JoernSmoin agaida19:18
phillwhiyas JoernS and agaida19:24
phillwo/xwl :)19:24
phillwwxl !!!19:24
JoernSgood night!19:33
phillwooh net split19:46
agaidahi - i don't know how you see these things - but opinions are welcome: https://github.com/lxde/lxqt/issues/104319:53
* agaida think - and this would be cool, only english in the packages for both debian and ubuntu, no need for translators - save us a lot of work20:07
phillwagaida: this passed my email today from lxde mailing list.. http://paste.ubuntu.com/16208382/20:09
agaidathat means exactly that the release tar balls will have no translations in it20:10
agaidaso the resulting language in all packages will be only english20:11
agaidaand no, i'm not joking20:11
agaidait's a shame that the most programmers have no packaging experience or do not care of downstream needs20:12
agaidaand i can repeat myself - pulling in translations at build time on in a build chroot is a no go20:13
phillwagaida: I did mention this to jleclanche and or LStranger recently, I know lxde have things under way, so may be ask on #lxde as to their current thinking?20:13
agaidai think that LStanger like an external decoupled translation process - thats why he is not happy with the current translation situation and the state of pootle20:15
agaidaand l like a translation process in that way too - but the resulting translations have to be a part of the repository and a release tar ball20:17
phillwagaida: yeah, you chatted to jleclanche the other day20:17
agaidaimnsho deleting translations from the repo is one step to far, its simply nuts20:18
wxlwait, what?20:27
tewardoops wrong channel sorry20:28
wxlah ha!20:28
wxlso i'm not the only one20:28
ianorlinteward no it was not the wrong questoin mark really20:28
tewardianorlin: for me it was20:28
ianorlinwell ? makes sense as a response to what agaida posted earlier20:29
tewardianorlin: coincidental then20:30
wxlianorlin: i *THINK* they're discussing something that relates pretty much exclusively to upstream lxqt, though it might have some downstream effect.20:30
ianorlinyes I understand20:31
agaidawxl: we in that case are downstream, i wear may debian hat20:31
wxlagaida: the ultimate question is how it relates to the development of lubuntu, which is of course, the topic of this channel, so—20:32
agaidai guess it should not harm LXDE - but hey, nice to know that you are not interested in LXQt any longer :)20:33
wxlthat seems like a strange conclusion20:33
tewardi wouldn't have jumped to that conclusion, agaida, AFAIK they're still interested in LXQt :P20:33
agaidaso - it relates to lubuntu development20:33
agaidateward: oops - i forget the <sarcasm> tags20:34
tewardagaida: sorry, my Sarcasm plugins are disabled - they ended up segfaulting a while ago when the evil drama of some non-*buntu stuff broke my brain :P20:35
tewardso :20:35
teward:P *20:35
* wxl sighs20:35
phillwwxl: btw,  in amongst the emails today, did you catch the bit of Julien taking a break? I tried to ping you over the weekend to let you know.20:43
wxlphillw: there was some circular discussion around what might be perceived as such a thing.20:44
phillwokies, yeah ... it came in an email reply from Julien to me regarding lxqt :)20:45
phillwhe didn't indicate the length of time, just needs a break.20:45
=== tsimonq2alt is now known as tsimonq2
ianorlinwxl ok qterminal testcase done22:48
wxlgood job ianorlin !22:59

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