xubuntu32whi folks! i need some assistance in configuring xubuntu.00:18
knomeask your question00:20
xubuntu32wi accidentially deleted the thunderbird entry from the applications menu and i cannot bring it back. i tried to add a new starter but it will not accept the icon from usr/share/app-install/icons/00:21
xubuntu32wis there a way to get the icon back?00:22
knomehow did you delete the entry?00:22
xubuntu32wby entering the menu editor and clicking delete (did not want to but happened)00:22
knomewhen you add a new launcher, and click the icon, select "browse icons" and enter "thunderbird" in the search00:24
xubuntu32wok i'll try this. brb00:24
xubuntu32wwhen i click the icon a window 'choose an icon' pops up but there's no possibility to search.00:28
knomeon the top right?00:28
knomewhich xubuntu version are you running?00:28
xubuntu32wit's a fresh install. 14.0400:29
knomecan you find the icon in the list then?00:30
xubuntu32wunder usr/share/app-install/icons there is actually a thunderbird icon (thunderbird.png). when i select it it will not be displayed in the menu and in the menu editor it's replaced by a placeholder icon.00:31
knomethat's not what i'm asking00:31
xubuntu32wi cannot find the icon anyhere but in that folder00:32
knomeeven in the browse icons dialog?00:32
xubuntu32wbtw, the launcher does work.00:34
bluesabrexubuntu32w: are you using a different icon theme than the xubuntu default?00:34
xubuntu32wyes that's possible. i will check. brb.00:34
bluesabrexubuntu32w: in menulibre, you can copy the filename from the bottom of the window, you can open the file in an editor, and just set "Icon=thunderbird" for it to pick up from the theme00:35
knomebluesabre, shouldn't the icon be always findable in the browse icons dialog?00:35
knomei mean isn't there always a fallback for that anyway00:36
bluesabreknome: yes, it should00:36
bluesabrebut since its not...00:36
xubuntu32wwhen i select the launcher in menulibe the bottom says: "/home/*****/.local/share/applications/alacarte-made-4.desktop". am i supposed to edit that file?00:40
bluesabrexubuntu32w: you can open that file in a text editor (mousepad) and find the line that starts with Icon=00:42
xubuntu32wyes, it works. thank you very much!00:44
xubuntu32wsorry for my bothering you but i'm quite new to linux.00:45
bluesabrexubuntu32w: no problem, glad we were able to help00:47
xubuntu32wthanks again. have a good night/day (wherever you are) and see you next time. ;-)00:49
ARandomScientistIs it possible to password lock a single file? I have and use VeraCrypt, but in this case I don't need a robust encrypted file container.00:53
mrkrampsARandomScientist, have a look at GnuPG or ccrypt00:57
ARandomScientistI will. Thanks.00:58
ARandomScientistmrkramps | ccrypt was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks.01:08
greenbugI'm having issues with x11vnc and XFCE's lock screen, anyone have any experience with X sessions and displays?07:17
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nikolamI have an user account that can not log in , just can do switching and shutdow.restart and not using default xfce/xubuntu menu button10:34
nikolamother account does it all well, so it is interesting to catch what does such behaviour (non-sudoer)10:34
nikolamfeel free to propose catching event when it fails to logoff10:34
nikolamReceived error while trying to log out11:33
nikolamSession manager must be in idle state when requesting a shutdown11:33
recon_lapwell, the install of the xubuntu beta 16.04 went well, just 2 issues so far :)11:52
nikolamwas it update from 14.04LTS or fresh install12:25
recon_lapfresh install12:26
nikolamupdate is aldo important to test, since it is LTS. I think using Btrfs could help there, since it has snapshots, so one can get back and do update again12:27
recon_lapI tend to avoid updates, just reinstall an LTS every 2 years, had a new computer and could not wait for the proper release so installed the beta. would not do an update on my main computer.12:38
recon_lapalso , the web is unstable on my main machine atm, firefox and tunderbird crash all the time12:39
recon_lapso going to do a full re-install anyway.12:40
recon_laphad to switch to using opera because for some reason it does not crash12:41
mrkrampsfirefox crashing is not unusual12:41
recon_lapcrashing now and then ok, but nearly every session with firefox ends with a crash for me.12:42
mrkrampsrecon_lap, potentially an addon?12:42
recon_lapprobably, but thunderbird mail crashes the same way12:43
mrkrampsthat's less usual12:44
recon_lapso probably some html loaded module12:44
mrkrampsyou could try using a new profile12:45
recon_lapI'll have a new LTS installed in about 5 weeks, think I'll live with it till then.12:45
recon_lapopera does not crash and works for most things I want without any crashes12:46
mrkrampsyeah ok, was just mentioning this because reinstalling the whole system generally does not solve issues with specific applications12:46
recon_lapmrkramps: I'm guessing it's some media codex thats installed. but if it comes back a new profile will not be a help anyway.12:47
recon_lapif it comes back I might compile a debug version of FF and try back trace it12:48
mrkrampsa good idea12:49
mrkrampsor maybe try the ESR version then12:49
mrkrampsor Pale Moon :)12:49
mrkrampsrecon_lap, btw. do you use html view for mails in thunderbird?12:49
recon_lapmrkramps: probably, never really mess with the default e-mail settings, it's email :)12:50
mrkrampsok, might be a rendering issue then … i never experienced issues with thunderbird, but i am using plain text view only12:51
RaviI have two OS in my PC13:01
RaviWindows XP and xubuntu 14.04.01 LTS13:01
RaviWhile booting sometimes it goes to grub rescue mode13:02
Ravisome times i choose Xubunut from the OS option and throws error "gave up waiting for root device"13:03
RaviNow I have Xubunt 14.04 live usb stick13:04
Ravican you help me...?13:04
Raviin my live session, my internal hdd partition are not showing up13:08
Raviblikd command shows 1 to 9 partitions13:09
Ravibut in file manager it is not listed13:09
Ravihow to get grub?13:12
Ravii used the command sudo grub-update13:13
Raviit is showing grub not found13:13
Ravican anyone help?13:13
recon_lapRavi: those seem totaly unrelated questions.13:13
Raviis it unrelated to xubunut?13:14
recon_lapno, one is about accessing hdd's, the other is about repairing your boot loader13:15
recon_lapRavi: I take it fixing the boot loader is the main issue13:16
nikolamrecon_lap, you should have updated installs because of security updates that come to Ubuntu during LTS release life time. That is what actually people pay for in support contracts for some Linux distros..13:17
recon_lapRavi: first, was the boot loader working before? and if so , do you have any idea what might have broken it?13:18
recon_lapnikolam: not sure what you are driving at there.13:18
RaviI just restarted my PC to boot with Windows XP13:19
nikolam"<recon_lap> I tend to avoid updates, just reinstall an LTS every 2 years,"13:19
nikolamone should_ update13:19
recon_lapRavi: and now you cant boot xubuntu?13:19
Raviafter booting with XP, it was very very slow13:19
Raviso I shut down it forcely13:20
Raviafter that I am not able to boot both OS13:20
recon_lapnikolam: I should have said I avoid upgrading from one LTS to the next due to unreliable upgrades13:20
recon_lapnikolam: of course I iinstall updates :)13:20
nikolamrecon_lap, that is understandable. That is why testing upgrade should make them more reliable :)13:21
nikolamif update form one LTS to another isn't smooth, it's a bug.13:21
recon_lapRavi: thats odd, normally grub only gets corrupted when you install windows after ubuntu.13:23
Ravimy bad luck.. :-(13:23
Ravihow do i rescue my boot loader?13:25
recon_lapRavi: not really, that means there is lots of guides on how to repair it13:25
RaviI checked, it says to boot with live CD, and then update grub13:25
recon_lapRavi: -> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair13:26
Raviif I use the command grub update, it says grub not found13:26
recon_lapnikolam: on a side note, I like having a clean install every 2 years, resets all the questionable changes I make over time :)13:27
nikolamrecon_lap, well, that is understandable. But also many businesses would rely on update, to avoid additional costs or problems in setting up servers13:28
Raviok i will check and let you know13:28
nikolamSomeone would say that they could have actually less problems with fresh install, too..13:28
nikolamBut just updating is tempting.13:29
recon_lapnikolam: well, I would not be screwing with a business like I do with my personal computer13:29
nikolamwell yes, that's why we use personal computers to test installing and rtesting and thank you on that, recon_lap :P13:30
flocculantall the talk of lts to lts upgrading at the moment is moot - the upgrade via update-manager is broken - as detailed in both our and the main ubuntu release notes13:30
recon_lapflocculant: so no change from 2006 when I started using ubuntu :)13:30
flocculantrecon_lap: well - if in 2006 it hung halfway through then no, but testing 15.10 to 16.04 is fine - huge changes between 14.04 and 16.0413:31
recon_lapwell, better get to installing stuff onto this new computer :)13:35
recon_lapmust say, the new install boots blindly fast on new rig !!13:35
flocculantI know when I tested on wednesday on hardware to ssd I didn't see all of the slideshow13:38
recon_lapabout 15sec from power button to desktop13:39
GeekDudeMy desktop is being a bit too overenthusiastic about sharing its printers. I've disabled printer sharing everywhere I can find, and still can't get it to stop advertising the single printer it knows that isn't even hooked up.14:00
recon_lapGeekDude: dont know, I assume you told it not to share printers in settings->printers->server->settings14:07
GeekDuderecon_lap: yeah14:24
GeekDudeIt's not a big deal, since I'm going to be wiping this machine in a few days anyways. I'm just confused14:25
recon_lapGeekDude: maybe samba or something else is sharing the printer as well. dont really know as it's not something I've had to deal with.14:26
GeekDudeIt could be samba, as I didn't try messing with it too much. I suppose I could try removing it's $printer share14:27
nikolamupdate form lts to lts is a must, because that's whole point of being able to update.14:31
nikolamgot to go :P14:31
GeekDuderecon_lap: didn't seem to help. I removed the share and commented out all the printer related configuration in smb.conf14:31
GeekDudeI wonder what would happen if I uninstalled cups14:31
recon_lap3lol, getting reminded of all the little tweaks I had to do, first annoying one is the none functional screen brightness control!!14:52
greenbugDoes anyone have any experience with X sessions/displays? I'm trying to fix an issue with x11vnc and xfce's lock screen.15:26
max12345hello, I just installed redshift, is there something I can do to xfce to have it change the color of the window frames depnding on daytime?19:54
recon_lap3max12345: thats what redshift does. did you start it up?22:27
marko94Hi all, how to get always latest kernel and updates for xubuntu ?23:07
mrkrampsmarko94, run updates regularly23:08
marko94ok, thanks.. Right now I installed Xubuntu , great distro :)23:09
mrkrampsglad to hear :)23:09
marko94any good tips ,tweaks etc ? :D23:12
mrkrampsmarko94, check out http://www.xfce.org for docs/wiki about your desktop environment23:14
marko94great :)23:15
mrkrampsas well as https://wiki.ubuntu.com to get into the basics23:15
knomemrkramps, hm?23:16
knomemrkramps, how does the ubuntu wiki help with xubuntu basics?23:16
mrkrampsknome, did i say something wrong again :\23:16
knomemarko94, the documentation is shipped with each release, or you can read it at http://docs.xubuntu.org/23:17
mrkrampsah sry, i was actually not thinking of xubuntu basics, but the linux basics in general23:17
knomethe ubuntu wiki doesn't try to do that either23:18
marko94I know about linux basics :P23:18
marko94before I was on manjaro xfce :)23:18
mrkrampswell … have fun then :}23:21
marko94Thanks :) btw how it is Xubuntu ?23:22
mrkrampsmarko94, why this name?23:25
marko94my nick ?23:26
mrkrampsmaybe i just read your question wrong "how it is Xubuntu?"23:26
marko94oh maybe.. it is late and ..never mind.. I mean how Xubuntu is ?xD23:28
mrkrampsit works :)23:28
mrkrampsserved me well for about 10 years now23:29
marko94oh great :) only linux or dualboot with windows ?23:29
mrkrampslinux only … but i guess we're getting offtopic now as this channel is for support only23:30
marko94sorry :)23:30
marko94Xubuntu Xenial has lts right ?23:32
mrkrampswill have, but yeah23:32
mrkrampsbeofre i say something wrong i would have to check for how many years23:32
knome3 years23:32
marko94End Of Life2021-04 by distroWatch23:33
knomeit's wrong23:33
knomexubuntu LTS releases are supported for 3 years only23:34
knomethe ubuntu core is supported for 5 years though23:34
marko94core - developer version ?23:35
knomeno, the common ubuntu packages in xubuntu23:35
marko94ok, thx guys. Good nights :)23:36
mrkrampsgood night23:37

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