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robert_ancellRAOF, with nested X, can acceleration easily pass through now?06:49
robert_ancellAnd is the double IPC overhead not a major issue?06:49
RAOFI'd be astounded if it was.06:49
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RAOFI mean, it'll be an overhead, but anything that's actually doing appreciable IPC with X is already a lost cause.06:50
RAOFAnd, yes; Xephyr is glamor-accelerated now and I believe supports GLX, too.06:51
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robert_ancellRAOF, how about window management? Do you need a special WM in the child X to have the correct behaviour?06:52
RAOFYes, we'd need that.06:52
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robert_ancellThat is the hard problem I guess :(06:53
RAOFOne we've committed to solve, though.06:53
robert_ancellFor U8, but not U706:53
RAOFThe solution for U8 could *be* the solution for U706:54
robert_ancellRAOF, do we have a dedicated WM project now?06:55
RAOFNo idea.06:56
duflugreyback_: I haven't (successfully) set up a test of U8 with this fix yet, but do you think QtMir might need fixing similarly? https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/fix-1528109/+merge/29198408:46
dufluUnity8 is definitely broken in the same way. I'm just wondering if it needs a separate fix08:47
greyback_duflu: I don't think it is the same issue. From a cursory glance (pun intended) our cursor code doesn't assume integer movements08:51
duflugreyback_: Cool. Fingers crossed then Mir 0.23 is all it needs08:52
dufluMir 0.22 I mean08:52
greyback_ack, thanks08:52
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duflugreyback_: On that note, does U8 have its own acceleration curve now? Seems like we should not have two because that's resampling the resampled09:19
greyback_duflu: it does not09:19
duflugreyback_: If you want, I would prefer U8 did it and Mir just dealt with raw unmodified input coords09:19
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dufluThat would solve some more libinput regressions09:20
dufluOr Mir could just set a more sane default (off) then libinput's default (on)09:21
greyback_duflu: I don't see why we'd not use libinput's accel stuff.09:21
duflulibinput's acceleration curve is ugly and still causes bugs09:21
greyback_but it's customizable IIRC09:21
dufluYeah, Mir could just set it to 'off'09:21
greyback_sure, but why reinvent if we can get libinput to do what we want09:22
dufluIts first derivative is not continuous.09:22
dufluwhich I think is a big part of the problem09:22
dufluTurning it off would return us to perfect and accurate mouse movement (Unity7 style)09:23
greyback_or we could work with upstream so that everybody gets that09:24
dufluMore difficult to convince people their design sucks than just of some bug09:25
greyback_more work for us to take on entire burden of input processing09:25
dufluWe actually don't need any any more. Since the resampling bug (recently fixed) was just a bug... that fix remains and "acceleration" of any sort is no longer required09:26
greyback_I don't understand. Why isn't pointer accel needed? It will be a user-configurable setting eventually09:28
duflugreyback_: Absolutely user configurable. I'm just suggesting make the default "none" instead of some weird curve. So it's exactly like Unity709:28
dufluWhich really is a discussion for mir-team09:29
greyback_duflu: I'm ok if you want to disable it in libinput. I'm not ok with reimplementing it in unity8, if libinput would do the job with some tweaking09:30
duflugreyback_: That's OK, I just feared U8 already did some09:31
dufluThere are sliders09:31
dufluwhich do nothing09:31
greyback_duflu: sliders in the settings app? I believe they'll talk to USC which will configure libinput09:33
greyback_(not the final solution ofc)09:33
dufluBetter than expected09:33
duflugreyback_: Why two? They're not labelled09:34
greyback_duflu: I honestly don't know, you'd need to ask settings app guys09:34
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n1md4hi.  i have a gtx980m and nvidi-364 driver.  when i attempt to login to mir / unity 8 it somewhat hangs at the login screen.  does this type of problem sound familiar to anyone?16:01
n1md4worth reporting a bug?  is so where.16:02
n1md4if so, where* even16:02
ogra_since when does Mir work with proprietary drivers ?16:02
* ogra_ thought it only works with nouveau16:03
n1md4i suppose, just because something is 'supported' doesn't yet mean it works.16:03
ogra_well, but how would they test the support then ? :)16:04
alan_gn1md4: there's work in progress, but not there yet16:04
n1md4ogra_: no idea :)16:04
ogra_there you have your answer though16:05
n1md4alan_g: thanks, i did check in here the other day, may have been you i spoke with then.  what's the best way to keep up to date with this?  would it be enough to check for ubuntu updates and catch when mir is in that list?  or is there a more efficient way.16:05
alan_gn1md4: Mir releases are announced on Mir-devel@lists.ubuntu.com (if you don't mind the traffic)16:07
n1md4thanks, alan_g, i'll check it out16:07
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