urthmoverI did an in-place upgrade from 14.04LTS server to 16.04LTS server.  I previously had a zfs mount.  Now after the successful upgrade, I need to manually force import zfs after each reboot.  What is the best practices method to resolving this?  I'd like the zfs volume to mount automatically after each reboot00:34
bekksHow did you do that in 14.04?00:39
bekksAnd why did you upgrade to a development release?00:40
FastZScenario: I have an Ubuntu server here with one 1TB hdd. I want to increase my ability to recover from a failed disk by setting up RAID on this machine. How difficult is it to configure software RAID in Ubuntu Server 14.04 by installing another hdd and configuring RAID 1?00:41
FastZWithout having to rebuild the entire system.00:41
urthmoverbekks: do-release-upgrade -d  because it's almost finished00:42
urthmoverFastZ: you can read up and implement zfs  or you can choose mdadm....I think zfs is probably the better option00:43
urthmoverFastZ: I thinik in both cases...you'll need to offload your data....configure the mirroring then copy the data back though00:44
FastZI was concerned about that, urthmover. Should not be too much of an issue though as there is only a few GBs of data on the server at the moment.00:45
FastZI'll read up on zfs and mdadm.00:46
jrwrenFastZ: if you had checked the "yes install on LVM" checkbox when you installed, it might be as simple as adding a mirror to the logical volume.00:48
FastZjrwren, I did install with the LVM option on this server.00:53
FastZso I will research that option as well.00:53
* patdk-lap is really loving these thin lvm's01:24
jrwren+1 I just started using thing LVM and WOW, why was I not sooner?01:54
urthmoverfixed my zfs woes.   So after the release upgrade I negelected to remove the PPA for zfs.  So I removed those, uninstalled zfsutils-linux, removed /etc/modules zfs entry (that I added) and rebooted.  Then installed zfsutils-linux and now everything imports and mounts automagically  thanks linux :)02:46
urthmoverand my lxd containers that have bind mounts also start without intervention ...yay02:46
lordievaderGood morning.09:34
unimatrixoverlodGood morning to you too :)10:39
adamkavalaanyone here to help me with setting IPTABLE ? server running, putty ready but some ports is blocked.11:06
adamkavalai am running server ubuntu, putty ready, IPTABLES blocked me communication of dedicate server for counter strike global offensive ports 27015-30 could someone help me with this?12:14
lordievaderadamkavala: What is your problem exactly?12:18
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CroteIs this the right place to ask questions when I'm having an issue with the Ubuntu Vagrant cloud image?17:03
devster31hi, this might seem a stupid question, but how do I make bashrc load this alias? https://gist.github.com/nl5887/a511f172d3fb3cd0e42d#file-transfer-sh18:01
devster31it's a sh executable file18:01
devster31do I source it?18:01
Bluekinghow to identify problem with net connection ?  not sure if router (ubuntu) are problem  or if it's on ISP hardware that causes mine LOT of disconnections...   I'm logged on router with a shell  and it seems there are problem with router box (ubuntu) <-> fiber modem/ISP18:08
jrwrendevster31: 'source filename' added to your bashrc21:05
devster31what's a tool I can use to monitor disk I/O?22:39
patdk-lapcacti? munin?22:47
devster31iostat should be enough, I want to know which process is using the disk the most22:54
jrwrendo you want long term or short term monitoring?23:33

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