ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (Freed-Millionair spam)14:06
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Emmarof said: ubottu, please is the said solution for my problem?14:40
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (fhjdsxghjjfss known spammer)16:32
hggdhalready gone. Fire & forget action16:34
ubottubaizon called the ops in #ubuntu ()17:30
Unit193ikonia: has done a couple drive bys now, might want to set a short ban on it too.17:42
ikoniahe changes it every time17:42
ikoniadidn't see a point on individual IP's17:42
Unit193Banning Romania might help. >_>17:44
ikoniait's tempting17:44
Unit193Heh, Kerberos1 was him too.17:44
Unit193He'll get bored soon enough.17:44
ikonianow he'll get "cannot send to channel"17:45
Flannelikonia: May want to back off on that trigger finger.19:42
ikoniamay want people to be honest19:43
Flannelikonia: And you have proof that he wasn't being honest, opposed to it being a language issue?19:43
ikoniahe could answer every other question just fine19:43
ikoniaapart from "what did you do"19:43
Flannelikonia: What about stacy--?19:43
ikoniaso stacy has been given documents and clear detailed advice for 2 days - refuses to do it, refuses to read it and just keeps going her (I assume it's her) own way and expecting people to cut and paste commands for her19:44
ikoniaI spoke in a lot of detail in private yesterday to not make an issue in public that she had to follow the docs/info - or it was pointless19:44
Flannelikonia: It may be wise to let some of that spill over into public (even if it's just "you'll need to do X and Y, like we talked about").  Otherwise people think you're just kicking arbitrarily.  Plus, it lets other folks know the answer *has* been answered, just not followed.19:46
Flanneljust like you just did, actually.19:47
ikoniaI'm not really intersted if others think that to be honest19:47
ikoniawe are here to help people - not allow people to waste peoples time19:47
Flannelikonia: Unfortunately, that's not the position you're allowed to have.19:47
ikoniawhat isn't ?19:47
Flannelikonia: That ops just remove people arbitrarily.19:47
ikoniaI'm not removing people arbitararily19:47
ikoniaI've just explained why they where removed19:48
Flannelikonia: If it *appears* that you are to members of the channel, then "you are"19:48
ikoniano it's not19:48
Flannelikonia: Yes, it is.19:48
ikoniayou're welcome / as is anyone to ask19:48
Flannelikonia: And people did, in #u.19:48
ikoniaright, one person asked,19:48
Flannelikonia: We should never have gotten to that point.19:48
ikoniayou're right - I should have binned her last night19:49
Flannelikonia: So again, expend more effort to make things more clear.  I'm sorry it's more work, but it's necessary work.  No one said being an operator was a cake walk or for the lazy.19:49
ikoniamake things more clear to whom ?19:49
ikonia(sorry what topic to be clear)19:49
ikoniawhy I removed them ?19:49
Flannelto the people in the channel.19:49
FlannelGive *public* warnings before removal, etc.19:50
ikoniaFlannel: I spoke to Stacy yesterday in private to not create an issue in the public and made it clear ignoring the info would not be allowed to continue19:50
ikoniathe other gentlement - of course19:50
FlannelI'm not saying "announce why you remove people" afterwards, but make it clear to people following the channel why you're removing them.  Give people dots to connect.19:50
Flannelikonia: I understand that.  I didn't know that (which is why I asked you here, but I have the luxury of asking you here).  You've since done a good job of bringing it up in #u re: stacey- and being told.19:51
ikoniaI'm happy to respond to people19:51
Flannelikonia: My point is: people shouldn't have to ask.  Because not everyone *will* ask.  And that has a chilling effect.19:51
ikoniano, I don't disagree with that19:52
FlannelAnd that makes it *harder* for people to get help, which is the goal of #u.19:52
Flannelikonia: but as I already said, you've since made statements about stacey-. Thank you :)19:54
ikonianot at all19:54
valoriere: "banning Romania" - one of our Kubuntu devels is Romanian!20:44
valorieso please don't do that20:44
hggdhvalorie: the "banning Romania" was, as far as I can understand, tongue-in-cheek23:40
valorieI assumed so!23:42
valoriejust wanted to say, some folks from Romania are awesome23:42
valorieall the ones I've meet face to face, anyway23:42

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