RodJLinuxOK, thanks.00:00
RodJLinuxI see you Shab ... didn't take you long to find the channel.00:00
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Guest86343I have two (slightly different) 500G disks, how can I set them up to be a 1T /home?02:15
N3X15did anyone test KDE's theming before deploying 16.04?  Because it's completely broken  in Virtualbox.02:33
N3X15Selecting Breeze Dark gets you either white text on white background, or the desired theme but with a white-on-white taskbar.02:34
N3X15Standard breeze is the same but with dark-on-dark.02:34
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N3X15Trying to fix the colors manually just caused plasma to crash, this is absolutely incredible.02:37
user|41689hallo every one can you help me?03:08
user|41689how change background kubuntu 16.04 as default? where is folder03:09
Zrenchange background?03:09
pasjrwoctxright click on waqllpapper and click on desktop settings03:10
user|41689i try remastering kubuntu03:10
pasjrwoctxuser|41689 did you find it?03:11
user|41689not found03:11
pasjrwoctxgo to just the desktop where you see the wallpaper on your screen, right click then the last menu option is desktop settings. click on that03:12
pasjrwoctxor try Alt+D , Altd+S03:13
user|41689i cannot found in /usr/share/kubuntu-default-settings/03:15
user|41689are you have refer link?03:16
user|41689thank Zren, but i want change background permanently03:19
user|41689are you have idea03:20
Angel1604ltsexcuse me I would ask if in kubuntu 16.04  I7-3632QM the Intel Core processor (4x2.2GHz) and supported well?04:04
valorieI have an intel core i7 on this laptop, and I don't have to do anything extra04:05
valorieJust Works04:05
Angel1604ltsvalorie, It is but the fan of my laptop nn never stops, and this normal?04:09
valoriehmmm, no, that isn't normal04:13
valorieyou can see what is making it work by hitting control + escape04:14
valoriewhich brings up system activity04:14
valoriemy CPU use varies between 4 - 10%04:15
Angel1604ltsvalorie,  http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/16198589/  this my tem.04:17
valoriehttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/16198606/ mine04:19
valoriethis is not my area of expertise04:19
Angel1604ltsthanks valorie04:20
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lolovphi there! Someone can help me?04:56
Guest72602I've got a partition I want to mount for hosting VMs accesible to all users. What's the best mount point?04:56
Guest72602lolovp what do you need help with?04:57
lolovpHi, I'm new with Linux. I've never had before04:57
lolovpSo, to start04:57
Guest72602Have you installed it yet?04:58
lolovpNo, I can't. UNetbootin stops at 5%04:58
Guest72602you're currently on windows?04:58
Guest72602try using Rufus instead of unetbootin04:59
lolovpBut I want to install it in another PC04:59
Guest72602unetbooting kinda sucked for me.04:59
lolovpWhat can you tell me about persistence?05:00
goddardwhat is a good konsole music player?05:00
lolovpIs like you have 0 to 4gb to use but once you shut down your PC it's all gone?05:01
Guest72602a persistence file is for if you'd like to save changes you make to a Live system between boots05:01
Guest72602goddard mpd05:01
Guest72602mpd can be used as a backend to many other media players05:02
goddardGuest72602: so i can play a song and look things up by album?05:02
Guest72602you'd use MPD along with a client of your choice to play your music05:04
Guest72602most likely mpc or ncmpc05:04
Guest72602use "sudo apt-get install" instead of "sudo pacman -S".05:05
Guest72602lolovp: is rufus working for you?05:05
lolovpno problems at all05:06
Guest72602once you have linux installed, you can use dd instead05:06
lolovpis the iso file but for linux?05:07
lolovpi don't know ANYTHING about linux05:07
lolovpI'll learn on the way05:07
goddardGuest72602: oh im just trying to play music05:07
goddardin the terminal05:07
goddardGuest72602: tried cmus but it doesn't even play music05:07
Guest72602vlc has a command line player05:09
Guest72602you may have to read the man page05:09
Guest72602e.g., man cmus05:09
JMichaelXanyone else having issues with Kubuntu 16.04 not seeing network printers?05:32
valorieJMichaelX: I see ours in 16.0405:34
valoriejust checked05:34
JMichaelXvalorie: ok, ty. not sure why it is not working here05:35
valorieI've not done anything special05:36
hateballJMichaelX: How are yours shared?05:37
hateballJMichaelX: Are they shared via CUPS, straight up IP, over samba etc?05:37
hateballI think I saw someone having other issues with samba, is why I ask05:38
JMichaelXhateball: i just configured a headless raspberry pi as a print server, using cups05:38
JMichaelXanother raspberry pi on my desk began seeing the networked printer right away, but my kubuntu desktop does not05:39
hateballJMichaelX: do you have cups-browsed installed?05:41
hateball(you should by default)05:41
JMichaelXyes, it is installed05:42
JMichaelXi just grabbed a netbook, running lubuntu 14.04, and it also picked up the network printer05:43
SparkMasterTapeWhat folder do I put fonts I have downloaded in to be globally accessible ?05:44
SparkMasterTapeWhen I double click the font , there is no option to install it , it just wants to know what program I would like to use to handle it05:45
hateballSparkMasterTape: Use the fonts installer gui, lets you pick user or system05:46
hateballSparkMasterTape: "/usr/bin/kcmshell5 fontinst"05:46
hateballJMichaelX: havent disabled avahi or something?05:47
SparkMasterTapethank you05:47
JMichaelXhateball: not as far as i know05:48
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JMichaelXps ax shows the avahi daemon is running05:50
hateballhmmm, aint got a cups-server here to test with atm sadly05:51
lolovpHi there, I'm looking for Intellinet 525152 drivers. Anyone can help me out?05:52
JMichaelXi just tried to add the printer manually in Kubuntu, and my attempt to print a test page resulted in 'filter failed'05:54
JMichaelXbut i am able to print from LXDE on both a rapberry pi, and lubuntu netbook05:55
hateballwell, it's possible it suggested the wrong driver, in case you got several options05:56
DontShootMe_hello, i have Firefox 46 on Kubuntu and all my toolTips are black on black background, how can i change it, i have tested on Kate and all seem ok !06:03
mrabhi can sum1 explain to me why ubuntu package freezes and why is kde-neon launched?06:05
valoriemrabhi: is that one question?06:05
valoriemy kubuntu doesn't freeze06:06
mrabhivalorie, you have rolling release?06:06
valorie2 releases per year06:06
valoriea long-term support release every other year06:07
mrabhiisn't kubuntu update cycle same as ubuntu06:07
valorieyes, we all release together, because we are a part of Ubuntu06:08
ubottuUbuntu releases a new version every 6 months. Each version is supported for 9 months (non-LTS) or 5 years (LTS). More info at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases & http://wiki.ubuntu.com/TimeBasedReleases06:08
hateballDontShootMe_: change the GTK theme (firefox is GTK, Kate is QT)06:09
hateballDontShootMe_: Firefox 46 switched to GTK3 from GTK2, so theme changed06:10
DontShootMe_hateball: where can I do that ? how to ?06:10
mrabhiI want to do a fresh-install of kde-neon on kubuntu 16.0406:11
mrabhiwhat is ideal way to proceed06:11
DontShootMe_hateball: can you give me an application which use GTK3 to check and verify ?06:12
hateballDontShootMe_: open system settings, "application style" or some such06:12
valorieyou should ask in #kde-neon06:12
valorieit's not supported here, mrabhi06:12
hateballDontShootMe_: I don't know of any other than Firefox, which I do not usually use either06:12
hateballDontShootMe_: anyhow, you should have a setting for GTK theme there somewhere....06:12
hateballI don't run english locale so my directions might be off06:12
DontShootMe_hateball: i run french locale06:14
hateballDontShootMe_: right, well it's under the "appearance" stuff anyhow. There's not too much to choose from so you should find it06:16
hateballDontShootMe_: you can also run "LC_ALL=C /usr/bin/systemsettings5" to get the dialog in english. click application style and then gtk style.06:18
DontShootMe_hateball: got it ! now i have to find a good theme replacement for the oxygen-gtk06:34
hateballDontShootMe_: :)06:34
DontShootMe_hateball: thank you for your help !06:34
hateballDontShootMe_: you're welcome06:34
stapperI'm thinking of switching to kubuntu, how stable is it and does it still have the Amazon data mining?06:39
valorieno data mining, ever06:40
valorieand stable for me06:40
stapperthat's a godd start, it's fully switched to systemd and all it's tentecales(journalctl,...) right?06:41
hateballFor the most part yes06:42
stapperdid it break last week? I'm/was running Debian with KDE and for some reasong networkmanager was unable to connect to wpa2 networks after an update, did you have the same issue?06:43
hateballWorks well for me, WPA2 with radius auth etc06:47
stapperI'm now messing around with Gentoo, but it's a lot of work, id I don't have it setup by Thursday I'm going to use Kubuntu, I think06:49
AciD`hey, how come dolphin cannot open folders with accentuated names when accessing them through ssh (fish)?06:51
AciD`this in new since 15.10 btw06:51
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Smurphyanyone knows a nice software to make screen anotations for plasma 5.5+ ? like kaption back in time ?08:35
hateballSmurphy: so a screenshot tool with extra features?08:40
hateballI don't know of any, I just send scrots straight to gimp or krita and do that stuff there08:40
Smurphyhateball: actually - no.08:52
SmurphyI am doing some video-recordings for work - and as I'm the only dude working under linux, I don't have all the 1K licenses of Windows crap they use in my company.08:52
SmurphyWhile in the Video recording, I need to point out some things etc. - and that's what I need it for.08:53
hateballSmurphy: oh for video there's OBS Studio08:53
hateballtho I dunno if it has annotations and stuff08:53
SmurphyIT is while doing the recording I'd like to do that.08:54
SmurphyKaption on KDE 4.x was quite good.08:55
alain__Goog morning every body, I'm French, I've have a little problem to translate my system Kubuntu 16.04 in my own language. His there anybody who 'd be gentle to help me ?09:43
alain__As name of the paquet, french paquet of course, thanks a lot !09:43
hateball!fr | alain__09:44
ubottualain__: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.09:44
hateballalain__: That said, all you need is to install a few language-packs09:45
alain__yes, which one ? that is the question !09:45
hateballalain__: sudo apt-get install language-pack-fr09:45
hateballalain__: And if you open up System settings, you have a "Regional settings" you may need to change.09:48
alain__ok, I'm working on it, all be back very soon to tell you more about it09:48
alain__ok, that wasn't install by default. Thank you, have a nice day !09:51
pblanglanguage fr is not ok for alain__ :(09:59
pblanghateball: another idee ?09:59
alain__Thanks hateball, that's was a great idea, but it seems not to be enough to solve my problem.10:05
alain__Is there anybody you can make me change my system language to my own one ? French !10:06
alain__It seems that my paquet kde-l10n-fr wasn't install yet.10:08
alain__I'm on it !10:08
hateballalain__: you also need to go into regional settings and set the correct country10:11
pblanghateball: where ?10:11
hateballpblang: Go into System settings, there is a "Regional settings" thing10:12
hateballpblang: There you can set prefered language and also country10:12
pblanghateball: not in the kubuntu 16.04 ... :/10:12
hateballpblang: It's under "personal info10:12
hateballpblang: I can screenshot if it helps :o10:13
hateballPersonalization seems to be the category10:13
hateballpblang: http://i.imgur.com/0IdeVM1.png10:15
pblanghateball: this is not present in kubuntu 16.04 ...10:15
hateballpblang: I am currently sitting here, in 16.04 so I am pretty sure it is10:16
hateballpblang: run "systemsettings5" in a terminal to get that10:16
pblangwtf ...10:16
pblanghateball: ... it is ok whit kde-l10n-fr ...10:18
pblangfucking language systeme seting ... :(10:18
pblanghateball: tank you for your help ...10:21
hateballpblang: It's working like you want it now?10:21
pblangyes ...10:22
pblangit is ok for me10:22
pblangso good-by everybody10:23
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BluesKajHey folks11:16
telegram<@Sick_Rimmit>: Hiya BlueKaj11:17
BluesKajHi Sick_Rimmit11:19
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AwayFromWindowsHi. I am running Kubuntu 16.04, fully updated. I had screen edges configured in such a way that KWin's Present Windows action gets triggered for certain screen corners. This configuration used to work until yesterday. What I can tell so far is that screen edges still trigger actions, but not Present Windows. Present Windows does not run anymore, even when explicitly called via keyboard shortcut. When I log in as a12:37
AwayFromWindowsfreshly created user, everything is fine. How can I isolate the issue without completely throwing away all of my desktop settings? Thank you.12:37
AwayFromWindowstail -f /var/log/syslog does not show anything at all12:37
AwayFromWindowsthat is, it does not say anything when I try to invoke Present Windows12:38
hateballAwayFromWindows: have you tried disabling the effect and enabling it again?13:01
AwayFromWindows@hateball: Yes, I have, but to no avail. I've also just found out that if I run "kwin --replace" in a terminal, everyhing works just fine in a new instance. However, if I close it then I am back at square one.13:04
hateballAwayFromWindows: Oh, so that sounds more like kwin doesnt start with your session13:04
hateballAwayFromWindows: you can run "kwin --replace &" and then press enter and type "exit" in the terminal. That should detach it and keep it running13:05
hateballAwayFromWindows: run "/usr/bin/kcmshell5 componentchooser" and make sure kwin is selected as windowmanager13:07
AwayFromWindowsYes, but I cannot help but wonder why. I mean, rebooting does not help either.13:07
AwayFromWindowsok, will try it right away13:07
AwayFromWindowswell, it says use default KDE window manager (KWin)13:09
hateballhmmm, that should work then....13:09
hateballAwayFromWindows: for kicks, you could try picking a different wm and set it to "kwin --replace"13:10
AwayFromWindowsyes, that's the weird part: kwin does start upon reboot and everything seems to be working just fine apart from the present windows function13:10
AwayFromWindowsdo yo mean install another wm at first and then switch back and forth?13:11
AwayFromWindowswhat makes things worse is that a fresh user does not have any problems at all13:11
hateballAwayFromWindows: oh I see now it works by autodetect... used to be you could manually enter what wm to use13:12
AwayFromWindowsthat's why I thought I could simply isolate let's say the bit that controls this function in the KWin config file and apply it back to my user13:12
hateballAwayFromWindows: Well, #kde or #plasma probably know more about this specific thing13:12
hateballIt sounds strange if other kwin things work as expected13:13
AwayFromWindowsYes, I think they could perhaps elaborate on the option of isolating this particular function. Anyway, many thanks for your help and time!13:14
AceKingHas anyone else been having a problem navigating when trying to save a file in Firefox? It's happening on all my computers.14:06
pat_rickdoes anyone happen to know when the kubuntu backboards ppa will receive updates for xenial14:29
pat_rickspecifically for plasma 5.6?14:29
soeepat_rick: hiho14:42
soeethere is not eta. devs are finishing migration to launchapd and adjusting CI to work with it14:43
soeeand builds first will be for YY than backported to Xenial14:43
pat_ricksoee: I see, thanks for the info14:47
pat_rickis there another way to upgrade KDE to 5.6?14:48
pat_rickbecause, let's face it, 5.5 is still rather buggy14:48
pat_rickand while 5.6 has probably bugs as well, it seems as if at least some of those that I encountered here on xenial might have been fixed14:48
soeepat_rick: you would have to compile it, or try Neon, but i suggest to wait 2-3 weeks and it shoudl be in Xenial i think14:49
pat_rickah, ok, 2-3 weeks is fine14:49
pat_ricki was afraid it could be something like 2-3 months14:50
soeenah in 3 months we will have Plasma 5.7 ;D14:50
pat_ricklooking forward to it14:51
pat_rickok, have to get some things done14:52
pat_ricklater people14:52
marco-parilloAceKing: My only problem saving files in FireFox is that it does not use kdialog15:02
marco-parilloChromium will, certainly if you install rekonq first; there may be other ways to make it use kdialog.15:03
chuck__hey guys, can someone recommend me a VM Software to run run windows 10 under kubuntu?15:11
chuck__kereltis: Would I download the Ubuntu 16.04 file then?15:12
chuck__kereltis: Thank you!15:14
kereltisNo worries. Win 10 runs pretty well with Virtualbox for everyday tasks.15:15
chuck__kereltis: It's an older Laptop that I formerly used with Win 7 but for performance reasons I switched to kubuntu. I'll just need it to run MS Office. Would you recommend Win 10 over Win 7 for a VM? Not sure if I have another Win 10 key. Win 8.1 maybe15:16
kereltisI've only had a quick look at Win10 but as far as I know it's much lighter than Win7 so should run better in a vm15:18
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user|8417My pc has 1.7 gb ram should i install kubuntu 16.04?16:51
user|8417Sry actually its 1.47 gb16:51
user|8417Will u pls tell me how much ram kubuntu consumes at idle16:53
antivirgearEvery Windowborder disappeared and I cant close, maximize, minimize any window... again...17:08
antivirgearalso all/most programms are missing in the taskbar17:08
antivirgearWhat's wrong with Kubuntu... Bugs and Glitches everywhere ... and most of them just random...17:17
chuck__openjdk-8-jre is already the newest version (8u77-b03-3ubuntu3).17:21
soeeantivirgear: maybe some kwin issues17:21
soeeantivirgear: are you on 16.04 ?17:22
chuck__However when I try to open a jar file nothing happens. I see a tab opening that says starting java openjdk and then nothing happens17:22
chuck__Can someone help?17:22
antivirgearsoee: kwin seems to crash somehow... it's now running from terminal but if I close it, kwin also disapperas and yes, 16.04 LTS17:25
pat_rickantivirgear: I have a lot of small issues with KDE 5.x as well, though at least nothing major - just little annoyances that add up over time17:31
pat_rickI'm afraid KDE 5.x is not yet really ready for prime time17:31
pat_rickchuck__: maybe your java file requires a different java version?17:35
pat_rickchuck__: i.e. some compatibility issue17:36
chuck__pat_rick: The File requires 8u4017:37
pat_rickit's possible that it requires Oracle Java as opposed to OpenJDK17:38
chuck__pat_rick: How can I install that? I didnt find anything in discover17:42
pat_rickit's not in the official repos17:42
pat_rickbut you can find many tutorials on the net17:42
chuck__I will check that out, thank you!17:42
pat_rickafaik it's also included in the webupd8 ppa, which should be trustworthy17:43
chuck__I'm new to linux. So I need to add the ppa and then find out what command installs java, right?+17:46
pat_rickchuck__: maybe this helps http://askubuntu.com/questions/521145/how-to-install-oracle-java-on-ubuntu-14-04#52115417:48
pat_ricknow, that's assuming webupd8 ppa has already been updated to xenial, but I think it should17:49
BluesKaj_chuck__, install muon, it's much more comprehensive package manager than muon-discover, it's older and more mature.17:49
pat_rickBluesKaj_: it still won't help him install oracle java, though17:50
pat_rickthat is assuming Oracle Java is the answer to his problem, of course17:51
pat_rickBut installing muon is anyway a good idea17:51
BluesKaj_if it's available in the repos, the berkley edition?17:51
chuck__I'm following patricks link right now17:51
chuck__I just need java for this one programm (it's an excersise application for my college)17:52
BluesKaj_chuck, ok , specialist stuff17:53
chuck__Ah okay, but muon seems like a good idea anyway17:53
BluesKaj_yes , it has more packages listed17:53
BluesKaj_a good reference for packages and dependencies etc17:53
chuck__I'll wait for java to install and then install muon17:54
pat_rickchuck__: hope that helps17:54
chuck__pat_rick: If not I'll install java in my win 7 VM17:55
pat_rickchuck__: btw. I saw your earlier question but you had already left: it might also work to install Office with playonlinux/wine17:55
pat_rickI had done that, too, for some time. worked well enough17:55
pat_rickis sometimes more convenient than the VM approach17:56
chuck__pat_rick: Thanks! I did some research earlier and was under the impression that this wouldn't be the nices solution and a VM should be preferred17:57
pat_rickchuck__: it probably depends on the version of Office17:58
chuck__pat_rick: 2013 or 201617:58
pat_rickit worked quite well for mine, but ultimately you have to experiment a bit ;)17:59
chuck__My desktop runs windows 10, so if I really needed office / windows features for a longer time I'd just remote into that when I finally get wake on lan to run18:00
chuck__but thanks for the tip! And thank you for your help with java, with oracle it runs :)18:00
chuck__Now I can learn statistics, yeah ;)18:00
pat_rickgreat, have fun with it ;)18:00
chuck__thanks :-P18:02
avkutyrevHi everyone! Can anybody tell me, is it normal that my network interfaces eth0 and eth1 are named enp1s0 and enp2s6?18:46
avkutyrevI made clear install. Kubuntu 16.0418:47
AciD`avkutyrev -> yep18:47
avkutyrevIs this the feature of 16.04? In 15/04 it was eth18:47
avkutyrevIs this the feature of 16.04? In 15.04 it was eth18:48
marco-parilloIt might be a SystemD thing.18:53
rattkingit is a systemd/udev thing.. its called "Predictable Network Interface Names"18:54
chuck__Baloon File Extractor is eating up almost 100% usage. Can someone help?18:59
Iskierka... okay, this 16.04 adventure just keeps getting stranger and stranger. Just tried to clean install to get it working, restarted from liveusb, now I'm getting tty spammed with driver errors instead of a restart19:18
chucksssOh I feel stupid now. I installed Win 7 in a VM. I guess baloo just indexed the new files. Turning off File Search in Sys Settings and logging back in resolved the issue :)19:18
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soeeIskierka: after install ?19:31
IskierkaWhile still on the liveusb, clicked restart to try boot to the disk and see if it worked, but got error spam instead of restart19:32
Iskierkabut I can actually log in to this install so that's an improvement19:32
soeeIskierka: ok, good to hear it worked in the end :)19:35
Iskierkanot necessarily since I've not yet made it use my old /home which I think may have been he problem19:36
Iskierkaaaand nope, it still hates my old home folder and doesn't spit out any error that can be found. Even after copying a fresh home folder over the top to hopefully wipe over any bugged config files19:42
Iskierkaso looks like I just flat-out can't use my old /home folder no matter how many maybe-system-affecting configs I delete or copy settings from a working /home, so ... guess I'm not gonna be using 16.04 if it's not gonna give a useful error anywhere20:04
dmattIskierka: just logged in and your description looks like instance of https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kubuntu-meta/+bug/157156420:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1571564 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Unable to install Kubuntu 16.04" [Critical,Confirmed]20:04
IskierkaIt installed fine and if I use a new home folder it can login and be used20:05
Iskierkabut the old one just causes it to give up, even using openbox instead of plasma20:05
dmattwhat system was on old home before?20:05
Iskierka15.10. Did dist-upgrade to 16.04, got this same problem, assumed it was a failed upgrade. Fresh install with same home indicates no, 16.04 just hates me altogether20:06
dmattIskierka: would you like to retain settings or just data?20:07
IskierkaI'd like to retain settings for programs and such with how much trouble I had getting samba and znc working but those might be lost causes20:08
IskierkaI've already given up on any obviously kubuntu settings in trying to get it to not fail on load, but the fact it fails in openbox suggests it's something more than just the obvious20:09
dmattIskierka: if you do not care about settings, you can owerwrite all folders starting with dot (like .kde, .local ) with the version from clean install20:10
dmattIskierka:  maybe do backup first20:11
IskierkaI already did that, not just with the hidden folders but all from a clean working /home20:11
Iskierkahasn't changed a thing20:11
dmattIskierka: are you sure you mounted home properly, start in recovery mode only to root and check what is available20:12
Iskierkatty works and ls from ~ lists every file and folder I expect20:13
dmattIskierka: i suspect old /home setting are messed from upgrade20:17
dmattIskierka: upgrades often fails if user hass ppa repositories enabled20:17
IskierkaI've deleted every setting I can find and it still fails.20:18
Iskierkaand this isn't an upgrade, this is now a clean install using the same home. Besides which the upgrade worked, just the /home doesn't20:18
dmattIskierka: what about copying only data to new /home ?20:19
IskierkaHaven't tried as that gets rather complicated since steam and hexchat and such do store data in . folders20:20
Iskierkawould have to parse through everything20:20
dmattIskierka: could you try create new user?20:21
viewer|52827Hi everyone20:22
viewer|52827I tried to upgrade to 16.04 but kubuntu doesn't start20:22
viewer|52827any idea? installation of ubuntu-desktop started gui20:22
Iskierkadmatt, looks like it may not be necessary, since a silly random theory appears to have worked20:23
dmattIskierka: and what was it?20:23
Iskierkasudo chmod katherine -Rf ~, reboot, and now I can login. Apparently dist-upgrade managed to get screwed up on permissions of /home?20:23
IskierkaNow just need to go through and fix all the lost settings. Thanks for trying to help at least20:24
dmattIskierka: that is why I asked if it is mounted correctly20:24
IskierkaI mounted it the same way as I had last time I did a clean install which had worked fine, and it was mounting (presumably) the same way after dist-upgrade when 15.10 had been fine with it20:25
dmattIskierka: ok, good luck with the rest of it20:26
dmattviewer|52827: if you use non english language, maybe you hit bug 157156420:27
ubottubug 1571564 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Unable to install Kubuntu 16.04" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157156420:27
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Alfre2Hi, I have a question. Can you get me, how to install/enable silverligth in ubuntu 16.04?20:41
AciD`$uptime : 10:46:29 up  1:36,  4 users,  load average: 1.82, 2.07, 2.05. What did you do Kubuntu? What did you do using a buggy kwin/plasma version for default? :(20:48
ubottuFor Microsoft Silverlight support, install Moonlight with the following command: « sudo apt-get install moonlight-plugin-mozilla » in a terminal.20:48
AciD`previous load with the same applications open : 0.82, 0.52, 0.46...20:48
soeeAlfre2: but i think Moonlight is not maintained anymore and basically it is suggested to just don't use it20:48
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Alfre2Thanks for yours support20:51
genii!info pipelight20:51
ubottuPackage pipelight does not exist in xenial20:51
dmattbtw, does knetwalk game work for you guys in 16.04? I have segmentation fault.20:53
N3X15The kubuntu-ci/stable PPA makes reference of a kubuntu-ci/stable-daily PPA, which is inaccessible to the public.  Any reason for that?  (I'm aware PPAs are unsupported, but since it looks official, I figured I would ask)20:58
dmattN3X15: that is probaly question to #kubuntu-devel21:01
N3X15Okay, I'll go poke them.21:01
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Frizzankoanyone care to help me get the new kde plasma on my kubuntu 16.04? i'm pretty dang new, and i've been looking online  for a solution but i guess using a ppa is out of my range?23:07
telegram<@athoneycutt>: The backport ppa has not been updated yet23:32
telegram<@athoneycutt>: Once we get 5.6 on 16.10 then we backport to 16.0423:33
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