pleia2still need some summaries before we can move stuff to the wiki and send to editors00:17
tsimonq2pleia2: I'll get some done in about a half an hour if you still need them01:16
pleia2tsimonq2: yeah, thanks01:33
tsimonq2pleia2: suggested some edits on the IRC council announcement that I would like you to see. :)02:26
pleia2tsimonq2: I specifically removed the bullet points ;)02:27
tsimonq2just curious, why?02:27
pleia2I liked it better that way02:27
tsimonq2alright :)02:27
joseyou guys needed something reviewed?03:09
pleia2no, still working on summaries03:09
pleia2othering on Other Community News or In the Press has been written it03:10
josewrote a couple03:17
tsimonq2pleia2: moving the Featured Audio and Video over to the wiki page03:43
tsimonq2pleia2: Dustin Kirkland: Container MacCloud: Can there really only be one? is an extremely peculiar article that I have no idea of how to even begin to write a summary for, could you take a look? I'll get a summary for the other planet article then I'll move it over to the wiki, so you should expect to do the summary there, alright?03:49
tsimonq2pleia2: (if you actually want to do the summary :) )03:49
tsimonq2planet moved04:02
tsimonq2other community news moved over04:03
tsimonq2general news moved over04:04
tsimonq2cloud news moved over04:08
pleia2tsimonq2: wait, I need to do editing04:13
pleia2tsimonq2: please let me move these things over next time :\04:13
tsimonq2I'm really sorry04:13
pleia2editing is MUCH easier for me to do in the google doc04:13
tsimonq2:| sorry04:13
pleia2it's ok04:13
tsimonq2I'll be careful next time :)04:14
tsimonq2was just about to move phone over, wrote the summary for that04:14
tsimonq2then except for Canonical news which can be moved over as well (just bullet points), I was gonna call it a night04:15
tsimonq2I'll work on summaries tomorrow if I get up early enough or tonight on my phone if I can't sleep, but otherwise, have a good night :)04:16
pleia2I'll finish off the summaries in a bit and get it off to the editors before bed, thanks for your work tonight04:44
pleia2extending the Other Community News articles a bit07:15
pleia2Unit193: link check? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue46107:23
pleia2thanks, I'll hunt that one down16:12
pleia2aha, http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-my/3355-ubuntu-1604-release-party-with-ogstack-man-in-the-packets/16:13
tsimonq2pleia2: when is the earliest I can start helping with release? :)17:21
pleia2tsimonq2: as usual for Mondays, I'm at work :) so same as usual, ~5pm PDT for me17:22
tsimonq2pleia2: oh, alright :)17:23
tsimonq27 p\PM for me :)17:24
tsimonq2pleia2: sent response17:49
tsimonq2pleia2: are you sure Cloud News should be that small?17:55
pleia2tsimonq2: you can paste in here any links you think we're missing17:57
pleia2I can have a look, could be I missed them, or had reasons for not including them17:58
pleia2but I don't remember much from this past week17:58
tsimonq2pleia2: yeah me neither, it's been a tough week :)20:05

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