pavlushkaMorning Every one!04:45
pavlushkaHello every one!13:21
pavlushkaHeya Kilos !13:21
Kiloshi pavlushka 13:22
pavlushkaSo how is it going? your irc office?13:22
Kilosok so far. been working lots outside today as well13:22
Kilosand must herd sheep back in a moment as well13:23
Kilosi wonder where Ekushey is13:23
Kilosbeen quiet for weeks13:23
pavlushkaKilos, thumbs up!13:23
Kilosty pavlushka 13:24
Kilosill be back later13:24
pavlushkame too, lol13:24
Kilosdidnt even get to sleep this afternoon13:24
pavlushkaI win, yea.....13:24
pavlushkaHello Zaki, Good evening!13:45
zakigood evening. pavlushka :)13:51
zakihow are you doing?13:51
pavlushkadoing fine, was planned to go to Rangpur today to watch BassBaba performing, but failed because none of my acquaintance confirmed:(14:10
zakiu love bassbaba? aurthohin?14:24
zakime too.. \m/14:24
zakiwb pavlushka 14:40
zakiso u love bassbaba? and aurthohin?14:41
pavlushkawill be back later, :)14:41
pavlushkayes, I mean totally, like a Juvenile,  14:41
zakime too. :)14:42
pavlushkatoday, I am in loss zaki, :p14:42
pavlushkabe back later.14:43
zakiwhy? :D 14:43
zakifor missing that concert? :D14:43
pavlushkaBecause I missed the concert.14:43
zakiha ha. :D14:43
zaki i had a photo graph with bassbaba ;)14:44
pavlushkazaki, dont laugh and dont brag , I might find a good reason to challenge you in a duel, grrrr.14:45
zakiand his autograph too..!! 14:46
pavlushkayeah, enjoy, bbl14:46
zaki:D by the way i got in facebook today, when i waked up.14:47
zakisorry! got you*14:47
pavlushkawill be back again later :p15:24
Kiloshi NaSb 17:37
NaSbHello Kilos :)17:38
Kilosi need sleep17:40
Kilosyou be good17:40
NaSbYah ! but simple busy17:43
NaSbany work for me?17:43

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