rmg51princedimond: how about dogs and turkeys?00:09
rmg51we have one of each00:09
pleia2my favorite part is that he's responding to a bear00:35
rmg51what's wrong with that?00:49
pleia2he's asking a bear what critters would be here ;)00:50
pleia2I mean, bears, for instance00:51
rmg51but he's new00:52
rmg51he never met Teddy00:52
rmg51or Stitch00:52
rmg51or any of your other critters00:53
rmg51or the minions ;-)00:53
rmg51at least Bob can talk back00:54
rmg51you just can't understand him :-D00:54
rmg51then again, half the time I can't understand jedijf00:56
princedimondsory for the delayed reaction but i just now got to read that /me laughs03:34
princedimondmost of the time i can understand jedijf XD03:38
princedimondi guess i get lucky XD03:38
jedijfprincedimond: ny nbems in 15 minutes on 7.073 olivia 8-500 1500 on the waterfall13:46
jedijfGood morning, happy easter, purim and Spring13:46
jedijfwell, i guess purim is over....maybe not the hangover13:46

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