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Mirvdobey: cjwatson: kenvandine: yeah so it was not just because train packages don't tend to have debian/source, but the train refused to build a source tarball (for some reason) when it was kept, so it was not able to upload the package to PPA. that was the problem before getting to the build/install problems.04:59
Mirvdobey: cjwatson: kenvandine: the first problem might easily be caused by changes in train, and then finally with your finding we'd have the explanation for the second problem..05:00
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Mirvthe sick leave part was technically correct yesterday but it seems unfortunately that it will hold true today again06:24
morphisMirv: ping07:15
morphisrobru: ping07:22
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cjwatsonMirv: the "for some reason" really needs to be investigated in more detail IMO; having debian/source/format should be considered standard practice nowadays08:46
Saviqjibel, I forgot today is a holiday here and in the UK, probably makes sense to move our meeting to tomorrow08:47
seb128Saviq, are you off by one day? yesterday was an uk holiday afaik but not today08:51
Saviqseb128, I might be, there is a holiday here, though ;)08:51
Saviqjibel, ↑08:51
jibelSaviq, np, next week then08:53
jibelSaviq, I'll be off Thursday and Friday and I cannot do it tomorrow08:53
Saviqjibel, ack08:53
jibelrhuddie, ^08:53
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Mirvcjwatson: it's probably the creation of the orig tarball that has changed that doesn't anymore like .bzrignore/.gitignore files that are lower than / of the source tree: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-058-1-build/54/console09:23
Mirvso it's mostly ubuntu-push specific special case09:23
Mirvit first excludes them and then notices they are "local changes"09:23
MirvI'll ping robert when I'm both back and robert is also available09:23
cjwatsonMirv: Ah, yeah, that does seem like a plausible kind of ci-train bug09:23
jgdxMirv, hey, what's the latest? :) I see the quilt 3.0 patch didn't fix it?09:33
Mirvjgdx: sorry I'm on sick leave today and have about 1h now in which I need to clean stuff and eat, I can't work on that. check with morphis he did some build(s). from what I've quickly viewed if the quilt still gives problems to train (like yesterday), the solution is to keep the removal of it, .install files as unchanged and add chmod +x debian/*.install in debian/rules09:39
morphisMirv: thanks, I think we're close to get this fixed09:40
morphiswill work with jgdx to finish this thign :-)09:40
mzanettijibel, hey, on silo 69. it failed the auto signoff because of this: https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/vivid/landing-069/excuses.html09:50
mzanettijibel, it's the same tests that pass on ubuntu-ui-toolkit but not on ubuntu-ui-toolkit-gles. bzoltan said this happens frequently for uitk.09:51
mzanettijibel, however, in order to rerun this, we'd need pitti to trigger it because of some bug in the system and I can't reach him atm09:51
mzanettijibel, tl;dr: IMO you could start with QA-ing this09:51
mzanettiI'll try to get autopkgtests retriggered asap09:52
jibelmzanetti, okay09:54
cjwatsonMirv: FWIW I believe the ci-train bug is in tools/buildpackage.sh, which does --exclude='.bzr*' --exclude='.git*' when building the orig.tar09:57
cjwatsonit'll need to do that only at the top level somehow09:58
cjwatsonor if that's too fiddly (I'm not quite sure how to do it ...), switch to just --exclude=.bzr --exclude=.git and accept that ignore files will end up in the tarball, which wouldn't be terrible09:59
jgdxmorphis, ^ my bad, kicked off another10:20
morphisjgdx: ok10:21
morphisjgdx: updated https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/136110:23
morphisso it has test plan etc.10:23
jgdxmorphis, argh, that one flaky test failed ^ we have a patch for it, but it's a rather impactful change10:40
morphisjgdx: hm, can we just disable it?10:40
jgdxmorphis, maybe, but let's try another build first?10:41
jgdxwhatever you want, really, your silo :p10:41
morphisjgdx: hahaha :-)10:41
jgdxI'm going to prepare a branch disabling it while we try again, ok?10:42
jgdxmorphis, https://code.launchpad.net/~jonas-drange/ubuntu-push/lp1577723-skiptest/+merge/29360611:18
jgdxthough seems the http13 tests have started failing11:20
morphisjgdx: sounds like all those tests are not very stable11:33
jgdxmorphis, those tests are just copy pasted from the golang go-http repo11:33
morphiswhy that?11:34
jgdxmorphis, wish I knew11:34
morphisjgdx: who developed ubuntu-push intially?11:35
jgdxI think it just always existed11:36
cjwatsonIt was John Lenton and Samuele Pedroni11:38
cjwatsonOnly goes back to 2014!  Not that old :)11:38
morphisjgdx: I would say for the current situation we can disable them and bring them back afterwards11:41
morphisotherwise we just loose more and more time11:41
morphisjibel: ^^11:42
jibelmorphis, what do they test?11:42
morphisjgdx: ^^11:42
jgdxpedronis | Chipaca ^^11:42
jibelhopefully it only goes back to 2014 so they won't have anyone else to ping :)11:43
jgdxjibel, they prob test the go http client library because they use it heavily. And it did uncover a bug in go itself some time back11:44
jgdxwhy idk11:45
jibeljgdx, I don't know the details but it should be tested in go itself, push seesm like the wrong place. But there is probably a good reason11:45
jibeljgdx, anyway the change is still just state -> State?11:46
jgdxjibel, some packaging fixes and disabling a test which will require a fix that we cannot include for OTA1111:46
jgdxjibel,  see bug 157772311:46
ubot5bug 1577723 in ubuntu-push (Ubuntu) "Postal message order is wrong" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157772311:46
jibeljgdx, can you skip this test and move on11:47
morphisjibel: afaik the http tests are now failing11:48
jibelmorphis, all of them?11:49
morphisjgdx can comment on that11:49
jgdxwell, this run was very green, one failure on armhf, not related to http11:55
jgdxall green on vivid, one singular test failure on xenial armhf11:56
* ogra_ glares at the last ubuntu-pd image build failure mail ... 11:57
ogra_why the heck is it installing ltsp-server by default ?!?11:57
ogra_oh, thats even in the builder chroot before it calls live-build11:59
rvrChrisTownsend: ping11:59
ChrisTownsendrvr: Hi11:59
rvrChrisTownsend: Hi. I'm testing silo 3112:00
rvrChrisTownsend: It crashes when the german layout is selected12:00
rvrChrisTownsend: At least, the app opens and closes12:01
ChrisTownsendrvr: What crashes?  The X app?  And strange since that is one of keyboard layouts I tried:)12:01
rvrChrisTownsend: I first tested Spanish and it worked fine. Then added German, and didn't work.12:02
rvrChrisTownsend: I thought it was because two layouts were selected, but I removed Spanish. And then German.12:02
rvrChrisTownsend: If no layout is selected, apps open again fine.12:02
ChrisTownsendrvr: Are all X apps affected by this?12:02
rvrChrisTownsend: gedit and LibreOffice12:03
rvrThose are the ones I'm using to check12:03
ChrisTownsendrvr: So you select the keyboard first in System Settings, put German layout on top, and then try to start the X app, right?12:03
rvrChrisTownsend: Yes12:05
ChrisTownsendrvr: Ok, I'll try to reproduce when I get to my office where my test phone is.  Thanks for letting me know.12:05
rvrChrisTownsend: Apps closes when I select another layout and go back to it12:06
ChrisTownsendrvr: You are using the Puritine click too, right?12:07
ChrisTownsendrvr: Could you also look in ~/.cache/upstart/application-legacy-puritine_gedit_0.0.log and see if anything of note is in it?12:07
ChrisTownsendrvr: If you have time.  I can try to look later.12:08
jgdxrvr, okay, we have testable vpn servers for almost all of the auth schemes12:10
jgdxrvr, pete-woods has instructions for testing cert+pass, and cert-only will be done against canonical's company vpn12:11
rvrjgdx: Wee!12:11
rvrChrisTownsend: Hmmm12:11
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rvrChrisTownsend: I'm using latest rc-proposed image12:11
jgdxrvr, note there is no way of testing Static key auth right now, so we're hoping QA can be of help here (either compromising testing or help us find some server that let us test it)12:12
ChrisTownsendrvr: I guess I was meaning how are you getting the X apps on the device?  They are not in rc-proposed by default.12:13
rvrChrisTownsend: They are in frieza12:13
ChrisTownsendrvr: Oh Frieza, nevermind12:13
ChrisTownsendrvr: I'm still in the N4 mindset:)12:15
rvrChrisTownsend: http://paste.ubuntu.com/16200922/12:15
ChrisTownsendrvr: Ok, got it.  Definitely an Xmir crash.  I'll look into today.  Thanks!12:16
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jibeljgdx, approved13:05
jgdxthx jibel13:06
morphisjibel, jgdx: awesome!13:21
jibelmorphis, thanks for your help, that was a tough one13:21
jibelmorphis, once it's published we'll rebuild an image13:24
morphisjibel: can't wait for that to happen :-)13:24
morphisjibel: indeed, but thankfully we got it solved :-)13:24
jibelmorphis, jgdx you can publish or need a train guard?13:27
jgdxjibel, I don't know how.13:28
morphisjibel: its not a main package, right?13:28
dobeymorphis: it doesn't matter because it's only going to the PPA13:29
dobeyanyone can publish13:29
morphisjibel, jgdx: https://ci-train.ubuntu.com/job/ubuntu-landing-055-2-publish/10/13:32
ogra_jibel, morphis, what about the livecd-rootfs bits (they are still sitting on my disk)13:39
jibelogra_, can you upload the changes?13:39
morphisjibel: afaik ogra_ wanted a build with his previous password db changes first13:40
ogra_jibel, sure, i was just waiting for a "go" from someone13:40
dobeywell, since there debian/ changes, you probably need kenvandine or someone to publish with an ack on the pkg changes13:40
ogra_morphis, well, the NM dropping wont cause any build issues so it can land ...13:40
morphisogra_: OK13:41
ogra_(you will at most have runtime issues)13:41
morphislets hope we don't get htem13:42
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charlesondra, ToyKeeper, any news on that adb crash?14:05
ondracharles hi14:07
ondrasorry jus saw it14:07
ondracharles we had day off here14:07
kenvandinealesage_, i just replied to your comment on the trello card for silo 5914:07
ondracharles what devices is crashing on?14:07
kenvandinealesage_, i think your problem there was the same issue you had with my silo, but shouldn't be an issue now since we've had images built since then14:07
kenvandinealesage_, so should be unblocked14:08
renatuubuntu-qa, Hey guys silo 9 is ready to review:  https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/1362, and it is target to ota1114:08
jgdxrvr, hey, what's the status of https://trello.com/c/9ufZ0bTi/3124-1314-ubuntu-landing-008-ubuntu-settings-components-jgdx ?14:09
charlesondra, [04:05:37] <ToyKeeper> charles: It was krillin rc-proposed 321 and arale rc-proposed 313.14:09
charlesondra, [04:07:14] -*- ToyKeeper tries it again with 323+315.14:09
charlesondra, I got the crash only once, on krillin rc-proposed 32314:09
rvrjgdx: Still need the VPN instructions :)14:10
jgdxpete-woods, can you abide? ^ :)14:10
jibelogra_, ubuntu-push is in the overlay. can you build an image?14:10
jgdxpete-woods, provide rather14:11
ogra_jibel, once livecd-rootfs is published14:11
pete-woodsjgdx: okay, will start yanking the stuff out of the .ovpn file14:11
ondracharles and any steps to reproduce or just to plug cable?14:15
alesage_kenvandine, ack14:20
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pete-woodsjgdx: I've put the split files in here: http://people.canonical.com/~pete/vpn/vpn-credentials.tar.gz15:06
pete-woodsuser/pass = testuser/testpassword15:07
ogra_grmpf ...15:10
ogra_slangasek, did you change the crontab on nusakan ?15:10
* ogra_ notes the vivid snappy builds are gone from it15:10
ogra_jibel, your image build is running15:13
oSoMoNjgdx, jibel pointed out that automated tests are failed for silo 8, do you know what’s up with that?15:16
jgdxpete-woods, is that also for rvr ?15:16
jgdxoSoMoN, checking15:16
oSoMoNrenatu, what’s the status of the new calendar-app release you’re preparing?15:17
pete-woodsjgdx whoever needs to test it15:17
pete-woodsjgdx I haven't had to to check it works at this end15:17
pete-woodsbut this is the same thing I did last time15:17
pete-woodsyou have to poke through the config file and map the entries to settings in the UI15:17
pete-woodsand obviously set the various certificates and user/pass15:18
jibelogra_, thanks15:21
jgdxoSoMoN, jibel: failures are in unity8 tests that should be unrelated to my changes. Any way to re-run them?15:21
jibeljgdx, if you go to the excuses page there is an icon to re-run the tests15:22
jgdxjibel, i'm not allowed15:23
jibeljgdx, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/static/britney/xenial/landing-008/excuses.html next to amd6415:23
jgdxcimi, could you rerun the failing autopkg tests in silo 8?15:23
jibelthe recycle symbol15:23
renatuoSoMoN, is on silo, I am testing it today15:24
jgdxcimi, direct link:  https://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/request.cgi?release=xenial&arch=amd64&package=unity8&trigger=ubuntu-settings-components%2F0.7%2B16.04.20160427-0ubuntu1&ppa=ci-train-ppa-service%2Fstable-phone-overlay&ppa=ci-train-ppa-service%2Flanding-00815:24
renatuI need to test if it is compatible with ota10, to launch it without framework bump15:24
renatuoSoMoN, https://requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com/#/ticket/136215:25
cimijgdx, I can't, I'll ask saviq tomorrow or dednick15:41
dobeyjgdx: anyone who has upload rights to the package that failed, or the package that triggered the tests (or who is a coredev) can re-run the tests15:42
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slangasekogra_: I did, by request of jibel16:12
rvrbregma: ping16:13
ogra_slangasek, you mangled the snappy entries...16:16
bregmarvr, yo?16:45
rvrbregma: Hi16:46
rvrbregma: libertine-scope... it's not showin gedit icon. Also, it's not translated.16:47
bregmarvr, translation is not a surprise, but it should probably be showing an icon16:48
bregmarvr, are you testing with Puritine or with your own hand-made container?16:48
rvrbregma: Latest rc-proposed on frieza16:48
robruslangasek: https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/cupstream2distro/fix-ubuntu-push/+merge/29364317:00
jgdxcimi, okay, np17:21
rvrbregma: https://trello-attachments.s3.amazonaws.com/5726002b34077f16dbadb21b/1920x1200/025826ed80f3356796d3e1e1188dfce5/libertine-scope-gedit.png17:22
bregmarvr, https://bugs.launchpad.net/libertine-scope/+bug/1558741 is in progress, should hit OTA-1217:29
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1558741 in Libertine Scope "Not all icons are picked up when surfacing apps" [Undecided,New]17:29
bregmamaybe OTA-11 if things aren't too sluggish17:30
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charlesondra, ToyKeeper, sorry my ISP went out for a couple of hours there. Either of you still around?18:13
ondracharles hi18:16
charlesondra, any news on the adb crash? Is there anything you need from me for that silo?18:17
ondracharles I need to know how to reproduce it, do you have some bug report?18:29
boikoalesage: "sim services" can be grayed out if your sim card doesn't have service numbers, not related to the changes proposed though18:29
ondracharles and it it crashing only with your silo?18:29
ondracharles code handling those requests is from google, we might be up for some AOSP contribution :)18:29
charlesondra, I got it to crash by walking through the manual test indicator-display/adb-prompt-after-boot, and then following the steps ToyKeeper wrote in comment #1 at https://trello.com/c/gzf3hdwh/3111-1299-ubuntu-landing-035-indicator-display-charles-ondra18:36
charlesaccording to ToyKeeper it is only crashing with the silo, but I didn't test w/o the silo18:37
charleslet's see...18:38
slangasekogra_: I commented out a single ubuntu-touch line, AFAIK; what was mangled?18:38
ogra_Snappy daily pointed to yakkety again and the vivid line was completely gone18:39
ogra_BTW,  is the importer off ? I built an image for jibel ages ago, seems cdimage has them sine a while18:40
charlesondra, getting a clean device to test with18:44
jgdxjibel, are we building rootfs yet? :)18:50
ogra_jgdx, long done18:55
ogra_but seems system-image didn't import it yet....18:56
ogra_http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/vivid/daily-preinstalled/current/ has them18:57
ogra_slangasek, are there known importer issues ? ^^^18:57
slangasekogra_: not that I'm aware of currently19:04
slangasekogra_: and no, I did not touch those snappy lines19:04
ogra_I changed them on Friday... must have been someone else who changed them then19:05
ogra_slangasek, hmmmhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/16207648/19:13
ogra_something is clearly broken19:15
jibelogra_, do you know what is this empty custom tarball?19:21
jibelwhich channel/device?19:21
jibelogra_, they changed to their own jenkaas instance maybe something broke there19:21
ogra_jibel, sorry, no idea... and it is ages since I have even seen the system-image code last19:22
ogra_the tarball seems to be empty though19:23
ogra_if I can belive the message19:23
jibelogra_, yeah maybe the importer (or whatever copies images from the system that builds the tarballs) as not been reconfigured to point to the new location19:24
ogra_and the file in the old location has been zeroed ?19:24
ogra_it should just pull in the old file if thats the case19:25
jibeljust a blind guess, the way custom tarball are imported is pretty obscure to me. But this new jenkaas to build custom tarballs is one thing that changed recently19:26
ToyKeeperrobru: I just realized this never landed...  is there any chance you might be able to help?  https://code.launchpad.net/~toykeeper/phablet-tools/phablet-network-no-nm/+merge/25156420:24
robruToyKeeper: what do you need? is it not in a silo?20:25
ToyKeeperrobru: The MP got approved but apparently never merged into trunk.20:25
ToyKeeperrobru: ... and you're listed as top contributor to that project.  :)20:25
robruToyKeeper: reviewed20:30
robruToyKeeper: lol that's a year old20:31
robruToyKeeper: wait, disregard my review20:32
ToyKeeperYeah, I had forgotten about it; thought it landed because it kept working after I dist-upgraded.20:33
robruToyKeeper: so anyway, this needs to go through a silo like anything else. you want to create one?20:34
ToyKeeperrobru: Sure, though I'm not sure how that works from the dev side.20:35
robruToyKeeper: log in at requests.ci-train.ubuntu.com and clicke 'create new ticket' and then fill it out as best you can20:35
ToyKeeperrobru: Thanks, will do.  Wasn't sure if there was a documented process to follow or if I should just figure it out.  :)20:36
robruToyKeeper: mountains of verbose and questionable recency documentation is at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/citrain/LandingProcess, but it should be pretty straightforward to just fill out the form.20:37
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robruToyKeeper: click build20:58
robruToyKeeper: also you might want to consider making this a yakkety silo, as it's probably aimed at desktop users?20:58
dobeydoes phablet-tools actually land via train?21:00
dobeyah i guess so. guess i'm just used to having it from the sdk team ppa21:01
robrudobey: yeah typically I do a train silo then copy it to that ppa.21:01
robrusince I can't be bothered to build packages locally21:01
ToyKeeperrobru: Yes, desktop users, mostly the ones in QA, so the distro QA is using (and everything after that).21:02
robruToyKeeper: I dunno what QA is using ;-)21:02
robruToyKeeper: I guess do a xenial+vivid build, I'll copy those to the sdk ppa, then do a yakkety build and that can go to archive.21:03
dobeyaww phablet-tools isn't arch:all21:20
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slangasekogra_: did you look at /srv/system-image.ubuntu.com/www/full/pool/custom-51fb7bd3e49898416dd4d9ce47c71563743aefac760b034834a793fa19d2619a.tar.xz ? it's an html 'openid auth required' page22:42
slangasekogra_: so do we know which import that came from, that we can disable it?22:42
slangasekogra_: looks like this came from https://jenkins.canonical.com/ues-phone/job/custom-bq-aquaris.en-mako/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/out/here-international/build/custom.tar.xz22:54

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