. I got my data back .. hard drive no longer dependable, as when it spins down, sometimes will not spin back up .. controller ??21:24
daftykinshmm no idea, i take it it's out of warranty?21:25
Bashing-omYeah .. no warrenty .. If it were not for the fact that I have another box I could bring online, I would be doing the SSD thing . Drives are cheap enough not worth the time and hassle to mess with this one any longer. A trust thing . ( That is my data, and it must be protected !)21:27
daftykinsabsolutely - i tend to ditch them immediately on faults21:28
Bashing-omdebating woth self .. As I also want a better graphics card .. EVGA GeForce GT 710 and an SSD - Samsung 850 EVO 250GB $84.58 . That would set me pretty for a while .21:32
daftykinsi just bought a couple of passive model GT 710s for a client21:32
daftykinswell, few ways back - nice little cards, quite capable21:32
daftykinsways? weeks. oof i'm losing it21:33
Bashing-omYeah, I did apreciate the specs .. and looks to be encased .. Good for a filthy environment .21:33
Bashing-omGIGABYTE GeForce GT 420  has this huge cooling fan that makes it attractive .21:35
daftykinsi have the card with a dead fan from that client i put those replacements in for, i'm having a real pig of a time finding a compatible fan to replace it though21:39
daftykinsmost on ebay have a triangular mounting where all 3 screws are equi-distant from one another, but this one is more of a "Y" shape21:39
Bashing-omdaftykins: Good thought, fix/repair do not throw away .21:42
daftykinsthis thing is an OEM Pegatron GT530DE so i'm not sure it's worth it, mind21:43
daftykinsi've emailed an ebay seller anyway to see if they can find one that matches for me :D21:43
Bashing-omFuture is a blank slate, never can have too many graphic's cards on hand .21:45
daftykinsdefinitely nice to have a PCI-Express spare :)21:46
Bashing-omThe fan on this old ATI card is screaming ... in my mind in scrounge in my rust bucket IF  a) I do not buy the new card b) bring that other box online . What are you going to do Billy Boy ?21:57
daftykinsi did read that some sewing machine oil or other similar grade can be applied to sort it out, but the one in my case didn't have an accessible rear under the sticker to lube it up21:59
daftykinsjust had the PCB under there21:59
Bashing-omUh Huh .. considered that too . Kinda leary of lubricants on electronics .. We do not want short circuits now do we .22:01
daftykinsoh you only want a tiny couple of drops tops - the fan section tends to be sealed behind those stickers, too22:04
Bashing-omThanks, will make that my next project . Pull these cards ( In the rust bin is an old box with an Nvidia card I want to look at ).22:06

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