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sgclarkyofel: repos updated, thanks for the script. Running the ci update script now ( not that it matters without a yakkety docker image).08:04
* sgclark goes to bed08:04
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BluesKajHey folks11:16
BluesKajhey yofel, clivejo11:20
yofeldid we ever make the packaging notepad into a proper document?11:27
* yofel started out crossing out references to alioth11:27
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: yofel no but I was looking at that last night, reading through it11:31
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: I thought it was good, and could be brought into both a document, and some training slides for Kubuntu Dojo11:31
yofel@Sick_Rimmit: ok, I'm crossing out stuff that's obsolete, and I added a small section on gitconfig setup11:32
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: Yes please11:32
yofelfor the new launchpad paths11:32
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: if you update it11:32
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: perhaps ask the others to look over it11:32
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: I would be happy to start work on docs and slides from Monday next week11:33
yofelok, updated what I wanted.11:39
yofelacutally, that reminds me...11:39
yofel@ovidiuflorin / ovidiu-florin: just as a reminder: Now that we're on LP you have commit access to the repositories ;)11:41
yofelAs does Rick for that matter, as all kubuntu members do11:43
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: Ooo that is going to be really helpful11:44
ovidiu-florinyofel: so we're completely switched back to LP now?11:45
ovidiu-florinyofel: you don't have to give both nicks11:45
ovidiu-florinfor me, at least, it's the same11:45
yofelmostly. The main repositories are moved, anything extra can be done as needed (calligra, pkg-kde-tools, etc.)11:46
yofelah ok11:46
yofelbut write target is Lauchpad now11:46
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: I would like to ask some questions on that, but am at work at present, maybe later11:46
ovidiu-florinif you give with @ then IRC and telegram starts screaming at me11:46
ovidiu-florinI'd like to make a diagram of the workflow11:46
ovidiu-florinand put it on the contribute page of our site11:47
yofelthat would be helpful, the only thing that's changed is that you can substitute git.debian.org with git.launchpad.net in all places11:47
yofelother than that the workflow stays until everything is running again11:48
ovidiu-florinyofel: we still don't have a diagram with the current workflow11:49
ovidiu-florinhell, I still don't understand the current workflow11:49
yofelwe have the thing that you once started..11:49
ovidiu-florinI know....11:49
ovidiu-florinbut it's more like a quick tips than an actual guide for noobs11:50
yofellet me put a reminder in my calendar to draw something on paper tomorrow if I can find the time11:50
ovidiu-florinpaper is great11:50
ovidiu-florinthank you11:50
yofelvalorie: happy birthday!11:53
* yofel deleted oxygen-icons5 from yakkety staging-frameworks (has an epoch)12:14
clivejoyofel: have you made any changes to the KA scripts for LP?12:39
yofelnot yet12:39
clivejomind if I try?12:40
sittermaxyz: are you sure that xephyr hack in frameworks actually works? the way I see it after `xvfb-run ... Xephyr` $! would be the one of xvfb-run and killing that leaves Xephyr fairly uninterested12:51
yofelclivejo: go ahead12:57
sittermaxyz: terminating the pgroup instead of just the lead process seems to do the trick http://packaging.neon.kde.org/cgit/frameworks/kconfig.git/commit/?h=Neon/unstable-fix-test-kill&id=89d373e1f7b6655d52a737a32a513f459302554f alternatively we could pgrep -P all children and term all of them, which probably is slightly more accurate than going by pgroup13:05
sittermaxyz: -9 also might be handy, I am currently booting them manually and every once in a while they go defunct instead of actually terminating13:13
hakermaniahola. I want to take a look on the source code of the timeout counter widget. which package should I choose? https://www.kde.org/info/plasma-5.5.0.php13:19
clivejotime out widget?13:20
hakermaniaclivejo, yeah, it's called timer basically13:21
clivejo!info plasma-widgets-addons xenial13:24
ubottuplasma-widgets-addons (source: kdeplasma-addons): additional widgets for Plasma 5. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 287 kB, installed size 1500 kB13:24
clivejoI think its in there13:25
clivejoinstalled into /usr/share/plasma/plasmoids/org.kde.plasma.timer/13:26
clivejoyofel: ping13:35
clivejowhere does it get its info?13:36
yofelno idea13:36
yofelI didn't write that13:36
yofelactually, IIRC some code there is broken13:36
clivejoI can get it to bump the plasma versions13:36
clivejobut not the frameworks13:37
yofelsomething tries to make bundled version files without allowing to manually set the version, while the version files should be by-component13:37
yofelI never really looked at that in depth13:37
clivejogbp:error: 'debuild -i -I -S -sa -nc' failed: it exited with 2913:37
sittermaxyz: nevermind, killing the pgroup is equally ineffective -.-13:43
clivejoyofel: 13:46
clivejogit does not match archive13:46
clivejomissing lines: bluedevil (4:5.5.5-0ubuntu1) xenial; urgency=medium13:46
clivejo -- Philip Muškovac <yofel@kubuntu.org>  Thu, 14 Apr 2016 13:31:17 -070013:46
yofelI guess the branches are still broken13:46
clivejobut thats whats in the archive - https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluedevil/4:5.5.5-0ubuntu113:47
yofelyes, and what does the branch say?13:47
clivejoah the time13:48
clivejo14:24:36 -070013:48
yofelaaah right13:48
clivejoso change the time in the branch13:48
yofelmeh, that looks like fallout from the time when shadeslayer__ wasn't able to push his upload13:48
clivejoto match the archive13:49
yofelright, please do that13:49
yofelwill probably happen in a bunch of other repositories as well13:49
* clivejo :(13:49
clivejoshould I fix the xenial branch too?13:54
clivejothe official version of FW is 5.12.0 ?13:56
clivejonot 5.12?13:56
yofelyou probably mean 5.21 though13:57
clivejoyeah, stupid dyslexic brain13:57
clivejomy brain messes up the order of numbers13:58
yofelfixing xenial is probably not needed14:00
yofelthe branches don't match the packages exactly, but we won't be doing anything but single-package SRUs, and for those that doesn't matter14:00
clivejotheres a versions.json in KA config/ folder14:00
clivejothe frameworks was missing a .014:01
yofelyou can omit the .0 in the places where it's used for the build-deps, just not wherever the changelog is touched14:03
clivejonope, the script is still not bumping the frameworks14:06
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.5.5: X/archive, Apps 15.12.3: X/archive, FW 5.18: X/archive , FW 5.21 Y/WIP| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
clivejoits bumping the plasma 14:07
clivejobut not the FW14:07
yofeloh, for plasma?14:08
yofelIIRC we intentionally seperated that14:08
yofelplasma only bumps internal plasma deps14:08
yofelwe might want to bump frameworks as well14:09
clivejoso it doesnt bump frameworks?14:09
yofelbut thanks to the cyclic deps we had last release we had to remove that14:09
clivejoI thought it was supposed to bump both14:09
yofelit was originally, but that made stuff unbuildable, so it was removed14:10
hakermaniaclivejo, thanks. I'm trying to read this: https://techbase.kde.org/Development/Tutorials/Plasma5/QML2/GettingStarted but it's missing some parts (!! FixMe !!)14:10
yofeltechnically we want that14:10
yofelbut then each component still needs its own version file so we control what gets updated14:10
clivejomaybe staging should take an addition parameter, ie what bump we need?14:11
yofelbecause "everything" does not work14:11
yofelthat's probably better kept in a config file, but something like that14:11
hakermaniacan somebody guide me a bit? I've created the basic folder structure and metadata.desktop, main.qml, CMakeLists.txt14:11
clivejohakermania: this is probably better asked in #kde-devel ?14:12
hakermaniaclivejo, excellent14:12
clivejoor maybe #plasma14:13
clivejowe tend to talk about bringing KDE software into Ubuntu here14:14
clivejoscript crashed and burned!14:15
clivejofatal: remote error: Repository '~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/discover' not found.14:16
yofeloh, that thing. IIRC we can drop all the special handling for that14:16
clivejojust call it plasma-discover?14:16
clivejohow do you find stuff on LP git14:17
yofelyes, grep for that in the automation code, that's rewritten in 2 scripts and a couple config files I belive14:17
clivejothats the list of packages14:17
clivejobut is there no search?14:17
yofeldoesn't look like it14:18
* clivejo rolls eyes14:19
clivejowhich upstream is it talking about?!14:21
yofeldepends on the context?14:22
clivejoLOL there is none!14:23
yofelah, kde14:23
clivejoso that entry is correct14:24
clivejo    "plasma-discover": "discover",14:24
clivejothats the path it uses for the actual source14:24
clivejocan I put a comment in that file?14:24
yofeldidn't they fix that?14:24
yofelno they didn't :(14:25
clivejonope, still called discover-5.6.3.tar.xz14:25
yofelthen the entry in that file is correct14:26
yofelbut the special casing code for the repo naming in the scripts not14:26
clivejo# Mapping for names of packages in Kubuntu and the related source code tarballs on KDE download site14:27
clivejoit ok to add that at the top of upstream-names.json ?14:28
yofelno, JSON has no comment syntax14:28
yofelyou could add a "comment" entry with that though14:28
yofeloh, urgh14:30
clivejojust bit confusing for newbies14:30
clivejoso its this line 14:31
clivejo"discover": "plasma-discover",14:31
clivejoin package-name-list 14:31
yofelI wonder if we shouldn't just fix the repository name14:31
clivejoit is14:32
yofelno, usually our repos are named after the upstream source14:32
yofelotherwise 'baloo' would be baloo-kf514:32
yofelthere's 2 exceptions to that rule: kde4libs and plasma-discover (see the code in ubuntu-archive-upload)14:33
clivejojust rename the LP git repo14:33
clivejomight be best solution?14:33
yofelin the long run, yes, but that'll break the CI as well, so lets talk to sgclark about that first14:34
clivejonever going to get plasma staged at this rate!14:35
yofelwhy are you trying to stage plasma anyway? It's not like it'll actually build14:35
clivejowhy not?14:35
yofelsupposedly requires Qt 5.614:36
clivejooh, didnt know that14:36
clivejodoes FW 5.21 not need it?14:37
yofelI'm not 100% sure, but that's what people keep screaming all the time14:37
yofelOTOH, stage it and we'll know14:38
soeePlasna 5.6 does not require QT 5.614:38
clivejowho is responsible for packaging QT?  https://launchpad.net/qt ?14:38
soeeif this is what you are talking abot :)14:38
yofelbut for now you'll probaly have to take the repo name code from ubuntu-archive-upload and put it into staging-upload14:38
yofelsoee: ok thanks, then I'm misinformed14:39
soeeyofel: Neon also ships with QT 5.514:39
soeeand last days Jonathan created ppa to test QT 5.6 builds for Neon14:39
yofelclivejo: btw... thanks for finding and fixing all the workflow bugs :P14:42
clivejoI wish I could say my pleasure!14:42
clivejobut getting rather annoying now :P14:42
clivejobut on the plus side I have a new super key14:43
yofela big red one? >.>14:43
clivejoand can sign packages off as a kubuntu team member14:43
clivejoit took AGES to generate!14:43
clivejoso it must be good!14:43
clivejohow do I upgrade to yakkety?14:45
* clivejo memory is pathetic14:45
yofeledit your sources.list14:46
clivejono gui for it?14:46
* clivejo thinks yofel should code a gui for packaging14:47
clivejodrag and drop14:47
yofeluh, you can edit it with software properties I believe, but you're probably best of using search and replace / sed at this point14:48
yofeland when it comes to a packaging GUI..14:50
clivejoyofel: who normally packages QT?14:50
yofelthere is something that can show a GUI for the debian metadata files, but it was horrible when I last tried it at debconf14:50
yofelclivejo: debian-qt-kde, i.e. Mirv_ and mitya57_ mostly I believe. It's WIP (5.6.0 is stuck in experimental because "too buggy")14:51
clivejois KCI fixed now?14:52
clivejousing LP branches?14:52
yofelAFAIK yes, but it has no triggers, so all it does are daily builds14:52
clivejoseems to be stuck on mgmt_docker14:53
yofeloh right, there are no docker images for yakkety14:54
yofelscarlett said something like that14:54
clivejodoesnt is auto generate the image?14:54
clivejolike once a day?14:54
yofeldocker needs a base image to build from, and there is none14:54
clivejodoes plasma 5.6 need a min FW version?15:05
soeeclivejo: look and #plasma what Martin wrote15:15
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clivejook, I removed discover from the package list and re-run15:20
clivejoits completed with 4 errors15:21
clivejo2 out of sync15:21
clivejoand 2 libksysguard: build was interrupted15:21
clivejowhat does build was interrupted mean?15:21
yofel"something went wrong, please look at it yourself"15:21
yofelah no, that's a packagae build failure15:22
yofeli.e. patch not applying or so15:22
clivejoyou patched libksysguard in 5.5 ?15:22
clivejowith 5.6 patch15:22
yofelI don't remember15:23
clivejodoes staging merge in kubuntu_unstable?15:24
yofelit should15:24
yofelyou might want to make sure that xenial_archive is properly merged though15:24
yofel(it wasn't for oxygen-icons5 when I looked at that earlier)15:25
clivejoso if I wanted to work on fixing these, I should commit to kubuntu_unstable?15:25
yofelnot if you work in staging, unstable is for the CI15:26
clivejowhere could I put my changes?15:26
yofelas usual15:27
clivejoas UNRELEASED?15:27
yofelas usual15:27
yofelthe script automatically does that anyway15:27
clivejobut if I have 5.6.3 in there wont it get messed up next time staging script is run?15:28
clivejoNow running lintian...15:29
clivejoE: user-manager changes: bad-distribution-in-changes-file yakkety15:29
clivejoW: user-manager source: out-of-date-standards-version 3.9.6 (current is 3.9.7)15:29
yofelyou cannot re-run the script on an existing repository anyway15:30
yofelif you bumped to 5.6.3 once, then that's it. If you want to retry delete all your local work and start fresh15:31
yofel*if* you did not push15:31
clivejoI havent pushed15:31
yofelif you did push then staging-upload may not be run again15:31
clivejoor uploaded to LP15:31
clivejothere are a lot of FW build deps Id like to bump and things to change15:32
yofelLP we can just wipe clean if something happens, git... is a bit trickier15:32
clivejomaybe bump the standards too15:32
yofelfeel free to revert the bump seperation15:32
yofeljust make sure that e.g. no deps on any application stuff gets bumped in plasma15:32
clivejoIll try fixing these out of syncs errors15:33
clivejowhat would you advise doing? push what Ive done and work through them manually? or trash it all and wait until KCI is fixed up ?15:35
yofelpush it if you're happy with the overall changes. The version changing is something I would rather fix before that15:37
yofelthe out of sync things you can push after you fix them though, then it won't happen again next time15:38
yofelwe'll have to re-upload everything at some point anyway when the VCS info in the repositories is fixed15:38
clivejowhat branch does the staging script merge in?15:39
yofelit should merge everything into the target, i.e. _archive15:39
clivejobefore Id make these changes to kubuntu_unstable15:39
clivejoCI would do its magic and the staging script merged in the fixes15:40
yofelwell, you can still do that15:40
clivejobut with CI out of the picture at the moment, its not doing that "magic"15:40
yofelyou just won't get an immediate build from the CI15:40
yofelyou should be able to still manually trigger builds though15:41
yofeljust not for yakkety15:41
clivejoits yakkety Im working on15:41
yofelthen you're stuck with the non-ci wokflow for now15:41
clivejook maybe its best to push and upload what Ive done15:41
clivejoand do it manually15:42
clivejoat least Ill get buildlogs and reports from LP to aid in fixing15:42
yofelthat's what the non-ci workflow is..15:42
yofeljust the initial script run should work correctly in that case15:43
yofel(i.e. version bumps ...)15:43
* clivejo wasn’t a packager in those olden days!15:43
yofelwe gave people funny ideas in #plasma...15:44
clivejoyofel: are you planning to update the VCS fields via a script?15:46
clivejoto point to LP15:46
yofelyes, that's just stuck at LP telling me nonsense (see #launchpad)15:46
yofelI guess I'll have to use our fixed lists15:46
yofelI found another reason why we want a namepace for the git branches16:00
yofelLP supports merge requests for project git repositories, but not for personal ones16:00
yofelfor whatever reason16:00
clivejocan we "control" the LP commits?16:03
yofelas in?16:04
clivejolike review commits before they go in?16:04
yofelwell, anyone who's a member of kubuntu-packagers in some way has direct commit access16:04
yofeleveryone else has to do merge requests16:04
apolcan somebody look into this bug report? https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=36261216:05
ubottuKDE bug 362612 in discover "problems to Install evolution over the plasma discover" [Normal,Resolved: downstream]16:05
yofellooks like ovidiu-florin had another power outage16:07
clivejoapt install evolution doesnt ask me to remove anything16:07
yofelinstalling it though discover didn't even ask me anything16:08
yofelother than my PW16:08
clivejoits wanting to install gnome components though16:08
yofelthat's normal16:09
clivejomaybe they remove network manager?16:09
yofelthey don't, otherwise apt would tell you16:10
clivejocant recreate that bug then16:10
yofelme neither16:11
yofelif he did proceed with the installation, then his history.log might tell something, otherwise I'm clueless16:12
yofelfunny enough, discover now shows me the broken text on the main page16:12
yofelit didn't do that a while ago16:12
clivejotold ya :P16:13
yofelI wonder if we should ship gnome software next release..16:14
yofelhm, LP can create snappy packages from git branches16:14
yofelI really need to start looking at that thing16:14
yofelapol: so, we can't reproduce that... and I'm not really sure why discover would behave different from synaptic either16:15
clivejomaybe he clicked on the uninstall radio button in Discover?16:17
clivejoin the addons section16:18
clivejohi acheron8816:24
acheron88hi clivejo :)16:25
acheron88anything to test? it's all a bit 'stable' at the moment16:25
* clivejo is really really getting very annoyed with Kontact 16:26
acheron88did a clean install of 16.04 on this machine to make it nice and fresh16:26
clivejoIm sure its mysql5.7 related16:26
clivejowas working fine before they released that16:27
acheron88I don't use kontact. In fact I avoid most of the KDE PIM, as I never got on with it16:27
clivejoI use it a lot16:27
clivejoand this is really bugging me now16:27
clivejo5 minutes its been trying to open this email16:27
acheron88yes, things like akonadi and mysql backend for PIM used to be a complete PITA16:28
acheron88so I got used to using stansalone apps for most of it16:28
clivejogood idea16:28
* clivejo opens gmail on phone16:28
acheron88only thing from PIM I use is akregator, and that will run with akonadi disabled.16:29
clivejothere we go, done and dusted on phone and Kontact is still thinking about it16:30
acheron88thunderbird is getting long in the tooth, but still works great here16:30
acheron88and I can tar.gz my TB profile if I need to move to a new machine, and it just works on the new one.16:31
acheron88even a windoze one. (forgive me)16:31
acheron88I love kde/kubuntu, but not PIM16:32
sgclarkyofel: I tried my old key and still cannot access kci.pangea.pub any luck for you?16:38
sgclarkclivejo: I have had to manually merge everything.16:39
sgclarkbe happy you did not pick applications..16:39
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sgclarkumm what does the git clone all actually do?17:43
clivejothe KA script?17:47
sgclarkit barfs on me. but I think I thought it was something it is not17:47
sgclarkit is grabbing both sources I see now17:47
clivejoyou can pass it the component17:47
clivejolike to clone all apps17:48
sgclarkbut well it fails so it grabs nothing17:48
clivejogoes and grabs all the app git17:48
clivejohas it been updated to use the correct git17:48
sgclark./git-clone-all -t ../yakkety-frameworks/ -r frameworks -d yakkety17:48
sgclarkFile "/home/ftpubuntu/stable/frameworks/5.21.0/" not found.17:49
sgclarkTemplate url to clone: git+ssh://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/%s17:49
clivejodoes the -t path exist17:49
sgclarkuh yes17:49
sgclarkwhere is it getting that ftpubuntu junk?17:49
clivejotry it with like "~/yakkety-frameworks17:50
sgclarkthat is depot17:50
sgclarksame failure17:50
sgclarkwhy is it going to depot? I do not understand17:51
sgclarkoh well lost interest again. I will hack up a shell script17:51
clivejoit was working for me17:51
sgclarkrunning ci update again. hope to fix at least mergers17:51
clivejosgclark: did you pull KA?17:52
sgclarkI can't do anything about docker until I get access to server or sitter decided to talk to me17:52
sgclarkclivejo: yeah got your changes17:52
clivejoyou had the login set as yourself#17:53
sgclarkI did not see a flag for login17:53
clivejoit uses you local environment to decide17:54
yofelsgclark: are you trying to login as 'ubuntu' to kci?17:55
sgclarkoh perhaps I did that on accident... I had terrible times with the script deciding for me17:55
yofelthere's 4 of your keys in that account17:55
sgclarkall I am trying to do is use git-clone-all to for what I thought was a simple cloning of all repos17:55
yofelthat's what it is supposed to do..17:56
sgclarkyofel I think we are talking of different things17:56
yofeljust needs an URI fix for launchpad17:56
yofelsgclark: I was originally talking about kci17:56
yofelwhere I can login fine17:56
sgclarkI think it was probably trying to use scarlett17:57
sgclarkI am to use ubuntu@kci?17:57
yofelI have this in my ssh config (as I always forget that too):17:57
yofelHost kci 17:57
yofelUser ubuntu17:57
sgclarkthank you17:58
sgclarkI am in thanks yofel17:59
yofelnow lets see if I can upload oxygen-icons518:00
sgclarkI was told to add epoch. I see that was wrong18:01
yofelsgclark: that turned out to not have been an epoch issue, but an epoch issue caused by you dropping our entire backwards compatibility diff18:01
yofelwhich - in theory - is the right thing to do18:01
sgclarkuh I did what?18:01
yofelwe just didn't get around to fixing everything else yet18:01
yofelsgclark: I had to merge kubuntu_xenial_archive into kubuntu_yakkety_archive as all our xenial changes were missing18:02
yofeli.e. the transitional package18:02
sgclarkoh yes I have to do that for all frameworks18:02
sgclarkas I clearly stated yesterday I have to do all merges manually18:03
sgclarkbut after 200 apps and lack of sleep I did not yet do frameworks18:03
sgclarkdoing that today but was trying to fix ci18:03
* sgclark gives up18:03
yofelah ok, I misunderstood you then. I thought you were already done with frameworks18:03
sgclarkyou will see red and orange18:04
sgclarknot donw18:04
yofel"done with merging" I meant18:04
sgclarkonly so many hours in the day18:04
sgclarkanyway I am hoping after my update merges will be working on ci18:05
yofelbtw. why did you add another changelog for the kde-l10n packages? Now we have ubuntu2 in xenial unapproved and ubuntu1 in yakkety, which isn't allowed18:05
yofelsgclark: let me fix kde-l10n, you work on kci18:06
sgclarkyes I had to. the whole pile got rejected as in archive with diff content18:06
sgclarkall that had to be done is run 2 with yakkety18:06
sgclarksimple fix can do that18:06
yofelthat would work too18:06
clivejosgclark: I will help with frameworks, but you said you had it done?18:07
yofelnext time, use 1.1 for xenial, but as long as the versions are at least equal the sru team should be ~ok with it18:07
clivejoyofel: can I clear out the plasma staging PPA?18:09
yofelfeel free to (kubuntu-dev-tools has a script for that)18:09
sgclarkwell one good thing out of this mess is we got debian merges done. heh18:10
clivejoyofel: cant I just use the web UI?18:11
yofelif you enjoy a lot of clicking... sure18:12
clivejois there a manual or instructions for dev-tools18:22
clivejoyofel: ./klearppa ppa:kubuntu-ppa/staging-plasma ?18:26
clivejomaybe --force-yes18:28
clivejoor do I have to do each release separately?18:28
clivejohi sick_rimmit18:30
yofelyou can do all of them, and --force-yes you want18:34
clivejoIm gonna try uploading what Ive done18:38
clivejothey probably fail due to deps on frameworks 5.21, but at least Ill see that in  the build logs18:39
clivejoyofel: is the LP URL still wrong?18:58
clivejofor clone-all ?18:59
yofelclivejo: dunno, was I supposed to do something?19:30
clivejoit was working19:32
clivejobut now its not :(19:32
ahoneybunhappy birthday valorie!19:43
ahoneybunheyo renee7719:45
sick_rimmithi renee7719:45
renee77does someone have time for two c++ questions?19:46
sick_rimmitHow you getting along19:46
sick_rimmitSee if I can help19:46
renee77are arrays still used?19:46
renee77ok so not only to communicate with older programms?19:46
sick_rimmitOf course you have Objects and Properties and in OOP context that may be better19:47
sick_rimmitbut for functional programming arrays are still completely valid and useful19:47
renee77ahh I was told first but couldnt find any proof19:47
renee77and what format for constants is used with CAPITALS? or without?19:48
renee77I am practising skills now trying to write assisting tool for making choices for install of something19:50
sick_rimmitAh not Syntax questions, can't do those safely without reference19:50
clivejowill someone on docs team please look at this - https://trello.com/c/uvJp5i9t19:51
renee77can I ask one last one clive?19:51
clivejodont ask to ask!19:52
renee77ok thank you wasnt sure19:52
clivejoask away19:52
sick_rimmitI am no expert at all, 19:52
renee77would you use an array or an vector to list choices?19:52
sick_rimmittotal amateur19:52
renee77for me you are ;-)19:52
renee77not to list19:52
sick_rimmitI would use an array, or and object property19:53
clivejoI dont know about coding19:53
sick_rimmitMy first choice would be an array, as I am familiar with this19:53
renee77ok I made a vector and used index to point at the correct value 19:54
soeerenee77: if you have any question regarding some programming language you can always find help on related chammels like #c++ #javascript etc etc19:54
telegram<@ovidiuflorin>: renee77 use an iterator19:55
renee77nice thank you19:55
renee77what is an iterator?19:55
sick_rimmitYes soee is right, the #c++ channel would get you a def answer19:55
renee77not here in code you mean srry19:55
telegram<@ovidiuflorin>: http://www.cplusplus.com/reference/vector/vector/begin/19:55
renee77still blondie19:55
telegram<@ovidiuflorin>: are your options limited?19:56
renee77I use that site :)19:56
renee77depends 19:56
renee77they are limited but not known 19:57
courageuxAre there any plans to bring plasma 5.6 to kubuntu 16.04?19:57
renee77Experimenting with a tool to assist in installing software19:57
telegram<@ovidiuflorin>: clivejo sais no19:58
telegram<@ovidiuflorin>: just kidding19:58
renee77but thank you all I will go to #c++ channel19:59
sick_rimmitOK, nice19:59
renee77Is there something I can assist with for you?19:59
sgclarkcourageux: eventually. we need to get it in yakkety first.20:00
sgclarkwell I know why yakkety docker image is failing20:01
sick_rimmitrenee77: Just keep hanging around, it's good to have you here20:01
sgclarkbecause ubuntu has not even created a base..20:01
renee77thank you wasnt sure now I know and I will :)20:01
yofelok, I see why git-clone-all doesn't work20:04
yofelhm, more than one reason20:05
soeebleh, some trolls spamming #debian :/20:05
yofelclivejo: fixed20:06
yofelsee last 2 commits though, they might cause fallout elsewhere20:07
yofelI'm still looking20:07
yofelhm, looks ok..20:08
clivejowas it me?20:09
yofelthe version yes, the URI was ok, but needed a code fix to work20:10
yofelas we don't have components in the URI anymore20:10
valoriethank you, ahoneybun20:11
valoriethank you, yofel20:11
valorieit's fun to see red in a channel tab not because you goofed something up, but for birthday wishes!20:12
sgclarkhappy birthday valorie :)20:14
valoriethank you scarlett!20:15
soeeall the best and huge tasty cake :D20:15
valoriemy husband already has flowers on the table for me20:16
valoriethanks soee20:16
soeesgclark: can i update topic and mark apps 16.04 for Y as wip ?20:16
* ahoneybun grows tired of windows booting up 20:17
soeeahoneybun: 10 ?20:17
yofelat all or is it taking too long? (should take seconds these days)20:18
* renee77 sings *happy birthday* @valorie20:18
ahoneybuntakes a while 20:18
ahoneybunmy CPU is a bit old20:18
ahoneybunfirst gen AMD APU20:18
soeeyofel: not if rebooting i think, if booting on ssd it takes seconds20:18
ahoneybuncold boot, the power went out20:18
yofelwell, shutdown can take a while, true20:19
sgclarksoee: yes they are wip20:19
valoriethank you renee77!20:19
ahoneybundamn I missed a session at UOS because of that20:19
=== soee changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Kubuntu - Friendly computing | Yakkety open, happy hacking | Plasma 5.5.5: X/archive, Apps 15.12.3: X/archive, Apps 16.04 Y/WIP, FW 5.18: X/archive , FW 5.21 Y/WIP| https://trello.com/kubuntu | http://qa.kubuntu.co.uk/ | Package Docs (WIP) https://notes.kde.org/p/kubuntu-packaging
sgclarkugh it is UOS? oh well, I don't have time  to breathe much less that20:20
* yofel forgot about it as well20:20
ahoneybunsgclark we have a Podcast tomorrow as well20:20
sgclarkah yes I think I remember ignoring that email20:21
* sgclark is drowning20:22
yofelmark has a QA session tomorrow, complain to him :P20:22
yofeljust because20:22
* ahoneybun agrees 20:22
sgclarkabout what? that I took on too much? and can not find a way out? my own damn fault20:22
ahoneybunI wonder if the USPS took the "in rain, in snow, 20:23
ahoneybunsgclark no that Canonical are fools if they don't hire you20:23
sgclarknot their fault I suck at tech interviews :)20:24
ahoneybunno one is amazing at any interview20:24
ahoneybunyour work and skill should be showcased not how well you are at speaking20:24
sgclarkyeah my thought too, but does not seem to be working for me20:25
sgclarkwoohoooo I got a yakkety image building20:26
* sgclark pats herself on the back20:26
sgclarkyes for the CI20:26
sgclarkubuntu has not released one so I had to craft one myself20:26
sgclarkso yakkety ci builds inc shortly :)20:27
sgclarkyofel: I forked pangea tooling: https://github.com/ScarlettGatelyClark/pangea-tooling I can add you I think?20:28
yofelyou can add people to github branches?20:29
soeeahoneybun: at this UOS was "Initial Planning For Ubuntu 16.10 Today At UOS" 20:29
sgclarkI don't know much about github. but if you want access I guess we will sort it out when the time comes20:31
sgclarkoh missing packages20:32
yofelwe could make a kubuntu-org project or so I guess20:32
sgclarkyofel: yes good idea20:32
* sgclark looks for where it is grabbing package list20:33
yofelsometimes I really love developer.ubuntu.com, very useful:20:35
yofelsudo apt install snappy-tools -> E: Unable to locate package snappy-tools20:35
yofelso much for that idea20:35
sgclarkyeah the docs are terrible20:35
sgclarkI was messing about with it but every corner ended in failure haha20:35
yofel!info snappy20:41
ubottusnappy (source: snappy-player): Powerful media player with a minimalistic interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.7-1.1 (wily), package size 57 kB, installed size 184 kB20:41
yofelI think there's a slight namespace issue :D20:41
clivejowill someone update that bot to default to xenial :P20:46
yofelI wonder who can do that again..20:46
clivejoyofel: did you rename plasma-discover?20:47
clivejook, Ill do it manually20:47
yofel!info snappy20:50
ubottusnappy (source: snappy-player): Powerful media player with a minimalistic interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.3.7-1.1 (yakkety), package size 57 kB, installed size 184 kB20:50
yofelthere we go20:50
sgclarkmedia player?20:50
clivejoshould it be yakkety yet?20:50
yofelthis is the devel channel20:50
clivejocurrent is xenial20:50
yofelyou can still query xenial if you need20:51
N3X15The kubuntu-ci/stable PPA makes reference of a kubuntu-ci/stable-daily PPA, which is inaccessible to the public.  Any reason for that?  (I'm aware PPAs are unsupported, but since it looks official, I figured I would ask)21:02
yofelah, thanks for spotting that21:03
yofelstable-daily was disabled, that's why it complains21:03
N3X15Ah, okay.  The stable PPA says that the stable-daily is preferable.21:03
yofelhm, the reference is gone already, so someone else fixed it21:04
yofelby idea it is, but the QA step that fills the daily ppa is currently broken and will take a while to fix, so for now it's gone21:05
N3X15Okay.  Well, thanks for getting me straightened out. 21:05
* yofel removed the hint21:05
yofelN3X15: if you are looking for xenial based kde upstream snapshots you might want to look at KDE Neon21:07
N3X15Yeah, I might end up trying that, but I'm in the middle of a complex project on the VM in question21:07
N3X15Don't feel like rebuilding it at the moment.21:08
yofelok, then maybe not, right ^^21:08
clivejoyofel: 21:10
clivejoplasma-discover seems to still have yakkety branch based on master?21:11
yofelI guess nobody fixed that21:11
clivejowhat should I do?21:11
yofelmerge the xenial branch in21:12
clivejook thats totally broke the changelog21:16
clivejocan I remove yakkety branch and recreate it from xenial_archive?21:17
sgclarkjust fix the changelog lol21:17
sgclarkit is the same as debain merge21:17
clivejonot really21:18
sgclarkI just finished hundreds of debian merges. I have zero sympathy!21:18
clivejomaybe it didnt21:19
clivejodid we just take debian packaging for that?21:20
clivejoI was expecting sgclark on the changelog21:20
yofelyes we did21:21
clivejothat explains it21:21
yofeland ximion did the merge, so that's correct21:21
N3X15Amazing how the ci/stable runs a lot better than the xenial repo.  Plasma stopped crashing and themes work.21:24
yofelhm, him throwing away the changelog wasn't though, but that's not really worth fixing, we have the git history if we need it21:24
clivejoyofel: huh?21:24
yofelclivejo: just nvm21:24
* clivejo nvm's21:27
clivejoyofel: Ive uploaded most of the Not in PPA packages, but they arent appearing on the status page21:30
clivejokhotkeys is there21:30
clivejofinished 48mins ago and is published, but not appearing on the status page21:31
yofelclivejo: look at the Series field on the build page21:32
* clivejo kicks himself21:33
clivejogit-buildpackage-ppa needs a bump :P21:35
clivejothese should be setting in a config file or something21:35
clivejonot hardcoded into the scripts21:36
yofelI would really expect that to be in distro info, but it's not21:36
* ahoneybun wonders if anyone else is losing kickoff favorites 21:37
yofelnot "loosing" at least21:37
ahoneybunkeeps defaulting to "Google Chrome, System Settings, Kate, Dolphin:"21:38
valorieweird for the first one21:39
valoriewas that ever *your* favs, ahoneybun?21:39
ahoneybunyea I know21:39
ahoneybunI know it was not the default from 15.1021:39
* soee is going to watch GoT s6e2 and wonders who dies this time ... :)21:40
ahoneybunclivejo still around?21:40
* ahoneybun thinks of clean install 21:40
ahoneybunhow do I backup the gpg secret key21:40
clivejoI use kleopatra21:40
clivejoor what ever it is21:40
clivejoor gpg --export-secret-key -a "User Name" > private.key21:41
yofelahoneybun: there is an --export-secret-key option or so if you want to do that, or just back up ~/.gnupg21:41
clivejobut keep it very safe!21:41
ahoneybunkleparta has a export secret key option21:41
ahoneybunthat's not a problem21:42
* ahoneybun has Ubuntu GNOME 16.04 on a USB 21:44
clivejokeep your key on a small USB or SD card21:45
clivejoso its backed up offline21:46
clivejoI made a super 4096 bit one21:46
clivejoand using my kubuntu.org email :)21:48
clivejofinally :P21:49
valorieI wonder what email my key is21:49
valoriehave to look at that stuff again once birthday/mother's day week is over, now that my dad seems a bit more stable21:50
valorieaka going downhill still, but more slowly21:50
clivejoalso moved my email to gmail21:51
clivejobut not going well cause I dont understand labels and filters and stuff21:51
* ahoneybun loves those 21:52
valorieyou'll get it -- they work well once you get them set as you like21:52
clivejohow do I label email currently in my inbox?21:52
valoriethere will be a line "apply to all mail that matches this search"?21:52
valoriesay yes21:53
valoriehaunt your spam folder for awhile too21:53
valorieit's pretty darn good, but still occasionally snags a good mail21:53
valorieremember to mark it Not Spam21:54
ahoneybungrabs Wells Fargo every so ofter21:54
clivejoyofel: so whats up with user-manager https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma/+build/968559221:57
yofelgood question actually..22:04
geniiI'm getting some oddness with scrollbars... some apps, clicking on bottom of it moves the content down a page at a time ( what I'd expect it to do), but on others, it moves to that exact position in the document 22:26
* ahoneybun wonders how hard it would be to package Franz 22:47
clivejowhats that?22:49
ahoneybun16 messaging services in one app22:51
clivejoI really need to go through my CD/DVD collection22:52
clivejoWindows XP with ingreated SP222:52
=== Guest78380 is now known as adrian
clivejohummm why cant I copy a package via the web UI?23:12
clivejoI need the 5.21 ECM for kwallet-pam to build23:14
clivejosgclark: any ETA on when they be done?23:17
sgclarkclivejo: ECM is perfectly fine23:20
sgclarkall the green ones are fine23:20
clivejoI cant seem to copy it over to plasma PPA23:20
sgclarkI don't know what that has has to do with my packaging23:21
clivejojust wondered when it would be ready for upload23:22
clivejook thats weird!23:24
clivejoin firefox the checkboxs arent being displayed - https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-frameworks/+copy-packages23:24
clivejobut in chrome they are fine23:25
clivejoI think its time for me to dump FF23:25
clivejosgclark: any luck on docker?23:27
sgclarkthat is what I am killing myself trying to do...23:27
* sgclark mutters something about being only one person23:27
sgclarkomg lost another day23:31
sgclarkgit-clone-all working now, thanks whomever fixed it23:34
* clivejo remembers opera being a fast decent browser23:34
clivejoyofel fixed it23:34
clivejowow opera is MUCH faster23:42
clivejoooo thats pretty!23:49

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