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elh9 i just enabled VT-d on my motherboard, (was only enabled on cpu before), and ubuntu server won't boot - has trouble identifying the ata devices that are mounted during boot, when i disabled it, ubuntu starts normally, anyone familair with this?05:45
elh9ata qc timeout05:45
elh9and failed to IDENTIFY (I/O error, err_mask=0x4)05:45
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ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 42679 in Serial ATA "DMA Read on Marvell 88SE9128 fails when Intel's IOMMU is on" [Normal,New]06:17
elh9apparently i can't use the marvel 9128 controller aswell as vt-d at the same time06:17
elh9they are not friends06:17
lordievaderGood morning.09:25
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bananapieLinux says one of my ethernet cards is currently down, despite it being physically connected. I unloaded and reloaded the driver and rebooted the server. Ran ifconfig em2 up. It still says it's down. ( "UP BROADCAST MULTICAST" but no "RUNNING" or "SLAVE" keywords ). What commands can I use to eliminate software issues?14:02
bananapiedmesg : IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): em2: link is not ready14:06
bananapiedriver: bnx214:07
bananapieversion: 2.2.414:07
bananapiefirmware-version: bc 5.2.2 NCSI 2.0.614:07
madivadHey guys, I14:13
madivadI've installed ubuntu server +1 :) several times on a machine and it comes up habitually with a screen at the end of first boot that initially looks like a hanged screen14:14
madivadit displays:14:14
madivad  /dev/sda1: recovering journal14:15
madivad /dev/sda1 clean, xx/xxxx files, xxx/xxxxx blocks14:15
madivadit took several reinstalls (and several usb keys and drives) for me to realise that it can't be the hdd (and in this case right now, a brand new ssd)14:15
madivad1) I'14:15
madivad1) I've worked out it's tty7 and I can tty1 to login and carry on (the screen I'm on gives no indication it's a tty and for all intensive purposes looks hung)... should there be some indicator for idiots like me? lol14:16
madivad2) is it something to be concerned about?14:17
madivadit IS 16.04 server (no gui) and I don't believe it's drive (brand new ssd) or ram (extensively tested 20gb ecc ram) related14:17
madivaddon't know where to look. cursory search of dmesg looks good14:18
madivad#ubuntu+1 suggested asking you guys since it's a server install14:18
jayjowhat is the program that allows me to give an ssh alias and identify my pemfile so I can just type ssh <host> to connect?14:33
Deepsyour ~/.ssh/config file?14:36
jayjoDeeps: I'm ashamed14:38
Net-CentricIs it normally this quiet in here ?18:24
Net-CentricLooking for some advice on mdadm - 14.04 server. Right place ?18:36
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