bluefiveCan I auto update to the latest stable when it's released01:03
bluefiveif I use beta 2 until then?01:04
squintybluefive,  you will be upgrade01:05
squintyd to final release01:05
Guest8959Hi, I'm trying to get the 16.04 Beta 2 installed on a Lenovo T460s.  I keep getting SQUASHFS errors's, and I'm unsure how to dig into more info as to what might be causing it.01:05
bluefiveSo of course I shall want to use the beta 2 until then.01:06
bluefiveIt's only a few weeks.01:06
bluefiveAnd since it's so close to the stable release it should upgrade even more soothly than 15.10.01:06
squintyyes,  just do   sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade to keep current01:06
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skjonesi'm sure i'm missing something simple, but the new software center in 16.04 (in live cd mode) seems to only show software already installed?  how does it show all software?01:08
bluefiveIn an hour my system will be the latest beta available, 16.04 beta 2.01:09
bluefiveI'm imagine months and months of hard work above and beyond my current 15.10 install.01:09
bluefiveShould be good.01:09
squintyskjones,  if you look at the top of the Software center you should see  ALL Installed Updates   select All01:11
bluefivein 16.0201:13
bluefivedo you prefer unity or mate?01:13
bluefivehow do i auto upgrade my 15.10 to the 16.02 beta 2?01:14
bluefivecan i do it?01:14
squintybluefive,  sudo do-release-upgrade    double check the new release docs first though for any "got cha's"01:18
bluefiveit's upgrading now01:18
bluefiveshould i close everything?01:19
squintybluefive,  that is for the final release and NOT the beta01:19
bluefiveI did sudo do-release-upgrade -d01:20
squintybluefive,  you actually need to wait for 16.04.1 though01:20
bluefivenow i've got 16.04 LTS installing.01:20
bluefivewhen the stable is released i can just so sudo do-release-upgrade01:20
bluefiveand so this beta will be in use for just a few week.s01:21
bluefivecan't be that bad.01:21
squintyhopefully ;-)01:21
bluefivei guess the way to do it01:22
bluefiveis to first make a live boot of it01:22
bluefiveand try it out that way.01:22
bluefiveUNETBOOTIN or Startup Disk Creator?01:29
bluefiveWhich does a better job?01:29
squintybluefive,  unetbootin has been pretty reliable here but I know that others views might vary.  try one, if no work try another or use dd01:31
bluefiveHad some errors with Linux Mint using Startup Disk.01:32
coldfusion57116.04 beta 2 should install in UEFI mode correct?01:36
coldfusion571secure boot on or off?01:40
squintyincludes Secureboot info01:41
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The_SeekerI am unable to update Google Chrome's repo: W: gpgv:/var/lib/apt/lists/dl.google.com_linux_chrome_deb_dists_stable_Release.gpg: The repository is insufficiently signed by key 4CCA1EAF950CEE4AB83976DCA040830F7FAC5991 (weak digest)06:00
lotuspsychje!chrome-repo | The_Seeker06:02
ubottuThe_Seeker: Google recently deprecated 32-bit Chrome, which causes errors on 64-bit multiarch Ubuntu systems. To fix this, run:   sudo sed -i 's/deb http/deb [arch=amd64] http/' /etc/apt/sources.list.d/google-chrome.list /opt/google/chrome/cron/google-chrome06:02
lotuspsychjeThe_Seeker: also keep in mind, we suggest chromium-browser on ubuntu instead06:03
The_Seekerlotuspsychje: thanks :)06:03
snadgeanyone here also just happen to coincidentally build cyanogenmod roms using xenial?08:10
karmlsongI just had +1 installed09:32
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: good morning09:32
karmlsongand I couldn't find how to adjust the font sizes, the DPI09:32
karmlsongI could even find Hex Chat.09:32
karmlsongI tried to install Ubuntu Tweak but the software center didn't have it.09:32
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: ubuntu-tweak uses a ppa, that we not really recommend09:33
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: unity-tweak-tool is official if you like09:33
karmlsongHow do you recommend I adjust DPI and font sizes in 16.04?09:34
lordievaderGood morning.09:34
karmlsongAnd how come HexChat doesn't come with 16.04?09:34
lotuspsychjehey lordievader09:34
lotuspsychjeKamilion: hexchat is optional09:34
lotuspsychje!info hexchat | karmlsong09:35
ubottukarmlsong: hexchat (source: hexchat): IRC client for X based on X-Chat 2. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.10.2-1ubuntu3 (xenial), package size 330 kB, installed size 932 kB09:35
lordievaderHey lotuspsychje, how are you?09:35
lotuspsychjefine tnx lordievader, chilly sunday :p09:35
lotuspsychjegood morning trijntje09:35
karmlsongBut when I went to the software store for hexchat09:35
karmlsongI could only find gnome chat.09:35
lordievaderYeah, lots of showers.09:35
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: you mean gnome-software doesnt list hexchat?09:36
karmlsongI mean the software store in Unity doesn't show hexchat, yes.09:36
trijntjegood morning lotuspsychje09:36
karmlsongI am used to 15.10 Ubuntu MATE.09:36
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: are you on 16.04 right now?09:37
karmlsongI just found Unity 16.04 frustrating. Did they remove things that are in Unity 15.10?09:37
karmlsongUbuntu MATE 15.10 right now. I ran 16.04 Unity as a live USB.09:37
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: #ubuntu for 15.10 support please09:37
karmlsongI don't want support for 15.10...09:38
karmlsongI'm asking about 16.04 Unity.09:38
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: i installed hexchat perfectly on 16.0409:38
karmlsongAnd how did you adjust your font sizes and DPI?09:38
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: sudo apt-get install hexchat09:38
karmlsongBut an average user like me doesn't know those things.09:38
karmlsongIsn't there a GUI way?09:39
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: normally gnome-software should list hexchat09:39
karmlsongBy the way, is Ricochet added into apt-get yet?09:39
lotuspsychje!info ricochet09:39
ubottuPackage ricochet does not exist in xenial09:39
lotuspsychjeseems not09:39
karmlsongRicochet is the best IM client there is.09:39
karmlsongDo I have to install it manually?09:39
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: we dont recommend installing things outside the official repos09:40
karmlsongBut I need Ricochet.09:40
karmlsongAre you a real developer lotuspsychje ?09:40
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: no, just a happy ubuntu user09:41
karmlsongThen why do you say "we"?09:41
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: we, the ubuntu community09:41
lordievaderkarmlsong: The reason 'we' don't recommend it is because PPA's are third party and therefore not supported.09:41
karmlsongIf you're not a dev you don't speak for the men doing the developing.09:41
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: im not speaking of developing here09:42
karmlsongThat's fine but Ricochet is the best IM client there is.09:42
karmlsongIf I need it then I need it.09:42
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: then contact the maintainer of ricochet09:42
trijntjenice assumption there karmlsong09:42
lordievaderkarmlsong: No one is going to stop you installing it, but don't expect support on a third party ppa.09:42
karmlsongWhich assumption?09:43
flocculantthat it's the best I'd expect09:43
karmlsongIt's encrypted chat using TOR.09:44
karmlsongWhat else compares in that regard?09:44
karmlsongIf your chat isn't encrypted you have NSA creeps spying on you at whim.09:44
flocculantoh right09:44
flocculantgood luck to them then09:44
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: we already have telegram and telegram-desktop09:44
lordievaderYayy, a discussion about preference...09:45
karmlsongHow do install telegram?09:46
karmlsongsudo apt-get install telegram?09:46
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: not in repos yet either for desktop09:46
karmlsongUnable to locate package telegram.09:46
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: https://desktop.telegram.org/09:47
karmlsongwell if I have to install it manually I may as well install Ricochet.09:47
karmlsongYou said 'we' have Telegram as if it's in the Ubuntu software store.09:47
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: i did not say that09:48
flocculantlotuspsychje: it *could* be read that way09:49
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: just saying there is an alternative without ppa adding09:49
karmlsongBut it's not in apt-get either so it has to be installed manually just the same way as Ricochet.09:49
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: telegram-desktop is just drag drop the dir, and use09:50
lotuspsychjeno ppa09:50
lotuspsychje!ppa | karmlsong09:50
ubottukarmlsong: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge09:50
karmlsongOh, I see.09:50
karmlsongBut it wants me to enter my phone number.09:51
karmlsongRicochet just has a randomized ID that you give to your contact.09:51
karmlsongTelegram reminds me of Google junk.09:51
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: you can add ID on telegram also09:51
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: but i think you need to add number first09:51
karmlsongI don't like having my phone number in there.09:51
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: check the FAQ on telegram site09:52
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: thats how telegram works09:52
karmlsongIt dials?09:52
karmlsongRicochet is just a good old fashioned simple instant message program that happens to use encryption.09:52
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: no, it uses phone number to be able to add contacts also, on ubuntu-touch (phone)09:52
karmlsongWell for my purposes I prefer Ricochet.09:53
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: your the boss of your system09:53
karmlsongOff to try Unity 16.04 once more.09:54
karmlsongAre you saying it comes as fully loaded as 15.10?09:54
karmlsongI haven't used 15.10.09:54
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: why do you keep sugesting things i never said09:55
karmlsong16.04 Unity just seemed rather lacking compared to the 15.10 MATE familiar to me.09:55
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: 16.04 is still in development09:55
karmlsongYes, but the final version is weeks away. I presume they're just working out final bugs.09:55
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: if you need the fulle xperience, wait until final09:55
karmlsong16.04 beta 2 should be what it's going to be, no?09:55
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: it getting shaped, but its not final yet09:56
karmlsongThey wouldn't be adding in things a few weeks before an LTS release.09:56
karmlsongI presume with beta 1 it was basically finalized.09:56
karmlsongNow it's just testing and debugging.09:56
lotuspsychje!final | karmlsong09:57
ubottukarmlsong: If you install a development version of Ubuntu Xenial and keep up with package updates, then you will be upgraded to the official release of 16.04 when it comes out. To make sure, type « sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade » in a terminal.09:57
karmlsongAh, excellent.09:58
karmlsongSo I should get beta 2 of 16.04 now and ugprade to final in a few weeks.09:58
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: but until final release, its not recommended for daily use or production09:58
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: that depends what you want09:58
karmlsongBut it's beta 2 and the final release is fast approaching.09:58
karmlsongIf they have significant issues at this point they have major problems.09:58
lordievaderIt being a development release it can still break today, tommorow, the day after that, etc.  It shouldn't, but it can.09:59
karmlsongI presume the finest developers work on Unity10:00
karmlsongand the second and third rate ones take care of the non-flagship versions.10:01
lordievaderNow those are some assumptions...10:01
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: yeah, dont presume too much and rather go hunt for real facts10:01
karmlsongThat's what I was told in #ubuntu. Unity is the flagship. It gets the most attention and care.10:02
karmlsongThey need their best talent looking after that one.10:02
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: all supported flavors get the attention they need10:02
karmlsongin theory.10:02
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: not unity alone10:02
karmlsongThe real world isn't like that.10:03
karmlsongUnity represents Canonical.10:03
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: your assumptions arent the real world...10:04
karmlsongYou believe Xubuntu gets as much attention and care as Unity?10:04
karmlsongNo way.10:04
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: maybe you should talk to developers a bit...10:04
karmlsongUnity has at least 4X as much development hours going into it and surely the talent pool is superior as well.10:04
karmlsongfunnily enough, you're not a devel10:06
karmlsongyou just like to pose as one.10:06
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: if thats what you want to believe...10:06
karmlsongIf I was running Canonical I would want my best guys looking after Unity. The other NON-FLAGSHIP flavors would be up to the open source community.10:07
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: where do you get this flagship judgement from?? you have any idea how many users use xubuntu or any other flavor10:08
karmlsongIt's called U buntu for a reason.10:08
karmlsongGo ask in #ubuntu and see what they say.10:08
lotuspsychjesay what?10:09
karmlsongIt sounds like you use one of the tertiary versions and don't like being told your distro gets less talent and attention.10:09
karmlsongI'm off to try 16.04 of Unity once again.10:10
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: im on unity aswell, but that doesnt prove other flavors dont get attecntion10:10
karmlsongwell then, you should feel good knowing you're riding the flagship release.10:10
lotuspsychjeall ubuntu flavors get the attention they need10:11
lotuspsychjeand the users10:11
karmlsongyou believe the talent pool looking after Xubuntu is just as premium as that tasked with Unity?10:11
karmlsongIn the real world that just isn't so.10:11
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: on wich facts are you basing that?10:11
MonkeyDustkarmlsong  what are you hoping to achieve with your rant?10:12
karmlsongI was told as much in #ubuntu and it computes as basic common sense.10:12
lotuspsychjetold what?10:12
karmlsongUnity is the flagship. It is the cream of the crop. It gets the most development hours and the best talent.10:12
lotuspsychjeevery developer puts effort in all flavors10:13
lotuspsychjelike one big community10:13
karmlsongWho told you that?10:13
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: who told you otherwise10:14
flocculantoh my word10:14
flocculantsomeone is full of it I see lol10:14
karmlsong#ubuntu told me their best men look after Unity. The others are secondary considerations.10:14
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: you still got the paste and time of that?10:15
karmlsongThis was a few months ago.10:15
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: remember the nick who said that?10:15
karmlsongIt makes sense does it not?10:15
lotuspsychjeunity is big, but that doesnt mean its getting most attention10:16
MonkeyDustand if does, what difference does it make to anything?10:16
karmlsongYou have to admit it is the flagship.10:16
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: thats your judgement10:17
lotuspsychjean opinion10:17
karmlsongMonkeyDust, Because users should feel very comfortable using beta 2 of 16.04 of the Unity release.10:17
karmlsongIn my view.10:17
MonkeyDustkarmlsong  unity is default, because the ubuntu phone interface has the same look ... convergence etc10:17
karmlsongI wouldn't endorse the betas of the other releases to the same extent.10:17
karmlsongMonkeyDust, It's the company flagship.10:18
karmlsongThey built Unity from scratch.10:18
lordievaderHeh, they didn't.10:19
MonkeyDustkarmlsong  ok, then it's the flagship, i can live with that10:19
lordievaderIts still based on Gnome.10:19
MonkeyDustunity is a compiz layer over gnome3, that's true10:20
karmlsongThe workd and talent that has gone into Unity is practically unbelievable.10:20
karmlsongOne of the true marvels of open source development.10:20
MonkeyDustkarmlsong  we're glad you're so excited about unity10:21
karmlsongMonkeyDust, I'm the kind of man who gets excited about having and using the best there is.10:22
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: the best for you...10:22
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: alot of users like other flavors without unity10:23
karmlsongNo. I don't care what's best for me. I want the flagship. That's the way I am.10:23
lotuspsychjewhy dont you buy an ubuntu touch phone then10:23
lotuspsychjea real big flagship10:24
karmlsonglotuspsychje, I don'10:24
karmlsongt go around looking for things to buy just because they're the best or are flagship products.10:24
karmlsongBut when I use something I like to know I'm using the best.10:25
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: the 'best' is your own limited perception10:25
karmlsongNo. I don't care about my perception. It's the best because it's the flagship. Canonical says it's the best. I believe them.10:26
lotuspsychjekarmlsong: show me the source, of canonical saying unity si the best?10:26
karmlsongThe company is built around UNITY. Why do you think it's called Ubuntu?10:26
karmlsongThe U is for Unity.10:27
flocculantlotuspsychje: why feed them :p10:27
karmlsongI'm off to try 16.04 once again.10:27
lotuspsychjeflocculant: other users read this, channel gets logged...we cant just let guys like this spread wrong info10:28
lotuspsychjeignoring on irc isnt my style sorry10:28
lotuspsychjebbl guys, coffee & cakes10:49
lotuspsychjehave a nice sunday10:50
nrosvallHi. 16.04 with latest updates. gtk3 apps with the header bar still shows funny shadows in the titlebar corners. Is this going to be fixed before the final release?10:59
nrosvallAs an application developer, I would really like to support Ubuntu as much as possible. And if that issue is not going to be fixed, I might use normal menubar + toolbar instead of header bar.11:01
BluesKajHi folks11:55
BluesKajhi MonkeyDust11:56
karlonsongMy headphone white noise is lower in Ubuntu 16.04 than in Ubuntu MATE 15.10.13:02
karlonsongI think because of the sound origran 16.04 uses.13:02
karlonsongCan I install it on Mate 15.10?13:03
=== karlonsong is now known as bluefive
kallo82nickserv identify Kkhaldoon13:34
duobihi there!14:08
MoPacHello. Since upgrading to  16.04 on my HP Envy x360 hybrid notebook, the Unity multitouch gesture controls have stopped working. (three-finger window shaping, four-finger dash, etc). Is there a way to check on them / re-enable them?14:11
MoPacI see "Unity MT grab handles" in CCSM, but even though it says "touch-based", the actual menu to enable them seems to just want key combinations14:18
recon_lap3hi, hoping someone could point me to a guide on how to repair EFI boot record on 16.04 after win10 "Fixed it" ?16:36
coldfusion571recon_lap3 https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair16:40
coldfusion571this would be where I would start, although I don't have experience with the tool16:40
recon_lap3tried boot repair, it will not run, give absolutely  no output when started from menu or cmd line16:42
recon_lap3www.pastebin.com/Z0v81na3 for more info16:45
penguin42recon_lap3: I'd be tempted by mounting everything from a boot CD and trying to run grub-install - but I don't know my EFI stuff that well16:46
coldfusion571found this thread, maybe you've seen it.  References quick boot as a problem.  Do you have quick boot turned off?16:46
recon_lap3quick boot was off, but it's a fast system, getting 15sec boot times16:47
alkisgrecon_lap3: start by copying the files elsewhere, reformatting the partition, and copying them back16:49
alkisgIf your efi filesystem is damaged, then you might need to find copies of the files there from elsewhere16:49
alkisg(reinstall grub, reinstall the windows boot manager etc etc)16:49
recon_lap3alkisg: it's not damaged, win10 just saw somthing it did not like and rewrote my ubuntu boot record.16:50
alkisgUnrecoverable error in folder \EFI\ubuntu. Convert folder to file (Y/N)? \EFI\Microsoft\Boot\BCD is cross-linked on allocation unit 5024.16:50
alkisgIf it had to convert the Ubuntu folder into a file, it's beyond damanged :)16:50
penguin42yeh so I'd delete that EFI/ubuntu file and recreate it16:51
alkisgI'd start by formatting the file system16:51
alkisgIf it managed to get so broken that it had to convert a dir into a file, it's better to reformat it16:52
recon_lap3alkisg: which fire system?16:52
alkisgThe efi partition16:52
alkisg(07:49:03 μμ) alkisg: recon_lap3: start by copying the files elsewhere, reformatting the partition, and copying them back16:52
alkisgTo me it sounds like it's severely corrupted. fsck and chkdsk don't do wonders.16:52
alkisgThen I'd continue with what penguin42 said, i.e. to tell grub to reinstall all the files there16:53
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recon_lap3got error reinstalling grub , pastebin.com/M2YNh7G317:13
alkisgThat's the wrong grub (i386 instead of amd64-efI), and in the wrong path (live cd instead of chroot+efi /boot)17:16
* alkisg waves, later...17:16
recon_lap3feck it, reinstalling from scratch is much easier and quicker that this17:18
shane__hi people. i am fairly new to ubuntu mate 16.04. i am wanting to setup a dlna on my system so that i can watch my movies stored on my system with my xbox one17:39
ChibaPetHrm. So, apcupsd is systemd-unaware, and looking at its startup script brought me to /etc/init.d, where I see a ton of fairly important things that use traditional startup.17:54
ChibaPetThe twitchy bit that I'll have to test later is that "service apcupsd start" didn't start it, where "cd /etc/init.d ; ./apcupsd start" did.17:55
ChibaPetHm, systemctl start apcupsd works, so I guess it's all good. First time I've seen "service" fail.17:56
snowgogglesChibaPet: sounds like systemd not playing nicely17:56
ChibaPetWhile I despise systemd, I want to blame the Debian packaging of apcupsd here.17:57
ChibaPetBut, it's working, so I'll call it a win. BBIAB! Off to a family dinner.17:57
recon_lap3shane__ dont know anything dlna, but if you have a media center serving up content I'd expect you just need to point a browser or media player at the correct address17:57
snowgogglesshane__: checkout minidlna it's in the repos17:58
recon_lap3would it be considered a bug if you can change options on the first install dialog after you clicked continue and it's downloading the updates in 16.04?18:02
HeadzupIs someone here, who have knowledge about Ubuntu-theming?19:01
xemacswhere is list of current release issues for 16.04 thank you !19:01
xemacsHeadzup, what window manager ?19:02
xemacsHeadzup, try your fovorite search engine. (beat i can do)19:03
HeadzupI want play around with unity theming. Basicly I want a seperate folder with my19:04
xemacsor help on your local machine19:04
Headzupicons etc. without changing the main stuff19:04
recon_lap3this install is really starting to wind me up19:04
xemacsi have done backic install unity on hardrive nothing added looks ok for me19:05
Headzupwith my search engine of choise I found an answer for your question as well @xemacs (https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+milestone/ubuntu-16.04)19:06
Headzupnope :)19:07
Headzup+ :)19:07
supyaboior yahoo19:07
Headzupduckduckgo was correct :)19:07
Headzuplove it19:07
recon_lap3ffs, win10 overwrote my ubuntu EFI boot this morning , tried reinstlling ubuntu and it's not f'd up the install and overwritten the windows EFI boot19:08
mallardrecon_lap3: Instead of reinstalling everything, couldn't you just boot into the installer and reinstall only the bootloader?19:08
mallardWould have probably saved a lot of time ;)19:08
recon_lap3Been trying to reinstall the boot loaded all day, eventually gave up19:09
mallardI don't know how it works for EFI, but with BIOS it's as easy as `grub2-install /dev/sda`19:09
Headzupyou installed ubuntu next to windows 10 or a seperate installation? I installed ubuntu on a second ssd and all works fine19:10
xemacsmine is bois/gpt19:10
supyaboii lost all my data19:10
mallardsupyaboi: maybe you should have made a backup19:11
recon_lap3was working fine for me yesterday, ubuntu on the ssd , win10 on the hdd, booted this morning and did not notice it booting into windows, it had "reparied" the ssd boot record before I even noticed what it was doing19:11
xemacsdid do a backup ?19:11
supyaboi i had i like 100gb of stuff on there and my main drive was almost full19:11
recon_lap3yes I did a back up. but pissed about all the time wasted, 2 bloody days and I'm not even where i started19:12
supyaboiim using 16.04 beta 219:13
xemacsi have a $100 1 tera drive that i use , backup 1 time per week, has save alot of small mistakes ;)19:13
HeadzupI had w10 first on my sdd, then I installed ubuntu on my second sdd but the bootloader on the sdd where windows is. Then my pc allways boot into Ubuntu first. Then you dont see the windows 10 installation in the list in grub. when you are in ubuntu just use: sudo grub-update, reboot and you see then windows 10 in the grub list19:13
supyaboihave any of you played cards against humanity?19:17
recon_lap3screw windows, got along without it fine for the last decade, just going to reform the whole thing and start from scratch19:18
recon_lap3this whole duel boot setup is one giant balls up.19:22
duobixHi there, just now trying to run 16.04 on dell venue 8 pro, I think it doesn't boot19:23
duobixAfter grub it just shows a black screen and nothing else happens19:23
supyaboiyou have it in uefi or csm boot modes?19:23
duobixit's running a 32bit uefi and 64bit cpu19:24
supyaboitry reinstalling19:24
duobixReinstalling what? I'm trying to boot it into live mode now xD19:24
duobixI got windows 10 installed on it19:25
supyaboiur doomed19:25
supyaboiim in live and it works fine19:25
duobixI'm not, got another windows tablet that did boot19:25
supyaboidid you turn off secure boot?19:26
duobixI did turn off secure boot19:26
supyaboiit should work19:26
duobixBut it doesn't xD19:26
supyaboicorrupted disk image maybe19:26
duobixNope, because I did install ubuntu off that one19:27
duobixAnd it runs fine on another windows-only-tablet19:27
supyaboitry another version of ubuntu19:28
supyaboilike the beta 119:28
supyaboidoes it show the purple screen?19:29
duobixit shows blank screen19:29
duobixI'll try connecting an usb hub to it and check if it works19:30
duobixI mean usb powered hub so the tablet gets some power19:30
xemacssupyaboi, did you try 2nd boot19:30
supyaboii dont have the problem19:31
supyaboiduobix does19:31
xemacsthere was a swap issues needed 2nd boot to correct ;)19:31
duobix2nd boot? whadd'ya mean?19:32
xemacs1st boot after install failed, 2nd boot fixed it19:33
duobixI'm trying to boot into live mode on tablet19:33
xemacsmine is gpt/bois19:33
supyaboiis the image x86 or x64?19:35
duobixit's and x64 image with x86_32 efi, because it's an intel baytrail tablet19:35
duobixthe 16.04 I have does work on another baytrail tablet I have19:37
supyaboii dont know what you need to do19:38
supyaboijust try another version of ubuntu19:38
duobixThat's what I do for now19:39
duobixwill probably try x64 15.1019:39
supyaboithat might work19:39
supyaboihave been able to boot into other operating systems on it19:39
duobixI used a few windowses on that19:40
duobixbut as of now there is unity3d and godot2.0 is there, I'm thining of switching to linux as a permament measure19:41
supyaboiit should work19:41
supyaboiif that doesnt work try an older version19:41
duobix14.04 sucks for baytrail19:43
duobix15.10 is a better love story19:43
supyaboione time i put windows 1.01 on my usb19:46
MoPacHello. Since upgrading to 16.04 (HP Envy x360 hybrid), my touchscreen multitouch window controls have stopped working. I'm hoping someone could help figure out how to troubleshoot?19:50
supyaboiupdating drivers might work19:51
MoPacsupyaboi: which ones should I look at? I'm not sure of the relevant packages exactly. I just checked Google Maps on Chrome and noticed pinch wasn't working, so it might well be that multitouch touchscreen inpts aren't being recognized at all anymore19:53
supyaboiin addidional drivers maybe19:54
duobix@MoPac maybe check what devices does your HP see19:54
duobixdmesg output, maybe? We'd check what's there19:54
MoPacduobix:   I don't see anything obvious in dmesg -- it's recognizing the touchscreen. Here's xinput --list-props for it:   https://paste.ubuntu.com/15526355/ . I assume the "MT" part is "multitouch"20:03
duobixHmm, I'm not seeing anything notable here20:05
MoPacI can run evtest (have it up now in a VT) but not sure what to look for20:05
duobixDo you have an Idea what interprets those multitouch gestures?20:05
MoPacNot sure. I think for the Window control ones it may be the Unity MT Grab Handles module that can be seen in CCSM20:06
duobixany way to log what the grab module sees?20:07
MoPacBut now that I'm noticing that it's not working in Chrome+GoogleMaps, I'm thinking it's probably not a Unity issue but something lower level20:07
MoPacduobix: no idea20:07
duobixI think this may be a lack of some system wide package20:07
duobixdid you enable third party repos and properitary drivers?20:08
MoPacI don't know of any particularly relevant ones -- bear in mind that this was working fine in 15.1020:09
duobixin 15.10 it worked out of box?20:09
duobixI think you're not the first person to come here and ask that20:10
MoPacIn looking at evtest, it does seem like it's seeing when there is more than one finger touching, but I don't know how to interpret whether it's seeing a "gesture" as such or whether the multi-touch itself is showing up for applications to see20:10
duobixBTW I'm still strugling with trying to get a live working ubuntu on dell venue 8 pro20:13
MoPacduobix:   This bare minimum of multitouch support (and the promise of better soon?) is I think the only thing really keeping me with Unity right now20:15
MoPacIt's weird that with the kernel recognizing touchscreen multitouches (and even gestures?), with some applications like Chrome able to use pinches, etc., and withthe OS able to manage different user-set options for touchpad multitouch gestures, why are touchscreens so hard? KDE can do basically nothing (while a mobile version is in the works!) Unity has bare-minimum, non-configurable window control20:17
MoPac...and now that breaks20:18
MoPacah, have to be afk for an hour or two now anyway, maybe that will cool me down about it20:19
recon_lap3thats nice, looks like the install totally failed on a blank system :(20:32
recon_lap3we're sorry, the installer crashed !!20:33
recon_lap3do you have to have a EFI partition already setup on the HDD to install from a Live USB?20:35
Bluefoxicymanually upgrading again21:44
Bluefoxicydo-release-upgrade breaks and requires cycles of apt-get upgrade -f and apt-get dist-upgrade when going from stable to stable21:44
BluefoxicyI shouldn't have expected any better going from stable to beat21:44
recon_lap3getting stuck on a cups update, stopping upgrades and getting stuck with lock files, cups-browsed_1.8.3-2ubuntu1_amd64.deb22:04
MoPac(Re-ask): on upgrade from 15.10 to 16.04, multitouch events/gestures no longer seem to be recognized by applications (no touch-based Unity window controls, no pinch on Google Maps in Chrome)22:06
recon_lap3looked in var/log/cups and dont see anything , I'll submit a bug report22:08
MoPacrecon_lap3:   /var/log/apt ?22:09
duobixOk mopac, I'll also try using ubuntu 16.04 on my DV8P and check if gestures are working. What are the gestures you tried?22:11
recon_lap3MoPac: it's in var/log/apt/history.log as starting, but takes for ever , almost look like it's in a fail loop22:12
MoPacduobix: The supported gestures here ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Multitouch ) plus the fact that pinch zooming works when visiting Google Maps in Chrome22:12
MoPac(all of that worked in 15.10 but not 16.04)22:12
MoPacrecon_lap3: what about /apt/term.log ?22:13
recon_lap3sub process new pre-removal script failed22:14
recon_lap3MoPac: it's got whats showing on the cmd line, wait cmd line just finished after 12min22:15
MoPacrecon_lap3:   does it say anything more about the script? What the file name is, what line it failed on, etc?22:15
recon_lap3MoPac: www.pastebin.com/Z4f64ULc22:17
MoPacrecon_lap3:   Hmm, so that reads like it wants to stop the old cups service before removing it and installing the new one, but it can't connect to the service or systemd to issue it the "stop" command22:21
MoPacCan you open a system monitor and see if you have a cups daemon running? (or cups-browsd or whatever it's called?)22:21
recon_lap3cant seem to mount any drives now :)22:21
recon_lap3MoPac nothing that starts with a C in task manager22:23
duobixOk, so it seems that pinch to zoom in gmaps also doesn't work22:24
MoPacrecon_lap3: make sure you're viewing "all processes" and not just "my processes" if you're in system monitor22:24
recon_lap3god, but today has been super annoying as far as computers goes22:24
MoPacduobix: anything from three-finger or four-finger taps?22:24
recon_lap3MoPac cups-browsed is there in task manager not that everything is showing22:25
duobixOh, 3 finger moving window works?22:25
duobixapp switcher works22:26
duobix4 finger dash open works.22:27
MoPacrecon_lap3:   Maybe you could try manually stopping it from there and see if it can then install? I'm not an expert in the process, but it might work if it detects that it's not running. (Then again, maybe not if the problem is that the script can't communicate with ssytemd about it at all)22:27
hecataeis there anywhere I can read what the opensource amd gpu driver in xenial is capable of, I have an amd kabini apu22:27
MoPacduobix:   hah, so Ubuntu giveth and Ubuntu taketh away22:28
duobixMoPac: am I wright that I should use gmaps by firefox?22:29
duobixMoPac: pinch to zoom is not working there, any other apps you know using it?22:29
MoPacduobix: I don't know off the top of my head. With the window controls though, you can test this gesture: spread three fingers out to maximize and close three fingers together to un-maximize22:30
duobixMoPac: just for fun I tried that a while ago, it werks22:31
MoPacduobix: congratulations [grumble grumble]22:31
duobixNow I know what apple users feel.22:32
duobixWhen something works and it's not esentially broken.22:32
MoPacduobix: This old thingy about Chrome might still be relevant to getting that working https://askubuntu.com/questions/471513/chrome-touchscreen-unity-14-0422:32
duobixOh, I'm not using chrome, but I'll sure will when I got this bad boy installed22:33
duobix(using ubuntu live now)22:33
recon_lap3MoPac: reinstall not an option, timed out as well22:36
recon_lap3well, that has me stopped dead in my tracks22:37
MoPacrecon_lap3: My guess then is that the removal script can't properly query the state of the process from systemd; unfortunately, I am not aquainted with systemd's mysteries, but someone else around might be. One other option to try might be to prevent it from starting in the first place and then try it (this looks like it was a similar problem on new installs: https://askubuntu.com/questions/32359822:38
MoPacOr maybe even just uninstall it and then run the upgrade?22:39
recon_lap3MoPac: I'll give that a go, at 10min for it to clean up after itself everytime it getting wearing22:42
recon_lap3damn it, remove fails to22:45
MoPacrecon_lap3: it's definitely not still running?22:49
MoPacSorry, I think I'm out of ideas then..22:50
recon_lap3MoPac: thx for the help, filing report and maybe someone will get around to fixing it. it's a bit of a show stopper22:52
recon_lap3god, I supposed to pick one project to file report, but there is not list of projects and it cant find ubuntu ??22:54
recon_lap3well, buggerd if I can work out how to file a report, going to bed o/22:57
Bluefoxicyone package fails atm.23:00
Bluefoxicydpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libtesseract4_3.04.01-2_amd64.deb (--unpack):23:00
Bluefoxicy trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/libtesseract.so.3.0.4', which is also in package libtesseract3v5 3.04.00-5ubuntu123:00
Bluefoxicyit looks like libtesseract4 conflicts with libtesseract3v5, but isn't marked that way23:00
Bluefoxicyapt-get autoremove --purge -f fixed it.23:01
HeadzupWhy all my fullscreen videos in the internet shown on my second monitor??23:37
HeadzupMy meaning was, when I go in fullscreen in a movieplayer my fullscreen picture is shown on another monitor :/ not where the browser actually is.23:38
hilxThat's your personal preference. I prefer it the other way. (Especially if you use more than 2 monitors. ;)23:50
Headzup@hilx ?23:58

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