pavlushkao/ all06:27
theblazehenhi pavlushka06:46
pavlushkahi theblazehen !!06:53
pavlushkahi, is it actually the-blaze-hen? theblazehen !06:58
theblazehenpavlushka: Yup!06:59
pavlushkaand hen means? (to my knowledge hen = fowl)07:00
theblazehenPart of surname (Henderson), after I forgot my password to my theblaze accounts07:01
pavlushkasorry, no offense07:01
pavlushkatheblazehen, So, how are you today?07:02
theblazehenpavlushka: Pretty decent, and you?07:03
pavlushkalooks like not very decent, but good, thanks07:03
pavlushkaabout me, looks like not very decent, but good, thanks07:04
theblazehenHow exactly do you mean?07:04
pavlushkatheblazehen, that I made fun with your surname, but mistakenly, Henderson sounds strong to me.07:06
theblazehenAh, no that was cool. Was wondering about the "looks like not very decent, but good"07:07
pavlushkathanks, It cleared a heavy air from my lungs!07:08
theblazehenHaha, it's cool :) Was wondering what you were even saying no offence for..07:09
pavlushkatheblazehen, but you can recover your password for theblaze A/C.07:12
pavlushkajust need the email address to confirm.07:13
theblazehenNot if you lost the password (and username..) for you email account 5 years ago07:13
pavlushkaha ha ha, in that case, I have nothing to say.07:14
Kilosmorning all.08:22
Kiloslotsa rugger today08:22
Kiloshi bushtech 08:23
Kiloslangjans prob was some corruption in .thunderbird08:23
pavlushkaMorning Kilos !!08:28
Kiloshi pavlushka 08:28
Kilosoh Cryterion ^^308:29
pavlushkaCryterion, the burp guy!!!!!!08:34
Kilosno he was helping the old man as well08:34
pavlushkaI am just kidding, see I remember his lines, So I remembered him as well.08:39
pavlushka"why fart and waste it when you can burp and taste it", lol08:39
Kilosoh that08:39
pavlushkaMorning Cryterion !!!08:40
Kiloshe is most likely afk08:40
* pavlushka burps08:40
Kilossaterday mornings they all go shopping08:40
* Cryterion hates shopping08:41
Kiloshaha who doesnt08:41
Kiloswomen love shopping08:41
* Cryterion agrees with pavlushka08:41
Cryteriontry sending them without that plastic card08:42
* pavlushka at last got it08:43
QuetzaHi, does anyone know how I can find Andrea Foster? She used to be involved in the Durban Linux scene09:02
Kiloshi Quetza mail william , he might know09:03
Kilosand welcome to ubuntu-za09:04
Kilosor look on G+ at the dbnlug people09:05
Kilosfeel free to hangout here09:07
pavlushkaKilos, I never tried but is it possible to upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS directly? I think it very much possible.09:12
Kilosyes you can upgrade lts releases09:12
Kilosbut i wouldnt untill its officilly releases09:13
Kilosthey were working on that this last week still09:13
pavlushkayes, I am talking about the official release.09:14
QuetzaThanks Kilos. Who's William?09:14
Kiloswilliam walter kinghorn Quetza 09:14
Cryterionhe's also dbnlug I think09:15
Kilosare you with them too Cryterion 09:15
Cryterionwaiting to meet up with everyone09:16
CryterionI'm in the same small place as williamk09:16
Cryterionmost of us seem to be south coast09:16
Quetzais he still at dut.ac.za?09:17
KilosQuetza see pm09:17
Quetzagreat, thanks09:18
QuetzaAre there any good cloud hosting providers in ZA that people are using? 09:35
Kiloshang around for a reply09:35
Kilosi keep everything here09:36
KilosMaaz google cloud hosyin providers in south africa09:36
MaazKilos: "Cloud Server - Cloud Computing | Internet Solutions" http://www.cloud.is.co.za/ :: "Public or Private Cloud Solutions, Managed Hosting, SaaS ..." http://cloud.dimensiondata.com/mea/en/ :: "Cloud Server Hosting | Cloud Hosting South Africa | Microsoft ..." http://www.afrihost.com/site/product/cloud_hosting :: "all things cloud - South Africa"09:36
Maazhttps://cloud.co.za/ :: "VPS Hosting - Cloud Based Virtual Hosting - Webafrica" https://www.webafrica.co…09:36
KilosQuetza ^^09:37
Quetzaquite, but I wondering if people have recommendations for a good one based on personal experience09:38
Kilosyoull have to wait till the guys get back from sat morning shopping09:38
=== MaN1 is now known as MaNI
pavlushkaHow can I upload a po file?13:21
pavlushkato LP.13:21
Kiloswhats a po file14:52
pavlushkapo file is a offline translatable file.15:45
magespawngood evening18:05
pavlushkamagespawn, good evening !18:06
pavlushkaIts only me who left here.18:09
Kiloshi magespawn 18:10
Kilosthere are other purkers18:10
pavlushkaand Kilos ! hi Kilos 18:11
Kiloshi pavlushka 18:11
pavlushkathats too much hi for a day.18:11
Kilosi see zeorin 18:11
Kilosunfamiliar nick18:12
Kiloshi zeorin welcome to ubuntu-za18:12
Kilosevening superfly 18:12
pavlushkazeorin, you are even welcome to ubuntu-bd.18:15
pavlushkaKilos, I filed a but and attached the po file to that, lol18:20
Kilosearly night tonight, very tiring watching rugby18:24
Kilosespesially when your team loses18:25
magespawnthere was rugby today?18:28
Kilosbulls and japs18:28
Kilosbulls won18:28
Kilossharks and crusaders18:28
Kiloscrusaders won18:28
Kilossomeone beat the cheetahs18:29
Kilosstormers playing midnight18:29
Kilosill sleep though18:29
magespawnnot sure about the spelling18:29
Kilosya them18:30
Kiloshi Na3iL 18:31
magespawnstill a bit peeved about the cricket18:31
Na3iLhiya Kilos 18:32
Na3iLhow are you?18:32
magespawni am more of a cricket type person18:32
Kilosok ty and you?18:32
Kilosi can enjoy most sports18:32
KilosT20 lekker18:32
Kilostests are boring18:32
Na3iLfine as well ty 18:32
magespawnall cricket is good, it is cricket afterall18:33
Na3iLbtw, Kilos I've plan to do another style for the wiki pages of ubuntu africa. I thought if you could find some guys can help me with it18:35
Kilosarent they busy planning to move the wiki18:35
Kilosor is that just the help wiki18:36
Kilossaw many mails about it18:36
Na3iLI think it's just the help wiki 18:37
Kilosok so now we start looking for peeps that can do wiki pages18:37
Kiloslets ask in africa18:38
Kilosinetpro ping18:46
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:07

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