Mdthe same partman recipe that I use for Debian 8 and Ubuntu 14.04, with Ubuntu 16.06 creates an extented partition instead of a primary one. How can I fix this? http://www.bofh.it/~md/partman.txt14:41
Mdalso, now the two partitions are in a different order: swap is the second one on disk14:47
xnoxMd, because 16.06 does not exist.16:13
xnoxi guess you mean 16.04 LTS16:13
xnoxand 16.04 LTS got significantly newer partman components that do behave differentely and prefer logical partitions more aggresively.16:14
xnoxMd, i'd recommend to just preseed/specify gpt partition table, and then all partitions will be essentially the same/primary.16:14

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