TechspectreHow do you cancel print jobs? It gives you a play, pause and stop button but the jobs don't go anywhere00:28
georgeowellI would also like to know about cancelling print jobs01:51
georgeowellI've been doing it via the cups interface in the browser01:51
Admin__i ran out of discs, and i wondering if thereĊ› 6MB worth of files i can delete from the Ubuntu-GNOME 15.10 Installer ISO so i can fit it on a 1GB XD card and boot from that, any suggestions?06:45
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lindolhi all14:56
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MikerhinosIs there a way to test Gnome 3.20 on Ubuntu Gnome 16.04 Beta ? I added PPA but newer version is 3.19.92 and I'm having a problem with it17:04
MikerhinosAny idea or solution for the mouse button swapping not working on 3.19.92 ?17:32

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