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iceyhow should one implement a peer relation in an interface layer / layered charm?12:15
marcoceppiicey: create a peer.py file in the interface12:18
iceymarcoceppi: yeah, I found that, I'm grasping at straws here because I'm getting a nice build error (charmtools.build.tactics: Missing implementation for interface role: provides.py) and I'm working on adding several interfaces (and writing those) at the same time, they all seem to be correct but for this build error -_-12:19
iceyI'll just keep digging :)12:20
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marcoceppiicey: link to your interface?13:10
iceymarcoceppi: it's not up yet, but I think it may be fixed in charmtools 2.1.313:11
iceyI popped it into charmbox and I can build it there -_-13:11
marcoceppiicey: 2.1.3 is in pypi, we're working on getting a package built13:11
iceyeta for package on xenial? doesn't kill me to use it in charmbox for now but nice to know what to expect :)13:12
cory_fuicey: Make sure that the relation is listed under "peers" in the metadata.yaml.  That error sounds like it's listed under "provides"13:13
iceycory_fu: I have 3 provides relations, and a peer relation13:14
iceyand none of them are existing interfaces13:14
iceyit was one of the provides having the problem, if I removed it from the layer.yaml, it worked13:14
iceyand it worksd with the new charmtools13:14
cory_fuicey: Also, if it's helpful, you can see an example of a peer relation interface layer here: https://github.com/juju-solutions/interface-namenode-cluster and how it's used in https://github.com/juju-solutions/layer-apache-hadoop-namenode13:15
iceythanks cory_fu13:16
cory_fuGlad to hear that the issue is fixed already in charmtools, though.  :)13:16
iceycory_fu: I'm so confused about it, the other 2 provides interfaces I've written are the same except in name and 2.1.2 has no problem with them -_-13:18
iceybut yeah, no worries since it seems to be fixed in newer versions13:18
ahasenackhi guys, I'm having issues bootstrapping on openstack (liberty) with juju-2, juju is trying (my endpoint is and fails with a 40413:26
ahasenack2016-05-03 13:27:03 DEBUG juju.provider.openstack provider.go:724 authURL:
ahasenack2016-05-03 13:27:03 DEBUG juju.provider.openstack provider.go:685 authentication failed: authentication failed13:27
ahasenackcaused by: requesting token: Resource at not found13:27
ahasenackany tips? That url was grabbed from novarc, and nova commands works just fine13:27
jackweirdyIs there any documentation for creating a provider in Juju?13:47
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suchvenuHi kwmonroe15:13
suchvenuwhen i do charm proof on the deployable charm , I am gettese15:14
suchvenucharm@islrpbeixv665:~/charms/trusty/ibm-db2$ charm proof E: Unknown root metadata field (terms) E: min-juju-version: invalid format, try X.Y.Z15:14
suchvenuThese are coming in metadata.yaml file when we do charm build from the ibm-base layer15:14
suchvenuWhat to do for these ? Do we need to remove these from deployable charm or from ibm-base layer ?15:15
D4RKS1D3Hi everyone15:27
D4RKS1D3Someone knows how to "delete" a command launched in juju?15:28
D4RKS1D3the machine is off... but I need to stop this command15:28
axinoI _think_ juju queues up "commands" in mongodb15:28
D4RKS1D3and you know how to enter in this mongodb queue?15:29
lazyPowersuchvenu - its landed in the repository but is pending release - https://github.com/juju/charm-tools/issues/190     I think you're OK to leave it in for now, i'm fairly certain this 2.1 patch will be going out soon.15:33
D4RKS1D3axino, you know how to enter in this mongodb queue?15:34
lazyPoweroh, and i take that back, it hasn't landed its only been filed.15:34
lazyPowernevermind me, i defer to kwmonroe  :)15:35
axinoho you.15:35
lazyPoweryo yo axino15:35
axinoD4RKS1D3: connect to your controller and fire up a mongo client ? I don't know about the structure at all, sorry. What command are you trying to cancel ?15:36
D4RKS1D3I enter here because i don not find any command to do this15:36
mbruzeksuchvenu: can you send me the result of the command 'charm version' ?15:43
mbruzeksuchvenu: I suspect your charm tools version is not current.15:44
axinoD4RKS1D3: what command do you want to "delete" ?15:46
suchvenucharm-tools 2.1.215:47
suchvenuI need to go out urgentlly, Can you let me know through mail pls15:48
D4RKS1D3Sorry for the delay axino I want to the delete an action16:03
D4RKS1D3because i put a wrong command16:03
D4RKS1D3but the machine is off16:03
D4RKS1D3probably if i remove the command of the queue can "save" the state of this machine16:03
marcoceppimbruzek that is the latest charm-tools, 2.1.3 is being released, so they have the latest, but these bugs are being patched16:17
ejatanyone tried the juju beta with azure?16:20
D4RKS1D3no yet16:20
mbruzekmarcoceppi: yes I sent an email, with about the same information. Copied you, please reply if I said something incorrect.16:23
D4RKS1D3axino, I am alredy in the database, you know what is the table?16:28
marcoceppimbruzek: it's fine16:37
marcoceppiejat: I have inthe past, you having issues>16:37
ejatnow looking into beta 6 ... trying to use juju client on windows16:38
ejatand looking for documentation for azure credential to be place on credentials.yaml16:38
marcoceppiejat: you just need to run juju add-credentials azure16:39
marcoceppiejat: you just need to run juju add-credential azure16:39
D4RKS1D3marcoceppi, you know what happend when you send a command?, this command is store in the database?16:43
D4RKS1D3I do not know what happens when the machine is not alive and you send a command to this service16:44
D4RKS1D3Someone knows?, thanks16:44
ejatmarcoceppi: ok thanks ... managed to get all the credential needed using azure cmd line16:49
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marlincIt should be possible to run bootstrap Juju to a local LXD installation right?17:22
julenlmarlinc: I think that's the default for local17:38
julenlcheck out this link: https://jujucharms.com/docs/1.25/config-LXC17:38
marlincOkay julenl :)17:46
natefinchmarcoceppi, tvansteenburgh: have you guys had a chance to look at the TLS problem with deployer/python 2.7?18:01
marcoceppinatefinch: yes, but considering Juju 2.0 is weeks out we're not going to jump on it right away18:03
natefinchmarcoceppi: ok, as long as you think it's fixable for 2.0, I'm fine with letting you figure it out :)18:04
marcoceppinatefinch: yeah, we'll address before 2.018:11
natefinchmarcoceppi: cool, one less thing I need to worry about :)18:12
bdxhows it going everyone? Can someone elaborate on, or link me to some docs on the 'shared-db' network space?18:38
bdxAs seen here: https://jujucharms.com/nova-cloud-controller/xenial/018:38
bdxopenstack-charmers: could someone please link me to some docs describing the intrinsics of what a 'compute-data' network is, what information/services communicate on this network? How is 'compute-data' network recognized by openstack services?18:45
bdxas seen here: https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/11/08/deploying-openstack-on-maas-1-9-with-juju/18:45
firl_any neutron mitaka openstack charmers on?18:59
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marlincHow can I let Juju use a external LXD 'region'?21:00
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rick_h_marlinc: you can't at this point in time. It's up for discussion for 16.1021:07
rick_h_marlinc: sorry :(21:08
marlincIs it possible to do it manually by creating a 'cloud'?21:08
marlincLike with OpenStack21:08
rick_h_marlinc: no, Juju is missing some code to handle sending some of it's calls across the networking vs locally21:10
marlincDamn, okay21:10
marlincHave to SSH in then I guess21:10
marlincThanks anyway r21:14
marlincThanks anyway rick_h_, hope to see new cool things in 16.10 then21:14
marlincAll of of the tools are amazing already btw21:15
marlincI wish I had the money to actually properly try out MAAS etc21:15
rick_h_marlinc: yea, we're getting planned up for the next cycle and should be good stuff21:15
rick_h_marlinc: there's the virtual maas stuff?21:16
rick_h_marlinc: I know some folks use that to try it out on one machine21:16
marlincYea I did that once, using libvirt21:17
julenlmarlinc: is this what you want?  https://insights.ubuntu.com/2015/11/16/juju-and-remote-lxd-host/21:18
marlincNot sure julenl, I actually searched and found that as well but I didn't actually read it21:19
marlincThe reason why I didn't read it was because of the talk about environment.yaml21:19
marlincI'm not sure whether I understand it any more, Juju used to use a environments.yaml file but I guess that's no longer used now?21:20
julenlas far as I know... it does21:21
marlincMm okay?21:22
marlincDidn't except ls to do that when not in an interactive terminal21:22
D4RKS1D3someone knows what happend when you send a command?, this command is store in the database?22:48
D4RKS1D3I do not know what happens when the machine is not alive and you send a command to this service22:48
D4RKS1D3Thanks in advance22:48
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 - Hey, i saw this morning it was suggested to go poking around in the mongo database. I dont know that I agree with that. Its highly discouraged to go poking about in there unless you're familiar with the data schema22:56
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 - I do believe that there is a timeout on the action you've queued.22:57
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 if you have the action's UUID that it returned, you can query the status of that action22:57
D4RKS1D3I do not know the id of the action lazyPower , this id is save in some log?22:58
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 you can list all actions run against your controller with: juju action status22:59
D4RKS1D3okey, thanks22:59
lazyPowerfor more information see: juju action --help22:59
D4RKS1D3juju action statusERROR no actions found22:59
lazyPowermarlinc - juju 2.0 uses cloud credentials. it supports autoloading through the environment, or an interactive prompt23:00
D4RKS1D3That means if i turn on the machine juju do not destroy my machine23:00
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 i'm not sure what you mean. but if you sent a juju destroy command, its entirely likely that it will get reaped yes.23:01
lazyPowerthere may be something we can do to help, but we'll need some very detailed information in a bug report to start the process23:01
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 : do you have some juju status output, and a small rundown of whats happened?23:03
ionutbalutoiuHello, guys. I have a juju 2.0 related question. I have a bundle with multiple charms. I deploy it. I remove one charm and its machine. When I redeploy the bundle, the charm I deleted get spawned, but also new machine for already deploy services. Is this intended ?23:03
D4RKS1D3Thanks for helpme lazyPower23:03
lazyPowerionutbalutoiu - yes, unless you remove that charm from teh bundle, it will always attempt to reach the state in which the bundle defines23:03
ionutbalutoiubut, I don't want new machines for already deployed services. This is how juju-deployer works, I think.23:04
lazyPoweroh its adding additional machines?23:04
lazyPoweri misunderstood, i thought it was only re-adding the machine that was removed. that seems like a bug, we should most definetly get that filed.23:05
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 - pastebin the output of juju status for me23:05
lazyPowerD4RKS1D3 - and run me down what you've done that you're trying to prevent23:05
lazyPoweror what somethign else did on your behalf :) as i really have no idea23:06
lazyPowerionutbalutoiu https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+filebug - can you file a bug with juju version, the bundle you're deploying, and steps to reproduce?23:07
ionutbalutoiu@lazyPower yes, preparing the steps. I was looking now, if anything similar was already reported.23:08
lazyPowerThanks :)23:08
D4RKS1D3of course lazyPower23:08
ionutbalutoiulazyPower, I think it was a bundle problem. I'm good now. Juju deploy from 2.0 is behaving just like juju-deployer with bundles. All good :)23:48
D4RKS1D3lazyPower, https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju-core/+bug/1577988 Thanks for help us23:50
mupBug #1577988: Revert destroy service when machine is off <juju-core:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1577988>23:50

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