bluesabreweekend finally here00:01
knomeany special plans?00:01
bluesabrebug fixes, and finding some time to sleep00:02
knomehah :)00:02
knomebluesabre, ping, see #x00:29
pleia2knome: eep, social media for b200:36
* pleia2 gets to it00:36
* knome hangs our lazily in the sofa, looking at pleia2 run all over social media00:36
knomei can tweet if you want though :P00:37
knomedid we change the twitter password?00:37
knomei fail00:38
pleia2I'm logged in already00:38
knomethanks pleia2 00:38
pleia2all done00:39
knome39 wallpaper submissions00:39
knomeonly have to pick 15%!00:39
pleia2should social media the contest over the weekend again00:41
knomei've socially mentioned it to a few people :P00:42
knomeok, time to go to bed00:57
bluesabrenight knome00:58
pavlushkaQ:  I never tried but is it possible to upgrade from 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS directly?09:36
flocculantpavlushka: try reading the b2 release notes09:37
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pavlushkaflocculant, I am talking about the final stable release, is it possible?09:42
flocculantif I could look forward 4 weeks I'd probably be more interested in the lottery numbers09:43
flocculantI would hope so - I can't imagine Canonical releasing with their OS un-upgradable09:44
pavlushkabecause some BD guy was telling that one has to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 through step by step using 14.10, then 15.04, then 15.10, then 16.04 LTS, that will ridiculous to no extent.09:46
flocculantno idea what a BD guy is - but that's rubbish09:47
flocculantand impossible in a supported environment as 2 of them are EOL 09:48
pavlushkaSome Bangladeshi Ubuntu user.09:48
pavlushkaSorry "and impossible in a supported environment as 2 of them are EOL", I am not that technical.09:49
flocculantend of life09:49
flocculantthere will be a direct upgrade lts to lts route at the end of April I would expect09:49
flocculantthere are 3 supported versions out there, 12.04/14.04 and 15.10 - though for us just 14.04 and 15.1009:50
pavlushkathanks for the info's09:50
pavlushkaHow can I upload a po file to LP?13:16
pavlushkaHow can I upload a po file to LP?13:16
bluesabrepavlushka: either submit a bug report with it attached, or find the translations page for the project (for example,catfish https://translations.launchpad.net/catfish-search) and submit via the online editor13:58
pavlushkabluesabre, got it, thanks a million!13:59
bluesabreochosi: marking the pidgin theme as postponed, we'll work on getting that in for 16.10 (along with the repackaging of elementary-* themes)17:52
pavlushkabluesabre, bug #156233817:52
ubottubug 1562338 in apt (Ubuntu) "Need to upload po files to LP" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156233817:52
pavlushkabluesabre, bug #156233817:52
bluesabrepavlushka: reassigned that to ubiquity-slideshow, I can't personally update that, but somebody else can17:54
bluesabreflocculant, Unit193: postponing the xubuntu-core task for now... no progress for now18:00
bluesabre(I might recommend we just apply to be in ubuntu-cdimage and take a different route to core/base)18:00
bluesabredo we keep it in if we're targeting 16.04.1?18:01
bluesabreknome: blueprint master, thoughts?18:01
Unit193bluesabre: Hah, "for now".  You're funny!18:03
flocculantbluesabre: postpone it - see what happens for .1 18:08
flocculantUnit193: :)18:08
Unit193Or for 17.04? :P18:08
Unit193bluesabre: Oh, any thoughts on the future of packages in extras?18:08
bluesabreUnit193: I'm still in favor of getting them into the archive18:09
bluesabreflocculant: alrighty18:09
flocculantbluesabre: seems the most sensible course - then we can move to .2/.3/.4.17.04 in easy steps :p18:10
bluesabreflocculant: any high-priority stuff you need me to look at?18:21
flocculantbe good if blueman fix was simple18:21
flocculantthought that was in hand upstream though18:22
bluesabredoesn't seem to happen if there is some bluetooth hardware on the actual machine18:23
flocculantso I get it everywhere ... 18:23
flocculantbug 151359018:24
ubottubug 1513590 in menulibre (Ubuntu) "unable to delete items in menulibre" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/151359018:24
flocculantis odd18:24
flocculanteither you can or you can't delete something - being able to make something deletable by moving the entry up or down seems not what we'd want18:26
bluesabreadded a comment18:26
flocculantso did I :p18:27
bluesabrein that case, you're just deleting the local one, the system one would remain and be visible, no?18:28
bluesabreit's deleteable then because it is no longer the system launcher18:29
flocculantso it doesn't delete - but asks all the stuff it would if you were going to delete it18:30
flocculantbut cool - can mark it invalid or something 18:32
bluesabreprobably mostly semantics18:33
flocculantbug 140203618:34
ubottubug 1402036 in Mugshot "Mugshot authentication failed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140203618:34
bluesabrein alacarte, it's probably "delete" that hides, but that should really be "hide" I'd think, makes it clearer that its non-destructive18:34
bluesabrethe same fix in catfish would be good for mugshot there18:34
bluesabrebut we're all frozen now18:35
flocculantbut not a bug fix? 18:35
bluesabreit's a rewrite18:35
bluesabrein a lot of ways18:35
flocculantoh right 18:35
bluesabrefor that particular bit18:35
bluesabreusing pkexec18:35
flocculantwhich fixes a bug :p18:35
bluesabreI'll get that together so you can kick the tires18:36
flocculantok - wfm :)18:36
flocculantbluesabre: can't think of any other major things 18:38
flocculantI still get the usb3 remount on eject - but that'll turn up one day I guess18:39
flocculantbluesabre: I can't actually confirm that mugshot bug 18:44
flocculantand I assume that trusty would have the trusty-updates version now18:46
flocculantaah right - so I DID confirm dkessel's 1511979 a while back- that's with the same version I have now18:49
flocculantbut - it appears to work fine now18:49
flocculantoh forget what I said - didn't read daniel's properly18:50
flocculantso it still is an issue :)18:53
* flocculant wanders off to lie down again18:53
bluesabrelp 151197918:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1402036 in Mugshot "duplicate for #1511979 Mugshot authentication failed" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/140203618:56
bluesabreah, gotcha18:56
knomebluesabre, keep the item in th blueprints, as it's still active for 16.0420:03
knomebluesabre, we never really tracked off-release work items sensibly, maybe we should have one "ongoing" blueprint we keep on updating and attach to all release umbrellas20:04
Unit193Would think things could get more easily lost there.20:05
knomethey would still show up in the tracker20:06
knomeit would be just something that was attached to the next umbrella, then next umbrella...20:06
bluesabreI wouldn't be opposed20:16
flocculantwouldn't it make sense to have a 16.04.1 attached to 16.10 or whatever the point release is during the cycle of? 20:26
knomeflocculant, that's one option too20:44

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