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Mirvsomehow requests page(s) seem really slow to respond if at all, probably IS problem06:06
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Mirvok now08:31
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popeyjibel: i added unav to citrain but don't see it on trello. https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/124309:13
jibelpopey, are you allowed to set qa signoff to ready?09:15
popeyhm, i thought I did09:16
popeydone, sorry jibel09:16
jibelpopey, thanks09:17
oSoMoNubuntu-qa: will silo 38 be validated today?09:24
iahmad_popey, don't see the OSMTouch on store, do you know the reason?09:25
davmor2oSoMoN: should be yes09:25
oSoMoNexcellent, thanks!09:25
popeyiahmad_: i do not know09:26
Mirvwhy is request page not loading properly for me but works for everyone else?09:42
Mirvsomeone pls fix my internet09:42
* davmor2 hit Mirv 's internet with a hammer......how about now?09:44
Mirvdavmor2: thanks! I switched to another internet (sharing from Bq) and it seems to work there, I'll try the normal internet soon to see if your hammer hit helped!09:46
rvrsil2100: Do you know why ubuntu-ui-toolkit.mo files are not included in OTA10?09:56
sil2100rvr: I'm working on it09:56
rvrsil2100: Ok09:57
sil2100We discussed that on the morning LT meeting, the mapping file looks ok but I think I see now that langpack-o-matic does some funny things with the domains09:57
sil2100And actually skips the ubuntu-ui-toolkit translations because there's ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gallery09:57
Mirvsil2100: I've updated bug #1567377 to mention langpack-o-matic10:18
ubot5`bug 1567377 in Canonical System Image "Select text popup not localized" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/156737710:18
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sil2100Mirv, bzoltan: hmmm, this is just a suspicion so far, but seeing from the logs and my simulation on a chroot, the latest UITK landing or the qtdeclarative landing broke emulator builds13:45
bzoltansil2100: crap13:45
sil2100This is the build log, but moving in the chain of packages, I get something like this:13:46
sil2100(I was adding package by package from the ones the installer mentioned as not installable)13:47
sil2100It might be something else, but I didn't see any other related landing that could cause this13:47
Mirvsil2100: bzoltan: hey, I know (bzoltan this is the gles packaging thing I mentioned)13:50
bzoltansil2100:  I would need to check more levels down to see what exactly causes it13:50
bzoltanMirv:  I see13:51
Mirvsil2100: I've a fix brewing.13:51
sil2100Well, it's not like we have a working emulator right now anyway13:52
Mirvsil2100: I noticed it from the fact that the gles package didn't migrate from gles pocket13:52
sil2100(since it's still crashing on the wizard IIRC)13:52
sil2100Mirv: was it also failing on the silo britney?13:53
Mirvsil2100: no. because it's a valid candidate, it just fails further (seen in update_output)13:54
sil2100Ah, right, silo britney doesn't go that far13:54
bzoltansil2100:  once you mentioned... do you know if there is anybdy actually doing anything with the emulator problem? I think it is Mir/Unity8  issue.14:00
sil2100bzoltan: it's actually a webbrowser/oxide issue from what I know, and I think oSoMoN is/was on it14:15
sil2100bzoltan: since that's what's crashing14:15
sil2100oSoMoN: ^ hey! We were just talking about the emulator issues in the new OOBE, from what I heard it was something oxide/webbrowser related - is that true and if yes, is there any progress?14:16
bzoltansil2100:  I am not sure if the browser/oxide issue is what we suffer from. The functional issue is that the emulator can not be controlled by mouse and does not take keyboard input.14:17
sil2100bzoltan: wait, really? We fixed the input issues on the emulator, we have new ones now?14:17
sil2100When did you check?14:18
bzoltansil2100:  fixed? I have tried to create emulator last week and it did not work at all14:18
bzoltansil2100:  let me check again14:18
oSoMoNsil2100, that crash is on my list, haven’t had a chance to dive into it yet14:18
sil2100bzoltan: strange, we checked and it worked, but no one was able to finish the wizard14:18
sil2100Because of the aforementioned bug14:19
bzoltansil2100:  let me test it again14:19
bzoltansil2100:  rc-proposed channel, right?14:19
sil2100Yes, rc should be good as well but yeah, not much difference from rc-proposed14:20
bzoltansil2100:  last time I tried the mouse cursor was there but not really working... kind of moved but I could not get any push/click event thru14:22
sil2100bzoltan: yeah, that sounds like the issue we had fixed a few weeks back14:31
bzoltansil2100:  it looks a bit better now.. the mouse cursor actually follow the real mouse. how to unlock the screen?14:34
bzoltansil2100: the gdbus call --session --dest com.canonical.UnityGreeter --object-path / --method com.canonical.UnityGreeter.HideGreeter trick does not work14:34
sil2100bzoltan: I guess you'd have to ask the unity8 guys :) Saviq, mzanetti: ^14:35
bzoltansil2100:  ehh... adb shell goes as root14:35
bzoltansil2100:  but the click does not go thru ... I have the app scope, but can not do much14:36
bzoltanmzanetti: yes, rc-proposed14:37
mzanettiah, has the cursor issue been fixed now?14:38
mzanettiI was waiting for that to go away before I could check out things14:38
sil2100bzoltan: ok, that sounds new to me14:39
mzanettihow can I list the available channels for the emulator?14:39
bzoltanmzanetti: the mouse cursors inside the emulator now does follow the host's mouse when left button is down14:39
bzoltanmzanetti: devel, devel-proposed, rc-proposed, bq-rc, bq-stable14:41
mzanettiyeah, I'm after the full string I need to pass14:41
mzanettitrying that one now: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu14:41
bzoltanmzanetti: ubuntu-touch/rc-proposed/ubuntu14:45
bzoltanmzanetti:  this is how we do http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-sdk-team/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/trunk/view/head:/share/qtcreator/ubuntu/qml/DevicesPage/NewEmulatorDialog.qml14:46
mzanettibzoltan, yeah... I just thought there was a way to use --list-channels for the emulator ones14:46
bzoltanmzanetti:  dream on :) dude14:46
mzanettiI'm quite sure I did use that at some point14:46
mzanettianyways... got one created now, booting atm14:47
mzanettinice. seems to work fine now!14:47
mzanettibzoltan, what's your issue?14:47
bzoltanmzanetti:  I can not operate the shell... how to doa touch?14:48
mzanettibzoltan, just works for me... mouse events are converted to touch events14:49
mzanettibzoltan, you stuck at the greeter?14:49
bzoltanmzanetti: I made the go away with  gdbus call  ...14:49
sil2100I didn't hear QA or anyone else reporting new issues with touch events14:49
sil2100That's why I was so surprised14:50
bzoltanmzanetti:  But simple I can not do any touch event... nothing. The mouse follows nicely the real mouse when the left mouse button is hold down14:50
mzanettiworks for me too14:50
mzanettiI wonder what's different14:50
bzoltanmzanetti: I have nvidia14:50
mzanettiunlikey that has something to do with it14:50
bzoltanmzanetti:  the other disturbing thing is the adb ... why it shells in as root #?14:51
bzoltansil2100:  ^14:51
mzanettithat's odd indeed14:51
mzanettisame here14:51
mzanettibzoltan, this is intersting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15760361/14:51
mzanettibzoltan, I assume you have the one from the sdk ppa14:51
bzoltanbut that is not a difference ... obviously none of our IDE tools will work with an emulator as we do expect to shell in as phablet14:52
mzanettiyeah... I agree that needs to be changed...14:52
mzanettibut this seems to be new... last time I checked it did log me in as phablet14:53
bzoltanzbenjamin:  ohh... I am on vivid14:54
bzoltanmzanetti: is this fix only for happy xenial users?14:54
mzanettitbh I don't know where it was changed... I thought it was a mir patch *inside* the emulator image, but I really don't know the details14:55
mzanettianpok might know. ^14:55
bzoltanmzanetti: anpok: I know that the gogetubuntutouch does not build for anything except for Xenial - https://code.launchpad.net/~bzoltan/+recipe/goget-ubuntu-touch-daily14:56
dbarthhey guys, quick question about xenial landings: we have a fix for the desktop, but not a release stopper; is there a way to land our silo as an SRU already?15:06
dbarthsee https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/121915:06
mzanettisil2100, do we keep a list of all landed silos?15:23
sil2100mzanetti: it's on bileto always, what do you need?15:23
mzanettiread through the things that landed shortly before OTA-10 to see if there are suspicious things in regard to the performance issues we observe15:24
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rvrboiko: ping17:25
boikorvr: pong17:28
rvrboiko: Hi17:32
rvrboiko: I'm testing silo 4217:32
rvrboiko: I found a problem installing the silo. I understand it should keep the default SIM options.17:32
boikorvr: yep, it should, I asked salem_ to take it a look17:33
rvrboiko: However, it sets the default SIM for outoing messages incorrectly.17:33
boikorvr: we certainly tested this case17:33
rvrI tested a couple of times, and got the same (bad) result17:33
salem_boiko, rvr good catch, found the bug, uploading the fix now and will rebuild the silo.17:33
rvrOk, failing the silo17:34
sil2100slangasek, robru: be there in a min18:00
anpokbzoltan: both a fix in mir to read android fb properties to get to the screen size ... and a fix of the qemu fork supplied with the emulator on the host system18:08
anpokwas needed..18:09
* Mirv received "you have been added to ubuntu-core-dev" e-mail \o/19:33
robruMirv: congrats19:45
robrusil2100: still around? sorry my lunch ran late: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/begin-xenial-overlay/+merge/29154719:51
sil2100robru: hey! Yeah, let me take a look, thanks!19:54
sil2100robru: approved!20:03
sil2100robru: I'll send out a quick note to the ML about this20:03
robrusil2100: thanks, I'll roll to production20:06
robrusil2100: so once this hits production it will retroactively change all existing dual silos, so eg if a silo has something stuck in unapproved or in -proposed that'll no longer be tracked. in those cases I'll have to copy-package the xenial package to overlay and then the silo will auto-merge20:13
robrusil2100: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/tickets?status=pocket there are apparently only two such silos at this time so that's not so bad20:15
robrusil2100: my mistake, one of those is a xenial-only where -gles is caught in proposed. Only https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1239 is affected, I've copied the xenial package to overlay and it'll auto-merge shortly.20:30
salem_rvr, silo 42 is ready again.21:04

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