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tsimonq2flocculant: pinging regarding bug 1562282, doesn't it seem a bit awkward that there are those titles like that? are you saying to remove them all?19:38
ubot5bug 1562282 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Mistake in Nautilus Package test-case (nautilus/TC-NFM-008)" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156228219:38
tsimonq2flocculant: I just haven't seen those titles anywhere else...19:39
tsimonq2flocculant: just wanted to also seek clarification as to what you needed, in a more instant medium :)19:39
tsimonq2I'll assume what you meant is to just remove the titles, but I also want to talk about this further :)19:43
flocculanttsimonq2: ack remove the titles - remove any of the depends too19:52
tsimonq2alright thanks flocculant19:53

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