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willcookemorning all08:07
desrtmoin moin08:21
willcookehi desrt!08:21
willcookemorning Sweet5hark108:21
seb128hey desrt willcooke desktopers08:23
seb128how is everyone?08:23
* desrt is well08:23
desrtmmm coffee08:24
* seb128 already had some08:24
willcookeReal tea!!!08:24
* Sweet5hark1 is still coughing and sneezing. Need to see the doc today.08:24
willcookefeel better soon Sweet5hark108:24
Sweet5hark1not hugely impacting things, just quite annoying.08:25
willcookeseb128, are you going to be at: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uos-1605/meeting/22681/convergence-y-replace-upstart/08:51
seb128willcooke, yes, though thursday is a bank holiday here, but I guess it's fine if I swap that half a day?08:52
seb128(half a day because there are 3 sessions that look interesting on that afteroon)08:52
willcookeseb128, bien sur08:52
seb128unity8 desktop session/dev desktop/upstart08:53
seb128willcooke, was there any session today you think we should participate to? I might listen to the python3 one and to some of the snappy ones but I didn't see anything were we are likely to be drivers/going to lead work08:55
seb128oh, no meeting, I was going to ask about that... :-)08:55
willcookeI'm going to try and get some people along to the Py3 one, like barry will probably care, but let's see how it goes.  Other than that, I'm going to listen in to the communty round table and might get involved in the "legacy apps" one with bregma08:57
seb128I'm going to join the snappy interfaces one, since that sounds like we are going to need some of those for the desktop issues08:59
willcookeah yes, I'll add that to my list too08:59
willcookeoh, it clashes08:59
seb128since you go to the legacy one I go to snappy09:00
willcookeI'll probably listen to the snappy one then and catch up with the community one via a recording09:00
seb128wrong slot?09:00
willcooketells me its 160009:00
willcookeis that UTC09:00
seb128snappy inteface conflicts with legacy in mir09:00
seb128community q&a is at 1509:01
seb128oh, right, that clash with python09:01
seb128willcooke, just making sure I've my calendar right, but the xdg meeting is at 12utc right?09:02
willcookeseb128, yeah09:02
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seb128tjaalton, hey, just read bug #1577500 which is an xorg bug + patch, do you think that should be SRUed (or stacked for the next upload)? I'm just pointing for info, unsure how spammy the xorg reports are and if you keep an eye on those09:37
ubot5bug 1577500 in xorg (Ubuntu) "Exiting fullscreen in applications utilizing opengl freezes entire screen" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157750009:37
tjaaltonseb128: we already have that in xenial09:44
seb128tjaalton, ok, unsure what the user issues is then, might make sense to unsubscribe sponsors09:45
tjaaltonactually that's what he mentions, I'm not sure it needs to be backported to older releases09:46
seb128he said that it should be backported to 16.04, confusing09:48
tjaaltonoh, right09:48
TheMusoHey willcooke.09:56
willcookemorning TheMuso!09:56
TheMusoHey desktoppers.09:56
willcookeearly start today ;)09:56
TheMusoNah, thought I'd jump on and say hello, heading to bed in a little, still catching up on sleep. :)09:57
seb128night TheMuso!09:57
seb128desrt, oh, happy birthday! (almost forgot it was today)10:18
desrtthanks seb :)10:21
willcookeHappy birthday desrt!10:21
desrtand thanks willcooke10:21
* Sweet5hark1 sneaks in to steal the last piece of the birthday cake.10:36
Sweet5hark1desrt: Happy Birthday!10:36
pittiGood morning11:39
willcookehey pitti11:39
pittiseb128: I figure a test build in a y schroot should suffice, not necessary to have a full y desktop11:40
pittihey willcooke, how are you?11:40
willcookepitti, doing good thanks, how about you?11:40
willcookenice sunshine here today11:40
pittiwillcooke: a bit tired, but I forced myself back to sleep after 4 am, mostly okay11:40
pittiyesterday was an all-day planning session with Mark, today we should actually get something done :)11:41
seb128hey pitti! wie gehts?11:46
pittiseb128: ça va bien, merci ! et toi ?11:46
seb128pitti, yeah, I just was busy with other things at the sprint, going to get started on more y things this week11:46
seb128ça va bien :-)11:46
pittiseb128: btw, was there any outcome about the "form a Xenial maintenance squad" proposal?11:47
seb128pitti, btw unsure if you are subscribed to that u-s-d/upower bug, some new comment suggest that the issue is that u-s-d starts before upower, they say that the upower systemd unit can be delayed enough that it's not done by the time the session start11:47
seb128they have logs suggesting that as well, the job gets ready after the u-s-d segfault11:48
seb128willcooke, ^ did you get to raise the xenial squad topic with others managers?11:48
pittiseb128: apparently not, I didn't get followup mail11:49
pittiseb128: interesting -- that's not at all what that stack trace looked like11:49
seb128I wonder if we have different issues there11:49
seb128one of them seems to be upower not ready when u-s-d starts11:50
pittiyes, I'm fairly sure about that11:50
seb128you said it shouldn't be possible? should one of the libupower calls be blocking and isn't?11:50
pittithis stack trace we looked at fitted the "didn't check for lid first" perfectly well11:50
pittiseb128: I'd expect the connection to the service to either fail or hang, yes11:51
pittias this is still dbus activation11:51
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qenghodesrt: Do you have a complaint with gpg2 --card-edit\nadmin\ngenerate and its "Make off-card backup of encryption key?", instead of keytocard? (I'm not sure if "encryption" is important there.)13:43
desrtqengho: this may work but i am not certain that you will get the appropriate subkey relationship14:11
cyphermoxwillcooke: hey14:17
willcookecyphermox, hihi14:17
cyphermoxhow do you feel about a logging review session for tomorrow UOS?14:18
cyphermoxit's scheduled for 18h CDT here or something; it would be nice to have someone from hte desktop team in the session14:18
cyphermoxdesrt: qengho: gpg2 on smartcard?14:19
cyphermoxdesrt: happy b-day :)14:19
willcookecyphermox, sure, we can find someone or some people I think.  Maybe seb128 and/or laney? ^14:21
cyphermoxthe goal is to review what currently logs to syslog and wherever else, see what can be ripped out to do some clean up, where we have error messages that aren't errors, things that are too verbose, etc.14:22
cyphermoxclearly, there is a balance to catch so that we're not missing things when dealing with bugs, but I'm sure there are some improvements we could do14:22
qenghocyphermox: yes indeed. the desrt dispensed some clue last week.14:23
cyphermoxqengho: cool. I use gpg2 to handle gpg keys on a yubikey too :)14:23
qenghoMy trick to symlink ~/.gnupg to /media/me/someSDCard/gpg seems less clever now.14:25
cyphermoxthat works too, I guess14:27
cyphermoxexcept maybe you'll run into some issues with the agent if the agent starts while the symlink is broken? I don't know14:27
qenghoSpeaking of crypto, my Tor snap has only amd64 users (rev "20"). I assumed most would be ARM Ubuntu Core. Huh. https://globe.torproject.org/#/search/query=UbuntuCore14:28
qengho"22" would be ARMHF.14:29
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cyphermoxwillcooke: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/core-y-log-cleanup14:38
seb128willcooke, cyphermox, time is a bit inconvenient for me but I'm going to try to join for at least the first half of it15:03
ximionLaney: looking at quite some bugs like LP: #1575339, it seems like reprocessing the AppStream metadata for Xenial might be a good choice...15:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 1575339 in scribus (Ubuntu) "Gnome Software catalog entry missing for Scribus" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/157533915:22
ximion(or switching to appstream-generator :D)15:23
willcookeximion, laney is on hols today, but he mentioned last week that he was planning to use/make a new generator15:32
ximionwillcooke: that would be pretty awesome :) I would advise for not making a new one :P15:34
ximionwillcooke: even with the old generator though, just updating the data would help some packaged apps, I think15:34
willcookeximion, ack15:35
ximionScribus seems to have been dropped only because the icon wasn't found, and since the icon is actually there, I assume it's only missing because of an out-of-date Contents file, or some other glitch15:35
Laneyximion: no way, we can't re-publish a released series15:54
LaneyI dropped all icon-not-found quite close to the release though15:54
ximionLaney: weird, I wonder why that bug appears then...15:55
ximionwell, in theory one could cheat and add this to the -updates series15:55
ximionbut meh15:55
* ximion doesn't like ugly hacks15:55
ximionLaney: anyway, I didn't want to drag you out of your work-free time :)15:56
Laneyno worries16:03
seb128Laney, stop IRC with one hand while you are hanging to the climbing wall with the other one :p16:04
willcookeanyone know about storaged?  https://github.com/storaged-project/storaged17:02
willcookeas in heard of it, aware of it, maybe even have plans for use on Ubuntu?17:02
seb128willcooke, heard of it, it might replace udisks, no plan to take on that yet afaik (unsure what it would bring us? we better wait for it to mature in any case)17:04
seb128willcooke, https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Replace_UDisks2_by_Storaged for reference17:04
willcookeseb128, thanks!  Looks like it might be fun to play with17:04
seb128I expect we are going to get it at some point17:05
willcookeplus kind leads on from what we said about needed a disk manager for the desktop.  If that is providing all the APIs - yay!17:05
seb128well the APis are already there17:07
seb128they are just consolidating in one service17:07
seb128rather than talking to different components17:07
willcookeah, nice17:07
willcookeeven better17:07
seb128let's keep an eye on it17:08
seb128if fedora switches next cycle that means it's getting good enough to be considered17:09
seb128willcooke, "The main consumer of Storaged is Cockpit" ... it's a lars_u thing ;-)17:10
willcookeseb128, I did wonder :)17:50
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willcookeqengho, fun fact... I *can* sign in to my Google account in Chrome.18:30
willcookeright, EOD.  Gonna start later tomorrow (maybe, dependant on children) since it'll be another later one tomorrow19:54
willcookeerk big netslpit19:54
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