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lotuspsychjexc: check the topic mate09:33
xclotuspsychje  http://www.meizu.com/products/ubuntu.html09:35
xcthis web seems some wrong09:36
lotuspsychjexc: hmm ok ill report it soon09:36
lotuspsychjexc: http://www.meizu.com/en/09:37
xclotuspsychje i just want to know how and where can i buy a phone with ubuntu systerm09:37
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xcit seems that PRO5 cant buy now09:38
xclotuspsychje http://lpaste.net/508205693387617075209:39
xcit's the email they send me09:40
xcwhat's that mean?09:40
anpokxc: hm? probably what it says..10:05
xcanpok is that means i cant buy now?10:06
anpokxc: odd that they still state mid march, since it is rather late march.. it should be available in the upcoming weeks10:07
xcok,i will wait for it10:08
xci'm not sure i can buy it in china10:08
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tusharhello friends14:16
tusharcan anyone suggest me version which best support on thinkpad p5014:17
lotuspsychje!devices | tushar14:17
ubot5tushar: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices14:17
tusharhi ubot5 thanks for reply ..I could not find support for thinkpad50 laptop ...14:21
lotuspsychjetushar: for a laptop better choose ubuntu-desktop, it has touch support14:23
lotuspsychjetushar: ubuntu-touch is rather for phones and tablets14:23
tusharlotuspsychje: sorry my mistake ...thanks for directions14:23
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | tushar14:27
ubot5tushar: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com14:27
xpltWhat happened with emulator [last time I tried to run it, it was slow, but working. Now it doesn't]?.. It just shows white rectangular in top-right quadrant...15:57
lotuspsychjetreeline: i run ubuntu touch on nexus7 and bought bq 4.516:26
lotuspsychjetreeline: pretty portable feeling16:26
treelinesounds good, maybe something I'll try as soon as I get a replacement for my almost ancient galaxy nexus16:27
lotuspsychje!devices | treeline16:27
ubot5treeline: You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:27
lotuspsychjetreeline: not all devices can run touch yet, so investigate first wich types16:28
xplt...hm, but ARM-based OS image loaded normally [x86 didn't]16:49
scumbuntuhi! is anyone hear me?17:49
scumbuntuHow to install Ubuntu Touch without Ubuntu (from another Linux distro)???17:50
scumbuntuHow to install Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 4 without Ubuntu (from another Linux distro)???17:53
mimecarubuntun flash util use a PPA17:55
mimecaris you distro ubuntu based or do you use rpm?17:56
scumbuntuhi! It's RPM-based17:56
mimecarI don't know if you can flash17:57
mimecarone option is create an Ubuntu Live USB17:58
mimecarand flash the phone from live image17:58
scumbuntuCan I install ubuntu only using adb, fastboot and Recovery on my device?17:59
mimecarI don't know, sorry18:01
scumbuntuOK, if I create Ubuntu Live USB is it possible to add an PPA there?18:02
scumbuntuThank you18:03
mimecaryou cand add permanente storage for future flashing18:03
mimecarunetbootin + ubuntu 15.10 iso18:03
scumbuntudd is better option18:05
mimecarcan you use permanent storage with dd?18:06
scumbuntuI don't know18:07
scumbuntuYep. You right. I'll use unetbootin.18:09
scunbuntuOne more question (maybe someone know)... Is there any app for stardict dictionaries on UT?18:21
CheccoCiao a tutti,il dual boot di ubuntu touch su Samsung s4 รจ possibile?22:28

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