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mgagneI'm trying to run cloud-init on Xenial and I'm always getting "Applying network configuration from fallback (dhcp)". On first boot, static IP is properly configured from configdrive but when rebooted, it falls back to dhcp and fails to assign an IP. (we only use configdrive, no dhcp)20:35
mgagneHow can I debug?20:35
mgagneso it looks like network config is applied but later in stages.py, it thinks there is no datasource and fallback to dhcp ...20:52
mgagneso I commented this line and now it works fine: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~cloud-init-dev/cloud-init/trunk/view/head:/cloudinit/stages.py#L60421:13
mgagnebut it doesn't use network_data.json, it copies the network template instead21:13
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mgagnepart of my logs: http://paste.openstack.org/show/496013/21:31
mgagneso I managed to force dsmode to be 'net' instead of 'local'. Now it seems to persist the right network config but gateway is missing22:19
smosermgagne, can you give the confi drive ?22:50
mgagnesmoser: sure, how can I share it with you?22:50
smoserso the issue is only on reboot ?22:51
mgagnesmoser: well, I'm concerned with the overall sanity of the process.22:51
mgagnesmoser: logs show it's fallbacking to dhcp and I fear other things might not work that well in the end22:52
mgagneI'm uploading a new image and booting a new instance to get config drive22:53
smoserthat is why i'm asking about reboot22:54
mgagnesmoser: yea, I fixed that one already22:54
smoserand your config drive has the network confi g?22:54
mgagnehold on, will find a way to share it22:55
mgagneI'm the author of the bug22:55
mgagneand it's fixed already on our side22:55
mgagnegimme a minute to boot an instance22:56
smosermgagne, please open a bug and i'll take al ook later.23:02
smoser(put bug number here for me too please)23:02
mgagneok, what kind of info do you need? whole cloud-init.log ?23:02
smosersure thats ifne.23:04
smoserand the config drive would be most useful.23:04
mgagneok, will package all that info and open bug23:05
mgagnesmoser: bug #157798223:27
harlowjasooo for https://raw.githubusercontent.com/mgagne/cloud-init-fedora-pkg/epel7/cloud-init-0.7.5-network-info-support.patch mgagne where can i get some sample data files for this thing :-P23:48
harlowjado u have any i can use23:48
harlowjaor do i have to mess around with openstack to make that happen, lol23:48
mgagneharlowja: I have one in my bug report BUT it's an internal implementation of the spec since upstream was taking too much time.23:49
mgagneharlowja: so hopefully, it doesn't deviate too much from upstream23:49
mgagnehold on23:49
harlowjalive examplessssss???23:49
mgagnethe one in bug report is from a real VM, not unit test23:50
harlowjaglean, hmmm23:51
harlowjawhats that, lol23:51
mgagnea project hosting fixtures for cloud-init unit tests :D23:51
harlowjaah, nice, lol23:51
harlowjalooks sort of hacky :-P23:52
mgagnewhat's hacky? json?23:52
harlowjanow, was just looking over more of glean, ha23:52
mgagnewe are not here to judge =)23:53
harlowjaya, i'm just trolling :)23:53
harlowjawho does the judging?23:53

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