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knightwisemorning everyone06:55
knightwiseGah ! ffS07:48
knightwisestupid locale settings in ubuntu07:48
knightwisejust getting some stupid pything errors about "locale not supported"07:59
MartijnV1Swhat *is* your locale?07:59
knightwiseit was working before I rebooted but I think its borked again.07:59
MartijnV1Sdid you use dpkg-reconfigure locales to generate it?07:59
knightwiseyeah ,tried that08:01
knightwiseaccording to ubuntu its de_be08:01
MartijnV1Sde_BE I'd guess08:02
knightwisecant i hardcode it to US US or whatever ?08:02
MartijnV1Scheck /etc/default/locale08:02
MartijnV1Swell you could, but you have to make sure you don't break stuff like date and number formatting08:03
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knightwisehmm , no such file ?08:04
MartijnVdSI'm on Debian, maybe Ubuntu does it differently08:04
MartijnVdSCan you put the output of "locale" somewhere?08:04
knightwiseI can do locale-a08:04
MartijnVdSjust "locale" is enough. Though "locale -a" would be good too08:04
MartijnVdSyeah dpkg-reconfigure locales08:05
MartijnVdSthen add and add some Belgian ones ;)08:06
MartijnVdSalso ".utf8" looks weird, I'm used to it being .UTF-8 -- are you on a mac?08:06
MartijnVdSoh no wait. utf8 is the new thing apparently08:06
MartijnVdSknightwise: there's a gui tool to change locale stuff in Ubuntu too -- it installs language packs as needed, but also sets (system or user) language settings08:07
knightwiselocale: Cannot set LC_ALL to default locale: No such file or directory08:08
knightwisegonna try to log into the gui in a minute08:08
MartijnVdSI don't know how up to date this is, but: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Locale08:09
knightwisegonna take a peek this afternoon :)08:09
knightwise right now its walkies-da-doggies time :)08:09
LibreSpongeMooin Moin. G'Morning.08:22
mallardDoes Ubuntu change hard drive settings? On other distros my computer was quite quiet, but now it sounds like a motorbike.08:26
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.08:45
* penguin42 yaaawwwwnnnns at DJones12:55
* DJones yawns back12:56
LibreSpongeI wore my Ubuntu hat to U3Age racketball this morning. Not one person asked me about it ;-(14:09
popeyCan't imagine why anyone would.14:25
DJonescan somebody do me a favor and ping or hilight me so i can test irssinotifier14:49
* brobostigon highlights DJones 14:49
popeyDJones: no14:51
DJones cheers, first didn't work, but changed settings, 2nd did14:52

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