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davidcalleYikes, unbootable laptop this morning08:16
davidcalledpm: dholbach: o/09:52
dpmhey davidcalle09:53
davidcalledpm: hey, how is your arm today?09:53
dpmwell... with compression bandage up to the shoulder now :/09:56
dpmso, I'll probably call up a meeting before starting sessions today to discuss this. I should be ok to be at all sessions today, though09:57
davidcalledpm: ouch, get some rest until then09:57
dpmjust quite awkward to type with this thing, so I probably won't be the one taking notes :)09:57
dpmtoday should be ok, but I'd like to see what we can do with tomorrow's sessions09:58
davidcalledpm: dholbach: mhall119: popey I won't be very responsive until UOS time: my laptop won't boot (graphics related apparently), I'm in the middle of a Live USB -> backup to external drive -> Fresh install -> recover backup. Indicates ~2h left to complete the backup.10:57
dpmdavidcalle, ack. Just finishing off the opening session slides11:27
dpmdavidcalle, would you happen to have https://developer.ubuntu.com/static/devportal_uploaded/82bd298b-6324-4c6e-854f-0dc60ebac9d3-cms_page_media/1132/g5095.png without the background?11:42
davidcalledpm: possibly yes, hold on11:43
dpmdavidcalle, great, thanks. Im considering to add it to the presentation11:43
davidcalledpm: http://i.imgur.com/Z3GhRte.png11:49
dpmdholbach, popey, could one of you pre-schedule the UOS opening session and the Community Q&A on the Ubuntu On Air account for me? It won't let me in and it asks me for entering a code sent to the phone number registered with the account11:53
dpmthanks davidcalle!11:53
davidcalleArgh, external drive just unmounted11:57
mhall119dpm: dholbach: did one of you try and log into the ubuntu-on-air account?12:26
mhall119I'm getting messages from Google about them blocking a login12:26
mhall119I also have a verification code sent to my phone12:27
dholbachmhall119, dpm, davidcalle, popey: sorry, just got back from lunch with my parents - did one of you figure out the issue?12:35
dholbachalso: why does it need to be the uonair account?12:35
dpmmhall119, see above, I couldn't log in12:38
dpmdholbach, I think for the most popular sessions it's good that the UoA subscribers get notified12:41
dholbachmhall119, did ahoneybun give a time when the kubuntu podcast should be held?12:41
dpmwe generally do the plenaries with that account12:41
dholbachthe session is in summit, but not scheduled yet12:42
dpmdholbach, could you log into the uoa account?12:42
dholbachdpm, ^12:45
dpmdholbach, ah, cool, thanks. Could you pre-schedule the opening and community Q&A sessions?12:46
dholbachdoes that mean I will have to run them?12:46
dpmdholbach, no12:47
dpmdholbach, this is just about pre-scheduling so that the UoA subscribers get notified12:48
dholbachboth scheduled12:48
dpmdholbach, thanks! One last thing: could you start the opening one (without hitting Broadcast) and give me the link to join the hangout? It'll make it easier for me to get all Engineering Managers in the call12:49
mhall119dholbach: 190012:50
dholbachmhall119, which day?12:50
dholbachdpm, so I'll run that one?12:50
* davidcalle has finished fixing his laptop \o/12:51
mhall119dholbach: wednesday12:51
dholbachdavidcalle, nice one - just in time!12:51
dpmdholbach, no, you can just run it shortly to get the link and then close it. mhall119 will be running that one12:51
dholbachdpm, oh ok12:51
dpmI just need the link to join in12:51
dpmand that only appears if you start the hangout12:51
dpmunfortunately I'm blocked for getting into the uoa account, so I cannot do it myself12:52
dholbachbut will somebody other than me be able to hit the broadcast button now?12:52
dholbachdpm, mhall119: ^12:53
dholbachI udpated summit with the session info too12:53
dholbachcan I close the hangout window again now?12:53
dpmdholbach, yes, thanks!12:54
dholbachok, cool12:55
dpmdholbach, ah, forgot to ask you, could you run the session?12:55
* dpm kidding :P12:55
dholbachsorry, I can't hear you12:56
dholbachI'm back at the pool12:56
mhall119dpm: dholbach it looks like I can use the UOA account12:56
dpmah, phew12:56
dholbachmhall119, I put the kubuntu podcast in the overflow track13:05
mhall119thanks dholbach13:28
mhall119ahoneybun: ^^13:28
* davidcalle drives home, brb13:50
dholbachbah, my network is not the greatest today... or at least my connection to google hq14:48
dholbachnot the best day for this - I hope it resolves itself quickly14:48
popeymine keeps dropping too. very odd. It's like they know!  😃14:52
dholbachhah, yes14:53
dholbachpopey, davidcalle: can you join #ubuntu-uos-community too?14:53
davidcalledholbach: o/14:54
dpmjcastro, are you setting up the discourse session, do you need me on that one? Otherwise I'll join the snappy interfaces one15:59
jcastrooh, I was hoping to just participate15:59
jcastroI wasn't expecting to run it, lol15:59
dpmjcastro, forgetting the rule "I propose it, I run it?" :)16:00
dpmor did someone else propose it16:00
jcastrodunno, on it16:00
dpmthanks jcastro16:00
dpmdholbach, I'll probably join the discourse session for a bit and then come to the interfaces one16:01
dholbachdpm, cool16:03
jcastropopey: posted, going to sticky now16:34
jcastroposted in r/ubuntu16:34
popeyjcastro: maybe call it "Bash on Windows" or "Ubuntu on Windows" - "Ubuntu On Bash (with MS)?" isn't the official name, so is a bit confusing16:48
jcastrook, fixing16:58
ahoneybunthanks mhall119 and dholbach18:36
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