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topiesomeone alive :)06:38
hateballI bet a few are06:39
topiesomeone who has some lirc experiance?06:39
topiei can't make irexec to run at startup. *.desktop file, rc.local, udev, ....   many things tried. Nothing works but manually starting it. ( with is nog the goal when you try to make a remote function )06:41
kelbyanyone avalible to figure why this dosnt work? d-ipreseed/late-command string "in-target wget htp:// -O /etc/apt/sources.list; in-target apt-get --yes -q update; in-target apt-get install --yes lubuntu-desktop"14:01
kelbythe webserver has the fiile in the location listed, and is serving up request, as the same webserver is serving up the installation files14:02
kelbybut that file never gets called14:03
kelbyanyone avalible to figure why this dosnt work? using lubuntu 16.04 and this is my final line of my preseed.cfg for my netboot systems: d-ipreseed/late-command string "in-target wget -O /etc/apt/sources.list"15:16
loolaaHey, can anyone help me? I recently installed Lubuntu onto my laptop and I cannot connect to wifi as there is no network manager applet. Any solutions?16:15
AriMarttiloolaa: install network-manager-gnome16:24
jearauzI am using Lubuntu 16.04 on a Lenovo Thinkpad T60. It works fine, but every time that I log in after the machine goes to sleep I cannot see the cursor. It works, but it goes invisible. Someone knows how to fix it.17:33
lynorianI know a workaround is you can press control alt f1 and then control alt f7 to get the cursor back17:35
jearauzlynorian: I will try that. Thank you!17:40
jearauzAnother question. Do you know why that does happen?17:41
lynoriana bug in intel gpu drivers17:41
jearauzCan I report that bug or someone already did it?17:43
lynorianbug is already reported and has a solution in progresss and has been upstreamed17:54
n-iCe[  973.967962] psmouse serio1: issuing reconnect request17:57
n-iCe[  974.711165] psmouse serio1: synaptics: queried max coordinates: x [..5692], y [..3018]17:57
n-iCeI'm having those issues17:57
n-iCesometimes my mouse stops working17:57
n-iCe[  384.835892] psmouse serio1: TouchPad at isa0060/serio1/input0 lost synchronization, throwing 3 bytes away.17:58
jearauzsomeone can give the link where I can report bug18:08
wxl!bugs | jearauz18:08
ubottujearauz: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.18:08
tewardjearauz: if you are going to report the issue you just stated, that issue is already known, and the issue has been reported to INtel already... there's an 'in progress' state, and it will take time to fix18:09
wxln-iCe: i hate to say this, but that's some weird stuff. it is possible it's a hardware issue. you might try opening it up, cleaning up the connections, etc.18:09
jearauzI just want to know how to report a bug.18:10
wxlteward: with a link to the bug report, jearauz can subscribe to it so he can get updates on when it's fixed.18:10
wxljearauz: then follow the info from ubottu.18:10
wxln-iCe: absolutely. things do break. there's no reason why the connection should be lost. i mean it's possible there's an actual bug but it seems unlikely. you can test with other flavors of the same version to confirm it's not lubuntu specific. you could try other kernels to confirm it's not a bug in linux itself.18:12
tewardwxl: indeed, but if it's upstreamed I don't know the bug link (see scrollback about an hour ago)18:13
wxln-iCe: that's some low level reporting going on. it's not the desktop environment complaining, or even synaptics. that's the kernel having trouble maintaining a connection through the isa bus.18:13
wxlteward: ah, nevermind then :)18:14
tewardwxl: lynorian said it was upstreamed ;)18:14
teward[2016-05-03 13:54:13] <lynorian> bug is already reported and has a solution in progresss and has been upstreamed18:14
wxlteward: than lynorian can provide us the link ;)18:14
teward:)  *18:14
tewardwxl: heheheheh18:14
ubottuFreedesktop bug 94677 in Driver/intel "xorg-server 1.18.2: missing mouse pointer when coming back from screen lock" [Normal,New]18:18
wxlthen here's the link to the downstream bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/156860418:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1568604 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "Mouse cursor lost when unlocking with Intel graphics" [High,Confirmed]18:18
Kamilionfrom the bug, they've already bisected the commit18:18
wxlthe upstream bug is already linked there, so updates there will get added to downstream18:19
wxli.e. jearauz subscribe tyo the downstream one and you're set :)18:19
Kamilionwxl: what makes you say it's through the isa bus? or were you just being generic, meaning the PCIe/PCI/ISA busses in general?18:20
wxlKamilion: isa0060/serio1/input018:20
KamilionI don't see anything in the bug that points at LPC being the... ahhhh.18:20
wxldo note we're talking about two different issues though18:21
Kamilionthat's a synaptics touchpad18:21
KamilionI have that on my thinkpad18:21
wxlTHAT issue has to do with n-iCe losing his mouse18:21
wxlwell, touchpad18:21
Kamilionthe cursor going away18:22
wxlintermittently as i understand it18:22
wxlno, that's a different thing18:22
wxlthat's what i'm saying: two different issues18:22
wxljearauz = intel/mouse cursor thing18:22
wxln-iCe = touchpad stops working intermittently18:22
Kamilionoh, sorry, my mistake18:23
n-iCewxl: is not happening anymore18:23
wxltold you it was intermittent XD18:23
n-iCeit's weird18:23
n-iCecould a update do it?18:23
n-iCewas working fine yesterday18:23
n-iCeI did an update today and noticed it18:23
Kamilionn-iCe: I have weird issues with synaptics touchpads all the time.18:23
wxlif it stops working altogether and does not start working again, then it's likely from an update18:23
wxlif it goes in and out, that's most likely hardware18:24
n-iCewxl: well, all is working I thikn the driver dies or something18:24
n-iCeI need to reboot18:24
Kamilionanything from room humidity to flakey ribbon cable18:24
n-iCehappened two times18:24
n-iCebut is ok now18:24
n-iCeno idea18:24
Kamilionhave you checked the hw?18:24
n-iCeI have no idea how to18:24
wxlthat's what i said18:24
wxlunfortunately laptops aren't fun to get through18:24
wxlbut i'm sure ifixit has a break down18:24
n-iCeis working fine right now18:25
n-iCedmesg shows those message though18:25
wxlit's usually a matter of removing some screws, taking off the keyboard, and there's the ribbon18:25
Kamilionum, generally 'take it apart, wiggle all the connectors and make sure they're solid, put it back together'18:25
n-iCeI think I'm gonna download an Ubuntu live cd and check it.18:25
wxlthat ^18:25
Kamilionn-iCe: I can recommend one.18:25
wxlremember you need to be on the same versions of everything18:25
n-iCeKamilion: what18:25
wxlotherwise you're comparing apples and oranges18:25
Kamilionn-iCe: https://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core/releases/tag/0.9.0-rc118:25
n-iCewhaaaaat's that18:26
Kamilionmy xen+lubuntu ISO spin18:26
Kamilionhttps://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core  <--- I haz lots of tools included, and it exports it's logs if you have a public IP18:26
wxln-iCe: don't worry. he's mostly trustworthy :)18:26
n-iCeis that a linux distro?18:27
Kamilionit's just lubuntu after some edits on the iso18:27
n-iCefor better?18:27
Kamilionremoved the desktop applications and video playback libraries, added a bunch of virtualization tools.18:27
Kamilionand debugging goodies18:27
Kamilionof note, I include sysdig, the whole-system-capture-and-analyse tool18:27
Kamilionnot saying "here, use this", just "I made a cool thing, maybe it's interesting"18:28
Kamilionwxl: I even signed the release with keybase this time *laughs*18:28
n-iCeis it more lightweight?18:29
wxlheheh nice18:29
KamilionNope. Just as lightweight as lubuntu.18:29
KamilionI didn't remove any of the desktop environment components; just the applications (gnumeric is gone, abiword is gone, etc)18:29
wxlnoooooo not abiword!!!! </sarcasm>18:30
Kamilionmore importantly -- I provide the scripts to do so, so 'interested people' can edit my scripts and make their own custom spins too.18:30
Kamilionhttps://github.com/kamilion/kamikazi-core/blob/master/resources/buildscripts/xenial/02-purgelist.synpkg   <--- this is the list of removed applications18:30
Kamilionit takes the 800MB lubuntu iso down to about 550MB18:31
Kamilionthen builds it back up to 800MB again with a different 300MB of packages (yay, QT5!)18:32
Kamilionoh, reminds me -- wxl, I could use some help getting the LXQT packages installed and configured as an alternative session... right now trying to install lxqt takes over the entire lubuntu session and only leaves an openbox fallback18:33
wxlKamilion: there's much discussion right now on what exactly we're supposed to do to get lxqt going so, yeah. as soon as ji figure it ou :)18:34
Kamilionmy builder VM already has a working LXQT18:34
Kamilionstill a couple papercut bugs I know of18:37
Kamilionlike the desktop root window not resizing when the desktop changes resolutions18:37
Kamilionoutside of that; it's been remarkably stable and well behaved... I remember when pcmanfm crashed up a storm several years ago early in it's life18:38
Kamilionnow it's gotten a toolkit-rewrite and still isn't crashy, so *slow clap* good job18:39
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lynorianKamilion, yeah I reported that upstream a while ago19:05
lynorianI got it with like opensuse tumbleweed as well so I upstreamed it19:05
Kamilionthe fail to resize?19:05
Kamilionor actual hw?19:06
lynorianI don't resize much on actual hw19:14
lynorianas you know I want to run full res all the time19:14
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n-iCenew bug, after change the audio ouput I can't turn on or down the volume with the bar icon21:59
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ianorlinn-iCe, have you logged out and logged back in again?22:10
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