slaffelogs show nothing00:00
slaffedmesg, syslog, kern.log nothing00:00
hecataeslaffe, mine was a fault power button00:00
hecataehad to replace the chassis00:00
slaffemine is not, server is still running00:01
slaffejust blank screen00:01
slaffeshuts everything down, but keeps running00:01
hecataeslaffe,  that sounds very familiar00:01
tom99hddude i rebooted and it worked00:02
k1ltom99hd: ok00:03
slaffelast entry in kern.log00:03
slaffeMar 21 05:11:22 scenics kernel: [2138500.499131] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:19:99:2e:6d:2c:bc:ee:7b:c5:18:a0:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=129 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=43 ID=0 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=6881 DPT=6881 LEN=10900:03
slaffevery strange00:03
tom99hdno i am using x.org x server nouveau display driver00:03
tom99hdnow not no*00:04
hecataehang on slaffe00:05
hecataeufw block00:05
slaffesyslog says00:05
slaffeMar 21 05:11:22 scenics kernel: [2138500.499131] [UFW BLOCK] IN=eth0 OUT= MAC=00:19:99:2e:6d:2c:bc:ee:7b:c5:18:a0:08:00 SRC= DST= LEN=129 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=43 ID=0 DF PROTO=UDP SPT=6881 DPT=6881 LEN=10900:05
slaffeMar 21 05:11:16 scenics kernel: [2138495.242586] CIFS VFS: Error -104 sending data on socket to server00:06
hecataeslaffe, do you recognsie the source ip address?00:06
slaffewell, not rellay00:09
slaffebut that port interbal is being used for my VoIP00:09
slaffeerm, sorry no it's not.00:09
slaffeits my deluge software00:10
slaffei'll hit the bed for today00:11
slaffenn budy00:11
elisa87_you know what's the problem? http://pastebin.com/fb5d7C2z  gzip: stdin: not in gzip format it's a tar.gz file by Oracle!00:12
k1lelisa87_: what rpi is it?00:13
elisa87_raspberry pi 2 Raspbian Jessie @k1l00:14
k1lelisa87_: please ask in #raspbian then00:14
hecataeelisa87_, are you missing a z?00:17
hecataetar -xzf tar.gz00:17
TJ-hecatae: it isn't needed; tar figures it out00:18
bluefiveI want to buy this mouse but am worried about the Ubuntu support.00:19
bluefiveAny comments?00:20
iSlayWyvernsShould I install 14.04.01 instead of .04? What's the difference00:21
hecataebluefive, should be good https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Logitech_Marble_Mouse00:21
k1liSlayWyverns: you know servicepacks on windows?00:22
iSlayWyvernsk1l kinda yeah00:22
hecataewhat's windows00:22
k1lSilverbaq: its the same. they include all updates to that date. and they ship a newer kernel.00:22
iSlayWyvernsoh wait...00:23
iSlayWyvernshttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases I saw this and got confused of 'HWE 2016'00:24
bluefivehecatae, Yes00:24
bluefivehecatae, But just how do you configure it?00:24
k1liSlayWyverns: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack#Kernel.2FSupport.A14.04.x_Ubuntu_Kernel_Support00:26
iSlayWyvernsk1l, is it possible to jump on the latest LTS Kernel?00:26
iSlayWyvernslike, right now...00:26
k1liSlayWyverns: you can switch the kernels with installing the metapcakges. what do you want exactly?00:28
k1liSlayWyverns: if you installed a 14.04 and run all updates you are on 14.04.4 just besides the kernel.00:28
hecataebluefive, I then read this and got scared https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Logitech_Marblemouse_USB00:29
iSlayWyvernsk1l, thanks for clarifying!00:29
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Guest1733linux is cool00:30
rud0lfnah it's just moderate00:31
bluefivehecatae, Scared why?00:31
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hecataebluefive, should it not just work in ubuntu, why do you need to edit /usr/share/X11/50-marblemouse.conf just to get it working as you want it00:35
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NoCodeIs there anyway to get the f.lux PPA working in Wily?00:38
minimechecatae: I see why you were scared, but... Under windows you would probably download some 100MB binary blob that needs a minute to initialize on boot.... On linux you have everything on board. With htat tutorial it's just a copy/paste and you're good... ;)00:38
hecataeminimec, under Arch it just works though?00:42
minimechecatae: Drivers and xrandr are evolving... and Arch is bleeding edge.00:44
hecataeminimec, and manjaro is bleeding edge with a tourniquet applied00:44
k1lNoCode: just use redshift. its in the repos00:47
NoCodek1l, Will check it out. Thanks.00:58
NoCodek1l, Is there a tray icon and all that too?00:58
NoCodek1l, Is there anyway to adjust the colour profile to make my screen at least a little more usable? xD01:01
minimecNoCode: There is a tray icon for redshift, but you need to copy/paste an initial config file... http://jonls.dk/redshift/01:03
NoCodeYes, looking at the wiki currently.01:03
Giddlesi wanna run ubuntu mate on a raspberry pi01:04
bluefiveThis guy says the AMD models are MUCH superior to the Intel models.01:05
Giddlesi got an hdd and wanna only load the bootloader from sd card, the rest over hdd01:05
bluefiveHow is the AMD support in Ubuntu?01:05
Giddlescan someone help me howto?01:05
texlawhere are the log files in 14.0401:06
Bashing-omtexla: Most/many are in the /var/log/ directory .01:07
hecataebluefive, the fglrx support in ubuntu is amazing, sadly it's being removed in 16.0401:07
Giddlesis it possible?01:07
[Saint]"the log files" is somewhat needlessly vague, texla01:07
Giddlesto pack the bootloader on the sd and the rest works on?01:08
Giddleswith raspbipian it works very well01:08
[Saint]Giddles: sure - just create, or move, a dedicated /boot partition01:09
Giddlesyes.. but hmm01:09
Giddlesim not the best .. :/01:09
Giddlesanyway i format first the hdd and the sdcard01:09
[Saint]That's just creating more work for yourself.01:10
Giddleswell its nearly done ;)01:10
Giddlescan i format the hdd in ntfs and reformat it later?01:10
[Saint]There's no reason why, except for the fact that you just nuked it, you couldn;t have done this without destroying your current instalaltion.01:10
[Saint]Hindsight, I guess.01:11
bluefivehecatae, removed why?01:11
Giddleswell i wanna change from raspbipian to mate01:11
Giddlesso i install mate on the sd first01:12
Giddleslooks like hdd not accepted by windows machine..01:12
[Saint]Windows doesn't know how to "speak EXT*" by default.01:13
Giddlesah ok01:13
[Saint]So that's entirely expected.01:13
[Saint]There is a service pack available however.01:13
Giddleshehe ah im happy to get rid of the kb which has the gwx.exe on board for win10 ad01:13
[Saint]the raspberrypi is a bit of a special candidate and doesn't really offer much flexibility with installation.01:14
[Saint]With publicly available code you can't boot from anything other than the sdcard.01:15
[Saint]You can never not have /boot on the sdcard, and it _must_ always be FAT01:15
Giddlesso i write mate on the card01:15
Giddlesyes i used the software from rpi.org..01:15
[Saint]You can move /everything that isn't /boot/ elsewhere if you like, but you must boot from the sdcard.01:16
[Saint]It is somewhat stupid.01:16
Giddlesah well if you can tell me what i must do i would be happy01:16
Giddlesmeanwhile img is working..01:18
Giddles12.5mb/s ;)01:18
Giddlesi hope thats normal01:18
[Saint]move or copy the contents of / to the volume you want to boot from, and then edit /boot/config.txt to reflect the new location of /01:19
[Saint]change root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 to root=/dev/sdNN where NN is the disk and partition you're mounting / from01:19
Giddlessecond second01:20
Giddlesfirst ill must boot it01:20
Giddlesill clamp usb direcly in01:20
[Saint]none of this is ubuntu-specific and is best handled over at #raspberrypi however01:20
hecataebluefive, see here http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2016/03/ubuntu-drops-amd-catalyst-fglrx-driver-16-0401:21
[Saint]there's really no need to do this from a running system and doing so actually presents rather a lot of caveats.01:21
[Saint]you should try to avoid having to pivot out to USB / on the raspberrypi itself at all costs if you can (and you can) avoid it.01:22
[Saint]the process will be a lot faster if done through another machine.01:22
LockIs there anyone available to take a question?01:23
DirtyCajunask your question dont ask to ask01:24
LockOk, one of my boxes isn't allowing connexctions (ssh) though it's internal ip adress however i can acess it though it's external adress01:25
Lockany ideas?01:25
[Saint]Are you positive you're not screwing up the internal address?01:26
Lockthats how i was able to forward01:26
[Saint]your router isn't doing segregation?01:27
[Saint]like, you're not crossing wired/wireless boundaries? Or is user segregation enabled?01:27
Lockmy other boxes are working fine so i was willing to believe it's just that one01:27
Locki can't even ping the box01:28
Lockbut it has acess to the network01:28
Giddleswhat is the command to format the hdd with EXT?01:28
[Saint]If you do this the "right" way there's no need to format it at all beforehand.01:29
[Saint]just dd the existing / image to the new volume.01:29
Giddleswell i created an user01:29
Giddlesand crypted my stuff01:29
[Saint]yes - that's nice - but for what you're wanting to do it isn't really relevant at all.01:29
Giddlesi wanna delete existing what on hdd01:29
Lockthat will format it01:30
[Saint]I would just do a straight dd myself, unless you're actually worried about three letter agencies with electron microscopes coming knocking.01:30
Lockbut not in ext01:30
[Saint]you want one established volume image from disk A, on disk B. No world exists where dd isn;t the right tool for this job.01:31
Giddlescool he show an icon of the 1000GB volume01:31
Giddlesso howto format it like a pro?01:32
Giddlesmkfs.ext4 just in the terminal?01:32
Lockthen the dev location of the drive01:32
Lockbut use01:32
Lockparted to make the partition first01:32
Lockis it a 1tb drive?01:32
Giddlesi dont make any partition actual01:32
Giddlesthat i want to do later01:33
Lockyea do you know the name of the drive you want?01:33
Lockdo you know how gig you drive is>?01:34
* [Saint] tries again:01:34
[Saint]You should be using dd for this and you have no want or need to format the volume first01:34
Giddlesok mr saint01:34
Giddlesi follow what you say01:34
Giddlesso i opened terminal01:34
Lockwell what is your end goal i only know what you're asking now01:35
Giddlesto boot it from sd and run it on hdd01:35
Giddlessaint told me what i must do01:35
Lockwhy noot run on the sd and just mount the hdd?01:36
[Saint]mount the sdcard with the raspberrypi installation on it on your host and dd the second partition from that to the raw disk you want to use as your new USB root. Edit config.txt on the first partition of the sdcard and change "root=/dev/mmcblk0p2" to "root=/dev/sda1", eject both disks from the host and plug them to the raspberrypi.01:38
[Saint]After it boots use raspi-config to expand the root partition to the limits of the new disk.01:38
SCHAAP137wassup, lock01:39
jose__alguien que hable español.saludos01:40
Giddlesmate has no raspi-config i guess01:40
Giddlessudo fdisk /dev/mmcblk0 ..01:42
Giddles2, then sudo resize2fs /dev/mmcblk0p201:42
Giddleswell first of all i need a free and fresh volume01:43
spyb0yhey guys01:43
Lockformat it then01:43
jose__saludos cozmo01:44
jose__sobres ahi se ven---saludos.01:47
bstriedoes the usual usb installer work with the beta 2 image at http://releases.ubuntu.com/xenial/ ?01:58
EnumarisHi I was wondering if anyone here has experience with gummi latex editor and could help me, or could perhaps direct me to the right channel to get support for gummi latex editor related issues?02:33
alex989651hello aau02:36
alex989651hello zso02:36
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bobby_how to undervolt cpu ?02:39
bobby_i fail to install sudo apt-get install linux-generic-phc linux-headers-generic-phc02:39
bobby_and the terminal output Failed to fetch http://ppa.launchpad.net/voria/ppa/ubuntu/dists/wily/main/binary-i386/Packages  404  Not Found02:40
wafflejockbobby_: you trying to follow instructions here? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UndervoltingHowto02:42
wafflejockbobby_: says that page was last edited in 2009 so guess is a lot of that isn't going to actually be correct or work, what're you trying to achieve by undervolting?02:42
gr33nbitsbig problem after pass changing on 14.04 lts02:43
gr33nbitsso changed my user pass now system takes forever to log and all the GUI settings are messed02:43
gr33nbitsdid the change on the sytem definitions not on the terminal02:45
wafflejockbobby_: my guess is the intel p-state stuff and other newer tech with power-clamp or whatever it's called handles this stuff in most cases you might want to check out thermald if you want to try and adjust that stuff yourself02:46
gr33nbitsok brb restart02:46
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EnumarisAnybody here familiar with gummi latex editor, or know which channel I should go to for latex help?02:49
gr33nbitsanyone has any idea why themes aren't loading after password changing?02:51
gr33nbitsand system takes much longer to boot02:52
gr33nbitsthemes are no longer working, weird stuff02:54
gr33nbitsall GUI is messed up seems not sure if is safe to trow a backup on it02:56
mngrifi'm having trouble finding the answer to this: does 15.10 support installing (and booting from) a btrfs root?02:57
gr33nbitsthis is a big problem if any user goes to system and changes password there, i don't know why i did it should had use terminal02:57
gr33nbitsmeans the Ubuntu goes dahhhh after password change02:58
Giddleswhats the demount command in ubuntu?02:58
mngrifGiddles, umount, same as any other unix-like02:58
Giddlesworked ;)02:59
Gallomimiai always seem to have trouble getting my 2 displays to work at the same time03:11
Giddlesi cound not rsync my mate content :/03:11
Gallomimiaone is connected via display port, the other via dvi-d. both on the same video card. drivers are up to date. the latter (smaller) monitor seems to take precidence03:12
Giddlesread error no data in the /sys/03:12
Gallomimiathe display port monitor won't stay on due to lack of signal, and the computer doesn't want to detect it03:12
Gallomimiaany ideas?03:12
Giddlesis there another copyoption instead of rsync?03:20
Gallomimiajust cp03:21
Gallomimiaor in the case of between 2 computers, scp03:21
Giddlesdamn i need rsync03:22
Giddlesit works with it03:22
Giddleshe starts, now he says target is missing03:22
Gallomimiaremove trailing slash in the target?03:23
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Giddles"rsync -pav bin boot dev etc home lib lost+found media mnt opt root run sbin selinux srv tmp usr var x/"03:23
Giddlesthat i wanna do03:23
Gallomimiano, i don't think you do.03:24
bilboswagginsay yo03:24
Giddlesit works perfecz03:25
Giddlesbut stops in /sys/03:25
Gallomimiai think you especially don't want to copy sys run or tmp03:25
Gallomimiaand probably not anything under mnt03:25
Gallomimiaof course it fails in sys. that's not a real directory03:25
GallomimiaMAYBE you want stuff from tmp. but very likely not03:26
Giddleshttps://www.carluccio.de/raspberry-pi-root-filesystem-auf-usb-festplatte/ <-- thats my tut03:27
Gallomimiayou know there's a #raspberrypi channel right?03:28
Giddlesja but its not raspbipian03:28
Gallomimiaalso, not much german speakers in here. we got a german channel03:28
Gallomimiawhat exactly are you trying to do? because i think you probably should be using dd and not copying files.03:30
RoundDuckManHelp, I used kazam to make a video, but then it got interrupted after recording, by a shutdown I think (I haven't clicked on anything on the "import to editor or save for editing" prompt that shows after recording), after reboot, there were a bunch of files, one of them was a .movie file. I deleted the others and kept the .movie (SGI video (video/x03:41
RoundDuckMan-sgi-movie)) file, but while it partially works, but part of the video is gone, as I can't access some of it without just manually watching it, and it stops at point later on in the video in the middle of the video. Is there a way to restore the rest?03:41
Gallomimiacan anyone give me a suggestion on how to get ubuntu unity to detect 2 monitors? it just doesn't want to03:41
RoundDuckManbutton based shutdown that happened as a bug when Steam's on BTW03:42
Gallomimiai've had this problem plenty before. its worked fine with either one singly. i had it working once but eventually borked it03:42
Gallomimiasorry i've never used the movies myself03:45
Gallomimiabut i wonder if they can offer help in #gamingonlinux03:45
Gallomimiathere goes my dual screens03:46
Gallomimiaodd that. loose wire or something03:46
RoundDuckManGallomimia: How do you get help here... I don't know who to directly ask, even though it seems to be the only way to get attention here... -_-03:47
Gallomimiayou're already on the way03:47
Gallomimia!ask | RoundDuckMan03:47
ubottuRoundDuckMan: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:47
RoundDuckManI did.03:47
RoundDuckManBut usually nobody listens until they're pinged.03:48
Giddles[Saint] are you there?03:48
Giddlesim now at your "dd" point03:49
Giddlesand i cant find something in the boot.txt to connect it to sda103:49
RoundDuckManGiddles: Is there a way to restore a .movie file that came from a failed recording from Kazam?03:49
Giddlesno idea sir03:50
Giddlesi gone made actual :)03:50
gr33nbitsseems i have a problem on /.config/dconf/user since i can't change nothing on the ubuntu gui03:52
gr33nbitsany ideas how can i fix it?03:52
RoundDuckManGiddles: What's a good Linux support website or irc channel?03:52
RoundDuckManbesides askubuntu03:52
gr33nbitscan i rename dconf/user file to user.bak?03:52
gr33nbitsafter reboot will it create a new one?03:53
tucemiuxanyone here has tried ubuntu on an dell xps 13?03:56
gr33nbitscan anyone help me fix my system that got messed after a password change?03:57
trismgr33nbits: yes you can just move it, it will create a new one although all your settings will be reset to default03:59
gr33nbitstrism: settings you mean all the themes/icons and stuff?04:01
sabotagebeatsI'm wondering if someone can help me with my ubuntu install04:02
trismgr33nbits: yes themes, icons, preferences for various apps, anything kept in gsettings04:02
RoundDuckMantrism: Help, I used kazam to make a video, but then it got interrupted after recording, by a shutdown I think (I haven't clicked on anything on the "import to editor or save for editing" prompt that shows after recording), after reboot, there were a bunch of files, one of them was a .movie file. I deleted the others and kept the .movie (SGI video (04:02
RoundDuckManvideo/x-sgi-movie)) file, but while it partially works, but part of the video is gone, as I can't access some of it without just manually watching it, and it stops at point later on in the video in the middle of the video. Is there a way to restore the rest?04:02
RoundDuckManbutton based shutdown that happened as a bug when Steam's on BTW04:03
gr33nbitstrism: ok thank you i will try that04:04
bluefiveHow do I reset the look and feel of my MATE?04:04
bluefiveI was messing around with some settings and want to go bac kto defaults.04:04
trismRoundDuckMan: I have no idea04:04
sabotagebeatschrome stopped supporting 32 bit ubuntu and so now i'm having issues with my apt-get displaying an error when it tries to update chrome04:05
sabotagebeatsi'd like to update it to a 64 bit os but I've read around the web that this is impossible / horribly difficult04:05
sabotagebeatsin the meantime i'm using firefox and even though i've uninstalled chrome with apt-get I'm still getting the error for the chrome source when I do apt-get upgrade04:06
sabotagebeatscan anyone here help me with these issues?04:07
gr33nbitstrism, it did create a new user file but didn't fixed the problem04:08
gr33nbitsso guess problem is not there04:09
gr33nbitsshould i rename all the .config folder?04:09
gr33nbitslike if i look in the unity tweak tool i see that theme is selected just doesn't work and boot takes longer too04:11
gr33nbitslike some file permissions got messed up after i changed user password04:11
gr33nbitsnot sure what do do to fix this issue04:12
bluefiveHow do I reset the look and feel of my MATE?04:12
bluefiveI was messing around with some settings and want to go bac kto defaults.04:12
sabotagebeatscan anyone help me with updating my 32 bit ubuntu install to a 64 bit install?04:14
memoryfoamI'm sure there is a very complicated way to upgrade sabotagebeats04:15
memoryfoambut I'd just wipe and start anew04:15
memoryfoammake backups obva04:15
sabotagebeatsmemoryfoam, what do i need to back up? can i just back up ~/04:16
memoryfoamthe libraries are so different between 32/64 I wouldn't bother upgrading04:16
sabotagebeatsdo i need to back up /etc as well?04:16
memoryfoambackup what you want to save. your pics, docs, browser history04:16
sabotagebeatseverything should be in ~/04:17
memoryfoamessentially your just putting your documents somewhere safe and then moving them.into your new system04:17
sabotagebeatsok so ~/ should do it then, there's only one user on this machine04:17
memoryfoamif you keel old dependencies and libraries you are going to end up with a bad system04:17
sabotagebeatsthanks memoryfoam04:19
bluefiveIs there a way I can configure Ubuntu so that my headphones don't have these white noise when I plug them in?04:19
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bluefiveWhen I plug them into my Windows machine I don't get the white noise.04:19
sabotagebeatsbluefive I don't get white noise when I plug mine in04:20
bluefiveTotally clear even when you turn up the volume with nothing playing?04:20
bluefiveGo from mute to volume on and see.04:20
memoryfoamtry changing the sound profile?04:21
memoryfoamopen pulse audio or whatever you use04:21
memoryfoamand change hardware profiles. this has helped me04:22
bluefiveI have sound preferences.04:22
bluefiveI need pulse audio?04:22
memoryfoamI'm not sure if you need it04:23
memoryfoambut I use it and it is simple and straight forward04:23
sabotagebeatsi think pulseaudio is the default for ubuntu?04:24
sabotagebeatsi think "sound preferences" is just a frontend for pulseaudio04:24
bluefiveWhat do I do in PulseAudio?04:24
bluefiveI use Ubuntu MATE.04:24
memoryfoamI'm not sat in front of my comp at the moment but there should be a drop down menu to change profiles in one of the tabs04:25
bluefivePulseAudio Preferences doesn't show much at all.04:25
memoryfoamfind one that works. maybe one of them might cancel your white noise04:25
sabotagebeatsare you on raspberry pi bluefive or regular pc04:26
memoryfoama macbook actually04:26
sabotagebeatsmemoryfoam no i'm asking bluefive since they are using mate04:27
bluefiveRegular PC.04:27
memoryfoamI use mate as well though04:27
sabotagebeatsbluefive and when you boot with windows on that pc there's no white noise?04:28
bluefiveThe white noise goes away totally when I mute the master volume.04:28
bluefiveNo, it's a different PC.04:28
sabotagebeatsare you muting with ubuntu preferences?04:29
sabotagebeatsbluefive are you able to get sound on top of the white noise or is it only white noise04:30
bluefiveI can get sound fine but it goes on top of the white noise.04:30
sabotagebeatshttp://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2262427 maybe this will help04:31
Gallomimiasabotagebeats: i've found/heard in general that it's better to do a clean install than do a release upgrade or similar04:32
sabotagebeatsthanks Gallomimia04:32
Gallomimiait seems odd to me that you have a 32 bit installed. is it very old?04:32
sabotagebeatsGallomimia, yes it's one of the older computers that will run 64bit04:32
sabotagebeatsbluefive it maybe that you have an input set to forward to the output04:33
sabotagebeatsbluefive have you tried muting the inputs04:33
bluefiveOn the input tab in the sound Preferences04:34
bluefiveI ticked Mute04:34
sabotagebeatsdid that help04:34
sabotagebeatsotherwise i'm stumped :/04:34
bluefiveWhich sound preference configuration tool do you recommend?04:34
bluefiveMaybe I need a better one.04:34
bluefiveMine's just called Sound Preferences.04:34
sabotagebeatssound preferences is just a frontend for pulseaudio04:35
bluefiveBuilt in Audio04:35
Gallomimiai've tried using pacl (command line for pulse)04:35
Gallomimiabut it's complex. there's other gui's04:35
bluefiveI have this set to 1 output, 1 input,04:35
Gallomimiahaven't heard of them yet04:35
bluefiveAnalog stereo output04:35
bluefiveOf I mute that the white noise goes away04:36
bluefivebut then I can't hear any sound/music either.04:36
ulot0join #ubuntu-cn04:36
sabotagebeatsbluefive can you set to 0 input 1 output04:36
sabotagebeats(obviously for testing purposes since you['ll want to use your input sometime)04:37
bluefiveNo. Maybe that's what I need to do.04:37
bluefiveHow can I do that?04:37
sabotagebeatsi think it's a setting let me look04:37
bluefiveI don't need any inputs so that's the logical profile.04:37
sabotagebeatsso i have "pulseaudio volume control"04:37
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sabotagebeatsand on input devices I can click the dropdown and just click no input04:38
sabotagebeatsbut my audio setup is kind of weird because I installed project M visualizer from source before there was an apt package for it04:39
bluefiveWhat's the diff between analog stereo duplex and analog stereo output?04:40
sabotagebeatsanalog stereo duplex is in and out04:40
sabotagebeatsyou want analog stereo output04:40
sabotagebeatsduplex means both directions simultaneously like a phone call04:40
bluefiveBuilt in Audio it says04:40
bluefivethen it says Disabled04:40
sabotagebeatswhere you can hear and talk simultaneously04:40
bluefiveThen Analog Stereo Output04:40
bluefiveWhat's disabled there mean?04:41
trento_fananalog stereo output is only usb, not built in speakers, right?04:41
sabotagebeatsyou have analog stereo output disabled?04:41
sabotagebeatsno analog stereo output is the 1/8th inch jack / built in speakers04:41
bluefiveSays Built in Audio04:41
bluefivethen next line Disabled04:41
sabotagebeatswhich tab are you on bluefive04:41
bluefiveThen next line Analog Stereo Output04:41
bluefiveThis is in the Hardware tab04:41
user5555omg so now my system lost my root password04:42
bluefivebelow that selection it says Built in Audio04:42
sabotagebeatsbluefive in pulseaudio volume control i have tabs for input and out put04:42
bluefiveNext line says 1 output, 1 input04:42
bluefivethen it says on the next line Off04:42
sabotagebeatsin the input tab  you want to say disable and then in the output tab you want to say enable analog stereo output04:42
bluefiveYes, but I'm in the Hardware tab now04:42
sabotagebeatsand hopefully that will resolve your issue for now04:42
sabotagebeatsoh hold on04:43
sabotagebeatswere you able to select analog stereo output instead of analog stereo duplex04:43
bluefiveInput tab it says Choose a device and I chose Monitor of Built-In Analog Stereo04:43
bluefivebut I have it muted.04:43
trento_fanopen a yt vid click play & 'play' with pulse04:43
sabotagebeatson input say "off"04:43
bluefiveYes, I selected analog stereo output.04:43
user5555fak don't tell me i need to install Ubuntu again cause i changed user password an system went blehhhh04:44
sabotagebeatsok that's good04:44
bluefiveNo option for Off on the input tab.04:44
bluefiveJust mute04:44
sabotagebeatsyou're right bluefive i just noticed that04:44
sabotagebeatsmute the input04:44
sabotagebeatsalso do you have a "recording" tab?04:44
bluefiveNo recording tab04:44
sabotagebeatsso you have the input muted04:45
sabotagebeatsyou have analog stereo output selected (not duplex)04:45
sabotagebeatsand then you're still getting white noise when you unmute the output?04:45
superguesthow do I check the currently installed version of util-linux on the command line?04:45
superguest(I am using 14.10)04:45
sabotagebeatssuperguest i think "uname"04:46
sabotagebeatssorry "uname -a"04:46
superguestutil-linux is a package, my friend.04:46
sabotagebeatsoh sorry my noob is showing :P04:46
bluefivesabotagebeats, Yes04:47
user5555so my root password doesn't work anymore means i can't do nothing to gain access on machine again04:47
superguestuser5555, try sudo su04:47
trento_fanor su ;)04:47
user5555problem is that i changed password on system settings then on command line and after i took the need from password on login04:48
user5555now root doesn't work04:48
sabotagebeatsuser5555 single user mode bootup doesn't work?04:48
user5555im logged in04:49
user5555but now neither the old or new password work04:49
user5555root password i mean04:49
sabotagebeatsi think you can reset the password from single user mode04:49
user5555how can i do that sabotagebeats04:50
sabotagebeatshttp://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password user555504:50
user5555thank you very much sabotagebeats i will do that and after try to deal with this GUI bug04:51
sabotagebeatsuser5555, you boot into recovery mode and drop to a root shell prompt and follow the article from there04:51
sabotagebeatscool good luck user555504:51
user5555thanks a buch04:51
sabotagebeatsbluefive you could also try messing around with alsa but you also might be wasting time mucking around in there since i would think it's something simple04:53
sabotagebeatsbluefive pulseaudio is the default ubuntu sound manager but you could use alsa instead or jackd instead (both are more complicated)04:55
bluefiveWhich do you recommend?04:55
sabotagebeatsjackd is very complicated but flexib le04:56
sabotagebeatsalsa is more simple but works good04:56
bluefiveHow to use alsa?04:56
bluefiveIt's installed somewhere.04:56
bluefiveIt has a GUI?04:57
sabotagebeatsbluefive i think you just "sudo apt-get install alsa alsamixer"04:57
sabotagebeatsyes it has a gui04:57
sabotagebeatsalsamixer is your gui04:57
=== Mob is now known as MobGod
sabotagebeatsit's a term gui04:58
sabotagebeatsbut tbh i think we might be overthinking the issue are you sure that in pulseaudio there is no setting that says "digital audio output" turned on? that will give you a white noise for sure04:59
bluefiveWhere do I find Alsa Mixer?04:59
bluefiveI don't see it anyway.04:59
sabotagebeatsbluefive pop open terminal and type alsamixer04:59
sabotagebeatsit is a terminal gui04:59
bluefiveDigital audio output will give me white noise?05:00
bluefiveYes, I have it turned on.05:00
sabotagebeatsbluefive yes05:00
sabotagebeatsturn it off05:00
sabotagebeatswell, in pulseaudio when you select stereo analog output it should turn off digital output05:00
bluefiveOh, no I don't have any option for digital output.05:00
bluefiveJust analog output.05:01
bluefiveDigital (HDMI) is off.05:01
Rave1for Alsa there is also Gnome alsa-mixer (a gui interface) for pulse there is pavucontrol05:01
sabotagebeatsthanks Rave105:01
sabotagebeatspavucontrol is good05:01
bluefiveI installed alsa mixer gnome05:02
bluefivebut now where do I find it?05:02
sabotagebeatsalsa mixer gnome should be in with your other programs (on my version i click activities and start typing and it comes up with my programs)05:02
sabotagebeatsRave1, do you have any help to offer here with white noise on the analog output with pulseaudio?05:03
sabotagebeatsRave1, we already tried changing the profile to analog stereo out05:03
gr33nbitssabotagebeats, fixed the password and after that already been able to fix the GUI issue05:03
gr33nbitsthanks again for the root passwd tip05:04
sabotagebeatsno problem gr33nbits i'm glad I could be of some help :D05:04
Rave1sabotagebeats,  have you searched for issues with your exact sound card?05:04
sabotagebeatsRave1, it's bluefive's soundcard05:04
Rave1oh  oops05:04
sabotagebeatsRave1, I was trying to support him but I'm starting to be at a loss and I don't want to go down the alsa rabbit hole if we can help it05:05
bluefiveWhat is PCM in GNOME ALSA?05:05
bluefiveHow do I restore defaults? I messed with PCM.05:05
sabotagebeatsbluefive PCM is pulse code modulation, it's the way soundcards produce analog output05:05
Rave1try all the pulse settings first with pavucontrol05:06
bluefiveNeed to put PCM back to default05:06
ulot0join #ubuntu-cn05:06
Rave1bluefive,   have you searched for issues with your card05:06
ulot0join #ubuntu-cn05:07
sabotagebeatsRave1, we have tried muting the input (to resolve any feedback loop) and we tried setting the profile in pavucontrol to "analog stereo output"05:07
bluefiveravelIt's a good realtek card.05:07
bluefiveBut first things first05:07
bluefiveI need to restore PCM to defaults.05:07
bluefiveHow do I do that?05:08
Rave1good realtech?? it took me a week to fix mine  LOL05:08
ulot0help me ,How to query the default editor for ubuntu14.04?05:08
bluefiveWhere do I find the PAUVUcontrol?05:08
bluefiveI installed it.05:08
lotuspsychjeulot0: gedit you looking for?05:09
bluefiveThe problem seems to be this05:09
sabotagebeatsbluefive it is also called pavucontrol is "pulse audio volume control" gui app05:09
bluefiveIt keeps going back to 1 output, 1 input05:09
bluefiveeven after I set it to output only05:09
Rave1bluefive,  type in terminal if it hasnt given you a menu item05:09
ulot0lotuspsychje, thanks05:09
sabotagebeatsthere's also a way to release all alsa to pulseaudio05:09
sabotagebeatslet me google for a sec05:10
bluefiveAlso I need to reset the PCM05:10
bluefivecan you help me with that?05:10
sabotagebeatsbluefive if you can release from alsa you won't need to reset the pcm http://tuxradar.com/files/LXF130.audio.layers.png05:11
sabotagebeatsthat image kind of annoys me because I could never get ffado to work lol05:12
sabotagebeatsbut it's a good explanation of the way audio works in linux05:12
bluefiveWhat do you mean RELEASE from ALSA?05:13
bluefiveHow do I do that?05:13
sabotagebeatsi'm trying to find it right now I haven't done it in about 2 years :)05:13
bluefiveRelease from ALSA = reset?05:14
sabotagebeatsbluefive there's a command to do it i'm looking for it05:14
sabotagebeatsbluefive: further reading http://www.alsa-project.org/main/index.php/Asoundrc05:17
bluefiveSo how to reset alsa?05:17
sabotagebeatscan anyone else vouch for deleting the asoundrc config file to reset alsa?05:18
bluefiveI should not have been tinkering with the PCM in Alsa.05:18
mojtabaKeepass2 does not work and when I execute it, a window will suddenly open and close. Do you know how can I fix it? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15478309/05:18
sabotagebeatsi don't want to point bluefive into a hole05:18
lotuspsychjemojtaba: maybe you should file a bug for this05:18
bluefiveshouldn't it be trivial to reset alsa?05:19
sabotagebeatsbluefive did you do that in alsamixer?05:19
sabotagebeatsbluefive it should be :P05:19
bluefiveyes, I changed the PCM in alsa mixer.05:19
mojtabalotuspsychje: ok, thanks05:19
lotuspsychje!bug | mojtaba05:19
ubottumojtaba: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.05:19
sabotagebeatsbluefive what did you change in pcm05:19
bluefiveI changed the sliders05:19
sabotagebeatsbluefive if you changed the amount you should be able to just go back in and turn it back up :)05:20
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RoundDuckMannCan anybody help me? https://askubuntu.com/questions/750272/how-to-restore-files-of-failed-kazam-video05:20
fe34r3attempting to install ubuntu, ubuntu is already is installed on an external HD. I prioritized the hard drive in my BIOS but ubuntu never loads. What am I doing wrong?05:21
bluefiveIt's fixed.05:21
=== coffeeguy is now known as zen-guy
bluefiveIt really went away.05:21
sabotagebeatsbluefive, magical05:22
lotuspsychje!cookie | sabotagebeats05:22
ubottusabotagebeats: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:22
RoundDuckMannCan anybody help me? https://askubuntu.com/questions/750272/how-to-restore-files-of-failed-kazam-video Please!!!!05:22
sabotagebeatsthanks lotuspsychje05:22
lotuspsychje!patience | RoundDuckMann05:22
ubottuRoundDuckMann: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:22
sabotagebeatsi actually just came in here to get help :P05:22
bluefiveI don't even know what I did. But I reloaded Alsa and then I unloaded the HDMI components for my Broadwell Intel. But then I enabled them back and that didn't seem to do anything.05:22
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: re-ask mate :p05:22
bluefiveI think what fixed it was reloading Alsa?05:22
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, i actually already got my help I was wondering if there's an ez way to install 64 bit ubuntu over 32 bit without destroying everything and everyone said yes but it's easier to just reinstall05:23
bluefiveWhat do you think was causing the white noise?05:23
sabotagebeatsbluefive, I think maybe input routed through alsa? not sure :)05:23
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: reinstall ubuntu on architectures05:23
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: Well it's been quite a while, I've tried to ask eariler, with no help. :/05:23
bluefivesabotagebeats, So reloading Alsa probably fixed it somehow?05:23
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: maybe if you tell us the full story?05:23
bluefivesudo alsa force-reload05:24
bluefivethat's what I typed.05:24
bluefiveDoes that reset everything?05:24
lotuspsychjefe34r3: uefi machine?05:24
sabotagebeatsnice! honestly I've never used that command bluefive I just learned from you :)05:24
lotuspsychjefe34r3: you want to keep ubuntu installed on your external hd, or internal?05:24
fe34r3Yes uefi machine.05:25
bluefivesabotagebeats, About the PCM, the issue is that I wouldn't know how to set the sliders just like before.05:25
fe34r3I want it on my external HD.05:25
bluefiveBut the alsa force-reload seems to have put them back to defaults?05:25
lotuspsychjefe34r3: thats not recommended over usb, it will bottleneck you05:25
sabotagebeatsawesome I'm going to have to try that next time i'm having trouble with alsa bluefive05:25
bluefiveAmazing. I thought I was going to have that white noise forever, that it was an issue with the hardware itself.05:25
fe34r3I was told to reinstall ubuntu on the HD after coming across another bottleneck error, and because I used wubi.05:26
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, thanks for your help i'm going to google that phrase05:26
lotuspsychjefe34r3: we would recommend you install ubuntu on your physical internal hd05:26
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: google? i just saying best to reinstall fresh05:26
sabotagebeatsoh yes that's the answer most people gave me05:27
fe34r3I would rather not get it on my internal HD. Is there any way I can continue the process on my external HD?05:27
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, I am planning to back up homedir and then reload into new fresh install05:27
fe34r3I'm stuck on step 2 of the installation process.05:27
lotuspsychjefe34r3: will you like a slow Os over usb?05:27
fe34r3Keeping it on an external HD would make it slower? I can install it on my USB too.05:27
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: a new install can preserve your /home aswell in the setup05:28
fe34r3Anything to not get it on my internal HD.05:28
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: but more recommended to keep your data safe, external :p05:28
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: Basically, after being OCD by pressing the power button while recording, a prompt to shut down popped up. I exited out of it, and pressed again, nothing happened, but I clicked on the power button that appears on the upper right menu (Gnome 3.16) and it shutted off immediately after, borking my recording. in the next boot, left over f05:28
RoundDuckManniles were left, and I deleted all but one .movie file, because I thought it worked. One day when I decided to watch it though, the video would cut out in the middle of the super long video, and now I'm panicking here. :P05:28
bluefiveWait a second.05:28
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, thanks I figured as much :)05:28
askbHi, is anyone familiar with any difference with grub2 menuentry in ubuntu and debian ?05:28
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: so you still got the movie file, borked?05:28
bluefiveIt didn't fix it! What happened is that it made it so that the volume control with Pulse on the taskbar when I turned it off fully, the volume was still on05:28
bluefiveso the white noise wasn't going away because the volume somewhere else was still on!05:29
lotuspsychje!grub | askb05:29
ubottuaskb: GRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub205:29
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: yes.05:29
sabotagebeatsbluefive, sorry I'm confused can you restate that again in another way :)05:29
bluefiveI have tinnitus so I figured it was my tinnitus. But when I fully mute the system volume then it goes quiet.05:29
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: did you try play it with vlc?05:29
RoundDuckMannyes, and totem (Gnome Videos)05:29
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: in some cases vlc tries to play broken video files05:29
sabotagebeatsoh ok i get you now bluefive05:30
sabotagebeatsbluefive, i think you might have a hardware issue is this a realtek USB card?05:30
askblotuspsychje, Hi, I am looking for some info, sorry not very familar with grub2, how root=UUID entry gets adds in debian and ubuntu05:30
sabotagebeatscan you try a different port or a powered usb hub bluefive05:30
bluefiveAnyway, the white noise got quieter. That's what happened.05:30
bluefiveMy headphones are plugged into the headphone jack.05:30
lotuspsychje!uuid | askb05:30
ubottuaskb: To see a list of your devices/partitions and their corresponding UUID's, run this command in a !shell: « sudo blkid » (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LibAtaForAtaDisks for the rationale behind the transition to UUID)05:30
askblotuspsychje, i think there are some diffirences05:31
bluefiveYou mean plugging them into a powered USB hub?05:31
sabotagebeatsbluefive is this a usb sound card05:31
sabotagebeatsbluefive have you tried turning down the audio in pulseaudio and turning it up in alsa05:31
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: Is there a way to fix it, I can only see 1 hr and 20-something minutes of the 4 hr video.05:31
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: there is also a #kazam channel if you like05:31
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, you're very helpful :)05:31
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: think your video is broken mate05:32
sabotagebeats!cookie | lotuspsychje05:32
ubottulotuspsychje: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:32
lotuspsychjesabotagebeats: thank you, thats what we here for :p05:32
fe34r3This is what I've done, I downloaded 14.04 ubuntu and then burned the ISO to an external hard drive. I went into BIOS and prioritized the hard drive for the booting process as well as switched the bios to Legacy. From there I saved the configuration and rebooted, but ubuntu doesn't show up in the list of OS's to choose from, and so windows loads ag05:32
lotuspsychjefe34r3: wich tool did you burn it with?05:33
fe34r3Universal usb05:33
sabotagebeatsfe34r3, for my computer I need to get to the boot menu and then choose the usb drive each time05:33
lotuspsychjefe34r3: ok good05:33
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: F****************************************************************************************K!!@#$!@#$##@$%!#@%#@!@!#!!!!!!!!??!!!05:34
lotuspsychjefe34r3: the problem is you want a persistent ubuntu on your external, so burn an ubuntu iso on an usb stick, then target your external hd as install medium05:34
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: dont do that please05:35
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, fe34r3 i agree with this05:35
fe34r3how do i do that?05:35
bluefivesabotagebeats, It's not a USB sound card.05:35
bluefiveIt's a RealTek. The unit is an MSI CUBI.05:35
lotuspsychjefe34r3: i dont recommend it mate, your ubuntu will be slow and bottleneck you05:35
sabotagebeatsok bluefive were u able to turn down pulseaudio and then turn up the alsa and did that make the white noise go away05:35
bluefiveI disabled the sound on the Taskbar. What makes the white noise go away is when I mute the Output in Pulse.05:36
titanium17_guys, will reinstalling my kernel affect any programs/data I have on my pc now?05:36
sabotagebeatsbluefive, can you still use alsa when pulse is muted05:36
bluefiveDisabling the sound on the taskbar totally, I have that muted05:36
fe34r3Why would it be slow?05:36
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: Sorry, it's just the video I made that recorded me doing lots of things like downloading Sophos. I'm now worried if I were an idiot who downloaded it from a weird website, or if site was hacked, or crap like that...05:36
lotuspsychjefe34r3: because your external goes tru usb05:36
bluefivesabotagebeats, Yes. But not when I hit Mute inside Pulse to disable the output.05:36
sabotagebeatsfe34r3, because it's running over usb which is slower :)05:36
bluefiveOnly when I mute it on the taskbar.05:36
titanium17_I have an issue where the wifi keeps disconnecting frequently, and turning the wifi off/on freezes the entire pc. I am running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS05:36
fe34r3Why not do it the other way then?05:37
sabotagebeatsbluefive, when you mute on the taskbar alsa still will play sound without the white noise?05:37
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: its not recommended to record hours with kazam...05:37
bluefiveYes, but it the white noise only goes away fully when I put the output inside Pulse.05:37
bluefiveIf I just mute it on the taskbar it's still there.05:37
fe34r3And run it over the external HD.05:37
fe34r3How do I target a device as an installation medium?05:37
RoundDuckMannDo I have to reinstall Ubuntu just in case it might have crap in it?05:37
lotuspsychje!uefi | fe34r305:38
ubottufe34r3: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI05:38
sabotagebeatsfe34r3, if you are on uefi that's a completely different animal than bios, on my uefi machine I have to reboot each time by holding shift while selecting reboot from windows or it will not boot into the usb drive05:38
lotuspsychjefe34r3: best scenario out of this, is inserting another hd internal in your pc, and dualboot ubuntu with your existing Os05:38
gr33nbitsheias elh905:39
fe34r3OK I'm not on a uefi.05:39
sabotagebeatsbluefive when you mute in pulseaudio does it mute alsa05:39
lotuspsychjetitanium17_: wifi chipset?05:39
bluefivesabotagebeats, Only when I explicitly mute the Output in Pulse. That takes ALL the white noise away. When I just mute the taskbar icon for Pulse, the system still has output sound.05:40
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: no, i just think your file is borked man, 4 hours recording must have been big load for kazam, and not encoding it correctly05:40
sabotagebeatsbluefive but when you specifically mute the output in pulse you can still hear your sounds through alsa?05:40
bluefiveThat takes all sound away.05:40
bluefiveBut right now I have Pulse muted on the taskbar icon05:41
bluefiveand I still have sound05:41
sabotagebeatsbluefive but you also still have white noise?05:41
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: Do I have to reinstall Ubuntu just in case it might have crap in it? I know I most likely got Sophos from the official website, but Linux malware is getting more common.05:41
sabotagebeatsRoundDuckMann, linux malware is pretty rare05:41
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: what has malware to do with your kazam video?05:41
elh9i just enabled VT-d on my motherboard, (was only enabled on cpu before), and ubuntu server won't boot - has trouble identifying the ata devices that are mounted during boot, when i disabled it, ubuntu starts normally, anyone familair with this?05:42
RoundDuckMannlotuspsychje: I installed Sophos in the video.05:42
RoundDuckMannI use them like logs.05:42
titanium17_lotuspsychje, http://pastebin.com/uYXVdjRT05:42
titanium17_lotuspsychje, that was some bits of the output when I run lshw command05:42
lotuspsychjetitanium17_: didnt we have this conversation before? you was the guy with the git driver?05:43
RoundDuckMannthem as in videos05:43
lotuspsychjeelh9: maybe the #ubuntu-server guys might know this?05:44
elh9ah ok thanks lotuspsychje05:44
gr33nbitsRoundDuckMann, don't worry about malware on Ubuntu05:44
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, do you know how to make 32 bit chrome stop breaking my apt-get upgrade?05:45
titanium17_lotuspsychje, I had this issue before, but never solved it. We spoke previously about ISO and UCK I think :)05:45
lotuspsychje!chrome-repo | sabotagebeats05:46
ubottusabotagebeats: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome05:46
RoundDuckManngr33nbits: But I gave a third party script root permission to install, I deleted it later, but I'm still worried now that it was malware and could've left in malicious bits in.05:46
RoundDuckMannEven though most likely I got it from Sophos.05:46
gr33nbitsRoundDuckMann, oh if you not sure about that 3rd party then i guess05:46
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje,  sed: can't read /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome: No such file or directory05:47
titanium17_lotuspsychje, my kernel version is 3.19.0-56-generic05:47
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, i've already apt-get remove google-chrome-stable but the apt-source still gives me errors05:47
lotuspsychjetitanium17_: i recommend a fresh install with cable + updates during setup, see if your wifi gets detected by default05:47
titanium17_lotuspsychje, I just sank a few weeks setting this up :( A fresh install would kill me05:48
titanium17_I am a linux/i3/emacs noob05:48
RoundDuckManngr33nbits: Wow, there goes my confidence... Is there a way to scan Ubuntu later on? Maybe can I use live USB for scanning?05:49
lotuspsychjetitanium17_: if the default ubuntu driver doesnt not perform well= bug05:49
=== isReKT2000 is now known as Guest50097
lotuspsychjetitanium17_: think you messed up with that git too much05:49
titanium17_lotuspsychje, I have not installed any wireless driver manually05:49
gr33nbitsRoundDuckMann, yes you can scan the machine with clamav05:50
sabotagebeatslotuspsychje, i did apt-get purge google-chrome-stable and now it fixed it!!05:50
sabotagebeats!cookie | lotuspsychje05:50
ubottulotuspsychje: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:50
lotuspsychje!yay | sabotagebeats05:50
ubottusabotagebeats: Glad you made it! :-)05:50
RoundDuckManngr33nbits: clamav only scans Windows viruses, I think.05:50
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: wrong05:51
gr33nbitsRoundDuckMann, no you wrong05:51
RoundDuckMannThat's what it said on Wikipedia, though maybe it hasn't been updated recently.05:51
lotuspsychjeRoundDuckMann: clamav has a pretty good updated database with linux viruses etc05:51
gr33nbitsand it's built in you don't even need to add repository05:52
lotuspsychje!realtek | titanium17_05:52
ubottutitanium17_: some help for recent Realtek chipsets can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Device/RealtekRTL8187b05:52
titanium17_!cookie lotuspsychje05:52
sabotagebeatsok i dont know if i can help any longer im about to fall asleep ZzZzZz05:52
gr33nbitssabotagebeats, good rest bud05:54
sabotagebeatsthanks gr33nbits gn05:55
bluefiveI need to RESET alsa to defaults!05:57
bluefiveAny help?05:57
lotuspsychje!sound | bluefive05:57
ubottubluefive: If you're having problems with sound, click the Volume applet, then Sound Preferences, and check your Volume, Hardware, Input, and Output settings.  If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files,  see !players and !mp3.05:57
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bluefiveThat dosen't tell me how.05:58
est689how can i get kernel source v4.x with ubuntu folder inside?06:00
sabotagebeatsbluefive, i gotta catch some zzzs but here this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/164518/hard-resetting-alsa-configuration06:01
lotuspsychje!mainline | est68906:02
ubottuest689: The kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds06:02
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fe34r3What format does my external hard drive need to be for ubuntu installation?06:02
lotuspsychjefe34r3: ubuntu setup will auto partition for you06:02
titanium17lotuspsychje, I followed the first answer here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/730430/wifi-connection-keeps-dropping-in-ubuntu-15-10-rtl8821ae/73203906:04
titanium17lotuspsychje, I no longer freeze when I turn wifi on/off using the "fn" key on my laptop. Just tried it 2-3 times. Now I have to just see if the connection is stable06:05
titanium17lotuspsychje, thanks for all the help!! On behalf of everyone that is getting help here :)06:06
lotuspsychjetitanium17: not really recommended to install external ppa's, i would go for a regular bug06:06
titanium17lotuspsychje, by regular bug, do you mean a clean install?06:06
lotuspsychjetitanium17: no i mean if ubuntu drivers dont perform well by default, you will help the community by bug it06:07
independientealguien habla español06:07
lotuspsychje!es | independiente06:07
ubottuindependiente: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.06:07
titanium17lotuspsychje, oh thanks! Ill report the bug and use this driver temporarily then! Thanks for the heads up!06:07
lotuspsychjetitanium17: cheers06:08
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est689lotuspsychje, theres no ubuntu folder inside each of the source, so it cant install dkms such what it provide from the linux-source*.deb. is there any other way to install dkms easily without git-ing the whole big dkms source...? 😊06:10
lotuspsychjeest689: can you tell us whats your end goal is with this?06:11
est689recompile a smaller kernel with dkms driver such as nvidia graphic driver06:12
lotuspsychjeest689: and you want this why?06:17
elh9with UUID mounting in fstab, will the UUID stay the same when changing a drive to another sata controller on the motherboard?06:22
est689to remove unnecessery code06:22
Jordan_Uelh9: Yes. UUIDs are part of the filesystem, a number randomly generated and stored at mkfs time.06:24
bluefiveWhen I go into ALSA mixer06:24
bluefiveit says Intel Boardwell HDMI06:24
bluefiveand there are 3 things to tick06:24
elh9Jordan_U, great thanks for that06:24
Jordan_Uelh9: You're welcome.06:25
lotuspsychjeest689: can apt-get download linux-image-generic help perhaps?06:25
bluefiveWhat happens if I untick all 3?06:25
elh9can anyone recommend an 8 port SATA/SAS PCIe card (without RAID support) or an irc channel to ask in?06:28
est689lotuspsychje: no, it cant06:30
lotuspsychjeelh9: ##hardware06:33
gr33nbitsheias mcfarland06:33
elh9hello mcfarland06:33
elh9thanks lotuspsychje06:33
mcfarlandwhat can we do here06:35
Gallomimiauh. seems i've lost my hostname lookup in ubuntu06:36
Gallomimiais there a way i can restart it?06:37
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KingOsamai ran out of discs, and i wondering if thereś 6MB worth of files i can delete from the Ubuntu-GNOME 15.10 Installer ISO so i can fit it on a 1GB XD card and boot from that, any suggestions?06:49
Jordan_UKingOsama: Much easier to just use the mininal installer instead.06:54
Jordan_U!minimal | KingOsama06:54
ubottuKingOsama: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD06:54
KingOsamathanks so much for the help06:55
unicornjedicicero, hello sir. I just have a quick question about cron.. basically I want to run "xrandr --brightness 1.0" in the daytime and "xrandr --brightness 0.7" at night07:04
daxsounds like what you actually want is to install redshift, tbh07:05
unicornjedidax, im using openelec :/ it doesnt have redshift unfortunately :(07:05
unicornjedior soo... i think07:05
dax#ubuntu only does support for Ubuntu and official derivatives.07:05
unicornjedidax, ... im asking about cron fool07:06
daxbut, on the off-chance it uses Ubuntu's repositories, redshift is in there. but yeah, should ask them07:06
daxunicornjedi: you're asking about cron on a distro that we don't support. go talk to your distro's support channel07:06
unicornjedii like to check here first though, because openelec and kodi support channels are usually dead07:06
daxor ##linux, if you think this is "general linux advice"07:07
unicornjedidax, kk ill try there07:07
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=== dax changed the topic of #ubuntu to: Official Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | This channel supports: Ubuntu and its official flavors, versions 12.04, 14.04, and 15.10. | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here. | 16.04: not released yet, use #ubuntu+1 | IRC info: http://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: http://ubottu.com/y/dl
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greenbugI'm having issues with x11vnc and XFCE's lock screen, anyone have any experience with X sessions and displays?07:17
bluefiveSays 1 INPUT, 1 OUTPUT07:20
bluefiveIn sound preferences07:20
bluefiveI need it to STAY on 1 output, no input07:20
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fe34r3I'm attempting to install ubuntu. I've rewritten my ubuntu iso to an external hard drive and attempted to boot from it but my system doesn't recognize ubuntu as another OS. using windows 10, 64 bit 8gb of ram, the hard drive I'm attempting to install is 123GB. I partitioned my internal HD to 200 GBs of unallocated space. Now my computer doesn't rec07:38
fe34r3ognize the drive at all. What am I doing wrong?07:38
greenbugfe34r3: can you give me some details? how did you write the ubuntu iso to the hard drive?07:40
fe34r3With universal usb installer07:40
fe34r3What other details do you need?07:41
greenbughow about the system you're trying to boot from? how old is it? have you had success booting from usb devices in the past?07:42
stacy-can somebody show me how to add the directory path show in an utunbu shell07:42
fe34r3windows 10. bought it 4 days ago. And I've been trying to install ubuntu for 2 days now, so not much success.07:42
greenbugfe34r3: I'm guessing its a laptop. did you access its boot menu or bios menu?07:43
fe34r3It's a desktop, and I accessed the BIOS.07:43
stacy-is there a simple command to make the path show in the shell prompt in ubuntu?07:44
bluefiveCan't get rid of this fecking white noise.07:44
bluefiveAny helpers?07:44
greenbugstacy-: hopefully this can help: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomizingBashPrompt07:44
fe34r3I prioritized the external HD for the booting process several times, but it doesn't boot ubuntu unless I select the drive for temporary booting now. When I first started, it gave me the option for choosing between windows and Ubuntu for OS at the startup screen.07:44
fe34r3And when I do get to the ubuntu boot screen, it sends me right back to windows.07:45
stacy-greenbug.. i remember it use to be a simple command i typed in redhat to get that prompt07:46
greenbugfe34r3: so you can get the grub screen, which lists options like try/install ubuntu, memory test, etc?07:47
fe34r3Yeah, but after i select something, it sends me back to windows.07:47
greenbugstacy-: I don't know that much about bash and shells and things. I would recommend reading `man bash` tho07:48
greenbugthats what the help.ubuntu.com article mentioned.07:48
stacy-greenbug.. which type do you use for your shell?07:49
greenbugstacy-: I'm not even sure haha, the default for xubuntu 14.04 I guess07:50
greenbugyou can always print the current directory with `pwd`07:51
stacy-by the way how do i get back to the ~ location in  the shell07:52
greenbugstacy-: the change directory command, `cd ~`07:52
greenbugfe34r3: If I were in your position, I would try disconnecting the HDD with windows 10, so it can only boot from ubuntu, just to troubleshoot07:53
greenbugbluefive: audio issues?07:53
r2rxHello. Currently running Ubuntu 15.10 x64. I am having an error compiling some source code...I get the following error:07:54
r2rx$ make07:54
r2rxgcc -w -m32 -O2 -DNDEBUG -c main.c -o main.o07:54
r2rxmain.c:12390:13: error: conflicting types for ‘jpeg_mem_src’07:54
r2rx static void jpeg_mem_src( j_decompress_ptr cinfo, byte *mem, int len )07:54
r2rx             ^07:54
fe34r3How's it going to boot from windows 10 if it's disconnected?07:54
bluefivegreenbug, Yes.07:54
lotuspsychje!compile | r2rx07:54
ubottur2rx: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first). Also read !checkinstall07:54
bluefivegreenbug, I MUTE my audio volume and the white noise goes away.07:54
bluefiveBut I unmute it and it comes back.07:54
bluefiveIt doesn't change volume based on the volume level.07:54
bluefiveIt's binary. There or off when the volume is muted.07:54
bluefiveThis is my headphone jack on my NUC.07:55
greenbugfe34r3: aren't you trying to boot to ubuntu, but its booting to windows instead?07:56
bluefivegreenbug, Small mini PC.07:57
bluefiveCould the antennae from the WI-FI be too close to the audio jack?07:57
EriC^^fe34r3: hp laptop?07:57
fe34r3no, lenevo desktop07:58
greenbugbluefive: I would try running another OS and see if the noise issue persists, even a live ubuntu usb or something07:58
EriC^^fe34r3: ok, it's a fresh install?07:58
bluefiveCan I do a LIVE USB run without rebooting?07:58
stacy-greenbug..do i have to be a super user to make chages in the .bashrc07:59
fe34r3well, at least 48 hours07:59
greenbugbluefive, afraid not, you would have to shutdown and then while starting up select the usb to boot from07:59
lotuspsychje!sudo | stacy-07:59
ubottustacy-: sudo is a command to run command-line programs with superuser privileges ("root") (also see !cli). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !pkexec (for older releases: !gksu and !kdesudo). If you're unable to execute commands with sudo see: http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/fixsudo07:59
GnsPstacy- I think you wont need super user privileges to edit .bashrc08:08
GnsPthe .bashrc file stays in your home directory, so as long as you are the owner of the file, you dont need to be the superuser to edit that.08:10
stacy-thanks gnsp08:10
EriC^^!md5sum fe34r308:11
EriC^^!md5sum | fe34r308:11
ubottufe34r3: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows08:11
amaris it safe to update mesa on ubuntu 14.0408:11
stacy-is there a language software i can use to switch between another language or using ibus for all ?08:11
lotuspsychjeamar: its recommended to use ubuntu update, for all packages08:13
amarcan we use obilaf ppa08:13
lotuspsychjeamar: we dont support external ppa's here, so use at own risk08:13
stacy-what is the key for super+space?08:14
lotuspsychje!hotkeys | stacy-08:15
ubottustacy-: Keyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts08:15
GnsPstacy- , well I think that depends on the language. As for my native language the support level is low. So I had to write my own unicode editor in JS to run on browser08:16
stacy-gsnp..what is the super key for a laptop?08:17
EriC^^the win key08:17
stacy-eric.. do i have to install the language pack for the keyboard to show?08:20
MathisenMorning! any one else had trouble with Acer laptop,, it refuses to wake upp again when when i had left it alone for 2 hours + ...08:20
Mathisenso my only alternative is to power off and then on again08:21
squintskiiubuntu liveUSB hangs at a totally black screen the instant i choose to boot from the live environment or to install08:33
squintskiican someone help figure out why?08:33
GnsP@stacy- , for a laptop the super key is different for different keyboard layouts. For a windows keyboard, the key with a windows symbol is the super key.08:33
EriC^^!nomodeset | squintskii08:34
ubottusquintskii: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:34
stacy-i tried to do a umake in ubuntu.. is there a way to see if the directory is made?/.local/share/umake/android/android-studio08:34
EriC^^stacy-: umake?08:34
squintskiiEriC^^, so that's whats happening with my 980Ti?08:34
stacy-eric .. umake android08:34
EriC^^squintskii: can't really tell08:35
stacy-after entering that my system was running for hour..but i pressed the ctrl by mistake08:35
lotuspsychjesquintskii: ubuntu version and driver version?08:35
EriC^^stacy-: ls -ld ~/.local/share/umake/android/android-studio08:35
squintskiilotuspsychje, i cant even install the thing, so i have no idea about drivers, its 15.10 x6408:36
EriC^^shows if a directory is there or not08:36
GnsPwell, umake is for android development, right ?08:36
lotuspsychjesquintskii: i would go for the physical install + connected with cable + updates during setup08:36
squintskiilotuspsychje, i.... cant even load the installer08:37
lotuspsychjesquintskii: you dont see the purple ubuntu setup screen?08:37
stacy-it says to such file or directory08:37
lotuspsychjesquintskii: how did you create your usb?08:37
squintskiilotuspsychje, rufus08:37
squintskiilotuspsychje, i get a menu asking whether i want to install or run live USB, i choose either one and instant black screen08:38
squintskiithe liveusb boots in a virtual machine08:38
squintskiiso the stick is fine08:38
lotuspsychjesquintskii: try the nomodeset as EriC^^ suggested to get in08:38
stacy-does this mean /.local is a encripted directory?08:38
lotuspsychjesquintskii: or maybe also try a 16.04 daily to test08:39
squintskiiyou would think, for an issue that apparently has persisted since 2010, that the devs would figure out a way to prevent this issue entirely08:39
lotuspsychjesquintskii: we need to investigate this first, to make sure whats going on08:39
lotuspsychjesquintskii: every system reacts different08:39
GnsP~/.local is encrypted if your home directory is encrypted. Otherwise it's a normal directory08:40
squintskiilotuspsychje, which is a problem, considering i've never once heard of a windows installer failing to boot because of some obscure graphics issue that only happens some of the time on some nvidia gpus08:40
squintskiiso why does ubuntu have the issue?08:40
lotuspsychjesquintskii: you can only speak for your case, we have users with your same card running ubuntu fine08:40
stacy-gnsp... after doong a uname android..i could not get to the androd-studio directory08:41
lotuspsychjesquintskii: your system is uefi? singleboot, dualboot?08:41
squintskiithat's the thing, every system with a haswell cpu and an nvidia maxwell gpu should behave identically08:41
squintskiiuefi, single boot08:41
stacy-its umake08:42
GnsPstacy-, I am not into android dev. So I dont know anything about umake.08:42
lotuspsychjesquintskii: try nomodeset, 14.04.4 or 16.04 to find out whats happening08:42
stacy-not uname..sorry08:42
GnsPuname is to display system info ofcrs08:42
GnsPlike uname -a or uname -r etc08:42
GnsPumake is for android, about which I dont have much knowledge08:43
stacy-it freezes at the shell prompt when i do a umake android08:44
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | squintskii08:44
ubottusquintskii: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:44
stacy-and then it says choose installation path08:44
GnsPmaybe you should set an installation path before running it08:44
squintskiilotuspsychje, yes, and my point is that after 6 years this shouldnt be a thing anymore, the devs should find a way to prevent it08:44
GnsPlike doing some config or something08:45
lotuspsychjesquintskii: you cant talk in general, like i said we have users with your same card running ubuntu fine08:45
lotuspsychjesquintskii: you made a bug of this that proves its going on for 6 years?08:45
squintskiiyes, but it shouldnt happen to ANY users, the fact that it happens sometimes and doesnt happen other times means something is clearly wrong with either the distro, the default graphics drivers, or the linux kernel in general08:46
squintskiilotuspsychje, that thread is dated 201008:46
squintskiiso its at least 6 years08:46
lotuspsychjesquintskii: we dont live in a dreamworld where everything runs perfect08:46
lotuspsychjesquintskii: every Os has bugs, and ubuntu deals with them08:46
stacy-gnsp... i did a sudo apt-get install ubuntu-make ... prior to umake android08:47
squintskiiapparently not, i've never heard of a bug that has affected windows or macOS for 6 years without even a partial resolution before08:47
GnsPapt-get install installs the package only08:47
GnsPapt-get has nothing to do with the config08:47
GnsPto config a package you have to config it manually most of the time.08:48
stacy-Choose installation path: /home/k/.local/share/umake/android/android-studio08:49
stacy-thats what i get when i do a umake android08:50
GnsPthat looks ok08:50
stacy-but it just freezes there08:50
GnsPchoosing that installation path will install android studio for your user only08:51
GnsPrather than doing a systemwide installation08:51
stacy-i dont think it has installed08:51
stacy-how do i choose the installation path?.. when i hit enter nothing happens08:51
GnsPI think that freezes because the android studio is a large package to download08:51
GnsPhow long does your system remain in freezed state ?08:51
stacy-i tested it the longest was 8 hours in that freezed state08:52
stacy-only the shell is frozen not the system08:52
GnsPI think android studio is about 1-2GB08:52
GnsP8 hours is too long08:53
stacy-when i do a ctrl c then it exits08:53
GnsPdo you have a fast internet connection ?08:53
stacy-very fast08:53
GnsPdoes umake have a verbose mode ? like a -v option ?08:53
stacy-how do i know if it went into the path.. is it asking me to choose the installation path?08:53
stacy-hi statelesscat08:54
StatelessCatis UbuntuBSD roX enough ?08:54
GnsPI recommend you run the umake in verbose mode to see what is actually happening and where it frezes actually08:54
stacy-gnsp.. whats the command to type to get into the verbose mode08:55
GnsPtry umake -v08:55
stacy-umake -v android .. right?08:55
stacy-i got an error reply finally08:56
GnsPyeah, but before that better check the man page for umake08:56
stacy-ERROR: https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html couldn't finish download: ('Connection aborted.', OSError(101, 'Network is unreachable'))08:56
stacy-ERROR: An error occurred while downloading https://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html: ('Connection aborted.', OSError(101, 'Network is unreachable'))08:56
ikoniawhat does that error suggest to you08:56
stacy-there is no suggest in the error08:57
GnsPin most cases verbose mode is switched by the -v switch. But it's better to check the manual. The manual can be checked using 'man umake'08:57
ikoniastacy-: there is08:57
ikonia"network is unreachable"08:57
ikoniawhat does that suggest to you08:57
GnsPnow you know the error (y)08:57
stacy-is there an alternative way to download it?08:58
GnsPis umake written in python ?08:58
p41nk1ll3rHi, I'm trying to partition my drive so that I can run Windows 7 on it, and I've tried to follow this guide http://askubuntu.com/questions/454282/how-to-install-windows-7-alongside-ubuntu-14-04?lq=1   but when I run gparted it won't let me resize the big partition (700Gb, /dev/devsda2) it only allows me to do that to a partition with 250Mb (/dev/sd08:58
p41nk1ll3ra1), how can I fix this? Is there anyother way to this?08:58
GnsPbecause the error message looks like it's written in python08:58
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: is the free space next to the partition you are trying to resize08:58
GnsPif so, you can try looking at the source and get it customized for your needs08:59
stacy-gnsp.. is there another way to download it?08:59
GnsPOn that, I have no idea whatsoever08:59
GnsPI am not an android developer08:59
stacy-stuck now09:00
GnsPyou might want to try some other tools or google the issue09:00
stacy-would this apply if its for ios?09:00
ikoniastacy-: what are you talking about ios ?09:00
GnsPI think if you check the umake issues page, you might find some solution09:00
stacy-ikonia..sorry i didnt sleep for nearly 1 day09:01
ikonianot sure what that has to do with anything09:02
GnsPstacy- , if you are facing this problem, there is a chance that somebody else has faced it before and found a solution to it, try looking for the solution in stackoverflow or github issues page for umake or any dedicated forum.09:02
stacy-gsnp..thanks ..ill try the issues page09:02
GnsPlet's hope u find a solution soon09:03
GnsP1 day is a long time to stay awake :)09:03
dima_hello what is it?09:05
ikoniawhat is what ?09:06
dima_is it a messaging app? i clicked HexChat on my Ubuntu Mate 15.1009:07
ikoniadima_: this is IRC (google IRC) it's a chat service, you're in a chat that is used for discussing ubuntu technical support only09:07
dima_my ubuntu laptop Lenovo G50-30 2GB RAM boot very slow, but in the first time after install it was very fast09:09
dima_also google chrome eats a lot of memmory09:10
lotuspsychjedima_: perhaps xubuntu/lubuntu would fit your machine better?09:10
lotuspsychjedima_: more lightweight is also chromium-browser09:11
dima_yes, i installed it because unity was weird09:11
sprecoganz schön was los hier ;)09:12
lotuspsychje!de | spreco09:15
ubottuspreco: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!09:15
llutzlotuspsychje: just a troll, better to ignore09:16
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p41nk1ll3rikonia ;  http://i.stack.imgur.com/ZBObf.png09:16
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: so no, you can't resize that09:17
sprecorightclick on chan + autojoin brings me back here next time i join?09:18
p41nk1ll3rwhat should I do then? I need a partition with windows to run Solidworks, the program is too heavy to run in virtualbox09:19
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: what do you want me to say ? you've made a mess of your partitioning and locked your self into a corner09:20
sprecolooks like he's right... just my 2 cents09:20
cspackp41nk1ll3r: did you try resizing /dev/sda5?09:22
xchello,guys,i want to know sth about phone with ubuntu systerm09:31
xcfirst,where can i buy MeiZu Pro 5 Ubuntu?09:31
lotuspsychje!touch | xc09:32
ubottuxc: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch09:32
xcubottu thanks a lot09:33
ubottuxc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:33
xcubottu er,,,,,so smart bot :p09:34
ubottuxc: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)09:34
stiflers_brotherAnyone hop on 16.04 yet?09:36
baizonstiflers_brother: im on 16.04 for 2 weeks now09:36
ikoniahop /09:37
stiflers_brotherThoughts? Worth an upgrade?09:37
ikoniastiflers_brother: #ubuntu+1 is the channel for 16.04 discussion09:37
stiflers_brotherikonia: Thanks!09:37
syeekickhey guys i ran this by mistake "sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove deluge-webui" it removed some dependices, how can i assure myself these dependices aren't needed by other programmes or what i did didn't damage anything else?09:41
p41nk1ll3rcspack: i did, it's also locked09:42
EriC^^syeekick: autoremove only removes unneeded stuff09:42
=== pelle2_ is now known as pelle2
p41nk1ll3rikonia: I'm just asking for advice x)09:42
syeekickcool :) thanks eric09:42
baizonsyeekick: it wont damage other programs09:42
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: re-install and partition your disks correctly09:42
p41nk1ll3rhow do I go about that? that partitioning I have right now happened through the automatic install09:43
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: select manual partitioning09:44
=== dreamon_ is now known as dreamon
p41nk1ll3rdo I partion it into two, one for each OS, or do I need to make anyother partitions for recoveries and such?09:45
baizon!hi | user09:46
baizon!hi | user_09:46
cspackp41nk1ll3r: it's easier to install windows first if you are starting over09:46
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: however you want09:46
ikoniabaizon: whawt do you want ?09:46
baizonikonia: welcome message from the bot09:47
ikoniabaizon: you're not going to get one,09:47
baizonok :(09:47
ikoniabaizon: check the topic if you want to know the info on the channel09:47
Kartagisam I not allowed to create a ssh key and use it on another computer of mine?09:47
ikoniaof course you are09:48
ikoniayou can do whatever you want with ssh keys09:48
ikoniathey are your keys09:48
Kartagisikonia: I created one, copied it to my other machine, .ssh directory is 700 and key key.pub are 644, I added it to remote server, I am still asked for password09:49
ikoniaKartagis: debug the problem then09:49
Kartagisssh -v ?09:50
ikoniaKartagis: thats one option09:50
ikoniajerry: what do you want09:50
ikoniaKartagis: look at the logs on the server also09:50
llutzKartagis: chmod 600 key09:50
ikonia(auth log specfically)09:50
ikoniayou'll normally see an error, such as "permissions on key too open"09:50
jerrynew on ubuntu09:50
ikoniaas llutz is sugesting09:50
stiflers_brotherKartagis: https://www.linode.com/docs/security/securing-your-server a section called "Harden SSH Access"09:50
jerryi am new here09:51
Kartagisssh -v says it seeks specific names09:51
ikoniajerry: check the topic of the chanel, it has some useful links09:51
ikoniaspecific names of what ?09:51
llutzKartagis: man ssh (-i keyfile)  if you use non-default names for keys09:52
stiflers_brotherKartagis: https://www.linode.com/docs/security/use-public-key-authentication-with-ssh also a very good article09:52
Kartagisid_rsa, id_dsa, id_ecdsa, id_ed2551909:52
jerryits useful to me09:52
Kartagisikonia: key names09:52
ikoniaKartagis: they are just the default names it will try09:52
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ikoniaKartagis: as llutz said, if you want to use a different named PRIVATE key, -i09:53
KartagisI did that09:53
jerrywhats going on ??09:53
ikoniajerry: this is an ubuntu technical support channel09:53
KartagisI chmod'd the key btw09:54
jerryokay guys09:54
jerrygonna go09:54
llutzKartagis: use ssh -vv to get verbose output. in most cases the issue is shown there09:55
ikonialook on the remote servers auth log09:55
Kartagisdebug2: we did not send a packet, disable method09:55
ikoniayou'll see why it's rejecting09:55
KartagisI got this09:55
ikoniaKartagis: have you setup authorized_key file on your remote machine, are the permissions on the REMOTE machine files correct09:56
Kartagisikonia: remote server's authorized_keys have 60009:57
ikoniawhat does the authentication log show09:57
Kartagisnothing until I login with password09:58
ikoniathats not correct09:58
ikoniaas it must reject the key09:58
ikoniaKartagis: what is the EXACT - and I do mean exact, ssh command you are using09:58
Kartagisssh -vv remote@server09:58
ikonianah, thats not the exact commmand09:59
llutzKartagis: and whats the name of the key you copied from another machine?09:59
Kartagisssh -vv user@remote.server09:59
ikoniaKartagis: nah, thats not the exact command either09:59
Kartagisllutz: kartagis09:59
llutzKartagis: man ssh (-i keyfile)  if you use non-default names for keys09:59
Kartagisllutz: I did that09:59
ikoniano you didn't10:00
ikoniaas your command shows10:00
ikoniaKartagis: %90 of your problems are user error10:00
llutzKartagis: stop kidding10:00
ikoniathis is why we need the EXACT command10:00
ikoniaKartagis: either give us real info or stop10:00
ikoniathis is always the same with your problems10:00
llutzKartagis: did you set your ssh.config to use that keyname?10:00
Kartagisoh, I didn't know I had to do that10:01
ikoniayou don't10:01
llutzKartagis: i'm not talking about USERnames10:01
ikoniagive us the EXACT command10:01
ikoniafinal time I'll ask - give us the EXACT command you are using10:01
Kartagisikonia: the exact command to copy the key?10:02
ikoniaKartagis: no, to ssh to the host10:02
llutzand the exact name of the key-pair you're trying to use10:02
Kartagisssh git@git.webcinizim.com10:02
Kartagisllutz: kartagis10:02
Kartagisand kartagis.pub10:03
llutzKartagis: and where are you using -i?10:03
ikoniaKartagis: now ls -la ~/.ssh10:03
ikoniaand put it in a pastebin10:03
llutzonce again Kartagis: man ssh (-i keyfile)  if you use non-default names for keys10:03
ikoniaright - so your key is not called id_rsa or id_dsa - so how do you expect that to work as llutz is saying10:04
Kartagisllutz: I have done ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/kartagis.pub git@git.webcinizim.com10:04
ikoniaKartagis: .pub !!!10:04
llutzKartagis: and?10:04
ikoniathats your PUBLIC key10:04
ikoniayou need the private key10:04
Kartagisikonia: but the thing is, it works from my original computer10:04
llutzKartagis: you need to use "ssh -i kartagis bla@foo10:05
ikoniaso what if it works from your original computer ??10:05
ikoniait doesn't work from this one - so you need to fix this one10:05
ikoniaKartagis: show me the command you are using from your broken computer to ssh using the kartagis key10:05
geirhassh-copy-id wants the public key, so that part is fine10:06
Kartagisssh git@git.webcinizim.com10:06
ikoniaKartagis: so thats neer going to work10:06
ikoniaas you've been told -i to use custom key names10:06
Kartagiserm... my command has -i10:07
ikoniaKartagis: where ?10:07
ikonia10:07 < ikonia> Kartagis: so thats neer goi10:07
Kartagis[12:04:33] <Kartagis> llutz: I have done ssh-copy-id -i .ssh/kartagis.pub git@git.webcinizim.com10:07
ikoniaKartagis: that is NOT the ssh command10:07
ikoniaKartagis: you need to tell your ssh client to use a custom key10:08
ikoniaKartagis: you need to ssh with the custom PRIVATE key10:08
ikoniayou used -i on the ssh-copy-id command10:08
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coffeeguyhi any reasons why 'system settings' would be crashing?10:13
coffeeguyin 15.1010:13
baizoncoffeeguy: launch it from terminal and see what error msg you get10:13
coffeeguykk ty baizon will do10:14
baizoncoffeeguy: command is unity-control-center10:15
bobby_quick sanity check, a plile of cupshelpers, and the kernel fail debsums?10:15
coffeeguyinteresting, the icon doesn't turn red when i launch it from the terminal10:15
* bobby_ has fresh install and latest updates, and allready failing debsums10:17
p41nk1ll3rI'm trying to create a bottable usb10:22
p41nk1ll3rwhen I select the iso it wont show on the startup disk creator10:22
ikoniaKartagis: did it work ?10:25
KartagisI'm reading on IdentityFile10:25
ikoniayour what ?10:25
ikoniaKartagis: what are you actually doing now ?10:27
ikoniait should be as simple as specifying -i10:27
mintuxwhen i use tar it returns error tar: .htaccess: Cannot stat: No such file or directory how can i tell it skip if doesn't find this file?10:27
ikoniawhy is it looking for it if you didn't tell it to use it10:28
Kartagisyea, I'm looking for a way to not force me to use -i every time10:28
ikoniaKartagis: then just update your ssh_config10:28
ikoniato include that key name10:28
Kartagisikonia: with IdentityFile?10:29
ikoniawith the name of the key file10:29
ikoniaoh you mean the parameter name10:29
Kartagisikonia: let me ask you something. could it be not working because I'm trying to ssh into a server over a ssh session?10:33
half_duplexI've installed Ubuntu server 15.10 on a Microserver Gen8 and had a issue with sda being the USB stick and sdb being the target boot/os drive.10:35
half_duplexI select Grub to install on sdb but on reboot I get a blank screen.10:35
ikoniaKartagis: ssh over an ssh session ??10:35
ikoniaKartagis: what does that even mean ?10:36
half_duplexI've used the installer in rescue mode and run grub-install /dev/sdb and grub-update.10:36
mintuxtar: .htaccess: Cannot stat: No such file or directory10:36
mintuxtar: Exiting with failure status due to previous errors10:36
ikoniamintux: answer my question10:36
baizonhalf_duplex: uefi bios?10:36
KartagisI've ssh'd in from a to be and I'm now ssh'ing in from c to b10:36
mintuxikonia: what was your question ?10:36
half_duplexOn reboot, I got the Grub selector and the OS booted. Until I rebooted again.10:36
half_duplexbaizon: pretty sure, yeah.10:37
ikoniaKartagis: where is your private key file held, on which machines10:37
ikoniamintux: why is it looking for .htaccess if you didn't tell it to10:37
baizonhalf_duplex: then you have to create and install it on your uefi partition10:37
baizonhalf_duplex: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI10:37
Kartagisikonia: I've first created the key-pair on machine-a then copied them to machine-b10:37
mintuxikonia: it's inside script and some folder has some folder hasn't so i want tar skip if it doesn't find it but it exit10:38
ikoniaKartagis: not what I asked10:38
Kartagispasswordless login is working on machine-a, not on machine-b10:38
ikoniaKartagis: on what machines are your PRIVATE keys kept10:38
ikoniaKartagis: again - not what I asked10:38
Kartagisboth machine-a and b10:38
ikoniamintux: just ignore it10:38
ikoniaKartagis: right so how do you expect to be able to ssh from c to b10:38
ikoniaKartagis: C doesn't have your private mey on it10:39
half_duplexbaizon: Oh! Thank you very much :)10:39
Kartagisoh, c has to have my private key10:39
ikoniaKartagis: any key you want to connect from has to have your private key10:39
ikoniahow else can it unlock the public key ?10:39
Kartagissorry, I only did this with default names before, and it worked10:40
ikoniathe default name has nothing to do with it10:40
ikoniaif you don't have the private key - even with standard names, it will not work10:40
mintuxikonia: how10:40
ikoniamintux: how what ?10:40
Kartagisso, c has to have my private key, which is kartagis10:41
mintuxignore ot10:41
KartagisI have to have kartagis.pub10:41
ikoniamintux: it is ignoring it10:41
Kartagisokay, got it10:41
ikoniaKartagis: no !!!!10:41
ikoniaKartagis: that is your PUBLIC key10:41
dfashello - I made bootable usb using unetbootin but my old laptop isn't booting from the usb. With my newer computer it works fine. How can i get it working with my laptop?10:41
ikoniaKartagis: your private key lives on the source machine, your public key lives on the target machine in the authorized_keys file10:42
Kartagisikonia: okay, c has to have my public key, and a and b have to have my private key10:43
ikoniaKartagis: no10:44
* Kartagis facepalms10:44
ikoniaKartagis: you said you where trying to go from C to B correct ?10:44
Kartagisboth from a and b10:44
ikoniaKartagis: which one of C and B is the "source" and which is the "target"10:45
markithi, 16.04 beta2 has iso and ".img" files, what is the difference?10:45
markitops, better ask in +110:45
KartagisC is the target, A and B are the sources10:45
ikoniano it's not10:45
ikoniayou are going from C to B10:45
ikoniaso C is the source, B is the target10:46
ikoniathe Source is where you come FROM the target is where you are GOING10:46
Kartagisno, I'm going to C from B10:46
ikoniaKartagis: thats not what you said earlier10:46
Kartagisso, C is the target10:46
ikonia10:38 < Kartagis> I've ssh'd in from a to be and I'm now ssh'ing in from c to b10:47
ikoniaKartagis: you said earlier C to B10:47
ikoniawhich is it10:47
Kartagismy bad10:47
KartagisI typo'ed10:47
ikoniano problem10:47
KartagisI'm sorry10:47
ikonianot a problem10:48
KartagisA to B, B to C10:48
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SkyriderIs there any tutorials for webdav for ubuntu?11:05
pola_lol_new on linux and need some help....anyone offering?11:06
DirtyCajunpola_lol_: ask your question dont ask to ask11:06
MoLootpola_lol_, What type of help are you looking for?11:06
pola_lol_how to make wifi work on macbook?11:07
DirtyCajunSkyrider: http://bfy.tw/4wfF11:07
pola_lol_have trouble with it11:07
DirtyCajunis it intermittant or not working at all11:07
SkyriderYes, I tried google..11:07
SkyriderI'm not an idiot.11:07
cfhowlettSkyrider, please don't lmgtfy.11:07
DirtyCajunSkyrider: that is a guide for webdav. was the first search result11:08
Skyridercfhowlett ?11:08
cfhowlettSkyrider, I know it's fun and I am often tempted to send the lmgtfy but it is frowned upon here.  some people don't the google-fu that you do.11:09
DirtyCajuncfhowlett: im the one taht sent that haha. but ok11:09
SkyriderI never send any google links?..11:09
cfhowlettDirtyCajun, ah, yes.  sorry skyrider, wrong nick on my part11:09
pola_lol_at network status wired is working but wifi networks disconnected11:09
DirtyCajunbut seriously tho Skyrider that link11:09
DirtyCajunis a full guide11:09
SkyriderAnyway.. I noticed on google that 'most' tutorials are about apache.11:09
pola_lol_can't even click on it :/11:09
SkyriderWhy is apache involved in the first place?11:09
SkyriderI mean, I'd like to mount the webdav drive, not using any web package methods.11:10
SkyriderAnd I'm using nginx btw, not apache :)11:10
pola_lol_something is wrong with kernel source?11:10
pola_lol_tried to fix by googling but i am afraid if i have done smoothing wrong11:11
DirtyCajunSkyrider: webdav is a module of Apache2.11:11
pola_lol_newbie on linux11:11
SkyriderBut that's the only way, using apache?11:11
DirtyCajuntype. webdav nginx ubuntu into google11:12
pola_lol_and i also have a problem with the touchpad sensitivity11:12
DirtyCajuntheres about 10 of them11:12
DirtyCajunbut it isnt a separated thing it is a webserver module.11:12
SkyriderI mean, methods without apache or nginx.11:13
DirtyCajunso you will just be adding on to apache or nginx11:13
DirtyCajunits not isolated11:13
pola_lol_any suggestions?11:14
DirtyCajunpola_lol_: can you see the wireless networks or does it say no networks11:14
vbotka!wifi | pola_lol_11:14
ubottupola_lol_: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs11:14
pola_lol_in menu has "enable wifi" but upper to the list "wifi networks disconnected" with gray letters11:16
pola_lol_have ubuntu 14.04 LTS if that helps on a MacBook Air 2.111:18
pola_lol_i will check the link also....hope i find smthing11:19
crondpola_lol_, did you go to the hardware drivers and install the broadcom module?11:21
crondI believe that system has a broadcom wifi11:21
recon_laphi, setting up a new install of ubuntu on a new machine, New wrinkel in my setup is I'm putting the system on a 120gig SSD, normally I'd just put my /home folder on a second partition, I want to ask since the 120gig ssd is limited in size what other folder sould I move off to the regular HHD ?11:21
crondyou can install them under additional drivers11:21
pola_lol_broad come it is i have already found out that11:21
cfhowlett!broadcom | pola_lol_,11:22
ubottupola_lol_,: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx11:22
pola_lol_lol my english!!!!11:22
crondpola_lol_, then go to additional drivers in settings and install the broadcom wifi module11:22
crondrecon_lap, I have a similar set up, I just put /home on the hdd, because most 'big' downloads are multimedia or whatnot.  Your use case may vary based on what you do.  I'm at about 40% used on / (my ssd) with a full install of xubuntu 15.10 and a bunch of other stuff as well11:24
Laurenceb_hi, I have a problem, the brightness indicator wont fade away11:24
Laurenceb_its always at the top right of my screen11:24
recon_lapcrond: is it a 120gb drive?11:25
crondrecon_lap, yes.11:27
recon_lapcrond: thx, I'll just do my normal setup then11:27
crondrecon_lap, I actually have a 120gb ssd for /, a 120gb ssd for /home, and a 320gb hdd for /media/storage (symlinked to /home/user/Videos and /home/user/Downloads and /home/user/Music)11:27
crondso you'll be fine with just /home as a bigger hdd11:28
binary01hi all, i am having trouble booting into my desktop. At first after i try to login it would just return to login screen. i read that i may be a problem with lightdm and to try gdm instead. i installed gdm and now i get a black screen on boot. does anyone know how to fix this?11:28
venky18http://askubuntu.com/questions/750280/windows-ethernet-doesnt-work-after-using-ubuntu-16-04-in-dual-boot  I am having ethernet problem in dual boot details can be found dhere11:28
pola_lol_one silly but important question....on linux do you have to set up a wireless connection or it founds out wifi like in other native OS?11:29
crondpola_lol_, network manager will detect nearby networks, you just sign into them, same as windows, android, etc.11:30
pola_lol_that doesn't work on me so i must check on the links you all gave me11:31
crondpola_lol_, did you install the broadcom module from Additional Drivers and reboot?11:31
crondcause you won't see any wifi networks until you do11:31
pola_lol_i will try it out now11:31
Laurenceb_is there a way to restart the brightness control applet?11:34
Laurenceb_something is wrong, I have a brightness indicator permanently on the screen11:34
BluesKajHiyas all11:38
Laurenceb_can anyone help?11:42
MonkeyDustLaurenceb_  start with a question11:43
Laurenceb_something is wrong, I have a brightness indicator permanently on the screen11:43
Laurenceb_it doesnt fade away11:43
MonkeyDustLaurenceb_  what's the output of   cat /etc/issue11:44
Kartagis!info php11:44
ubottuPackage php does not exist in wily11:44
Kartagis!find php11:44
ubottuFound: dh-php5, libapache2-mod-php5, libphp-serialization-perl, php-pear, php5, php5-cgi, php5-cli, php5-common, php5-curl, php5-dbg (and 561 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=php&searchon=names&suite=wily&section=all11:44
ubottuPHP is an HTML-embedded scripting language. A command-line only version can be installed in Ubuntu with the "php5-cli" package. See also !lamp for integrated server PHP. The Ubuntu server PHP5 guide is found at https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/php5.html11:44
Laurenceb_MonkeyDust: 10.04lts11:45
MonkeyDustLaurenceb_  10.04 is dead11:45
Laurenceb_ok I'll look elsewhere11:45
MonkeyDustLaurenceb_  install 14.04 or 15.10, then ask again11:45
stiflers_brotherLaurenceb_: How old is your hardware?11:45
Laurenceb_<stiflers_brother> about 200711:46
Laurenceb_it was working fine until yesterday11:46
cfhowlettLaurenceb_, lubuntu or xubuntu would be better for you11:46
Laurenceb_brightness hotkeys still work fine11:46
MonkeyDustLaurenceb_  but not 10.0411:46
stiflers_brotherLaurenceb_: Make sure you meet the minimum system requirements and upgrade if possible. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements11:46
cfhowlettand you truly need to upgrade as your system has received security upgrades in way too long11:47
MonkeyDusthas not received ^^11:50
Aussie_mattany of the asusx205ta warriors in today?11:59
MonkeyDustAussie_matt  ask, don't ask to ask11:59
lotuspsychjeAussie_matt: better to ask your issue to the channel mate11:59
occuhello evereyone12:02
lotuspsychjeoccu: welcome, what can we do for you?12:02
occui`m new to the unix community, i`m just trining to rap my head around evereting12:03
EriC^^!manual | occu there's some good stuff here12:03
ubottuoccu there's some good stuff here: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/12:03
yeganerHey guys, which ubuntu version would you recommend for a lightweigt installation with focus on development with commandline and webbrowsing? I'd install the new 16.04 beta but I'm not sure which version. I'm planing on using a tiling windowmanager12:04
occui have a problem with dual booting but i hope after updating my unix os evrething will be fine12:04
lotuspsychjeyeganer: come to #ubuntu+1 for xenial support mate12:04
occui will read that manual after12:04
cfhowlettoccu, ubuntu is not unix, it's linux12:05
occuok. thanks12:05
EriC^^occu: what problem?12:05
occuit dosen`t se windows12:06
EriC^^occu: oh, type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999912:06
EriC^^it'll give you a link, paste it here12:06
occui have windows 8 and i installed on a separte partition backbox12:06
cfhowlett!backbox | occu, backbox is not supported here.12:07
ubottuoccu, backbox is not supported here.: Backbox Linux is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu and is thus not supported in #ubuntu. Please use #backbox on irc.autistici.org or https://forum.backbox.org/ for help with it.12:07
occuok, thanks12:07
EriC^^occu: /join ##linux for backbox help12:07
yeganerlotuspsychje: thanks for the #ubuntu+1 tipp12:08
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JFlashguys I installed a software called Terminator12:13
JFlashand now I cannot complete folder names by using the tab key12:14
JFlashgoddamit how can they hijack the key evryone uses to browse folders12:14
EriC^^JFlash: type apt-cache policy bash-completion12:14
MonkeyDustJFlash  keep this channel family friendly12:14
cfhowlettJFlash, drop the bad language please12:14
JFlashsorry, did not know it was bad language :(12:15
JFlashEriC^^, but I dont want to change from using tab key12:16
JFlashI want to keep it12:16
JFlashi guess I will have to change key bindings in Terminator then. what a hassle12:16
MonkeyDustJFlash  any reason you want to use Terminal, and not another terminal?12:16
d4rksid3i am using a raspberry pi 312:16
MonkeyDustd4rksid3  #ubuntu-arm12:17
d4rksid3works great so far12:17
d4rksid3just a bit too slow12:17
d4rksid3with browser12:17
JFlashyes I need split screen. I looked at some options and decided to go with Terminator12:17
mallardJFlash: If you want split screen, have a look at multiplexers like tmux.12:18
JFlashmallard, I did12:18
MonkeyDustor 'screen'12:18
EriC^^JFlash: does tab work in other terminals?12:20
EriC^^i dont remember it not working after installing terminator once12:21
JFlashI'm doomed12:21
JFlashit will never work12:21
EriC^^what it said is that it's not related to terminator12:22
lotuspsychjeJFlash: you can try testing terminator tab into another user12:22
EriC^^it's related to the shell12:22
EriC^^JFlash: try pressing tab a couple times12:23
JFlashbtw, it works on one of the screens but not the other12:23
JFlashEriC^^, I did, it just freaks out and does nothing12:24
JFlashkeeps showing a little lamp icon at the top12:24
JFlashprobably saing it doesnt know what to do with that command12:25
JFlashthis sucks12:25
lotuspsychjeJFlash: wich ubuntu version are you on?12:25
ubottuUbuntu 15.04 (Vivid Vervet) was the 22nd release of Ubuntu. Support ended on February 4, 2016. See !eol, !eolupgrade and http://ubottu.com/y/vivid12:25
lotuspsychjeJFlash: install a supported version from topic mate12:26
JFlashok, thanks for your advice and help12:26
=== zerox_ is now known as zerox
wh0amihow can i define log name of a screen? im running: " screen -LAmdS test ./file " and this writes to screenlog.0 but i want to change to something like the date or if not possible, how can i do to let screen log everything inside it to file?12:31
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
MonkeyDustwh0ami  maybe you need a script for it, you can ask in #bash how to do it12:33
lucky__i got problem in ubuntu 15.1012:35
lucky__can you please advice me12:36
cfhowletti advice you to actually state the problem lucky.  this isn't the psychic hotline.12:36
=== imrekt is now known as dotio
rofelmaoHello how can I check error log when my computer completely freeze? Even CTRL + ALT + F1 does not working.12:39
lotuspsychjerofelmao: reboot and check logs12:39
yeganerrofelmao: just out of curiosity, are you running ubuntu 15.10 with kernel 4.2-27 or 4.2-30 ?12:39
rofelmaoI am new to Linux how to check those?12:40
yeganer`uname -r`12:40
rofelmaoLogs and kernel? I am using 15.10 btw.12:40
rofelmaoThe kernel is 4.20 -3412:40
rofelmao4.2.0 - 3412:40
yeganerthe logs are in /var/log12:41
Guest35950I am sshed in to a cloud from where I want a pdf file.. I am doing rsync a.pdf name@ipaddress:Desktop/ but its not working... what am I doing wrong, any help???12:41
ikoniadefine not working12:41
ikoniaand "into a cloud"12:41
rofelmaoyeganer, There are a lot of folder in Log. Which one should I go look into?12:42
Guest35950connection timed out  and connection unexpectedly closed type errors .. and by cloud I mean server.12:42
ikoniaGuest35950: connection times out normally means it's being blocked12:43
Guest35950ikonia: is there any way to confirm this?12:44
ikoniawell, it's being blocked as it's timing out....what more confirmation do you want ?12:44
Guest35950ikonia: with scp, its keep on waiting.12:44
ikoniaGuest35950: because it's blocked12:44
Guest35950ikonia: you used the word 'usually'12:44
Guest35950thats why I said confirmation12:45
ikoniaconnect to the raw ports12:45
_MyStartx_Can someone tell me reason that squid in transparent mode say access denied ?12:45
Guest35950I have also tried scp but its keep on blinking]12:45
Guest35950and after some time it gives lost connection.12:46
ikoniaGuest35950: because it's blocked12:46
Guest35950ikonia: is it blocked from my end or from server??12:46
ikonia_MyStartx_: your rules are wrong12:46
ikoniaGuest35950: you'll need to work that out12:46
Guest35950thanks for your time12:46
_MyStartx_is about acl configuration or something in firewall?12:47
ikonia_MyStartx_: is this on centos ?12:47
ikoniathe distro will determain where the config/problem is12:47
ikoniawhat distro is this on _MyStartx_12:47
ikonia_MyStartx_: ?12:49
lucky__Makefile:147: recipe for target 'mkimage' failed12:51
lucky__make[1]: *** [mkimage] Error 112:51
lucky__make[1]: Leaving directory '/home/lucky/Documents/Embeddedlinux/mini2440-dev-mini2440-stable-530af20/tools'12:51
lucky__Makefile:344: recipe for target 'tools' failed12:51
lucky__make: *** [tools] Error 212:51
lucky__can u please suggest me . how to solve the mkimage error problem12:53
ikonialucky__: what are you trying to build on what version of ubuntu12:53
lucky__trying to build u-boot.bin12:55
lucky__version 15.1012:55
ikoniawhat is u-boot.bin ?12:55
lucky__ubuntu 15.1012:55
ikoniais this the u-boot you're trying to build http://www.denx.de/wiki/U-Boot12:55
Bearskyfree range tv12:56
ikoniaBearsky: ?12:56
lucky__actually i download buildroot 2016 file in above site12:57
ikonialucky__: no idea what that is - I suggest you contact their support12:57
ikoniathere are u-boot packages available for 15.10 though already built12:57
adhyayanpanwarcan anyone help me?12:58
cfhowlett!ask | adhyayanpanwar12:58
ubottuadhyayanpanwar: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:58
adhyayanpanwarhow can i change resolution of my logon screen12:59
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/12:59
samurai99are you running it in a VM ?13:02
carlos444_444@adhyayanpanwar try Modes "1280x800" Virtual "1280x800" in xorg.conf13:02
lotuspsychjeadhyayanpanwar: whats wrong with your resolution?13:02
adhyayanpanwarlotus, my screen gets very distorted if it is on wrong resolution13:02
carlos444_444DM resolution not the same as desktop under VM?13:03
adhyayanpanwari dont get you carlos.. ima noob13:03
recon_lapadhyayanpanwar: you mean it's all messed up with lines and colors and you are just typing in you password not able to see the login screen?13:04
adhyayanpanwarsomething like that13:05
carlos444_444I mean do you using Linux on Vitual Machine or A Linux on Harddisk ? It is seems that usually happen under virtual machine13:05
adhyayanpanwarHDD carlos13:05
lucky__hi.. i got problem in ubuntu 15.1013:05
lucky__mkimage error13:05
adhyayanpanwarand how can i permanently change my refresh rate13:06
recon_lapadhyayanpanwar: maybe doing this might help http://askubuntu.com/questions/360886/personalize-monitor-position-before-login/363992#36399213:06
adhyayanpanwarok lemme try13:07
recon_lapadhyayanpanwar: should copy you monitor setup from after you login to the login screen. might fix it. I'd suggest backing your stuff up as messing with logins could go badly wrong13:07
recon_laplol, guess he missed that warning13:08
hrobcould anyone with ubuntu 14.04 visit  this website  http://web2py.com/init/default/documentation    and check if mouse scrolling works ok with them13:10
hrobI mean visit it with the ubuntu 14.04 default firefox13:10
hrobshould be version 44.0.213:10
ikoniahrob: you're using that yourself13:11
ikoniayou can check it yourself13:11
hrobikonia: yes... its simply the firefox shipped with ubuntu I think13:11
ikoniahrob: so you can test it yourself then13:11
ikoniaas you are running that same version13:11
hrobikonia:  yes... however I cannot issue a bug to firefox yet13:11
hrobikonia:  would help to confirm with other ubuntu users13:11
ikoniait's the same build for other users13:12
ikoniaif it fails for you - it will fail for them13:12
samurai99don't think you are going to get many that are willing to click on a random link13:12
hrobsamurai99: ikonia  ok... thats www.web2py.com  web framework official website, its popular opensource framework13:13
hrobhard to verify firefox bugs without test website to mention... so I chose a public one13:13
hrobkeep in mind you need to have a regular mouse with mousewheel to test --- i dont think the issue occurs with touch devices13:14
adhyayanpanwarhow can i change my resolution and refresh rate permanently thrugh termina13:14
hrobadhyayanpanwar:  install randr13:14
MonkeyDustadhyayanpanwar  type xrandr13:14
MonkeyDusthrob  was faster13:14
hrobsorry MonkeyDust correct13:15
adhyayanpanwarbut it doesnt change it permanently13:15
adhyayanpanwareverytime i  login it reverts back13:15
hrobI guess I should go to ubuntu dev website talk to developer13:16
ikoniawhy ?13:16
ikoniayou can confirm it yourself13:16
hrobubuntu-dev channel I mean13:16
ikoniathat is not what that channel is for13:16
hrobikonia:   for software devs that is not so much a confirmed bug13:17
ikoniahrob: you should log a bug to launchpad.net13:17
ikoniathat is not what the ubuntu development channel is for13:17
hrobikonia:  it could be something I screwed up on my computer or my bios or other13:17
ikoniahrob: no it's not13:17
ikoniaif you log the bug on launchpad.net others can confirm and contribute to it13:17
hrobikonia:  ok will do thank you13:18
hrobikonia:   but off course its probably firefox bug if confirmed13:18
ikoniaeven so it should go upstream via launchpad13:18
hrobok thank you for the pointer, will try that13:18
lucky__hi ....... help me to solve the problem mkimage error in ubuntu 15.1013:18
pavlushkahow to upload a po file to LP?13:18
ikonialucky__: talk to the software providers13:18
rgateyrstytytruyfuck you with your comunist rules ..people of shit13:19
ikonia@mark #ubuntu rgateyrstytytruy user _mystartx_ evading a ban again to spout abuse13:20
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:20
adhyayanpanwarhow to permanently change refresh rate through terminal13:22
Gathisapologies for previous errant post, just meant to say 'good afternoon', and elsewhere ;)13:24
Guest35950is there a way to make a certain window sticky at my desktop??13:24
EriC^^Guest35950: sticky? as in always on top?13:27
MonkeyDustGuest35950  i guess xdotool can do that13:28
Guest35950EriC^^: Yea exactly.  thanks for your time...13:28
EriC^^Guest35950: right click on the title bar and press always on top13:29
EriC^^or hit alt then space then t real quick13:29
Guest35950EriC^^: I understood and executed it when you first answered... again thanks for your time and effort..13:30
EriC^^Guest35950: oh ok, sure13:30
lucky__is any one suggest me to solve the mkimage probelm in ubuntu 15.1013:34
adhyayanpanwarhow can i change my resolution permanently through terminal13:35
ikonialucky__: last time - contact the software vendor/developers13:36
adhyayanpanwarlucky still stuck like me?13:36
ikoniaadhyayanpanwar: your session data should be saved in your desktop settings, if you want to do it at the global level, you need to create and edit an xorg.conf file13:37
adhyayanpanwarhelp me do it... thnx in advnce13:37
ikoniathere are many docs - find one that is a good starting point13:38
Erbinsadhyayanpanwar, xrandr -s 1024x768 or whatever resolution you need13:49
adhyayanpanwarbut is it permanent?13:49
adhyayanpanwarit changes after each resolution13:49
ErbinsTheres a fix for perminant changing resolution13:53
touilHello. Is it possible to revert to "old-fashioned" scrollbar in ubuntu 15.10 ? By this I mean non-overlay scrollbar like in ubuntu 12.04, and not the new "gnomish" scrollbar...13:56
MonkeyDusttouil  gsettings set com.canonical.desktop.interface scrollbar-mode normal13:56
touilThanks MonkeyDust, but this did no change for me.13:57
MonkeyDusttouil  and don't cross ask in two channels13:57
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lucky__mkimage error in ubuntu 15.1013:59
lucky__can u please suggest me to solve the problem13:59
lotuspsychjeFreed-Millionair: no spam here please13:59
MonkeyDustlotuspsychje  ignore it14:00
adhyayanpanwarhow can i permanently change my resolution and refresh rate14:01
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ubottuFreed-Millionair spam: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang14:06
vervetadhyayanpanwar: xorg.conf, i'd look up a sample conf file for the basis to get the formatting right14:06
adhyayanpanwarvervet wait14:10
januI have dual OS in my PC14:11
januXP & Ubunut14:11
Raulhi guys14:12
Raulcan someone help me???14:12
januwhile booting ubunutu it throws an error14:12
EOBeavRaul just ask your question14:12
januit says Gave up waiting for root device14:12
RaulOk. Sorry.14:12
EOBeavjanu can you post a screenshot?14:12
RaulI am installing Ubuntu 15.10 on an old notebook: i3 370m, 4GB DDR3 and 500GB HD14:13
=== iSlayDragons is now known as iSlayWyverns
Raulbut I can not start the LiveCD.14:13
lotuspsychjeRaul: singleboot or dualboot?14:14
EOBeavRaul have you configured your boot options in the bios?14:14
ErbinsRaul. You need to make sure your laptop is set to boot from CD14:14
MonkeyDustRaul  in the BIOS, you have to select the boot device14:14
RaulIt got stucked on this message: [OK] Started ACPI event daemon14:14
januEOBeav: I will post14:14
RaulYes, in te BIOS is set to AHCI and the boot to DVD drive14:14
RaulDo you know what is the problem here?14:15
EOBeavRaul: You could have a bad dvd copy, have you tried booting from a usb?14:15
RaulNo I did not. But I have used this DVD copy to others installations and worked fine14:16
RaulCould it be an error on installation even in this situation?14:16
MonkeyDustRaul  so only this one pc does not see the dvd?14:17
lotuspsychjeRaul: singleboot or dualboot?14:17
EOBeavRaul so have you installed it and it won't boot, or it won't boot from the dvd?14:17
RaulYes, it starts but do not start server x14:17
RaulYes, is singleboot14:18
delikthi guys im one of the unlucky ppl they use Ubuntu (16.04/4.5.0-040500-generic 64bit) with an Amd R9 380 with a Tonga Chip. Can anyone help me to get the option Powerplay on (Standard off for this Card). I found out what to do here: http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=AMDGPU-PP-4.5-Steps? but i dont know how to get to this options14:18
RaulI will install just Ubuntu on this machine. I am trying to get out the Windows 7 and putting Ubuntu 15.1014:18
EriC^^Raul: did you try nomodeset?14:18
MonkeyDustdelikt  #ubuntu+1 for 16.0414:18
=== simone is now known as Guest77526
RaulNo, what is it mean?14:19
EriC^^it means the kernel boots without any advanced graphics, just failsafe ones14:19
EriC^^!nomodeset | Raul14:19
ubottuRaul: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter14:19
compdocppl in the mailing list are trying to upgrade to 16.04, but I dont think they can until its released14:20
januhow do I post the screen shot?14:20
EriC^^janu: imgur.com14:20
Raulubottu could you help me doing this? I do not know how can I set this on the boot of Ubuntu14:22
ubottuRaul: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:22
lotuspsychjecompdoc: recommended on final indeed14:22
crondRaul, ubottu is not a person.  It is a program that recognizes and responds to some words.14:23
RaulI did not know. Sorry14:23
EriC^^Raul: it's described in the link14:23
RaulNow I see, sorry guys14:24
RaulI do not know how can I fix this problem14:24
januI posted the screen shot14:24
=== GodFather is now known as GodFoddar
januEOBeav: can you see?14:24
EriC^^Raul: try nomodeset, you probably need to change the graphics driver so it works usually14:24
=== GodFoddar is now known as GodFather
Raulbut I do not know how to do14:25
EriC^^Raul: which card do you have?14:25
EriC^^lspci | grep VGA to get the info14:25
RaulWhen starting the LiveCD it just asked me to Try Ubuntu Gnome or Install Ubuntu Gnome14:25
RaulI choosed Try because I need to backup the computer14:25
Raulbut after that this happens14:26
RaulJust ther intel onboard14:26
EriC^^you didn't install ubuntu?14:26
januhi can anyone help me? the screen shot is "http://imgur.com/E4v6Gu0"14:26
RaulNot yet14:26
EriC^^janu: try typing ls /dev/disk/by-uuid14:26
RaulHow can I install if the system does not starts?14:26
EriC^^nomodeset Raul14:27
EOBeavjanu: Not sure how to help you on that one. What are your computer specs?14:28
RaulEriC^^ I will search on Internet and see if I can use this14:28
janu2 GB Ram, P4 processor, Mercury mother board, SATA hard disk 500 gb14:29
=== marius is now known as Guest84429
vervetjanu: it's not finding your root device by the UUID, try what EriC^^ said above, next step is to make sure the busybox config is correct14:30
EriC^^janu: type ls to see the devices there14:30
RaulOk, I got it. Now I will try with nomodeset option14:30
januEric: my inputs and outpus are below14:30
januinput: ls /dev/sda914:30
januoutput: /dev/sda914:31
janulike that for all the partitions14:31
EriC^^janu: ok14:31
EmmarofHello, I get this feedback anytime I try installing software form the software 'The package sysvinit-utils needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.'14:31
EriC^^restart the pc, hold shift to get grub then press c to get a command prompt14:31
EmmarofI have been googling and reseaching for days but nothing seem to work for me.14:31
januEric: When do I need to hold shift?14:32
EriC^^janu: as soon as the pc powers up14:32
RaulEmmarof, try use: sudo apt-get remove sysvinit-utils, and after: sudo apt-get install sysvinit-utils14:33
EriC^^Emmarof: try sudo apt-get install --reinstall sysvinit-utils14:34
EmmarofRaul, this is the feedback I got from trying sudo apt-get remove sysvinit-utils 'The package sysvinit-utils needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.14:35
RaulEriC^^, If I can start the system and install it, everytime I need to start the notebook I will need to set nomodeset??14:35
EriC^^Emmarof: type sudo apt-get -f install14:35
RaulEmmarof, then use the EriC^^'s suggestion14:36
Raulit could work14:36
januEric: i got command prompt14:36
EriC^^Raul: no, you have to fix the graphics driver issue14:36
EmmarofEric, I got the same feedback.14:36
RaulEriC^^, how can I do it?14:37
EriC^^maybe it's a bad kernel too14:37
EriC^^janu: ok, type ls -l14:37
RaulEmmarof, try to use dpkg -f just for being careful14:37
Emmarofsudo apt-get -f install gave the same ''The package sysvinit-utils needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it.'14:37
EriC^^if it doesn't work try ls14:37
=== GodFather is now known as GodFoddar
RaulEriC^^, the LiveCD started, I will try to intsall after a backup. If I can not set this to work I will come back here.14:39
EriC^^Emmarof: ok, type cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999914:39
RaulThanks for your help.14:39
EriC^^paste the link it gives you here14:39
RaulThanks for your help. God bless you!!!14:39
EmmarofRaul please come clearer on the dpkg -f issue14:39
EriC^^!info sysvinit-utils trusty14:39
ubottusysvinit-utils (source: sysvinit): System-V-like utilities. In component main, is required. Version 2.88dsf-41ubuntu6.3 (trusty), package size 50 kB, installed size 233 kB14:39
EriC^^Raul: great, no problem14:39
Emmarofubottu, please is the said solution for my problem?14:40
binary01 hi all, i am having trouble booting into my desktop. At first after i try to login it would just return to login screen. i read that i may be a problem with lightdm and to try gdm instead. i installed gdm and now i get a black screen on boot. does anyone know how to fix this?14:40
EriC^^Emmarof: ubottu is a bot14:40
januEric: it is taking time, usually will it take long time?14:40
Emmarofoh ok14:40
EriC^^janu: no it should take a sec14:40
januEric: still it is taking time14:41
janui can't break it by pressing ctrl+c14:41
EriC^^ok try restarting14:41
EriC^^did you try ls -l or ls?14:41
EriC^^Emmarof: type cat /etc/apt/sources.list | nc termbin.com 999914:42
RaulEmmarof, I am sorry, I mean wrong. Try this: dpkg --configure. Ifdoes not work try dpkg --remove <package>14:42
januERIC: got some results. will post you the output shortly.14:42
EriC^^janu: ok14:43
RaulIf the issue continue after that, try: dpkg --purge <package>14:43
LekeFlyI have a site i can't reach using https, ufw has port 443 open but i'm still getting connection time out. https://decoder.link/sslchecker/ says "443 port seems to be closed or filtered" Anyone that could help me?14:44
januErric: http://imgur.com/qXkofSk14:44
januthe result is in the screen shot14:45
lotuspsychjeLekeFly: maybe the #netfilter guys can help?14:45
EriC^^janu: ok, the uuid of the ubuntu partition is correct there, it's the same uuid that it said waiting for root device earlier14:46
EriC^^janu: the uuid that's being passed to it is correct, it's another problem and i think it's the hdd dying or something14:47
EriC^^since it was taking forever to give the ls -l results, it's probably taking very long while booting so it's giving up on waiting for it, you could set a rootdelay so that it waits longer for it, but ultimately there's another problem and there's no telling when your data will go14:47
januso... do i need to get a new hard disk? is there anyother way to recover my data?14:48
=== GodFoddar is now known as GodFather
EriC^^janu: yeah, press esc, then in grub press e over ubuntu14:48
AlexPortableHow can I do this command for another user? dconf load / < dconf.txt14:49
januEric: ok, done14:49
EriC^^it should list a bunch of stuff, and near the bottom, linux /boot/vmlinuz .. root=UUID=105e....... quiet splash14:49
EriC^^does it say so at the bottom? with UUID=105e... ?14:49
EriC^^janu: ok, near quiet splash at the end type rootdelay=12014:50
EriC^^(use about the same time it took for the ls -l stuff to show up i guess)14:50
EriC^^janu: do you have a live usb?14:50
janui have14:51
EriC^^it would be better to boot that14:51
EriC^^and mount the disk from there and get your data off14:51
EriC^^and run a smart test on it if possible to see the hdd health14:51
=== GodFather is now known as GodFoddar
janueric: i did boot from live USB, but i takes so much time to copy just 500 mb14:52
janui will try smart tes14:52
janusmart test*14:53
EriC^^janu: could it be a bad connection to the hdd?14:53
EriC^^how old is it?14:53
janui checked with some other cables too, i takes same time14:53
=== GodFoddar is now known as GodFather
janui bought hard disk 5 years ago14:53
NeedyI have a little problem on the installation of pepperflashplugin-nonfree14:55
januIf i buy a new hdd, can I able to copy data from the old one to new one?14:55
NeedyI get that "The repository is insufficiently signed by key 4CCA1EAF950CEE4AB83976DCA040830F7FAC5991 (weak digest)"14:55
SchrodingersScatSo, I had a line in /etc/fstab for a davfs2 mount.  If that mount was going to localhost that isn't mounted until after full boot, could that have caused it to hang on boot?14:55
EriC^^janu: yeah you should be able to14:55
januOK, thank you....14:55
EriC^^janu: maybe try another hdd in the pc, or try the hdd on another pc14:55
NeedyThe package is installed but not pepperflash. A "sudo update-pepperflashplugin-nonfree --install" fail too.14:55
januEric: thank you, do I need to set root delay, or no need?14:56
EriC^^janu: i'd not use the hdd14:57
januok.. :-), thank you, i will buy one14:57
EriC^^no problem14:57
lucky__mkimage error in ubuntu 15.1014:58
SchrodingersScatThe locolhost dav wouldn't be ready until after intervention by the user, so I'm thinking if fstab runs before sshd gets ran, then that would explain why my machine wasn't starting ssh.14:58
=== GodFather is now known as GodFoddar
=== GodFoddar is now known as GodFather
TechChristoph_i search a open database for barcodes and products15:25
TechChristoph_some experiences in that matter ?15:26
greenbugDoes anyone have any experience with X sessions/displays? I'm trying to fix an issue with x11vnc and xfce's lock screen.15:26
binary01does anyone know how to setup lightdm as default from a live cd?15:30
minasotaI created some gpg keys on osx to use with thunderbird and enigmail. I would like to use the same keys on my ubuntu/thunderbird/enigmail setup. I have gnupg2 installed on Ubuntu so that enigmail will play nice. I'm not sure how I transfer the key I generated on osx to my new install?15:31
ub_ubuntuHello. How to enable shutdown and logout buttons in the task bar15:31
MonkeyDustub_ubuntu  in unity?15:32
ub_ubuntuIt suddenly disappeared..15:32
greenbugbinary01: I'm not sure, my guess would be passing some sort of boot option from grub maybe?15:33
minasotaI can transfer the key pair fine. I'm not sure where to put then on the Ubuntu install15:33
greenbugminasota: I would read the documentation for gnupg2 and your mail clients, maybe they mention where they look for gpg keys15:33
MonkeyDustub_ubuntu  unity has no shutdown button the launcher, unless you create/put one there15:33
ub_ubuntu@MonkeyDust Not in the launcher. I meant in the status bar in the top.15:35
minasotagreenbug: I looked. I see where gnupg2 stores the key pair and enigmail in thunderbird looks in usr/bin/gpg215:35
minasotagreenbug: but placing the imported key in the dirs that the documentation says it looks, doesn't work (fails to find the key or outright doesn't sign or encrypt)15:37
binary01greenbug: thanks for the suggestion. when i try booting i see the ubuntu bootscreen for a second and goes to a black screen. i cant get to terminal. i cant only boot from a usb now15:37
greenbugminasota: what gpg software did you use on osx? perhaps you need to give the keys a certain name, or convert them to another format15:38
greenbugbinary01: sorry I can't be of more help, maybe try reading documentation for lightdm?15:41
atralheavenwhat is the command to put laptop in sleep? like poweroff for shutting dwon or reboot for rebooting.15:42
minasotagreenbug: I used -> https://gpgtools.org and renamed the imported keys with an *.asc extension for enigmail to read15:42
greenbugatralheaven: I think the shutdown command might have a suspend option? try reading the manual for shutdown.15:43
atralheavengreenbug: I will check it out15:44
minasotaatralheaven: -r maybe...15:44
minasotagreenbug: I've got get to going, busy day ahead. I'll tackle this some other time. Thanks for your help15:46
greenbugminasota: I would read the documentation for gnupg2 and GPG tools and look for info about what key format they use15:46
greenbugminasota: Alright, good luck15:47
minasotagreenbug: thanks... I might need it. Later15:47
sda13Hi people. I was just wondering. Why does the mini.iso image install bloatware like plymouth?15:48
treelineHello everyone. New-ish linux user here. I just installed ubuntu on a usb 3.0 drive and sometimes experience hangs. The system shouldn't be the issue because if I boot either of the OSes on the hd everything runs fine.. Can anybody point me to some possibly helpful resources?15:49
greenbugsda13: I wonder a lot about the packages included in the isos....15:50
lotuspsychjetreeline: usb will be a bottleneck15:51
greenbugtreeline: I've never has good luck with running stuff from usb drives15:51
greenbuglike lotuspsychje said, usb drives are slow. they're designed to store files, not support an OS (which is too bad imo)15:52
treelineyeah, I'm aware.. I just wanted to explore the possibility of having a system on a stick I can carry around with me or use inside a vm15:52
EOBeavtreeline: USB 3.0? I don't know if that would be fast enough for you or not15:53
treelineI just thought the boot process would be slower, not the overall system performance when most of it should reside in ram?15:54
treelineEOBeav, I don't actually know if it is fast enough, I just thought with the (theoretical) much higher data rates it should work15:57
treeline(higher transfer rates than 2.0*)15:57
EOBeavYeah, I don't know. It would probably depend on how big your RAM is, but I haven't tested that out very much.16:01
EOBeavAt the end of the day it's still needing to get items from the USB drive16:01
greenbugit still has to pull files off the usb, like config files and programs.16:01
greenbugand often usb drives are cheap, with much lower transfer speeds than hdd or ssd16:02
treelineI mostly notice short hangs during listening to music16:02
treelinewould a ram drive or partition in ram work, if I settled for a more minimalistic system that would fit into it?16:05
treelinenevermind, persistence would probably be an issue then16:06
greenbugtreeline: the only issue would be losing stuff if you didn't shut down correctly16:06
treelinehow would I go about setting up something like that? Are there distros that work like that?16:07
mrrobotxxSteam isn't being installed on my system. What should I do? http://paste.ubuntu.com/15510309/16:12
lotuspsychjetreeline: best scenario is dualboot/triple or vm your wanted Os16:12
treelineso, I guess I'm looking for a way to do this: minimalistic desktop distro, boot from usb drive, copy system partition into RAM, be happy?16:13
lotuspsychjetreeline: even then you will get usb bottlenecks16:13
lotuspsychjetreeline: liveusb can do some work allright, but once you get heavy works it will freeze16:14
greenbugtreeline: see also, puppy linux16:15
treelinethanks, will do!16:16
lotuspsychje!steam | mrrobotxx16:16
ubottumrrobotxx: Valve have officially announced that they are developing Steam and are working with !ubuntu during their development, see http://blogs.valvesoftware.com/linux/steamd-penguins/ for further details, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Valve for install instructions, you can also join #ubuntu-steam for discussion.16:16
treelineso, what other options would be there regarding portability?16:16
EOBeavI dunno...not sure it's meant to be used portably. Another option would be a really light install, something like lubuntu.16:17
treelineis ubuntu phone (don't remember the exact name of that project) still being worked on?16:17
greenbugtreeline: I've heard that installing an OS on an external hdd or ssd is good16:17
ub_ubuntuSometimes ubuntu 15.10 doesnt shutdown properly16:17
EOBeavI think there's a working model primarly in europe/asia16:17
treelinewouldn't even an external ssd have said USB bottleneck?16:18
MarezzHow can I automount a partition?16:18
greenbugtreeline: the bottleneck is really in the flash drive hard ware, not usb tech, I think.16:18
ub_ubuntuHow to include scripts to run at boot time16:18
greenbuglike I said, flash drives arent designed to sustain the high read and write rates an OS requires, just copying files periodically16:19
treelineright, so the transfer rates aren't the problem but the way flash drives are designed. gotcha16:19
greenbugmarezz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions16:19
lotuspsychje!cron | ub_ubuntu16:20
ubottuub_ubuntu: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto16:20
greenbugI've run a virtualbox machine where the vm's drive was on my usb hdd, and I had no issues with that.16:21
AlexPortableE: Failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/e/eglibc/libc6_2.19-0ubuntu6.6_i386.deb  404  Not Found [IP: 2001:67c:1360:8c01::18 80]16:22
treelineI see16:22
EOBeavThere's certainly something to be said about packing up your OS and taking it with you in your pocket, though.16:23
lotuspsychjeubuntu phone16:23
treelineyes, the pocket OS seems really neat, that is why I wanted to try it16:23
lotuspsychje!touch | treeline already possible16:24
ubottutreeline already possible: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch . Support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch16:24
=== georg is now known as Guest40149
treelinethanks, I'll check that out too16:25
Marezzgreenbug, i dont understand that16:27
kevin__who is using a raspberry pi right now?16:28
lotuspsychje!arm | kevin__16:28
ubottukevin__: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.16:28
=== kalen_not-here is now known as kalen
compdocI have a few16:29
fhjdsxghjjfssIkonya you are a fycking frustrating bitch. Fuck you16:30
en1gmai have windows 10 installed on a newer motherboard that does have uefi bios. what is best way to get the ubuntu 15.10 desktop iso onto my usb stick so it will recognize it and boot16:30
kevin-5any of you guys on a raspberry pi?16:32
lotuspsychje!ops | fhjdsxghjjfss known spammer16:32
ubottufhjdsxghjjfss known spammer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang16:32
rastermanDoes anyone know a power management program that allows customised schemes?16:32
kevin-5what do you mean?16:33
kevin-5as in a system monitor?16:33
MonkeyDustrasterman  yes, rtcwake16:33
fatpelthey all.  i'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but i'm working on a new .deb package and there are some files that aren't installed by the source make install.  docs indicate that i can put them in debian/tmp, however it seems that debuild removes the directory so a build fails.  i'm not seeing information on how to specify a directory that isn't removed, but isn't part of the source tree?16:33
MonkeyDustrasterman  rtc means real time clock16:33
kevin-5rpi does not have a rtc16:34
MonkeyDustkevin-5 rasterman #ubuntu-arm for rpi16:34
rastermanIs there some power management software that lets the used set up different configurations to tell how long it should wait to turn off the screen, depending on whether a laptop is connected or not? Something like that.16:34
kevin-5just check the config.txt file16:35
kevin-5or use the  vcgencmd measure_temp16:36
ikoniakevin-5: any reason your pm'ing me ?16:38
trismfatpelt: list them in debian/install: https://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/maint-guide/dother.en.html#install16:39
AssociateXHello. I'm trying to get my mic working. After an hour of googling I'm now here. How can I test my mic?16:39
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, In the "Sound" application16:42
Mandeep_SinghClick on Input tab.16:42
=== Mob is now known as MobGod
_llthello everybody :)16:51
BromoHello guys, I installed LXLE on an old Mac Mini and Im having some problems.16:51
BromoI think I messed up something with the bootloader? Basically the system does not book.16:52
MonkeyDustBromo  i guess lxle is not supported here16:52
BromoWell my question was basically, how do I get into the recovery mode? I tseems to skip it16:52
kevin-5good vpn server?16:52
ikoniaopenvpn ?16:52
kevin-5does it change ip16:53
ikoniawhat ?16:53
BromoI hold down shift but it just jumps past it16:53
kevin-5does it change your ip address?16:53
ikoniait's a VPN16:53
kevin-5on irc chat, you can use a whois request and find the persons ip, then you will find out close to what city they live in.16:54
Asad2005during installation i have a message regarding bios compatibility mode, if i continue with UEFI will i be able to boot windows 7 which is on another part?16:54
kevin-5i dont like the thought of people finding out where i live16:54
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, where is that at?16:54
ikoniakevin-5: they won't - you're worrying about nothing16:54
rud0lfkevin-5: ask for a cloak then16:54
kevin-5well... on kali linux you can do some spoofing of people mac addresses and do ddos attacks on my router and i dont like that either16:55
ikoniakevin-5: you're worrying about things you don't understand16:55
ikoniajust use the internet normally and you'll have no problems16:55
=== jay is now known as Guest84430
kevin-5but thats the thing, i dont use the internet normally16:56
ikoniathen you should get a clue about what you are doing16:56
kevin-5whatever. im outta here16:57
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, search in the dashboard16:58
treelinewow, people are persistent16:59
gde33From reading a bit my best guess is that vlc is giving problems in my hardware config. The screen freezes, audio continues, mouse moves but cant click, keyboard is not working.17:00
gde33one other clue is that my clock in my toolbar vanished.17:00
lotuspsychjegde33: graphics card driver installed properly?17:01
gde33lotuspsychje: using the default, not sure how to install a better one17:01
gde33it is an nvidea card17:01
lotuspsychjegde33: can you check your additional drivers section, wich one?17:01
lotuspsychjegde33: ubuntu version and card chipset could be handy also17:01
gde33oh it got more intersting now, windows wont play videos in vlc either (not anymore)17:02
gde33everything else seems to work fine17:02
gde33flash/html5 video17:03
gde33should I run some video test utility?17:03
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, "multimedia"?17:03
binary01does anyone know how to reinstall lightdm using a livecd?17:03
ikoniawhy do you want to re-install ?17:03
binary01because i cant boot into dekstop17:04
gde33media player classic still works -.-17:04
ikoniaso why do you want to re-install ?17:04
gde33so does the default ubuntu player btw17:04
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, Using Unity Desktop Environment?17:04
binary01i think something got messed up with the config so i think reinstalling might help17:05
ikoniawhy do you think that ?17:05
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, KDE17:05
ikoniawhat basis do you have that re-installing the binaries will do anything postitive17:05
binary01because i was stuck in a login screen loop and first17:05
ikoniaagain - why do you think re-installing will help ?17:05
binary01i read that installing gdm might allow me to circumvent this issue17:06
ikoniawhat understanding of the problem do you have17:06
gde33lotuspsychje: gtx 550 ti,  have to boot into unbuntu to check the driver17:06
binary01obviously not a very good one17:06
ikoniabinary01: ok - so instead of asking how to do something you don't really understand, why don't you explain the problem to the channel and see if they can guide you to something that will actually help17:06
binary01i have been asking17:07
binary01scroll up17:07
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, type this command in terminal:  arecord -d 10 /tmp/test-mic.wav17:07
ikoniaplease state again a summary binary0117:07
binary01 hi all, i am having trouble booting into my desktop. At first after i try to login it would just return to login screen. i read that i may be a problem with lightdm and to try gdm instead. i installed gdm and now i get a black screen on boot. does anyone know how to fix this?17:07
Mandeep_Singhand After 10 seconds, test it using: aplay /tmp/test-mic.wav17:07
ikoniabinary01: so that seems terrible17:08
ikoniabinary01: no idea why you randomly installed gdm17:08
binary01yea it is17:08
ikoniabinary01: what is the current situation if you boot now ?17:08
binary01i read that installing gdm would allow to circumvent the issue17:08
binary01now i boot to black screen17:08
ikoniabinary01: are you able to boot into recover mode ?17:09
binary01no. i hold shift on boot. nothing happens17:09
stupid_iconiaFuck you iconia17:09
binary01is there another way?17:09
ikoniabinary01: if you can't get to the grub menu - you have a more serious problem17:09
ikoniaas it's got a problem before the system has even booted17:09
binary01i dont remember ever seeing a grub screen while booting even while things were working17:10
ikoniabinary01: you won't see a grub screen if it's a single OS install17:10
ikoniayou have to escape the boot to get it to display grub on a single boot sytem17:10
binary01when i boot now i do see the ubuntu logo briefly before it goes to a black screen17:11
ki7rwhas anyone successfully upgraded to gtk+ 3.2 on 14.04? i installed all the dependencies and now i get "running in low graphics mode" after rebooting17:11
ikoniabinary01: I believe the first thing you need to do is focus on getting the grub screen up17:11
ikoniathat will give you more options17:11
=== dotio is now known as imrekt
Gallomimiaaw now what??? my OTHER monitor won't turn on after a long sleep.17:11
binary01ikonia: thanks for your help. i was holding the shift key while booting to try to get to grub. is there another way to do that?17:12
ikoniabinary01: depends on your exact ubuntu version, I can't remember all the options, it's in the ubuntu wiki17:12
ikoniain some versions I think it was escape17:12
Revian1How do I: I want to have windows placed in the same place they were when I last launched them17:13
binary01im running ubuntu 14.04.417:14
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, did that and played back with aplay. I was not very loud, but it did record me.17:14
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, good sign :P. Did you try increasing the volume?17:15
tarwateri need help creating user accounts in a bash script17:16
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, how would I do that?17:16
ikoniatarwater: #bash is the channel17:16
tarwaterikonia, they told me to come here!17:16
tarwatergood lord17:16
ikoniatarwater: nope, #bash is for bash scripting17:16
Mandeep_SinghAssociateX, from the volume keys on your keyboard17:17
AssociateXMandeep_Singh, it already shows as at 100%17:17
Revian1ikonia: He just keeps trying, doesn't he/17:19
Guest12812Keeps trying what?17:19
Guest12812Who is he?17:19
Revian1I have a game (Crack Attack, from the Ubuntu repos) that, when played too long, shuts down the computer. I would like to know how to avoid that. Isn't there some protection in place to prevent this behavior? Shouold I fule a bug?17:20
* Revian1 dislikes laptop keyboards.17:20
jatin30Hey! I am not able to install google chrome in my ubuntu 15.10 as its not detecting the package. Could anyone help me with it?17:20
baizon!info chromium-browser | jatin3017:21
ubottujatin30: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 49.0.2623.87-0ubuntu0. (wily), package size 75089 kB, installed size 280051 kB17:21
Guest12812Hey, have you tried doing sudo apt-get install chromium?17:21
TopGearJust a quick question, does anyone know why the /wily/ branch's disappeared from http://extras.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/? Getting 404's whilst updating...17:21
baizonGuest12812: chromium-browser17:21
Guest12812Or have you downloaded the .deb from the webiste?17:21
Guest12812Ah okay baizon. Thanks17:21
wadadliHow can I install marven 3?17:22
baizon!info maven | wadadli17:25
ubottuwadadli: maven (source: maven): Java software project management and comprehension tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.3.3-3 (wily), package size 16 kB, installed size 117 kB17:25
wadadliYa thanks already figured it out17:26
wadadliFor some reason when I did a search earlier was only showing maven217:26
baizonwadadli: it depends on the release17:26
Nostradamus1STIconya Fuck you stupid bitch. I will fuck your brain  every fuching day17:29
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang17:30
ikoniabaizon: ?17:30
baizonsorry, saw it to late :(17:30
baizonreally sorry17:31
baizonikonia: Nostradamus1ST17:31
ikoniayes, I can see17:31
baizonbut he left already17:31
jatin30but how do I install it17:32
ziz15hi, i try to install origin via playonlinux..after i managed to install origin (cp files from windows and etc) when it starts it say it cant connect to internet..anyone can help?thanks17:32
Revian1jatin30: sudo apt-get install chrome-browser17:32
ziz15also i have installed mono and gecko17:32
jatin30sudo apt-get install google-chrome version=?17:32
jatin30ok got it17:33
baizonjatin30: https://askubuntu.com/questions/250773/how-do-i-install-chromium-from-the-command-line17:33
jatin30unable to locate package17:33
baizonziz15: try #playonlinux17:34
Revian1jatin30: sudo apt-get install chromium-browser17:34
Revian1jatin30: sorry about that17:34
raketensiloWhat is the easiest whay to install php in zts mode with pthreads on a ubuntu machine. This its the way for centos:https://dl.iuscommunity.org/pub/ius/stable/CentOS/6/x86_64/repoview/php56u-pecl-pthreads.html17:36
Cracanatfuck you iconia17:37
jatin30Revian1: thanks!17:38
Revian1jatin30: you're welcome :)17:39
ub_ubuntuenable shutdown button17:50
xentity1xHi I'm getting a weird error. My terminal and the borders of my windows are black.It happened after I upgraded to 15.04. Bumblebee stopped working for me so I tried to reinstall it with these instructions http://rajat-osgyan.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-install-bumblebee-on-ubuntu.html17:55
xentity1xCan anyone help?17:55
acovrigI have a 3.13.0-83-generic kernel and am trying to pass a PCIe USB card through to a VM (libvirt); and am hitting a groups issue (http://vfio.blogspot.com/2014/08/vfiovga-faq.html); how do I tell if I have kernel support for ACS?17:56
loaacovrig, you patch for your kernel.17:57
loayou need *17:57
=== lelovely7315 is now known as MrPurrfect
xentity1xHi I'm getting a weird error. My terminal and the borders of my windows are black.It happened after I upgraded to 15.04. Bumblebee stopped working for me so I tried to reinstall it with these instructions http://rajat-osgyan.blogspot.com/2015/03/how-to-install-bumblebee-on-ubuntu.html17:59
dfashello! - How do I boot from a USB drive recognized as fd0 via Grub?17:59
skinuxI've a possibly strange question...also a random question. If IPTables is installed and configured for all ports to be blocked for incoming, does that make it unhackable if there aren't really any services communicating with the internet?18:00
Revian1skinux: I don't think it makes the machine unhackable, but it is much more secure than a machine with world-facing open ports.18:01
MrPurrfectI must learn how to TYPE to keep up with you people!!18:02
acovrigloa, OK, do you think installing 4.4.6 would be enough, or sould I patch the source of 3.13 and build it?18:02
Revian1skinux: The only unhackable operating system is one that is powered off. And, even then, physical access=game over.18:03
loaacovrig, i can save you some time, and from my personal experience i can save this is very bad idea.18:06
loaacovrig, if device is not in separate group, there is reason.18:06
acovrigloa, *sigh* I bought a USB PCIe card just so I could hot-plug USB devices to a VM...18:12
RoundDuckManis there any logs that document downloads or connections to servers?18:16
Revian1RoundDuckMan: Your web browser likely keeps a list of downloads18:17
Revian1I know Firefox does, unless the user turns that option off18:17
RoundDuckManRevian, it didn't keep I download I got a while ago, maybe my fault18:18
RoundDuckManRevian1, it didn't keep the download I got a while ago, maybe my fault18:18
=== john is now known as Guest12647
Revian1RoundDuckMan: You might have turned the option off18:18
RoundDuckManRevian1 No, more like clearing stuff off my things like cookies or download history in Chromium18:19
Revian1RoundDuckMan: Yeah, that will do it too18:19
RoundDuckManRevian1 Is there log files in root?18:19
RoundDuckManRevian1 or in home?18:20
RoundDuckManthat document internet connections or downloads18:20
RoundDuckManand maybe other crap I bet18:20
Revian1RoundDuckMan: For downloads, unlikely if you use the browser to download18:20
Revian1Not sure about connections18:20
RoundDuckManRevian1: Isn't there a log for that stuff? Isn't that how people find what malware does to their computers like connecting them to other sites and all that?18:21
meHi all18:21
=== me is now known as Guest85310
Guest85310are you getting me ?18:22
Guest85310guys I need some help18:23
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:23
ikoniathen just ask and wait for a response18:23
Guest85310after upgrading my Ubuntu Mate to 15.10 version its running little slower and getting hung sometimes18:24
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/18:24
Guest85310are any of you facing the same issue ?18:24
coleptI upgraded, not to Ubuntu Mate18:25
coleptbut recently, and whenever cron.daily runs, my system goes unresponsive18:25
coleptif I run it directly, not a problem18:25
Guest85310is there any solution for that yet ?18:26
CapricornWhat is a good all-in one printer, with Ubuntu? My Canon pixma mx850 is not able. Ideas ... let me know18:27
coleptCheck your syslog18:27
coleptIf your system is stalling, there should be a gap in the logs18:28
coleptfor example my hangs on `(test -x /usr/sbin/anacron || ( cd / && run-parts --report /etc/cron.daily ))`18:28
coleptI've read that it could be something to do with aptitude upgrade18:28
xentity1xHi I'm getting an error where the borders of all my windows are black. It happened after I upgraded to 15.04 and I tried reinstalling bumblebee. Can anyone help?18:29
dartlenесть русские?18:29
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:30
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes18:32
squintyxentity1x,  15.04 is eol  and nvidia-prime is recommended these days instead of bumblebee18:33
=== ghostmag_ is now known as ghostmag
xentity1xsquinty- should i just upgrade to 15.10?18:33
squintyxentity1x,  that is most current supported version18:34
ubottuNa tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.18:34
CyanBlobDaniKitten, Hi?18:35
DaniKittenI had a problem with the wireless with ubuntu 12.0418:36
CyanBlobAre you on a laptop? Is it a fresh install?18:36
DaniKittena laptop, multiboot with windows nt 5.118:38
DaniKittenwhen I installed Ubuntu 12.04, everything worked perfectly, but at the third day the wireless just gone18:41
DaniKittenI tried reinstalling but no one worked18:41
CyanBlobIs there a reason you went with Ubuntu 12.04 instead of 14.04 or 15.10?18:41
nuno_nunesDaniKitten, windows NT 5.1 is not exist, windows XP (NT 5.1)18:41
DaniKittenso I downloaded Ubuntu 14.04 and I don't have problems now18:41
DaniKittenI downloaded 12.04 because I didn't have BitTorrent, and the dounload would be very slow18:42
DaniKittennuno_nunes, I known, Windows NT 5.1 is Windows XP18:43
DaniKittennuno_nunes, Nt 6.0 is Vista, 6.1 is Seven and 6.2 is Windows 818:43
CyanBlobDaniKitten, Well, it'd probably be better to just say XP. That way people know what you're talking about without having to look it up.18:45
nuno_nunesi using windows 1018:45
DaniKittenwell, is windows xp18:45
nuno_nunesfor testing18:45
Whiskey-Finns det någon från japan här, som kan läsa och skriva japanska?18:45
nuno_nunesNT 1018:45
Whiskey-is there anyone from japan here that can read and speak japanese?18:46
ubottu日本語の場合は /join #ubuntu-jp または /join #kubuntu-jp を入力して下さい。18:46
DaniKittenBut, why I had that problem with Ubuntu 14.0418:47
gde33I added http://ppa.launchpad.net/alex-p/kvirc/ubuntu to the software updates thingy, now I have 2 entries there, the second has (source code) behind it. Should I enable that too?18:47
nuno_nunesDaniKitten, 32 bits or 64 bits18:47
DaniKitten32 bits18:47
Bashing-omgde33: Are you interested in "source' code ? No, then do not enable .18:48
DaniKittenI don't have those new expensive laptops, this is just an HP 214018:48
DaniKittenWith 1 GB RAM18:48
gde33Bashing-om: thank you18:48
nuno_nunesDaniKitten, testing lubuntu18:48
Whiskey-ubottu, i guss then you are from japan?18:49
ubottuWhiskey-: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:49
DaniKittenBut, what was the problem? I wanna known18:49
Whiskey-could be18:49
DaniKittenIf that help, I have a Broadcom network card (I don't known the model)18:50
nuno_nunesis a not problemn18:51
nuno_nunesbroadcom 43xx18:52
elacheche_anisHey! Anyone here is using a Lenovo G50 and had issues with keyboard and touchpad?18:52
DaniKittenBut why?18:52
CyanBlobelacheche_anis, I used to use a Lenovy Y580 without problems18:52
MonkeyDustelacheche_anis  that's a yes/no question ... what brings you here?18:52
nuno_nunesmy old dell is broken using broadcom wireless 43xx18:53
elacheche_anisMonkeyDust: Just a sec, I'll share the bug report it's better x) https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-synaptics/+bug/89692218:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 896922 in linux (Ubuntu) "Lenovo L520 - "psmouse.c: touchpad at isa0060/serio4/input0 lost sync" and stops working for seconds" [High,Triaged]18:54
elacheche_anisIt's an old bug report, but it's affecting me right now..18:54
DaniKittennuno_nunes, Broadcom 431518:54
elacheche_anisI find that bug report becasue of my dmesg outputs, and I'm trying to locate the keyboard outputs to try to find something else :/18:55
nuno_nunesDaniKitten, https://beercafe.wordpress.com/tag/bcm4315-install-linux/18:56
elacheche_anisCyanBlob: MonkeyDust actually I have that kernel output only after I use the keyboard, then the touchpad lose the sync, and of course, the keyboard is not usable :/18:58
elacheche_anisI don't have this issue all the time, only every X days :/18:58
rud0lf6.30.223.141+bdcom was bugged on my 431218:58
rud0lfit frozen system at cat /proc/brcm_monitor018:59
rud0lfsame for opening /proc/ directory with nautilus, which (i believe so) reads few bytess from every file to obtain its format18:59
nuno_nunesrud0lf, why this driver19:04
eelstrebori upgraded gtk+ to version 3.20 and now i get "low graphics mode" after a reboot (ubuntu 14.04)19:05
rud0lfit was installed from "additional drivers" as proprietary driver19:05
DaniKittenWhat is "Lubuntu"?19:06
DaniKittenI known that isn't a typographic mistake because a lot of people taks about it19:06
eelstrebori got logged in in a terminal but have no dns so i can't try remove/reinstall19:06
nuno_nunesDaniKitten, Lubuntu = LXDE19:07
Bashing-omDaniKitten: Lubuntu is a faster, more lightweight and energy saving variant of Ubuntu using LXDE, the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment. It is targeted at "normal" PC and laptop users running on low-spec hardware.19:07
DaniKittenMy brother have an old big laptop with DVD drive, I can install the Lubuntu and runs?19:10
DaniKittenIs 512MB RAM, Intel Centrino19:11
MzgWhat a coincidence! Im installin lubuntu right now19:11
MzgI have 256MB Ram on my machine and works fine19:11
Bashing-omDaniKitten: Will run, but not well. See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements/ .19:12
DaniKittenOr on my very old PC with 192 MB RAM and Pentium III19:13
Bashing-omDaniKitten: With that low of sroecs .. you are looking at puppy or tiny core or similar .19:13
ElOcoHey trying to install Deus Ex Invisible war under play on linux, the torrent readme says the disk has to be mounted in order to play19:14
DaniKittenPuppy is symbol of BUGGY19:14
DaniKittenI tried it and sometimes hangs19:14
ElOcoI went under configure wine and I see the drive19:14
ikoniaElOco: we are not helping you with illegal actions19:15
ElOcoit's mounted on thunar19:15
ikoniaElOco: please don't ask any more19:15
ElOcobut when I run the game it says please insert disk19:15
bluefiveAny idea why when I mute BEEP in Alsamixer I lose some of the annoying background hiss?19:18
bluefiveIt's still there but unmuting BEEP makes it more obnoxious.19:18
bluefiveHow could that be?19:18
bluefiveWhen I mute the Master I lose all the white noise entirely.19:19
bluefiveWhen I set it to 0 it's still there.19:20
MonkeyDustLoquendo18  let's here it, in one line19:21
coleptI recently upgraded ubuntu and now "apt-xapian-index" is crashing every day (for the cron.weekly task)19:25
coleptWhat would cause apt-xapian-index to eat up all the CPU and stall?19:25
jattapt-xapian-index is crap, remove it, is not needed19:29
bluefive"You need a good o/s though, as Ubuntu 14.04 uses 35 CPU but Ubuntu Mate 15.10 uses 10 !"19:29
bluefiveWhat does this mean?19:29
bluefiveNATE uses less resources?19:30
Kevin`how can I properly tell ubuntu to boot from an encrypted partition on a system that wasn't previously installed with fde?19:30
ikoniaKevin`: you can't19:31
ikoniathat would defeat the object of encyption19:32
Kevin`I don't think you understand19:32
Kevin`ikonia: I want to encrypt an ubuntu system19:32
EriC^^Kevin`: your questions sounds odd/misleading19:33
EriC^^what exactly is it your trying to do?19:34
stacy-Hello i just unziped a joomla install to /var/www/html but when i go to i just see the default apache page ?? what is going on ?19:34
Kevin`EriC^^: encrypt an ubuntu system without reinstalling19:34
EriC^^Kevin`: i'd back up the data and reinstall using encryption in the installer then copy them back19:35
=== RiPpIn is now known as pistolpete
Kevin`that's essentially reinstalling just to find the boot line then wiping the install19:35
Kevin`i'd rather someone tell me what the boot line should look like so I can be done 3 minutes from now19:36
ikoniait's not just the boot line19:36
EriC^^that doesn't make sense19:36
ikoniayou need to basically create new crypto devices19:36
Mathisenwhy kick stacy- ?19:36
Kevin`I already have a copy of the data, I already have the os partition encrypted and lvm set up on it19:36
ikoniawhich means you'd need to put new volume groups and file systems together19:36
Kevin`I just can't boot from it cuz there's no docs19:36
ikoniaKevin`: does the initrd have all the crypto modules in ?19:37
bluefive'Could it be that my HARDWARE ITSELF would make white noise when I have headphones plugged in?19:37
bluefiveOr is that a software issue?19:37
Kevin`I don't know, but I shouldn't have to manually add entries for those, and scripts, since the package manager knows how to do it19:37
=== N3X15_ is now known as N3X15
Kevin`as it is i'm preparing to start up a new virtual machine with ubuntu just to see what the package manager does for encryption19:38
pistolpeteI have gparted in ubuntu 14.04.... when I started this whole thing, I had Win7... now I dont.... how do I get it back19:40
ikoniapistolpete: how about tell us what you really did19:40
ikoniapistolpete: you don't start gparted and windows dissapears19:40
Kevin`pistolpete: does the partition still exist? if you deleted it, did you overwrite it?19:40
pistolpeteI had Win7in, then ubuntu in... now I dont have Win7?19:41
ikoniapistolpete: what did you do19:41
ikoniait doesn't dissapear on it's own19:41
Kevin`pistolpete: that's what you just said, answer the questions19:41
SierraKomodopistolpete: What exactly did you do in gparted on ubuntu? Keep in mind gparted affects the entire disk, not just your ubuntu partition19:41
pistolpeteits deleted19:41
EriC^^pistolpete: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999919:41
Kevin`ikonia: ..19:42
SierraKomodoWell I guess that's one way of handling things19:42
=== JR is now known as Guest11200
SierraKomodoPeople like that tend to take some prying and specific questioning to get details from though, probably would've been better to work with him :P19:42
=== marianne_ is now known as Guest83913
Guest83913does anyone know of an app where I can do floor plans and design for ubuntu 15.10?19:44
yoinkhey is there any way to do a pre-release upgrade from the commandline from 14.04.4 to 16.04 beta 2?19:45
EriC^^pistolpete: type sudo parted -l | nc termbin.com 999919:45
stacy-i just unziped a joomla install to /var/www/html but when i go to i just see the default apache page ?? cant see the joomal page..19:45
EriC^^in a terminal, and paste the link it gives you here19:45
ikoniastacy-: did you read the documents I gave you yesterday ?19:46
ikoniastacy-: and the explination on how to setup your web stack ?19:46
=== stuff1 is now known as bruxC
EriC^^yoink: yeah, with sudo do-release-upgrade -d19:46
Kevin`pistolpete: did you overwrite windows with ubuntu or JUST delete it?19:46
pistolpetejust delete it...ty19:47
Kevin`pistolpete: you can probably restore it with testdisk19:47
SierraKomodostacy-: Do you have an index.html file in /var/www/html19:47
LuckyTuxAnyone here had experience with macchanger?19:47
EriC^^pistolpete: if you type that command, it will tell the extent of the damage19:47
yoinkEriC^^: hah - I had set it to "normal" to try to do the 14.10 -> 15.04 -> 15.10 update and forgot to set it back. thanks19:47
stacy-sierrakomodo..yes.. i did.19:48
coleptWhy would /etc/cron.weekly/apt-xapian-index cause the system to freeze?19:48
ikoniastacy-: did you read and carry out the documentation I gave you yesterday19:48
jattbecause is crap, uninstall it19:48
SierraKomodostacy-: Likely the problem then. Apache apparently defaults to .html over .php. I'd recommend renaming index.html to index.html.backup just in case, instead of deleting it, though, then see if that fixes it19:48
stacy-sierrakomodo.. i then removed the index.html to test agin...but it still showed the apache page19:48
SierraKomodostacy-: In that case there may be something else. Did you follow the documentation ikonia sent you?19:49
ikoniastacy-: did you READ and Follow the documents I gave you last night19:49
stacy-i had too many problems with the mysql yesturday.. i didnt work on joomal until today19:49
ikoniastacy-: did you READ and Follow the documents I gave you last night19:50
stacy-ikonia..i did not know you gave me documents19:50
ikoniastacy-: really - you don't know the documents I gave you 3 - 4 times ?19:50
notalentgeekHello not Ubuntu related question but what is the differences between this cable http://cdn3.volusion.com/cygqn.ryfhk/v/vspfiles/photos/U3A1-MCB-TO-2.jpg and normal micro USB cable for phone charging? I can use both for transfer data from external HDD into my laptop, but the micro USB definetely lack some pins compared to the first one.19:51
ikonianotalentgeek: it's not ubuntu - so please don't ask in here19:51
orange_aideronhi guys19:51
eNullOh! My linux showd suddenly terminal screen with this message "Restoring resolver state" !!!19:52
ikoniastacy-: https://help.ubuntu.om19:52
stacy-i am sorry ikonia ..i do not know what documents you are refering to..you never gave me any documents19:52
eNullSaned disabled: /etc/default/saned19:52
ikoniastacy-: there is a guide in there about how to setup the web services19:52
EriC^^pistolpete: the more you use ubuntu if it was written over windows, the more you risk losing windows or any data there, it would be better to use a live usb to diagnose stuff19:52
ikonia!lamp > stacy-19:52
ubottustacy-, please see my private message19:52
orange_aideronnotalentgeek, I think one only charges the other can do data also19:52
Loquendo18ayuda estoy haciendome una cunta bnc pero cuando me intentio unirme se me desconecta la cuenta19:52
ikoniastacy-: ubottu has also once again sent you a document with even more detail on how to setup the lamp stack you ask about19:52
ikoniastacy-: again - please do not repeat over and over again why it's broken until you have read these documents19:53
ikoniaif you have questions about the documents - please ask19:53
stacy-my lamp stack is step up almost plese dont flood me with the documents19:53
ikoniastacy-: I've not flooded you with documents19:53
orange_aideronstacy-, the documents are the web addresses people are providing19:53
orange_aideronfollow them and take a read19:53
ikoniaI've gien you 1 URL in a public channel - and I've had ubottu send you a private link with more detail on19:53
ikoniaplease read them before continuing this discussion, ask any questions about the docs if you're not sure19:54
ikoniawin 719:54
orange_aideronikonia, win7?19:55
ikoniaa typo19:55
Kevin`the first 19 windows are on alt-keys19:56
Kevin`notalentgeek: that's a usb 3.0 cable19:56
stacy-the problems is cause because of lamp having apache and also apache2 ?19:57
ikoniastacy-: lamp does not have 2 versions of apache19:57
ikoniastacy-: lamp has one19:57
ikoniaand if you read the documentation it explains how to install it19:57
stacy-i have lamp installed and setup already since yesturday19:58
ikoniahow have you validated that ?19:58
stacy-i feel stressed out.. brb19:58
Emperor_EarthJordan_U: Hey20:01
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth: Hi. Did you get the link that I posted to the 14.04 mini iso (that can be UEFI booted from a USB drive)?20:11
unicornjedidoes anyone have time to help me with a short script... http://paste.ubuntu.com/15507248/20:12
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest89879
ranguliHey, trying to get NVIDIA drivers working on 15.10 with a GTX 750ti. I've tried about every article online with no real luck. Can explain further if anyones able to help20:13
p41nk1ll3rcan anyone help me out with booting from a usb20:13
ranguli@p41nk1ll3r yea!20:14
p41nk1ll3ralright, I've manage to burn an image with winusb20:15
p41nk1ll3rbut when i enter the bios20:15
geirhaunicornjedi: numbers starting with 0 will be treated as octal, so the numeric comparisons will fail between 0800 and 100020:15
p41nk1ll3rit wont show20:15
unicornjedigeirha? i just want my screen to rotate right as well in the script20:16
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth: (I hope that I am correctly remembering both your issue and the version of Ubuntu you wanted).20:16
unicornjedigeirha, I can't right scripts... someone else wrote this for me. So I'm like stuck haha20:17
p41nk1ll3rany ideas? ranguli?20:18
geirhaunicornjedi: does it have to be an sh script?20:18
geirhaunicornjedi: whoever wrote it didn't do a good job20:18
unicornjedigeirha, really? :( well its working so far20:18
CyanBlobp41nk1ll3r, What doesn't show? The USB stick, or Ubuntu?20:19
CyanBlobWhere exactly in the process are you getting?20:19
ranguli@p41nk1ll3r in my experience usually Unetbootin does the job. I've tried other usb installers but I usually end up bouncing back and forth before settling on Unet which almost always works20:19
p41nk1ll3rthe stick20:19
p41nk1ll3ryeah with unetbootin It would show, but it woundn't boot from it even with it being the first option20:20
rangulithere's also rufus and universal usb installer. but almost every problem I've had with bootable USB's has been fixed with either changing the installer or using a different usb20:20
ouroumov__p41nk1ll3r, did you "disconnect the device securely" or whatever it's called in Windows?20:20
unicornjedigeirha, ye it has to be a sh script.20:20
p41nk1ll3ri'm using ubuntu20:21
rangulisometimes formatting the drive before running the installer helps too (if it doesn't do it for you)20:21
ouroumov__p41nk1ll3r, did you type "sync" after burning the image?20:21
p41nk1ll3rI did that20:21
p41nk1ll3rwhere do I type that?20:21
geirhaunicornjedi: It will fail for the reason I explained earlier, I'd also expect xrandr to fail when DISPLAY contains gibberish, but anyway, if it's "working" as you say, what's the problem you need help with?20:21
ouroumov__In a terminal, but I've no experience of unetbooting, maybe it does it for you.20:21
ouroumov__unetbootin *20:22
ranguli@ouroumov__ which method do you use? i've never used sync20:23
ouroumov__ranguli,  dd command, then sync command20:23
geirhaAh, it adds -d :0 to work around that bug20:24
p41nk1ll3ralso, I had to use a version of unebootin that doesn't show on software center20:24
unicornjedigeirha, can you edit the script so that it includes 'xrandr -o right' in both cases?20:24
ouroumov__ranguli,  dd command writes but unless a specific option is passed it doesn't write "for real", it writes to buffer20:24
p41nk1ll3ras the one that shows doesnt recognize my isos20:24
ouroumov__ranguli, "sync" flushes the output buffer20:24
geirhaunicornjedi: well did you try adding -o right yourself?20:24
SchrodingersScat!info redshift | unicornjedi20:25
ubottuunicornjedi: redshift (source: redshift): Adjusts the color temperature of your screen. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.10-5ubuntu1 (wily), package size 56 kB, installed size 311 kB20:25
unicornjedigeirha, i cant write scripts... nor do I know its syntax. im a noooooob20:25
=== penguin is now known as Guest57906
binary01 hi all, i am having trouble booting into my desktop. At first after i try to login it would just return to login screen. i read that i may be a problem with lightdm and to try gdm instead. i installed gdm and now i get a black screen on boot. does anyone know how to fix this?20:26
geirhaI have a hard time editing just that part without fixing the other glaring bugs, but that basically requires the whole script to be rewritten20:27
ikoniabinary01: did you progress what I suggested earlier ?20:27
unicornjedigeirha, oh... maybe i can try your version20:27
binary01hi ikonia: yes, i got a grub prompt20:28
ikoniabinary01: great, can you get into recovery shell ?20:28
binary01not sure how to do that. i dont see a list of options. just a prompt20:28
ikoniayou don't get a grub menu up ?20:28
ikoniahow are you getting into the "prompt" ?20:28
binary01i didnt see one20:28
binary01i am pressing e20:29
binary01shift and esc didnt work20:29
ikoniayou need to get into the menu20:29
ikoniayou need to find out why that's not working then20:29
ikoniathats pretty key20:29
unicornjedigeirha, brb20:29
ikoniabinary01: how very dissapointing, it would appear in 14.04 they set the hidemenu option in grub20:31
ikoniabinary01: you'll need to boot from live media to edit the grub.con to disable the hidemenu20:31
bumbari've copied windows 10 iso with dd from terminal, but when i try to boot it says disk failure20:31
binary01ikonia: i got to a list of options. i go to advanced options20:31
ikoniabinary01: fantastic, how did you get that up ?20:32
binary01i see like 8 options that all look the same20:32
binary01i pressed e once..20:32
binary01instead of banging it20:32
ikoniabinary01: interesting,20:32
ikoniabinary01: do you not see a menu option that says recovery, or fall back or anything like that ?20:32
binary01yes i go20:32
binary01i clicked it20:32
binary01i am at a recovery menu20:33
ikoniawhat are your options ?20:33
binary01about 8 options20:33
binary01resume, clean, dpkg, failsafex, fsck, grub, network, root. system-summary20:34
ikoniahit failsafex20:34
binary01it seems like its booting but nothing is happening20:36
stacy-2 days ago lamp was installed and it came with apache .. and today apt-get install apache2 php5-mysql  for preparation of joomla.. anyway to test to see if lamp installed apache or apache2 ?20:37
ikoniabinary01: what do you see20:37
stacy-could this be causing the conflict for joomla?20:37
ikoniastacy-: how did you install lamp the first time ?20:37
binary01/dev/sda5.... recovering journal20:37
ikoniaas this seems very odd20:37
ikoniawhen we spoke less than 24 hours ago yhou didn't have lamp installed20:37
ikonianow 2 days ago you had it installed ?20:37
robert__ Hello everyone20:38
ikoniabinary01: thats ok - let that run, that may take some time20:38
binary01ok thanks. ill come back when i see something20:39
bpromptstacy-:   you could check I gather with -> dpkg -l | grep apache20:39
stacy-bprompt thanks20:39
ikoniathat won't help if the install has been something like xammp20:39
ikoniastacy-: how did you install lamp the first time20:39
ikoniaand what happened after that as we spoke less than 24 hours ago, you didn't have lamp installed, but now you say you've had it installed for 2 days20:40
ikoniacan you clarify what's going on please ?20:40
stacy-ikonia.. desktop was installed and lamp was installed right afterwards20:40
ikoniastacy-: how did you install lamp ?20:41
ikoniaand yesterday you said you had a clean desktop install after the server installed failed and you didn't have lamp20:41
ikonianow you're saying you did this 48 hours ago ?20:41
stacy-ikonia.. i use the desktop shell to install lamp20:41
ikoniastacy-: how20:41
stacy-hold on..let me look for my logs20:41
Mathisenikonia, i guided him today.. he said he had lamp installed what i have told him to do is to install apache2 php5 mysql and then made a database with mysql .. then we wget joomla and unziped it the strange thing is apache is showing default welcome for him when joomla is in apache directory20:42
ikoniaMathisen: thats unrealistic20:42
Mathisenthen i told him to ask here20:42
unicornjedigeirha, hey hey20:42
stacy-sudo apt-get install git20:43
stacy-git clone https://github.com/arbabnazar/Automated-LAMP-installation-git20:43
stacy-chmod +x lamp.sh20:43
stacy-sudo ./lamp.sh20:43
ikoniaMathisen: if they had lamp installed - apache2/php5 would not install20:43
ikoniathere we go20:43
ikoniaso this is a mess20:43
Mathisenikonia, um just saying what i know20:43
ikoniastacy-: so stacy - that is exactly the oposite of what I told you to do20:43
ikoniaI gave you documentation with VERY clear instructions of what to do - you've ignored them and done something you where told not to do20:43
stacy-i installed lamp wrong?20:44
ikoniastacy-: you need to re-install ubuntu to get to a known good state as what that script does / how it does the install is unsure, and the fact that you can install packages like apache2 means it did not use ubuntu packages20:44
ikoniastacy-: you did exactly what you where told not to do20:44
ikoniastacy-: I gave you detailed info on how to install lamp on ubuntu desktop20:44
stacy-i didnt ask anybbody about lamp in here previous days20:45
ikoniayes you did20:45
ikoniahence why I gave you links20:45
ikoniaand I told you very clearly to get your requirements together before coming back to discuss it more20:45
ikoniaas you didn't really have them set out20:45
ikoniastacy-: your best cause of action is a clean ubuntu install - then move forward with the documentation I gave you from there20:46
ikoniacourse of action sorry20:46
unicornjedigeirha, you there bud?20:47
=== bleep1 is now known as bleep
xangua! Ask20:47
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:47
Mathisenikonia, should it not still use /var/www/html ??? ..20:48
Mathisenor does it use a diffrent working directory ?20:48
ikoniawhat lamp stack is running - how was the other one configured, is the other one runing, what version is the other one etc etc20:48
SchrodingersScatcheck the config and find out?20:48
ikoniawe just don't know - we know it didn't use the ubuntu apckages20:48
=== Guest28979 is now known as mosene
ikoniaso a clean install and move forward safely is the best option20:48
SchrodingersScatactually it looks like that script just used apt-get, and set the mysql password to MYPASSWORD12320:49
ikoniacan't have done20:49
ikoniaor the apache packages wouldn't have installed - as they would already have been there20:49
ikoniasomething is not adding up20:49
ikoniaa clean install is the safe way forward20:49
SchrodingersScatI agree it does not add up.20:49
ikoniathere is a lot of hidden/missleading information being shared20:49
ikoniaeg: this was done 48 hours ago, yet less than 24 hours ago - this lamp install didn't exist20:50
binary01ikonia: nothing was happening and i was thinking to try to drop into a root shell and try dpkg-reconfigure lightdm.. that was the last command i did before i got a black screen (i chose gdm before). now i try to choose lightdm again and im getting an error that it cant move the file because it is a read-only file system.. any way i can get this working?20:50
ikoniabinary01: what was the last thing you did20:50
binary01i ran sudo dpkg-configure gdm and i chose gdm as display manager. now im trying to change it back to lightdm20:51
ikoniabinary01: why !!!!20:51
binary01but its saying the filesystem is read only20:51
ikoniabinary01: I told you to let the disk recovery finish20:51
ikoniaand warned you it would take time !!!!20:51
ikoniarushing in blind is why you are in this mess20:51
Emperor_EarthJordan_U: Hey, I'm trying it out now. I'll let you know how it goes. Sorry. My IRC log doesn't go back very far so I didn't catch it before.20:52
binary01yea, i know. i thought of trying this. it seems like a reasonable thing to try20:52
ikoniawhy ???20:52
sulfasalI have a Sansa-clip media player. Lately when I plug it in the OS 15.10 creates a new directory for it like this: /media/sulfasal/6265-3832 the "real name" becomes 6265-38321. So now I have two dirs for the same thing. The wierd part is that the "real dir" is now owned by root and is empty, while the "new dir" has files in it but they can't be played because they reference the wrong dir. How to fix, pleas20:52
ikoniaI TOLD you to let it finish and warned you it would take time20:52
ikoniabinary01: why did you ignore the advice after I told you what to do - and told you earlier you didn't understand the problem so where making things worse20:52
binary01this seemed like the right thing to do but i guess not20:53
ikoniawhy did it seem the right thing to do ???20:53
ikoniaI told you exactly to wait for something that would take time20:53
binary01because its the reverse of what i did to get into this mess20:53
ikoniawhy did it seem the right thign to do to ignore that advice and try random things - more so when I'd told you earlier messing with gdm made things worse20:53
ikoniabinary01: why ignore my advice though ???20:54
andyhowdy linux fags20:54
binary01im not.. its taking so long i figured i could try this really fast20:54
binary01i will go back and let it start again20:54
ikoniaso in the middle of a file system check - you thought it would be wise to try to manipulate the file system20:54
ikoniathis is stupid20:54
binary01i hit ctrl+c.. it exited the system check20:55
p41nk1ll3rok, I've managed to boot from the usb drive, but unetbootin doesn't do anything20:55
ikoniabinary01: I'm not going to help you any more - you're making things worse for yourself, you're ingoring advice, don't know what you are doing and just guessing, you are wasting my time20:55
binary01ok. thanks anyway20:55
ikoniabinary01: yes - it exited the disk check in the middle of it because you canceled it20:55
p41nk1ll3rit just stands there with a 10s countdown for automatic boot20:55
ikoniayou may have wrecked your file system20:55
p41nk1ll3rI believe so20:55
p41nk1ll3rcould it be that the fact that I have password protected my drive is keeping unetbootin from doing it's thing?20:56
sulfasalI have a Sansa-clip media player. Lately when I plug it in the OS 15.10 creates a new directory for it like this: /media/sulfasal/6265-3832 the "real name" becomes 6265-38321. So now I have two dirs for the same thing. The wierd part is that the "real dir" is now owned by root and is empty, while the "new dir" has files in it but they can't be played because they reference the wrong dir. How to fix, pleas20:58
p41nk1ll3rikonia do you how to remove the password I've set for the drive?21:00
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: what ?21:00
Emperor_EarthJordan_U: Everythign looks good so far. I'm assuming it's 14.04 x64 minimal, which is the correct version. Thanks so much! I'll let you know if anything pops up or when it's done.21:00
gregor3000hello need help as the updater is stuck on "waiting for configuration file". what could that mean (Kubuntu 14.04/Muon Updater)21:00
p41nk1ll3rwhen I installed ubuntu, I set a password for the disk, thinking I was setting it for the personal account21:01
p41nk1ll3rnow everytime I try to install anything it asks for a password21:01
Jordan_UEmperor_Earth: You're welcome.21:01
p41nk1ll3rI want to undo that21:01
ikoniap41nk1ll3r: thats teh sudo password21:01
ikonianot the disk password21:01
p41nk1ll3rah, thanks for clearing that21:02
Kevin`ikonia: i'm having trouble finding any actual configuration for the initramfs. the modules file is just empty in the vm. i'm close to the point of tracing the code line by line to find out where it's detecting encryption :/21:06
jameshes1onanyone use irssi?21:09
Kevin`the wiki has several pages on encrypted filesystem and they are all wrong for the current ubuntu version. at least all the ones i've found so far21:09
Bashing-omjameshes1on: Many do, me included . What is the ubuntu question ?21:10
jameshes1onany general tips on usage?21:10
MonkeyDustjameshes1on  that's a yes/no question ... yes, i use irssi21:10
MonkeyDustjameshes1on  basically: type some text, then hit enter21:10
jameshes1onk thx21:11
MonkeyDustjameshes1on  type   /help21:11
Bashing-omjameshes1on: No, not really. There is a dedicated channel here . #irssi .21:11
AlexPortableCan I use the presed i used for debian for ubuntu?21:19
andy: Windows is hibernated, refused to mount.21:21
DuncanTHi, looks like my ISP has a transparent proxy that break packages (signature fails at random, independent of which mirror I use). I can avoid this using ftp rather than http, but I don't know how to set that for an install iso (specifically minimal install iso)21:23
DuncanTCan anybody suggest anything please?21:24
andycan somone send me gnome disc unitity21:24
ikoniaandy: it's in the repos21:24
ikoniait's installed by default on ubuntu installs I think21:24
ikoniaDuncanT: does the minimal not ask for a host to connect to ?21:24
ikoniaDuncanT: you could just change it in the sources.list21:24
DuncanTikonia: I can't find sources.list, the installer bails too early I think - "Invalid Release Signature" - looking at VT4 shows it is trying to do a debbootstap21:26
ikoniadoes it not just time out and let you set your own ?21:26
DuncanTikonia: No, I get the error, then it drops me back to a long menu. Nowhere I can see to set a manual mirror config21:27
DuncanTikonia: The step failing is "install the base system"21:28
ikoniaI'd have to look at the menu options21:28
ikoniaI don't have it to hand21:28
DuncanTikonia: Ok, I'll keep trying, thanks21:29
=== krthnz is now known as Ichbins_
LekeFlyUbuntu on a Google Cloud Compute engine running Ubuntu, i have added my user to the group root, but i still can't upload/edit files in a folder owned by root21:30
ikoniaLekeFly: log out and back in21:30
ikoniamake sure the directory is group writeable21:30
LekeFlyikonia it's not group writable, and i'm not allowed the change the permissions21:31
LekeFlyHave logged out and in21:31
ikoniaLekeFly: so ther is your problem21:32
ikoniaLekeFly: you've added your user to the group - and it's not group writeable21:32
ikoniait can't work21:32
NimmsDuncanT, add "mirror/protocol=ftp" to boot parameters.21:32
LekeFlyikonia oh, i thought since i was in the root group i should be able anyway21:32
DuncanTNimms: Thanks! I'll try that21:33
=== Drac0 is now known as Guest37724
AlexPortableCan I use the presed i used for debian for ubuntu?21:34
ikoniait could be a starting point though21:35
Kekkohey everyone21:40
Kekkoanyone here?21:41
ikoniamany people21:41
Kekkoso ya basically i got a question21:41
ikoniajust ask it, if people can help, they will21:41
Kekkoi want to run a root with steamcmd and a teamspeak server21:42
ikoniaas long as it's ubuntu related, there will be no issue21:42
Kekkoits ubuntu related21:42
Kekkoand i need to create users who can access the different server via ftp21:42
=== lipi is now known as Guest32683
Kekkoi thought about doing the whole chroot stuff but could i not just do the version describes here https://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/vsftpd/21:43
ikoniaftp is a bad move21:43
ikoniabut thats up to you21:43
Kekkowhere i create users and put the gameservers in there. and then i deny the shell access?21:43
Kekkoi need to do it like that21:44
ikoniathen do that21:44
ikoniait's a very bad idea, but up to you21:44
Kekkocause there are people without shell knowledge who need to access the servers21:44
ikoniait's up to you, I'm just warning you it's a bad design21:44
Kekkowhat would you recommend?21:44
ikoniasftp as a minimum21:45
Kekkoyea i guess its sftp at a minimum21:45
ikoniaeven then, I'd question the design21:45
Kekkoi wanted to do that, sorry for not statinf21:45
Kekkohow would i do it then?21:45
Kekkoas a smart design21:45
ikoniadependso n a lot of things21:46
Kekkowhich would be?21:46
ikoniayour ability, your needs, your software, your usecases21:46
Kekkoubuntu server21:46
Kekkonot really experienced but willing to learn21:46
Kekkomy needs : people must be able to upload files without shell knowledge21:47
Kekkowhich would also be my usecases i guess21:47
Kekkoanything else?21:48
ikoniait's your system21:48
ikoniayou'll have to manage it21:48
Kekkoi know, but im asking experienced people for their thoughts21:49
Kekkolike you21:49
ikoniaI'd be looking at the inbuilt sftp server in the ssh package21:49
Kekkoso the chroot stuff basically.21:50
Kekkoyea might be more work but better.21:50
Kekkoi guess i will do it that way.21:50
Kekkocan i contact you here if i have further questions sometime?21:51
ikoniaask anyone in the channel21:51
ikonia1500+ people here21:51
Kekkookay. thanks for helping a noob like me :)21:51
ikoniano problem21:52
Kekkoi cant see the online people, really bad mobile irc client.21:52
ph@Kekko, perhaps this is interesting for you: http://serverfault.com/questions/354615/allow-sftp-but-disallow-ssh21:52
Kekkomay i ask how experienced you are? you seem to know what ur doing21:52
Kekkothx ph21:52
debug-hi everyone21:53
Kekkoill have a look21:53
debug-spent awhile since the last time I was here. good to know there's still activity.21:53
CapricornMy system has 4 core, but i have notice just one is active most the times. Is that normal? Also will try to kick the CPU with a heavy load21:53
debug-does anyone know about a room for canvas, 3D vectors and stuff?21:54
SchrodingersScat!alis | debug-21:54
ubottudebug-: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" . For more help or questions relating to alis, please join #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu or /msg alis list http21:54
debug-thanks SchrodingersScat21:55
EOBeavAbout 3x in the last couple of hours my ubuntu install will freeze up suddenly, and then kick me back to the login screen. Any ideas how to begin troubleshooting that?21:55
Kekkoalso im using windows, sadly, to access my server, shouls i use winscp or filezilla? winscp seems better cause it got putty integration.21:56
AlexPortablehow do i preseed?21:56
AlexPortableauto url says cannot find kernel image auto21:56
ph@Kekko, winscp works best21:56
Kekko@ph thanks! :)21:56
Kekkoima go now, good evening, morning, noon or whatever to you peeps!21:57
EOBeavfrick, it just happened again21:57
CapricornMy system has 4 core, but i have notice just one is active most the times. Is that normal? Also will try to kick the CPU with a heavy load. How do i change that my system use all 4 cores21:57
daxCapricorn: if you don't have four things going on at once on four threads, it's not gonna use four cores21:59
ph@E0Beav, im not that experienced with that, but I would try with checking dmesg output && checking log-files in /var/log/ directory22:00
EOBeavph, thx, I'm also finding something here http://askubuntu.com/questions/699078/unexpected-logout-in-ubuntu-14-04/22:00
Capricorndax: virtualbox open and a lot of other programs.22:01
daxare four of them trying to use a full CPU core?22:01
bekksCapricorn: Open programs doesnt mean that all those programs are currently using all available resources.22:01
Capricorndax: win7 under virtualbox, also with mulple cores22:02
Capricornokay, how will i be able to test my system with all the cores???22:03
bekksCapricorn: What is your actual concern behind all that?22:03
Capricornmy system was show, so i went checking. found that i had just 1 core running most of the time22:04
AlexPortablehow do i preseed?22:04
bekksCapricorn: Then you dont have a system load which requires all cores currently.22:05
bekksCapricorn: Which is a good sign, actually.22:05
Kekkoanother question: How would i setup a fastdl for a source server, cant see to find anything on google...22:05
* EOBeav tries to not get booted again22:06
Kekkoanyone got experience?22:06
daxCapricorn: run four copies of "yes > /dev/null" in terminals22:07
CapricornHow can i test IF all the cores will run??22:07
bekksCapricorn: All cores will run because all cores are usable.22:07
daxCapricorn: ctrl-c to quit them when you get bored of making your cpu warm22:07
ikoniaKekko: what's a fastdl ?22:09
gotlouhow is everyone22:10
gotlouoh wait that's a terminal command22:10
gotlousorry everyone22:10
gotloui am here to deliver a message22:11
ikoniawe don't want it22:11
ikoniait's an ubuntu support channel only22:11
gotlouoh sorry22:11
ikoniaplease do not pass on messages22:11
EOBeavOk, that was weird22:11
Capricornpatrick@silencio:~$ ps aux | grep yes | wc -l22:11
Capricornstill just one CPU running22:12
ikoniaCapricorn: show me the ouptut of uname -a please22:12
daxdid you do `yes` or `yes > /dev/null`22:12
daxbecause there's a reason i said the latter22:12
CapricornLinux silencio 4.2.0-34-generic #39-Ubuntu SMP Thu Mar 10 22:13:01 UTC 2016 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux22:12
ikoniayes will just hang, yes > /dev/null will keep "working" yes into nothing22:12
Capricorndid:   yes > /dev/null &22:13
Capricornmultiple times22:13
ikoniaCapricorn: how are you monitoring the cores ?22:14
Capricornusing HTOP i see my 4 cores22:14
daxpastebin the contents of /proc/cpuinfo22:15
ikonia!info stress22:16
ubottustress (source: stress): tool to impose load on and stress test a computer system. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.4-1 (wily), package size 16 kB, installed size 74 kB22:16
ikoniamay want to use stress to really put some load on22:16
daxmeh. if it's not getting load from what they did so far something else is probably going on22:17
ikoniaI was just wondering if it wasn't actually creating enough load to invoke smp22:17
ikoniainterested in seeing the pastebin22:17
AlexPortablehow do i preseed?22:18
ikoniain what respect ?22:19
CapricornSystem has now load average of 42.95  36.98  21.2922:20
ikoniathats working for sure22:20
CapricornBut still JUST one CORE is running22:20
ikoniaCapricorn: lets check something else, can you run "top" press "1" to show cpu core split22:20
ikoniadoes top show the same as htop22:20
* dax waits for pastebin22:21
ikoniathat would be interesting to see22:21
CapricornTasks: 283 total,  40 running, 243 sleeping,   0 stopped,   0 zombie22:21
Capricorn%Cpu0  : 90,7 us,  9,3 sy,  0,0 ni,  0,0 id,  0,0 wa,  0,0 hi,  0,0 si,  0,0 st22:21
Capricorn%Cpu1  :  0,0 us,  0,0 sy,  0,0 ni, 99,0 id,  0,0 wa,  0,0 hi,  1,0 si,  0,0 st22:21
Capricorn%Cpu2  :  0,0 us,  0,0 sy,  0,0 ni,100,0 id,  0,0 wa,  0,0 hi,  0,0 si,  0,0 st22:21
Capricorn%Cpu3  :  0,0 us,  0,0 sy,  0,0 ni,100,0 id,  0,0 wa,  0,0 hi,  0,0 si,  0,0 st22:21
Capricorntop - 23:22:55 up 1 day, 11:56,  7 users,  load average: 43,12, 39,85, 25,1522:23
ikonialets see the pastein containing /proc/cpuinfo please22:23
=== mariano is now known as Guest41745
Capricornprocessor: 022:25
Capricornvendor_id: GenuineIntel22:25
Capricorncpu family: 622:25
Capricornmodel: 9422:25
Capricornmodel name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600 CPU @ 3.30GHz22:25
Capricornstepping: 322:25
ikoniaa pastebin please22:25
=== slyrus_ is now known as slyrus
Capricornikonia: did have seens the info you wanted?22:29
Capricorni had posted the /proc/cpuinfo info22:30
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:30
ikoniayou didn't use a pastebin and got kicked off the network for flooding22:30
Capricornhow do i use pastbin?22:31
ikonialook at the link krytarik posted via ubottu22:31
Capricornthanks .. sorry for flooding :-)22:32
Capricornikonia: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15515021/22:42
ikoniaso that cpu should be very smp capable22:43
ikoniahas the right flags and is legit physical22:43
Capricornikonia: So ... is there still something i can do about it??22:44
ikoniajust walking through in my head situations why smp would not be engaged22:45
daxyeah, it's weird. I have an i5 6500 and it performs as expected :|22:45
daxdifferent version, same architecture, so...22:45
daxand `yes` shouldn't be bottlenecking anywhere else other than CPU22:46
ikoniathe only time I"ve seen this is when things like libc had been replaced with odd versions that where not smp aware22:46
CapricornI am running on my system Ubuntu Desktop version 15.1022:46
ikoniaso all the programs linked through to it could't use it22:46
nickzwhere to ask about telnet other than #telnet?22:48
ikoniaooho wait22:48
ikoniaCapricorn: run "date"22:48
Capricorni installed my system yesterday .. meaning a clean install22:48
ikoniaCapricorn: is the date and time right22:48
ikoniathat can screw the scheduler22:48
Capricornza mrt 26 23:48:37 CET 201622:48
ikoniaI assume thats correct for you ?22:49
AlexPortablehow do i preseed?22:49
ikoniaAlexPortable: what do you mean ?22:49
AlexPortablesupply file to ubuntu so it will use that instead of asking me questions for install22:49
Capricornyes ... i am from Holland22:49
ikoniaAlexPortable: same as the debian preseed you've got22:49
ikoniayou just need a response file22:49
CapricornThat will be the right time22:49
AlexPortableyes but how do i start it?22:50
ikoniawrong one22:50
ikoniaoh that will work22:51
ikonianot the one I was looking for, but it should work22:51
ikoniathats the one I wanted22:52
CapricornIs there already anything i can do to change? to make my system use all the 4 cores?22:54
ikoniaCapricorn: understanding why it's not is key first22:54
CrowX--I just installed ubuntu on my laptop which has this GPU: Intel HD Graphics 52022:55
CrowX--should I additionally install some drivers for the gpu?22:55
CapricornThats true22:55
CrowX--like xserver-xorg-video-intel22:55
CrowX--cause when I scroll in Chrome, it's a bit slow22:56
recon_lap3CrowX--: in setting hardware -> additional drivers it should list any other drivers you might be able to use22:56
CrowX--recon_lap3, if it doesn't list anything there, it means it has all it needs. right?22:56
ikoniaCapricorn: everything thats running through my mind would only impact a non-official ubuntu release or package update22:57
john38Hi i need a software than can full page print and not leave any white borders on page?????22:57
=== Wurst is now known as Guest86973
Guest86973Hallo :D22:57
Bashing-omrecon_lap3: Intel; Intel provides, there are no other proprietary drivers for Intel graphics without going OEM ( testing ) .22:58
fly_hi, sorry for this silly question, but is there a *simple* way to share a windows folder within ubuntu ?22:58
CapricornCan it be a BUG within Ubuntu Desktop 15.10?22:58
ikoniaCapricorn: very doubtful22:58
ikoniamore likley something in your bios that we don't understand at this point22:58
john38Hi i need a software than can full page print and not leave any white borders on page?????22:58
CapricornOr shall it be more into my hardware22:59
=== jarek is now known as Guest14782
Capricornsoftware is just a new install22:59
recon_lap3CrowX--: not that I know of. dont mean there isn't though.23:00
CapricornI will hunt my BIOS for some CPU related settings23:00
ikoniaI'm doing a little research and having a think23:01
AlexPortableikonia: "but only if you have network access, and set preseed/url appropriately", yes but how do I add this23:01
ikoniaAlexPortable: add what ?23:01
AlexPortablei mean where do i write it23:01
ikoniaboot arguments23:02
AlexPortablepreseed/url= ?23:02
recon_lap3CrowX--: that graphics card is a bit naff though http://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu.php?gpu=Intel+HD+520&id=325523:02
ikoniaAlexPortable: that looks right23:02
ikoniabut you can't use
ikoniaas that is the box your booting - so it's not going to contain the file as the box isn't built yet23:03
Capricornmy motherboard = MSI B150M PRO-VDH S1151, 4xDDR4, mATX23:04
AlexPortableyeah example id23:04
ikoniaCapricorn: it should be fine - pretty much any modern board will support it, but I'm wondering if there is either a bug in your bios for linux, or if a setting is switched off by mistake23:04
ikoniaon paper your machine can see all 4 cores, so is aware of them, it's just not sharing23:04
=== zz is now known as lykosadmin
ikoniathe other option is the linux scheduler is miss-configured23:05
ikoniabut I don't see how that could happen23:05
=== lykosadmin is now known as zz
dax(and it wouldn't be by default, so you'd probably know if you'd been messing with that)23:05
recon_lap3CrowX--: just checked mine, and it's worse, so must be something going on. cant say I've ever noticed problems scrolling stuff.23:05
daxikonia: could always try mainline kernel package. kinda grabbing at straws though.23:05
ikoniadax: I agree it's a bit random, but the facts don't add up23:06
john38Hi i need a software than can full page print and not leave any white borders on page?????23:06
daxdo you have a printer that can do that?23:06
daxCapricorn: ever had any other OSes on this system? if so, same behavior?23:08
Capricorndax: No just ... direct Linux. Installed ubuntu directly when i was home yesterday23:10
ikonia%101 sure it's an official ubuntu build, not something like mint, or elementary stuff like that23:11
CapricornDownloaded version 15.10 from: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop23:12
binary01hi ikonia, i am still waiting for failsafex to boot. does it usually take this long?23:13
ikoniacan't get clearer than that23:13
CapricornSo the main Ubuntu23:13
ikoniabinary01: I told you - I am not helping you / taking this forward with you after you wasted my time earlier23:13
=== zaterov is now known as zaterov`
ikoniaCapricorn: can you "grep Processor" in the syslog and put the output in a pastebin please23:15
ikoniaI've just read about a situation that you maybe hitting23:16
binary01hi all, i am getting a black screen when booting. does anyone know how to fix this?23:16
ikoniasomething I"ve not seen in a long long time, but it's still plauseable23:16
ikoniabinary01: tell people the full info if you want them to help23:16
ikoniayou're giving them the wrong details - and you'll waste their time too23:16
binary01thanks for the tip23:17
Bashing-om!nomodeset | binary0123:17
ubottubinary01: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter23:17
ikoniaBashing-om: ho ho, it's far beyond that23:18
Capricornikonia: Did you mean: "cat /var/log/syslog | grep Processor"23:18
ikoniaBashing-om: what he's not telling you is the file system is screwed, and in the middle of an fsck interupted it and tried to mangle a read only file system23:18
ikoniaCapricorn: that will work23:18
binary01bashing-om: thanks. ill check it out23:18
CapricornThis will results is empty23:18
Bashing-omikonia: :( .. Was a thought ^^ to see if maybe install proprietary driver .23:19
ikoniaCapricorn: do the same for grep -i cpu23:19
Capricornmeaning no line in syslog with "Processor"23:19
ikoniaCapricorn: corry23:19
Capricornjust one line: "Mar 26 16:49:03 silencio kernel: [62173.865685] SUPR0GipMap: fGetGipCpu=0x3"23:21
CapricornBest <ikonia> <dax> ... i think the problem is to big for now ... So i went to my bed now. Hope to see you soon23:21
ikoniaCapricorn: Hmmm not %100 sure of the impact of that line, but it's not what I was looking for, so it doesn't matter23:21
binary01ikonia: how do you mangle a read-only file system?23:21
ikoniaCapricorn: it's certainly an interesting one23:22
ikoniabinary01: by interupting file system modifications during journal replay,23:22
binary01if its read-only then there isnt any modifications happening23:23
ikoniabinary01: it's read only to you - not the system23:23
CapricornCapricorn: if you have a brainwave .. drop me a mail <Capricorn@krachtscherm.nl>23:23
binary01anyway thats not exactly what happened23:23
ikoniathats exactly what happened23:24
ikoniaCapricorn: drop back in when you wake up23:24
ikoniabe interesting to look at this more23:24
Capricornikonia: Where do you live? timezone wise?23:25
binary01i did not interrupt system modifications during journal replay23:25
ikoniabinary01: you did23:25
AlexPortableWhy do i get kernel panic when i do preseed?23:25
CapricornI have GMT +123:25
ikoniaCapricorn: GMT23:25
ikoniaAlexPortable: the error message will give you a clue23:25
AlexPortablekernel offset 0x0 from 0xffffffffff8100000 (relocation range: 0xffffff80000-0xfffffbfff)23:26
ikoniayou need the info before that23:26
AlexPortableend kernel panic not syncing: FS: Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)23:26
=== zz is now known as MathewPWong
ikoniaAlexPortable: there you go - it can't mount the disk23:26
AlexPortablemount what disk23:26
pamI've got a large PDF file I want to split into smaller chunks...how can I split a huge pdf...into 5 smaller pdfs?23:26
ikoniaAlexPortable: the one it's trying to boot23:27
AlexPortablewhy not23:27
MonkeyDustpam  pdf-mod, pdf-shuffler23:27
ikoniaAlexPortable: again  you'll need to work that out23:27
recon_lap3pam : you could do 5 print to PDF file and break it up that way23:27
binary01ikonia: am i just wasting my time trying to boot failsafex at this point?23:28
ikoniaI suspect it can't process your preseed file so it's trying to mount the wrong thing, thats just a guess based on a common guess23:28
ikoniabinary01: not interested23:28
ikoniabinary01: up to you23:28
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ikoniayou blew it with me wasting my time, ignoring me and making things worse23:28
AlexPortableikonia: i get it when i load the preseed file23:29
MonkeyDust!info pdf-shuffler | pam23:29
ubottupam: Package pdf-shuffler does not exist in wily23:29
MonkeyDust!info pdfshuffler | pam23:29
ubottupam: pdfshuffler (source: pdfshuffler): merge, split and re-arrange pages from PDF documents. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.6.0-7 (wily), package size 29 kB, installed size 272 kB23:29
binary01i didnt ignore you. im not wasting your time. youre too sensitive23:29
ikoniabinary01: you did exactly what I told you not to do23:29
ikoniabinary01: thats ignoring me - thats wasting my time by making things worse23:29
ikoniaafter I'd gone through detail and effort with you23:29
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binary01you didnt tell me not to do anything. it was not my intention to waste your time. thats all i want to say. thanks23:31
stacy-problem fixed ...did not need a reinstall of the whole ubuntu desktop ...23:31
ikoniabinary01: I told you to let that complete - it will take time23:31
ikoniayou ignored me, cancled it half way through and tried to reconfigure your machine23:31
ikoniathat is ignoring me and wasting my time23:31
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pammonkeydust: how can I use pdfshuffler to break it into 5 separate pdfs?23:33
stacy-ikonia..you are not always right23:34
ikoniastacy-: ?23:34
pamgot it thanks :D23:39
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fearnothingwhat's the syntax for supplying the content of a file as the data portion for curl XPUT?23:43
SchrodingersScatfearnothing: does -T work? check the manual23:47
douglas_quailSchrodingersScat, you like RAW?23:49
SchrodingersScatI'm sure I don't know what that is.23:49
douglas_quaila good book by RAW23:49
douglas_quailrobert anton wilson23:50
douglas_quailSchrodingersScat, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schr%C3%B6dinger%27s_Cat_Trilogy23:51
antonispgsi am reading this right now23:54
antonispgsUbuntu 16.04 is all about making this potentially final release of Ubuntu as we know it as rock solid as possible.23:54
antonispgspotentially final as we know it? why?23:54
ssarah"ubuntu as we know it"23:54
antonispgsyes exactly23:55
antonispgswhat does that mean? are there changes in the horizon?23:55
ssarahmaybe related to the few things in linux core that are being discontinued/changed, maybe related to plans to change the ui, maybe related to the fact that the debian creator died23:55
SchrodingersScat!16.04 | antonispgs ; ssarah23:56
ubottuantonispgs ; ssarah: Ubuntu 16.04 (Xenial Xerus) will be the 24th release of Ubuntu. It is due to be released on April 21st. Discussion in #ubuntu+123:56
ssarahoh, i was just answering antonispgs. thanx SchrodingersScat23:57
antonispgsok so we don't really know what they are planning we are just assuming23:58
gde33The migration from xp to the ubuntu is looking very nice but it sure required a lot of google searches.23:59

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